Scheelite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Although its coloration varies beyond those, scheelite is a semi-precious gemstone that is frequently seen in colorless to orange or yellow tones. It is a lucky stone for the sign of Libra.

What Is Scheelite?

What Is Scheelite

A distinctive mineral with a wide range of hues is scheelite. Scheelite: Is it a gem? Yep! The brilliant brilliance and the bright shine of these jewels are well known.

How widespread is scheelite? Scheelite is a mineral that is fairly widespread. Scheelite stones with gem quality, particularly faceted stones, are uncommon. However, faceted scheelite gemstones exhibit fire and brilliance that rival diamonds, making them prized collectibles.

Meaning of Scheelite

Meaning of Scheelite

The mystical significance of the scheelite crystal is that it represents tenacity, safeguarding, and metamorphosis. Blue scheelite also stands for anchoring and mental emancipation.

The Swedish chemist Carl (or Karl) Wilhelm Scheele, who made the discovery that tungsten was present in scheelite in 1781, is honored by the word “scheelite.” However, the first Scheelite discovery took place in Sweden in 1751, 30 years earlier.

It wasn’t until 1821 that Karl Caesar von Leonhard gave the movement the name “scheelite” in remembrance of Scheele. Scheele was a trailblazer for discovering chlorine and dealing with oxygen before anyone even knew it was an element, in addition to demonstrating that tungsten was present in scheelite.

In 1911, a prospector named Tom Farrell made a significant find in Australia. In 1917, this deposit was turned into the well-known King Island scheelite mine.



Scheelite is particularly prone to breaking and scratching when worn as jewelry because of its numerous cleavages, low hardness, and brittle tenacity. If you decide to wear it, be careful with it and buy scheelite jewelry with safeguards.

Avoid exposing scheelite to harder gems and powerful acids like nitric or hydrochloric acid. Use a soft toothbrush, light soap, and warm water to carefully clean it.