White Sapphire Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

White Sapphire symbolises the planet Venus and is thought to provide you with knowledge, luck, and happiness throughout your life. Venus, the planet of beauty and love, is invoked by wearing white sapphires to reap its enormous advantages. 

White sapphire, also known as “white pukhraj”, has a number of potent astrological advantages according to Vedic astrology. It has a dazzling beauty and is clear and colourless in appearance. This stone is in high demand among the general public because it makes an outstanding diamond replacement in jewellery. Additionally, it fosters friendships, creativity, communication abilities, and knowledge. The gemstone also improves mental tranquilly, spiritual consciousness, and defence against harmful forces.

White Sapphire Infographic

What is White Sapphire?

White sapphires are also referred to as colourless sapphires. The white sapphire’s structure is supposed to resemble a diamond, and it is thought to have Venus energy. The wearer’s life is said to be positively impacted by white sapphire in a number of areas, including love, luck, finances, and health. White sapphires are also known as Safed Pushkaraj and Safed Pukhraj. The most sought-after sapphire is the white kind, which is incredibly stunning.

How to identify a White Sapphire?

How to identify a White Sapphire?

Many people see a sapphire as a stone with a mesmerising deep blue hue when they think about sapphires. Although blue sapphires are the most common, other hues: are pink, purple, yellow, green, and white. are also possible. 

White sapphires are totally colourless sapphires, looking transparent. It has a dazzling beauty and is clear and colourless in appearance. The trace elements that are present in the ground at the time the crystal is formed give sapphires their colour. White sapphires are extremely uncommon and are free of any traces of impurities. Sapphire inclusions come in a variety of shapes, from feathers to cracks. Natural sapphire stones may contain minerals that are brilliant, dark, clear, or opaque.

White Sapphire Cuts and Shapes

Depending on its quality and colour, sapphire rough can be cut into a variety of forms using a variety of cutting techniques. How to cut and polish a sapphire from a rough one depends on a variety of circumstances. The sapphire’s brightness and lovely blue are revealed with careful and expert cutting, creating a magnificent focal point in any jewellery.

The oval, round, and cushion shapes are the most common for sapphires. These are frequently employed for many kinds of jewellery, including rings, pendants, and earrings. The sapphire’s crystalline structure is hexagonal. This makes it possible to carve it into a variety of forms that are sturdy even under repeated use.

Where is White Sapphire Found?

There are several places in the world where sapphires are mined. In many places, including Australia, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Tanzania, India, Kenya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, and Malawi, they can be discovered in alluvial deposits and underground mines. The white or colourless stones have mostly been discovered in Sri Lanka, however, sapphires can be found in a variety of colours.

White Sapphire Stone Meaning

Sapphires have a rich mythological, legendary, and folkloric past. The diamond is revered as a sacred object and is known as the “Stone of Gods.” It is mentioned in several religious texts, ranging from the Vedas to the Bible.

Sapphires have a rich heritage, which contributes to why people value them so highly. The sapphire has a long history of being esteemed and precious, with its alluring deep blue hue luring many historical figures. The Hebrew term “sapir,” which is used to refer to blue sapphires in the Hebrew Bible, may also have been the source of the word sapphire. It is not surprising that sapphires have become more popular recently as the main stone or accent stone in bridal and fashion jewellery because they have long been the beloved gemstone of royalty and the wealthy.

White Sapphire Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The stone is thought to have been found thousands of years ago in Greece. Leuco sapphires, which derive from the Greek word for white, leykós, are another name for white sapphires. They were once linked to Apollo, the god of light. In addition, laboratories are able to create the jewels. To know about the healing properties and benefits that White Crystals carry in general, click here. 

White Sapphire Crystal Properties

Natural White Pukhraj is a truly amazing gemstone that transmits calming energies that encourage one to explore their intuitions, adds a lot of charm, and improves their communication abilities. Venus provides charm, assurance, and self-worth to your personality, which enhances its attractiveness. White sapphire also embodies Venus’s power of seduction, bringing the wearer’s colourful personality into the open.

White Sapphire Healing Properties

White Sapphire Crystal properties

The White Sapphire stone raises the wearer’s immune levels and bestows excellent health. This gemstone improves a person’s personality, self-assurance, and self-esteem. It also eliminates worries and complexes. The white sapphire gemstone offers defence against curses, the evil eye, and hexes. This gemstone is highly beneficial for nightmares and promotes restful sleep for the wearer.

It is highly helpful for the expectant mother since it makes childbirth easy and ensures the baby is healthy. In actuality, it has several positive effects on reproductive health. In addition to all of this, white sapphire also treats diabetes, gynaecological problems, sexual disorders, and illnesses of the urinary system. In addition to curing disorders like constipation, infertility, stomach and cough issues, as well as head-related issues including migraine, forgetfulness, and melancholy, white pukhraj stone is also believed to help in cases of infertility.

White Sapphire Metaphysical Properties

Since White Pukhraj is Venus’s birthstone, it is known to emit strong good energy that aids in driving away negativity and evil spirits. People who wear this lucky stone are protected against bad spirits, spells, evil eyes, and black magic.

Notably, the stone offers hopeful outcomes for people who struggle with anxiety, sadness, and negative thought patterns. Additionally, it is supposed to assist individuals in overcoming ingrained psychological limitations or inferior complexity to live a life of complete freedom.

Gaining clarity and knowledge is one of Safed Pukhraj’s most important accomplishments. It is well recognised to increase motivation and self-assurance to achieve big things. Wearing this magical stone can help students who struggle with psychological obstacles including an inferiority complex, poor self-esteem, and a lack of faith succeed in school and other endeavours. Wearing White Sapphire is said to have a huge positive influence on developing student personalities since Venus is seen to represent knowledge and promote happiness. The stone enables the person to perform better in every area and aids in communication skill improvement.

White Sapphire Benefits

According to Vedic astrology, White Pukhraj provides wearers with remarkable health advantages. It assists people in having a strong immune system that combats several minor or serious health conditions the reason being used as a healing stone.

Wearing White Pukhraj has several advantages, and one of these is that it fosters interpersonal harmony, which is a tremendous blessing. It is well recognised for fostering friendly ties with loved ones and boosting love and affection in partnerships. This stone fosters connection and helps the wearer end painful or violent relationships. It is also referred to as helpful in the healing process since it helps you stay collected and peaceful when travelling.

It is believed to aid in the treatment of illnesses connected to reproduction because of its favourable impact on the way the reproductive system functions. Therefore, after consulting astrological guidance, ladies experiencing pregnancy problems may want to think about wearing this mystical stone for better outcomes.

Additionally, White Sapphire is said to treat a number of different illnesses, such as genital problems, infertility, stomach, renal, etc. Additionally strengthening the neurological system and pituitary glands, this priceless gemstone is a health treasure trove for everyone.

White Sapphire Benefits Spirituality

White sapphire is thought to foster awareness, giving wearers a high aptitude and superior creative ability. It piques people’s interest, inspiring them to approach their tasks with creativity and achievement. The planet Venus, recognised for bringing forth a divine spiritual world, is represented by Safed Pukhraj. It is thought to help people have greater cognitive abilities and promote peace of mind. People who work in the creative or artistic industries, such as fiction writing, painting, or other artistic endeavours, might benefit greatly from this Pukhraj.

White Sapphire & Feng Shui

White Sapphire & Feng Shui

One of the prettiest and most appealing people is Safed Pukhraj. It is a colourless stone that reflects scintillating beauty and is said to offer the user luck, elegance, and wealth. This stone, which stands for knowledge, love, beauty, and pleasure, is connected to the goddess Venus. It has uplifting effects on a person’s life at various stages of their life.

Venus is revered as the goddess of tenderness and love. Since White Pukhraj is the birthstone of Venus, it is said to have a great influence on a person’s love life. Its cosmic energies promote happy marriages by deepening the spouses’ love, affection, understanding, and respect for one another.

White Sapphire Birthstone

White sapphire is the birthstone for Gemini, Taurus, and Libra ascendants, and it brings love, elegance, and marital pleasure to those born under these signs. White sapphire can also be worn by ascendant Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius.

Venus rules the first and sixth houses for Taurus ascendants, therefore White Pukhraj will be fortunate for those with this sign as their ascendant. You would have good health, wisdom, position, job advancement, reputation and celebrity, and all forms of material prosperity if you wear a white sapphire.

Venus holds the fifth house in Vedic astrology, which is related to knowledge, wisdom, and children. Venus is also a favourable planet for Gemini ascendant. Virgo ascendants gain from white sapphire’s prosperity and fortune. For Libra ascendants, the gemstone will offer good health, fulfilling work and married life, as well as success in the arts and entertainment. White sapphire would support the whole growth of life and be quite advantageous for Capricorn ascendants. This birthstone is best used as a living stone by Aquarius ascendants.

White Sapphire Chakras

The body’s chakra system, commonly known as the Sahasrara chakra, is strengthened by this White Sapphire gemstone. Our physical bodies may be tuned to a higher cosmic frequency by using this chakra to help us connect to a more expansive cosmic consciousness. The white sapphire gemstone helps to counteract any negative effects since it connects with Venus’ vigour. When worn, this gemstone may have a highly good effect on the person, helping them find love, money, and material success.

What are the Uses of White Sapphire?

A White Sapphire brings freedom, justice, and purity to our day because these concepts have long been connected to the colour white. This Sapphire will assist us in clearing our brains so that we can decide where to concentrate our efforts.

We may free our brains and direct our attention to things that make us joyful with a white sapphire. It is the perfect instrument for establishing control over our ideas and giving them the freedom they deserve. White Sapphire advises you to have bravery and faith in the power of spiritual powers in order to regulate your emotions. The white sapphire strengthens the conduit of contact with the soul and activates mental faculties.

It is a stone that helps you integrate spiritual differences with earthly chores or conundrums, enabling you to keep a higher perspective when making challenging choices. White sapphire stimulates the pineal and endocrine systems. It is a fantastic tool for figuring out how current ailments are affected by past or alternative lifetimes.

Caring for White Sapphire

Caring for White Sapphire
Since white sapphire is one of the toughest jewels, it may be worn all day, including when bathing or cleaning. The stone may be cleaned by soaking it in warm, soapy water for around 20 minutes, followed by gentle washing with a soft brush. The stone can then be cleaned and dried with a cloth after you’ve completed this.

When to Cleanse White Sapphire

White Sapphire stone has to be washed periodically since it frequently comes into contact with a wide variety of creatures. In order to ensure that there is no negative energy present, it is crucial to clean it both before and after each use for manifestation.

How to Recharge Your White Sapphire

- How to Recharge Your White Sapphire

Place the ring or pendant in a bowl and add Ganga Jal, Tulsi leaves, raw cow milk, honey, and ghee to cleanse and energise it before wearing it. Then, to strengthen it, say the mantra “Om Shun Shukraye Namah” 108 times. Remove it from the dish after five to ten minutes, give it a watery wipe, and then wear it on your right hand as directed.

White Sapphire Activation process

Your White Sapphire should be kept cleansed and charged, just like all other crystals and priceless energy jewels, so that it is always prepared to provide a helping hand. One spiritual technique for recharging your stone is to place it in the light of a full moon. It can also be smudged with your preferred spiritual smudging fragrance; sage is an excellent option for deep purification.

How much is White Sapphire worth?

The worth of White Sapphire
The price of White Sapphire can vary depending on a number of factors. The cost of sapphires can range from $25 to more than $11,000 per carat. Natural sapphires are more uncommon and valuable than lab-created sapphires, hence lab-created sapphires are nearly always less expensive per carat.

What determines White Sapphire’s price and value?

The most crucial characteristic of a White Sapphire is transparency. Sapphire corundum, a synthetic crystal made in a lab, is incredibly durable and has a Mohs hardness that is second only to diamond. Given how easily they may chip, gemstones need to be durable.

White Sapphire Impact

Since the planet Venus is represented by the white sapphire, it is thought to have a direct impact on one’s social position and financial well-being. Its cosmic energy enables users to make deliberate choices in their life, which results in financial success. 

Many skilled astrologers claim that this potent stone is actually gifted with inspiring a wealthy lifestyle and mental calm, much as the holy Venus is said to shower wearers with financial success, renown, and recognised social status. It also offers up a world of possibilities for your professional future. According to Vedic astrology, the white sapphire stone should be worn on your right hand’s middle finger or ring finger. It is not advised to wear white sapphire on the index finger.

Does White Sapphire make a good Jewellery stone?

Does White Sapphire make a good Jewellery stone?

White sapphires have a Moh’s Scale hardness rating of 9, placing them in the top 3. Sapphire is one of the toughest gemstones, yet it isn’t as resilient as diamond or moissanite. It is the ideal stone for jewellery. Couples go for white sapphire since it actually substitutes diamonds and is less expensive than a real diamond.

White Sapphire Real vs Fake

White Sapphire Real vs Fake

Since most sapphires sold today are fake, genuine sapphires are extremely uncommon and expensive. Finding defects in a sapphire might help you determine whether it is genuine. Due to its natural creation, a sapphire stone will frequently have minute flaws. Because they are made of inferior materials and frequently employ a less accurate production method, fake sapphires appear unrealistically flawless.

However, a sapphire stone lacking inclusions is not always indicative of a false sapphire. Sapphires can occasionally be completely perfect when left untreated, and inclusions only show up when they are heated or chemically treated. Therefore, even if a sapphire looks to be perfect, it may still be genuine sapphire but more chances for it to be fake.

Look for air bubbles in sapphire stones to determine whether they are genuine. These air bubbles are the consequence of glass being used in laboratories to make synthetic stones. Another way to check its authenticity is to keep it in complete darkness and shine a flashlight on the suspected sapphire stone to see whether it is genuine. If the stone is real, it will mirror the sapphire stone’s colour.

Summary of White Sapphire

Name of Crystal White Sapphire
Precious Yes
Semi Precious No
Other Names Leuco Sapphire
Origin(s) Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar
Color(s) Yellow, Green, Pink, White
Formation Naturally occurring gemstone, are formed by the different shifts, mixings and chemical changes that are constantly taking place in the Earth
Majorly Found at Thailand, China, Austrailia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kashmir, Montana
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Crown Chakra
Crystal Meaning Also known as Leuco Sapphire, it is the epitome of wisdom, good luck and celestial grace
Types of Crystal Natural White Sapphires, Lab-created White Sapphires
Healing Properties Supports calming and focusing the mind, releases mental tension and unwanted thoughts, encourages intuition, restores balance within the body
Health Benefits Boost the immune system and protect the wearer from various diseases, revitalize the reproductive health and restore fertility
Uses Used to enhance its wearer’s personality, confidence and self-esteem, removes complexes and fears, beneficiary for the pregnant woman to deliver a healthy baby
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 9
Real Look for air bubbles, try the scratch test, and shine a light through the gem to spot a fake sapphire
Fake Just breathe on it for a second. On real sapphires, the fog from your breath will evaporate very quickly (in 2 seconds). If it’s fake, it may take 5 seconds or more to start evaporating and 2-3 seconds to actually evaporate


What is White Sapphire used for?

The white sapphire strengthens the conduit of contact with the soul and activates mental faculties. It is a stone that helps you integrate spiritual differences with earthly chores or conundrums, enabling you to keep a higher perspective when making challenging choices.

How is White Sapphire formed?

White Sapphire is extremely rare to find in nature. It is usually formed artificially in chemical industries. White sapphire is basically aluminium oxide with carbon being blended in it by chemical means. White sapphires are also formed by mixing some other elements like Lead or Tin in it. Naturally found White Sapphires take a million years to be formed and hence it is an expensive stone.

Where should I put White Sapphire?

White Sapphires do really well if you place them in your workplace to experience their spiritual powers while in stress or anxiety. Its presence only will give you the energy to rise above these difficult times. However, its positivity doesn’t lessen even if you keep it somewhere else. It will continue to spread its positive energy around you no matter where you place it. White Sapphires can also be worn in a ring or even in a necklace but they must be endorsed in silver or gold.

How do you cleanse White Sapphire?

White Sapphires require proper cleaning if you do not keep them away from dirt. If the stone is left to exposure of sunlight and dust, it can easily get filthy so it requires proper cleaning with a soapy solution of hot water. Soak it in that for 20 to 25 minutes. Remember not to take boiling water or any other chemical otherwise, it may lead to the lessening of characteristics of the sapphire. After soaking it clean it with a dry cloth and your stone is as good as new.

Is white Sapphire rare?

As discussed earlier, yes, it is a very rare element to be found in the earth’s crust which takes approximately a million years to be formed. Many a time you can find it being manufactured in different industries to be used in pieces of jewellery at a very high manufacturing cost.  White sapphire was first found in nature on the island of Naxos by the Ancient Greeks. Till now it is incredibly rare to be found in nature.

How strong is White Sapphire?

Naturally found White Sapphire is one of the hardest minerals found in the earth’s crust. Notably, the White Sapphires manufactured by the chemical industries are harder than the ones found in nature just because of the carbon content present in the artificially made Sapphires is more. It holds the third position when it comes to the hardest minerals ever found on earth.

How much is White Sapphire worth?

The price of sapphire can vary depending on a number of factors. The cost of sapphires can range from $25 to more than $11,000 per carat. The typical price per carat for a high-quality sapphire is between $800 and $1,200. Lab-created sapphires are almost always less costly per carat because natural sapphires are rare and more valuable than lab-created sapphires.

How do you identify White Sapphire?

White sapphires are completely colourless and transparent-looking. It seems clear and colourless and has a brilliant attractiveness. The colour of sapphires is caused by the trace elements that are present in the earth at the time the crystal is created. Natural White sapphires are quite rare and have no imperfections at all. This isn’t a flaw; rather, it serves to distinguish a sapphire and demonstrate its authenticity. A sapphire is most likely a lab-created sapphire if it seems perfect.