Willemite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Willemite is a silicate mineral of the element Zinc which is present as crystals, threads, or grains. This mineral is notable for its fluorescence and is brittle but fairly hard. The willemite stone increases synchronicity and encourages optimism. The stone works towards bringing out the best in you in your daily life activities and your tiring efforts. The stone became well-known because it was so common or to say easily available in the Franklin District of New Jersey, USA.

What is Willemite?

What is Willemite?

Willemite, as discussed earlier, is basically a silicate of zinc if you talk about its structure. Willemite frequently coexists or is found in nature with the minerals franklinite, which has a high iron content, and zincite, a zinc oxide. Only the willemite will illuminate in these mixes.

This stone has a hexagonal crystal structure and a hardness of 5.5. Willemite is a recognized uncommon mineral that is typically found in the oxide zones of limestone and zinc rocks. The stone is typically white or colorless, although it can also include tints of yellow, blue, red, brown, and frequently green. Lustre ranges from being transparent to translucent and vitreous to resinous.

How to Identify a Willemite?

Identifying a Willemite seems to be a bit difficult but if you have the right knowledge you can differentiate between Willemite and other stones easily. Under both shortwave (SW) and longwave (LW) ultraviolet light, willemites exhibit strong green to yellow-green fluorescence. They occasionally also exhibit bright green phosphorescence. Non-fluorescent willemites may sporadically appear. A weak cat’s eye effect may occasionally be seen in willemites. These features are enough to identify the beautiful stone.

Where is Willemite Found?

Although willemite is a relatively uncommon zinc mineral, it was discovered in such large quantities at Franklin, New Jersey, that it immediately became a significant zinc resource. Despite having been found at Franklin initially, the mineral’s name, willemite, comes from a location in Belgium where it produced little brown crystals. In New Jersey, USA, pinkish-brown willemite was discovered. Willemite may also be found in certain significant locations in Africa, Canada, Greenland, Arizona, and New Jersey in the United States.

Willemite Cuts and Shapes

The distinguished shape of the stone itself attracts many buyers and it proves to be worth buying through its constructive spiritual effects which it has on humans. Willemite crystals typically take on a hexagonal shape while displaying rhombohedral terminations. Additionally abundant in the ore, this mineral can be found in solid veins, pieces, masses, and even tiny isolated areas. It is simple to identify because of how it reacts to UV light.

Willemite Stone Meaning

A man by the name of Serve-Dieu Abailard Levy, who was given a professorship at the University of Liege by Dutch King William I (1772–1843), gave Willemite its name. In recognition of the professorship, he was awarded and Levy gave the new zinc silicate the name William I of Belgium.

Willemite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Willemite was called after William I, King of the Netherlands, when it was discovered in 1830. This stone’s luminous qualities are amazing and can have your eyes glued to its shimmer. From the time of its discovery, the stone has found much appreciation for its mesmerizing powers.

Willemite Crystal Properties

Willemite Crystal Properties

Talking about color, Willemite can be colorless, grey, dark brown, red, dark orange, yellow, green, or blue. The more well-known hue of willemite is its vivid green fluorescence. There are additional reports of willemite fluorescing in yellow-green hues and, in extremely rare instances, a faint blue hue.

Willemite Healing Properties

This stone has got some remarkable properties some are discussed here. This stone has been utilized to treat a variety of fungi infections, hepatitis, and vertigo on the physical plane. This mineral can be beneficial if you struggle with vision issues or cannot properly absorb vitamin A.

Willemite Metaphysical Properties

The psychological traits connected to Willemite’s metaphysical aspects are improved by wearing this gemstone. This stone also helps to attain mental balance in the darkest of times thereby giving you a new light of hope. The Willemite gem has become well-known among athletes and celebrities as a lucky gem as a result of all these metaphysical qualities as well as Willemite Astrology. Gemstones are frequently utilized to heighten delight, lessen tension, improve focus, and achieve peace of mind.

Willemite has a lot to offer to those who enjoy astral travel or wish to begin. Numerous psychics employ willemite in their meditation techniques to access worlds above the physical plane. You must safeguard both your astral and physical bodies while you are moving through the astral plane. This is something that the rock willemite can help you with. 

Willemite Benefits

Willemite Benefits

Willemite ensures that opportunities and people don’t pass you by, thereby assisting you in realizing your goals and aspirations. You will succeed if you carry this stone with you to meetings, exams, and business deals. You can easily experience a difference in your lifestyle once you possess this stone.

Pregnant women might gain a lot from this stone. It increases fetal development and protection and is a strong protector. Numerous radiations and contaminants can frequently interfere with a fetus’s growth. Willemite, on the other hand, can stop that from happening and offer a defense against radiation and all kinds of cellular mutation.

Willemite Benefits Spirituality

This mineral also aids individuals’ astral and spiritual travels. With the use of this stone, one can also learn how to unlock the entrances to other planes. It is also known to remove obstacles from any work that is completed for the first time as well as the anxiousness and worry felt by “first-timers.”

Willemite as a Birthstone

This mineral stone is associated with the Gemini zodiac. This doesn’t mean people with other Gemini signs can not benefit from this stone. This stone will no doubt do good for the person whosoever possesses it no matter what his sign is.

Willemite Chakras

It is connected to the third eye chakra since it is considered to boost a person’s psychic energy. Third eye chakra is associated with the overall balance in the life of a person hence by using this stone the person can achieve mental stability in their lives and lead to a better life full of hopes and opportunities.

What are the Uses of Willemite?

What are the Uses of Willemite?

Willemite is typically utilised as a fluorescence specimen. It was once utilised as a zinc ore and, because of its spectacular green fluorescence, was once put into early television tubes. The fluorescent tube’s first generation utilised artificial willemite until later technological developments took its place. Willemite is now generally available in the collections of many rock collectors, particularly those who specialise in fluorescence rocks. 

Rare willemite crystals are occasionally used in jewelry. Willemite is a delicate mineral, hence these crystals aren’t frequently cut for this use. These crystals won’t look all that great after they are faceted until they are exposed to UV light. 

Caring for Willemite

Stones need to be taken care of just like any other article. If the stone is exposed to dust and dirt it might get less attractive and less useful hence it requires proper cleaning. For it, warm water, a gentle detergent, and a soft brush should be used for cleaning. Mineral acids can break down willemite to create a colorless silica gel, thus caution should be taken when using chemical cleaners.

How much is Willemite worth?

How much is Willemite worth?

For larger, really colorful fluorescing specimens, willemite prices can get a bit out of reach. A half-pound rock will cost you anywhere from $20 to well over $100. With the size and frequency when other fluorescing minerals are present in the rock, the price will rise quickly.

What determines Willemite’s price and value?

The bright green fluorescence of willemite makes it valuable. Faceted specimens are very uncommon because they are too delicate for jewelry application. Willemites are not suitable as jewelry stones because they are soft, delicate, and challenging to polish. The majority of faceted specimens display shades of brownish green, yellow-orange, or pale green.

Willemite Impact

People who are only beginning their spiritual journeys and developing their psychic powers are welcome at Willemite. It aids in making these newcomers feel “at ease.” You can take a step back and observe yourself using this crystal as a mirror of your soul. Without passing judgment, Willemite enables you to do this, which enables you to identify the modifications that must be done so that you can get to work on them. You may improve your perseverance and patience by using this gem.

Does Willemite make a good jewelry stone?

Willemites are not suitable as jewelry stones because they are soft, delicate, and challenging to polish. The ability to purchase willemite jewelry still exists. Cut and polished willemite stone can be used to make necklaces, earrings, and rings. Up until you start going into cut gemstones, the majority of this jewelry may be pretty reasonable. Willemite crystals can be quite expensive and can easily cost you several hundred dollars in the US. They do not, however, generally make good jewelry stones.

Willemite Real vs Fake

Willemite Real vs Fake

Willemite is a major fluorescent mineral. It frequently has a vivid green color when exposed to short-wave UV radiation. Only when the impurities in the zinc silicate structure differ does the response become less robust. Manganese, a chromophore, produces a luminous response.

Summary of Willemite

Name of Crystal Willemite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names
Origin(s) New Jersey
Color(s) White
Formation Mineral ore of zinc
Majorly Found at Africa, Canada, Greenland, Arizona, and New Jersey in the United States
Zodiac Suited for Gemini
Chakra Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning Known for its mesmerizing powers
Types of Crystal Trigonal
Healing Properties Helps attain mental balance, and aids astral travel.
Health Benefits Treats a variety of fungi infections, hepatitis, and vertigo, and also heals vision issues.
Uses Used as zinc ore because of its spectacular green fluorescence. Hardly used in jewelry.
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 5.5
Real Willemite has remarkable luminescent properties. It exhibits strong green fluorescence under short-wave ultraviolet light.
Fake No phony samples


What is the streak of willemite?

Willemite, as stated earlier, is a silicate of zinc with the formula of Zn2SiO4 and has got white streak. It has got a rough hexagonal structure with rhombohedral terminations. It has got lustre and is brittle. It is many a time linked with limestone and comes under the category of metamorphic rocks.

Where is willemite found?

At Franklin, New Jersey, such huge numbers were found. Africa, Canada, Greenland, Arizona, and New Jersey in the United States are some additional locations. Pinkish-brown willemite was found in New Jersey, USA.

What is Willemite made up of?

It is just Zinc silicate formed by the metamorphism of smithsonite or hemimorphite.

How is Willemite formed?

Willemite stone will typically be associated with limestone but can also be found in marble due to the metamorphism of earlier formations of hemimorphite or smithsonite.  

Does Willemite have negative effects?

No, Willemite has good and positive effects on everyone including children and pregnant women. It is associated with the third eye chakra which brings positivity to the lives of the person whosoever possesses it. Willemite may sometimes prove to be less effective which may be attributed to the stone not being active or might have been dirty. Cleaning it will make the stone as good as new.