Wolframite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses 

Wolframite is highly valued as it has a high source of metal tungsten. The other name for Wolframite is Ferberite. Wolframite is mainly used for industrial purposes. 

Tungsten is a tough and strong metal with a very thick material. It has a high melting temperature that makes it good for electric filaments and armor-piercing ammunition, as well as hard tungsten carbide machine equipment.

What is Wolframite?

What is Wolframite

Wolframite is majorly known as an iron manganese tungsten oxide mineral.  It is commonly linked to the tin ore found in and close to the granite country rocks.

The mineral occurs as an enormous dark grey to brown-black stone with flawless cleavage in a monoclinic system. It also has a submetallic brilliant sheen. Reddish-brown streaks and uneven to rough fractures are seen in wolframite.  Wolframite ranges in hardness from 4.0 to 4.5.

The term “wolframite” is derived from the German term “wolf rahm,” which was the name Johan Gottschalk Wallerius gave to tungsten in 1747. Wolframite is named for its tungsten content since “Wolf rahm” means tungsten in German.

Wolframite is a popular mineral among mineral collectors is wolframite. However, wolframite is difficult to obtain in good specimens.

What is Wolframite made of?

Wolframite is an iron manganese tungsten oxide mineral. It is commonly associated with the tin ore in and around granite country rocks. 

Wolframite is the principal and primary ore mineral of tungsten. Iron, manganese, and tungsten are its primary constituents.

Where is Wolframite found?

Where is Wolframite found

Wolframite is found in quartz fissures and pegmatites connected with granitic intrusives. Cassiterite, scheelite, bismuth, quartz, pyrite, galena, sphalerite, and arsenopyrite are some of the associated minerals.

The mineral can be found in pegmatite and granite veins that have undergone pneumatolytic formation.

Wolframite is found at many localities within Cornwall, in channels with cassiterite and in close proximity to granites. Wolframite was considered like any other impure mineral or waste material up to the middle of the 19th century. When the hardness and density of tungsten metal were fully understood as beneficial characteristics, it was discovered to be a good addition to alloys and steel.

Wolframite Physical Properties

Wolframite Physical Properties

The mineral wolframite is composed of tungsten and iron. Iron ores are valued for their stabilizing and shielding properties. Wolframite due to the presence of Tungsten metal makes the melting point high and tensile strength at extreme heat.

Wolframites are supposed to possess a shielding and protecting energy that goes beyond that of nearly any other mineral, making the user resistant to outside influences. It makes one feel virtually grounded to the floor. Physically, ferberite can be used to cure anemia, and also does wolframite strengthen and cleanses the blood.

What are the Uses of Wolframite?

What are the Uses of Wolframite

Wolframite is by far the most important tungsten ore mineral, and it mostly has industrial uses. Tungsten steel is incredibly resilient. Tool steel and other significant steel alloys are produced using it as a hardening metal. Tungsten is one of the most precious metals for hardening steel.

Some important uses of Wolframite, as as essential ore of Tungsten:

  • Being one of the hardest metals on Earth, tungsten is mostly utilized to make ballistic missiles and drills.
  • Radiation shielding and the manufacture of X-ray and light bulb filaments both employ tungsten alloys. Additionally, it functions as the filament in incandescent electric lights.
  • Tungsten is used to make high-speed tools due to its useful feature of maintaining its temper even under extreme heat.
  • Tungsten can be used to make contact points instead of platinum.
  • Due to its exceptionally high boiling point, tungsten is used for high-temperature applications such as arc welding electrodes and heating components to extremely high temperatures.

Benefits of Wolframite

Benefits of Wolframite

  • Wolframite provides strength for the physical body & regulates body processes. It facilitates a smooth energy flow in every circumstance.
  • Wolframite is also believed to manage problems, expel bad energy, and aid in the naturopathic correction of circumstances.
  • Additionally, wolframite aids in the correction of vision weakness, the alleviation of hypoglycemia, the alignment of the vertebrae, and the treatment of iron deficiency.
  • Wolframite stone is believed to be the birthstone for Libra and Gemini. It aligns with the Root and Earth Chakras