Amazonite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Amazonite is named the “Stone of Hope”. It’s called so because of the positive energy it glooms in the environment of the people possessing it. Amazonite soothes anxiety and brings clarity to thoughts. It conjures woodland magic and the sweeping current of one of the world’s most mysterious rivers the Amazon. 

This mystical stone has soul-healing powers just like nature itself. There are endless advantages of using an Amazonite gemstone or placing it in your wardrobe or your home.


What is Amazonite Crystal? 

Amazonite is a feldspar of potassium and belongs to the Microcline mineral class and it is the only microcline to be found as a gemstone. Potassium feldspars with triclinic crystal structures are known as microclines. The stone has a remarkable greenish blue tinge which makes it different from others. Its geometry shows a triclinic crystal structure. Apart from its green hue, it also has many different shades like purple, grey and blue.

Amazonite crystals are quick to see the bright side of things, but they also exercise prudence when making choices. It is a stone that fosters inner strength, increased intention, and a commitment to using a positive mindset to accomplish your goals. The ethereal and river-like appearance of the stone stirs up a deep desire to flow with the positivity of the cosmos. It awakens deeper truth and higher intuitions.

Amazonites help you to see life in a positive light, but they also use caution while making decisions. It’s a stone that encourages the spirit of inner fortitude, heightened intention, and a dedication to employing a positive outlook to achieve your goals. 

How to Identify an Amazonite Crystal?

Identifying an amazonite

Amazonite is a bluish-green crystal, nicknamed “Amazon Stone.” The crystal is a curious and beautiful stone, connected with the realms of water and earth. Amazonite is more a gemstone of silicate elements and microcline feldspar. 

It may be found in a variety of blue, green, and greenish-blue hues. Sometimes the colours have a pastel or faint tinge, while other times they are saturated and vibrant. The majority of Amazonite is not a completely colourless gemstone but rather has white quartz striations running through the green or blue.  Amazonite gemstones are often opaque or transparent and have a pearly sheen.

This opaque or semi-opaque stone has a patterned grid-like structure of white colour and sometimes light or dark streaks of blue or green. Amazonite has a remarkably distinctive appearance with its mottled, grid-like pattern in green and white. This unique colour is due to the presence of lead in the stone, and several shades of the colour may coexist within a single stone.

  • Amazonite Cuts

Amazonite comes in a wide range of varieties since the stones have distinct colours, white lines running through the blueish green, and various cuts by nature. Amazonite rose cut round cabochon gemstone is the most desired shape which has a flat smooth base and convex rose cut top. The stone looks adorable and beautiful to be worn in this shape.

  • Amazonite Shapes

Amazonite can form the largest crystals of any mineral and has been known to be mistaken for turquoise and jade. It is available and each shape and size. There are varieties of this stone. Any kind of Amazonite with a subdued mixture of various hues, such as lime green, orange, or even black, is referred to as a floral Amazonite. The term is linked to the many shades in a single gemstone. 

The Amazonite Palm Stone is the other kind of stone. It may be carved into many forms and is usually used for meditation or prayer instead of making jewellery. A brilliant pink tint may be seen in the centre of some chunks of Amazonite due to the presence of other minerals. These are frequently carved, like a flat, smooth pebble, and are tiny enough to be held in your hand.

Where is Amazonite Crystal found?

Amazonite locations

Amazonite is found in limited quantities in the United States, Australia, Madagascar, some regions of Brazil, Colorado, and Virginia. Brazil and Peru produce fine-quality amazonite. Beautiful gem-like quality amazonites are found in the United States in Amelia Courthouse, Virginia, and Colorado. Ethiopia now produces top-notch quality Amazonite.

Amazonite is sometimes referred to as the “Amazon stone” since it is believed to have been found in the Brazilian Amazon River Basin. However, it is not found there; rather, it may be found in other regions of Brazil, in Colorado and Virginia in the US, in some parts of Australia, and in Madagascar.

Amazonite Meaning

The Meaning of Amazonite Crystal

“Amazonite” as the name suggests, the stone gets its name from the beautiful river, Amazon. Its sparkling blue-green hues resemble the tranquil flow of this ethereal South American river. This crystal’s name and association with the water element are both expressed in its name.

This beautiful stone has been worn for a very long time as a symbol of truth and optimism. It originates from the lush green riverbanks of South America’s rainforests, as shown by the calm kinetic flow of its colour scheme. Amazonite may also be discovered in the frigid tundra of Russia and the vanilla-scented dunes of Madagascar. It is a stone that is mined in the most remarkable locations, which may contribute to its ethereal and aquatic qualities.

Using Amazonite might be one of your greatest choices if your goals include living more deeply, creating global love, and standing proud in your true light.

Amazonite Meaning in History and Ancient Lore

Amazonite history and ancient lore

Ancient Egyptians produced exquisite jewellery, decorative items, and significant writings out of this precious natural rock.  For its beauty and therapeutic properties, amazonite has long been revered. It is thought that this light green mineral rock was formed as early as the 10th century BC. According to history, Brazilian Amazonian warrior women used amazonite stones to decorate their shields and treat wounds and cure sickness.

Amazonite Crystal Healing Properties

Best Healing properties of Amazonite

Amazonite represents the beauty of the natural world and the energy that may be tapped into when it is present. The wearer of an amazonite stone follows the path of truth, honour, and honesty. When used properly, Amazonite may be a priceless ally that bestows upon your life the serenity and clarity of a cool woodland stroll or a gently running river. 

Let us now look over the healing properties of this mystical stone.

Amazonite Physical and Emotional Healing Properties

Amazonite crystal is well known for its healing benefits; be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Amazonite boosts your emotional and psychological well-being through crystal healing. The stone helps with thyroid-related problems, cell regeneration and soothing an anxious mind. Have a deeper knowledge of the healing properties of Amazonite!

  • Heals thyroid issues

Thyroid-related issues might be controlled by Amazonite’s tranquil energies. Amazonite can efficiently aid the body in better-absorbing calcium for individuals who battle with a calcium shortage, restoring your bones’ dreamlike vitality. Right calcium balance in the body is essential not only for the bones but also for the hair.  

  • Aids in cell regeneration

Apart from being an exceptional mood booster, Amazonite is an ideal stone that helps with cell regeneration.  For people who battle with skin problems, acne or scars, Amazonite may help restore a flush of clean and bright healthy skin. Rubbing the cold touch of Amazonite over a rash can also help keep it clean and comforted.

  • Soothes restless contemplation and heals past traumas

Amazonite may be the most incredible gemstone for tying together all those frayed emotional strands if you have a restless mind.  Amazonite excels in calming nervous attitudes and self-destructive ideas. The crystal encourages you to always put yourself first by actively working to break bad self-neglecting patterns.  It’s also a wonderful stone to have on hand if you need to pick yourself up by your bootstraps when it comes to your self-esteem. 

If you are struggling with some kind of past worst experience, then here is this stone as your saviour. By dividing large difficulties into small chunks, it helps to mend old wounds and make things appear much more manageable by assisting the mind in filtering out tension and worry and learning to let go of that which is no longer benefiting you.

Amazonite Metaphysical Healing Properties

Amazonite has a wide range of metaphysical characteristics as well as extraordinary healing qualities. Amazonite is associated with riches, fortune, and overall prosperity, much like jade. For its lucky charm, it is also referred to as the “gambler’s stone”.

Amazonite is said to relax the nervous system. Since our nervous systems have a significant impact on our emotions, this stone is claimed to encourage love and reduce tense and annoying situations.

Amazonite Benefits

Benefits of Amazonite

There are endless benefits to bringing an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your wardrobe, home or workplace. Amazonite is used as a support stone to help people deal with loneliness and is said to improve marital harmony. It helps you express yourself honestly without being too sentimental. It is claimed to grant the wearer honesty, honour, and integrity.

Amazonite lowers tendencies toward self-neglect and boosts self-esteem, particularly in women. It improves one’s capacity for efficient communication and teaches how to adapt one’s vocabulary to represent a higher, more congruent reality. It also gives one the ability to create healthy boundaries with others and with oneself to practise self-control.

Heart and throat chakras are both highly stimulated by amazonite. We can comprehend our own needs and emotions by using the crystal energy to eliminate blockages and rebalance the Heart Chakra.

Amazonite Benefits Spirituality

  • Resonates with the throat chakra

The spiritual force of personal truth is conveyed by amazonite. It sparks a constructive conversation between the mind and intuition that makes it possible to discover what is good and genuine inside oneself. It allows you to practise setting beautifully healthy boundaries and putting in place crystal clear communication. Amplifying our intentions also gives us the strength to realise our goals and aspirations. These objectives need to be voiced out loud since they work through the Throat Chakra.

  • Harmonizes with reasoning and intuition

Amazonite improves the clarity and authenticity of the soul by using both intellect and intuition. This inspires us to take a spiritual leap and open our minds and hearts to limitless possibilities when we feel at ease in our skin and connected to our authentic selves. Amazonite aids you in overcoming your fear of being judged and stepping into the light. It also enables you to respectfully express your views and ideas to others. 

It restores a sense of harmony in your inner world, which is a subtle but very positive impact. When it comes to removing the mental haze brought on by excessive technology exposure, an Amazonite stone is especially useful.

In essence, amazonite is a wonderful stone that may be utilised to promote calmness and mental clarity. Amazonite can help you in your hunt for inspiration and creative confidence if you are an artist and believe that you have been having a protracted creativity block.

Amazonite stimulates spiritual healing in your heart, mind, body, and soul in addition to its attractive glamorous look. When it comes to regaining your equilibrium and calming a tumultuous swirl of emotions, this delightfully aquatic stone is a perfect choice for anyone.

Amazonite and Feng Shui

Amazonite Feng Shui

Amazonite is a wonderful stone to assist in clearing your world of all the accumulated bad energy. This gemstone will absorb and dissipate whatever negative energy you may be carrying, whether it be judgmental words against yourself, unjust beliefs or poisonous attitudes from other people. Consequently helping yourself with a clear head and a happy outlook in life.

Water’s serenity, tranquil power, and purity are the elemental energy of Amazonite.  It represents immense potential and future opportunities. The power of renewal and rebirth is brought by the water element.

The North part of a house or room is said to have water energy. It is connected to the domain of career and life path. Your life will flow and unfold with a balance of energy thanks to its flowing energy. Use the energy of the water elements to keep your life going in the direction of your goals.

Amazonite Birthstone

Amazonite is believed to be the birthstone of people born at the end of August or starting of September. It is linked with the Virgo zodiac. Virgo are known for their hard-working and patient temperament nevertheless, they sometimes keep themselves reserved and overthink their decisions. Amazonite aids in achieving that crucial balance by encouraging compassion and the nascent emergence of self-respect.

Amazonite Chakras 

Amazonite resonates with the heart and the throat chakra. The stone calms the chakras and balances the physical body spiritually. It revitalises the chakras, facilitating loving connection on all levels, and harmonises one’s masculine and feminine energy as well as several personality traits.

Amazonite Uses

Jewelry use of Amazonite

Amazonite is used to treat exhaustion, trauma, and other conditions that could sap a person’s energy. It is thought to aid in the treatment of alcoholism as well as thyroid issues. Other than these uses for healing, Amazonite is also used in jewellery, homes and offices to bring in the positive allure of the stone.

  • In Jewellery

Almost every type of jewellery may benefit from the colour and lustre of Amazonite crystal. To maintain the crystal near your heart chakra and encourage a mindset of emancipation and openness, wear an amazonite pendant necklace. The exquisite bracelet or ring made of this magical stone may adorn any wrist or finger.

The mystical sheen of the stone is stunningly versatile and holds notes of Mother Nature’s finest traits from ocean to organic land. Not only is Amazonite jewellery pretty and playful with its feminine energies, but when worn like a pendant, ring or bracelet, its power becomes all the more potent. 

When you allow your precious stones to come into close touch with your skin, you may absorb their healing energies every second. For individuals looking for an easy, undetectable, and beautiful method to make their body a daily alter to mental well-being, gemstone bracelets are a perfect option.

  • In-Home and Bedroom

When used in the home, it works its magic to promote vital healing while establishing a haven of gentle tranquilly and a location where you may genuinely practise being your true self. Amazonite’s exquisite capacity to foster heart opening also helps it to establish peace between you and your loved one.

Positioning amazonite next to your bed will help you with peaceful sleep if you struggle with restless thoughts that keep you up at night. Amazonite gathers all of your unresolved anxieties and quiets disaster thoughts, luring you in for a cuddle and a blissful nap.

How to Care for Amazonite Crystals? 

Recharging and caring for Amazonite

You can continue to have the illumination you require to live in your greatest truth but remember to replenish and clean your Amazonite crystal. You don’t want to leave it tarnished by all the crazy energy it gathers along the road since it works brilliantly when soaking up harmful feelings. 

  • Cleanse with lukewarm water

Keep your crystal under running lukewarm water for a little period, then gently pat it dry. This will clear and wash your crystal and keep it functioning. This is how Amazonite is cleansed. You may wish to charge it in addition to keeping it clean to increase its efficacy.

  • Avoid chemicals and hot water

Amazonite is sensitive to ammonia, acids, heat, abrasives, chemicals, and heat. Never use hot water, steam or ultrasonic cleaners. To keep the gemstone’s shine, clean it with a gentle cloth and mild soap in room temperature water.

When to Cleanse Amazonite?

Depending on how frequently you use Amazonite, it is advised to cleanse it once every 1-2 weeks to maintain a high level of vitality. There are several ways to clean crystals, but many experts agree that holding Amazonite under lukewarm running water for a few minutes is the best method.

How to Recharge your Amazonite?

  • The charge for a short time under sunlight

To recharge your Amazonite stone, place it in a slant of sunshine and let nature do her magic. Amazonite reacts marvellously to the sun’s warm kiss. But remember not to keep it out in the sun for too long. While it enjoys the summer’s vibrant vitality, spending too much time in the sun or drastically altering the stone’s temperature can harm its shimmering blue-green colouring.

  • Avoid mechanical cleaning techniques or other harmful means for recharging

Untreated Amazonites may contain internal fissures that might widen in response to mechanical cleaning techniques like steam or ultrasound. These processes also have the potential to remove coatings or fillings from treated stones. Therefore, clean these stones with a gentle brush, mild detergent, and warm water.

How much is Amazonite worth?

Amazonite isn’t an expensive gemstone, unlike the very popular Jade. It can be purchased at an affordable rate all across the globe  However, depending on your buy, it may still be rather expensive. Small, rough, natural Amazonite crystal stones can be purchased for around $50 if they are being purchased to use for healing. The price of treated gemstones that are made into jewellery might be significantly higher.

What determines Amazonite’s Price and Value?

The price of finished jewellery with a significant amount of Amazonite gemstones in the necklace, amulets, ring, or bracelet varies based on the number of Amazonite gemstones, their size, and their colour.

The most costly kind of Amazonite is one which lacks white marbling and has an intense blue-green tint. The price decreases with the amount of white marbling and streaks. 

Blue Peruvian Amazonite is among the most expensive gemstone of this kind.” The darker the colour of the stone, the higher the price.” Also, faceted cuts make the gemstone more prone to chipping, therefore, faceted Amazonite is less costly than a cabochon cut. The cabochon cut guards against cleavage breaking.

Amazonite Impact

The Impact of Amazonite

Amazonite calms the nervous system and soothes the restless mind. This stone is claimed to calm agitated circumstances and promote love because the nervous system regulates our emotions to a large extent. 

Due to these qualities, the stone should be worn as a necklace close to the throat and heart since they are connected to these chakras. The energy of the Amazonite crystal radiates feelings of calmness and serenity and brings clarity to thoughts This energy encourages emotional harmony and gives you the capacity to strike a balance between your feminine and masculine energies.

Does Amazonite make a good Jewelry stone?

Amazonites are softer than quartz due to their hardness, which ranges from 6 to 6.5. This suggests that ordinary risks like household dust might still graze Amazonites. Their perfect cleavage makes them susceptible to breaking if accidentally impacted.

Due to their lack of transparency, Amazonites are rarely faceted. Amazonite makes good jewellery for those who enjoy opaque stones and could be drawn to the uniqueness and appearance of such a stone. This one makes wonderful jewellery accents for earrings, pendants, and brooches, and most crucially for stunning rings.

Amazonite Real vs Fake 

To differentiate real amazonite from a fake one, the foremost thing to look out for is lustre.  Knowing how to spot a fake Amazonite gemstone is crucial. A real Amazonite gem will have a brilliant, sparkling appearance. You can distinguish this magnificent crystal from other green gemstones that have a similar appearance by recognising its vitreous lustre of it.

It’s probably not real if the stone you’re gazing at has no brilliance. Even though the gemstone does not have a polish, it frequently appears to be polished. So to spot a fake gemstone from the real one, examine the stone’s lustre.

Final Thoughts 

It’s understandable why this gemstone is associated with Amazonian warriors and hidden forest treasures since it has a wild but calming quality. Nature is all about balance and duality, which perfectly reflects the mindset required to produce magic and energy while holding onto what the cosmos already offers you.

Amazonite should be a part of the collection of any crystal admirer. When you accept this stone into your life, it will bestow upon you a profound sense of peace, joy, and harmony. Sometimes we all need a little more encouragement, and this is where Amazonite may be a good amulet to help you overcome those patterns of self-sabotage and self-love.  

Use this magnificent stone as your saviour stone. Let us know your views on this stone in the comments. We will be happy to hear from you! 

Summary of Amazonite

Name of Crystal Amazonite
Other Names Amazonstone
Origin(s) Brazil
Color(s) Blue-green
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Deep-sea igneous rocks that
once cooled very slowly.
Majorly found at Brazil, Colorado and Virginia(US),
Australia and Madagascar.
Zodiac Suited for Scorpio, Aries, Leo.
Healing Properties Soothes emotional trauma,
Dispels negative energy, aggravation
and blockages within the nervous system.
Health Benefits Calms the Brain and Nervous system
Aids in maintaining optimum health.
Types of Crystal Russian Amazonite
Colorado Amazonite
Brazilian Amazonite
Madagascar Amazonite.
Uses Promotes Emotional balance
Empowers you to find equilibrium between
your masculine and feminine energies.
Goes in the Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-6.5
Real Check for Luster
Fake Streak Test


What is the spiritual meaning of Amazonite?

Amazonite, known as the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, gives one the ability to examine themselves and find their truths and integrity. Amazonite claims to calm the mind and spirit like old, deep rivers. Its other name, the Amazon Stone, pushes us to behave per our ideas and ideals by helping us get over our fear of being judged or in conflict with others.

What chakra is Amazonite used for?

Amazonite works on the Throat and Heart Chakra. It is better to wear this stone as a necklace, close to your throat and heart to cherish the gifts of honesty, integrity and truth.

Is Amazonite stone rare?

Amazonite is not a rare stone and is available in abundance. But the gem-like quality is significantly harder to come by. There are significant deposits of amazonite in Russia, Brazil, the United States, India, and Madagascar, among other places. The best quality stone is found in Ethiopia.

What are the physical properties of Amazonite?

Amazonite stone is a variety of potassium feldspar and belongs to the Microcline class of minerals. Its chemical formula is KAlSi3O8. The stone is usually opaque but it can be translucent in many cases. There are purple, grey, green, and blue colours on amazonite. But most often, it is greenish-blue in colour. The stone is not hard enough, it has 6-6.5 hardness on Mohr’s Hardness Scale.

How do you charge Amazonite?

The best way to charge your amazonite stone is to place it under running lukewarm water for a few minutes of sunlight. After that, let it dry naturally in the sun for a few hours. Don’t place it in direct sunlight for long as it can fade the colour of the stone. 

Is Amazonite Quartz?

A green tectosilicate mineral called amazonite, commonly referred to as amazonstone, is a subspecies of potassium feldspar known as microcline.