Amazonite Chakra and its Amazing Benefits

The Amazonite is known for calming your chakras and healing you in the process. It affects the heart chakra the most, bringing bodily harmonized communication. In this article, we will know more about the amazing Amazonite Chakra.

Amazonite Chakra

Amazon Jade or Amazonite or the Amazon Stone is one of the varieties of Microline that is found in hues of green to blue. The shape of this crystal ranges from short prisms to masses or even tabular crystals. This beautiful stone has various colors like turquoise, shades of white and gray, and even yellow. Amazonite helps in rejuvenating your throat and particularly the heart chakra, which enhances communication on all levels.  

If Amazonite has drawn your interest, then we have a complete Guide for you with all of Amazonite benefits, healing properties and uses.

What is Amazonite? 

Amazonite is a crystal that has a very translucent luster. It often resembles a spider web when polished and exhibits the Schiller effect – having a pearly polychromatic hinge throughout the stone. The stone equalizes and balances both the masculine and the feminine energies. It also elevates your personality and awakens compassion within your inner self to deal with problems by perceiving points of view of both sides. 

The origin of this rock can be dated back to the 10th century BC and was discovered on the basins of the Amazon River in Brazil. It is owing to this that the rock gets its name as the Amazon stone. Going back to as late as the Egyptian era, Amazonite has been a treasured mineral rock. It was made into pieces of jewelry, and ornaments and even could be found carved into important texts.

This crystal has been highly prized for its healing powers. Besides its amazing healing powers and rejuvenating energy, amazonite is a stone known for its beauty. It is mesmerizing to the eyes and also an amazing crystal for your collection and well-being.  

Before the 1980s, the color of Amazonite was thought to come off from copper compounds present in it. It was later discovered that the turquoise, blue-green color of the stone comes from particles of lead and water. This can easily lead to fractures in the crystal and also makes it easier to cut the stone or crystal cabochon to be made into pieces of jewelry.  

Nicknames such as the “Stone of Courage” and the “Stone of Truth”, speak for the stone and the power it holds. It empowers you and emboldens you to look inside for your true self and integrity and inner confidence. Bearing an Amazonite encourages you to move beyond irrational fears such as judgment and confrontations.

You can express your thoughts and views more confidently and also be strong in setting boundaries for both your inner discipline and outer conduct too.

The amazonite is a green tectosilicate mineral that represents hope and is nicknamed “the stone of hope”. It brings around hope and positivity and replenishes your soul from within, with amazonite in your household will experience prosperity in your thought culture and flourishing creativity. Read here five types of Amazonite and their uses.

What is the amazonite zodiac? 

Amazonite is known as the “Stone of hope” and typically brings hope and boosts confidence in its bearer. It is also known for instilling creativity and inspiring peace and promoting better communication. Despite its huge benefits, Amazonite is not one of those stones that can be classified as a single zodiac and are rather an uncharted birthstone. Neither the traditional nor the modern charts have any particular linking of the zodiac to this stone.  

As mentioned, Amazonite is not the main Zodiac stone. But some scientists and authors think that people born between August 23rd to September 22nd i.e., for the zodiac sign Virgo. It is however said that the stone can also be beneficial for the signs like Aries, Leo, and Scorpio. It is a crystal that is generally bought based on resonance.

If you feel like you are attracted to an Amazonite, you should go ahead and buy it. It does not matter even if you are none of the abovementioned zodiac signs. It is believed that you are attracted to a gemstone the most at a particular period when it is suitable for you.  

In additional notes, as a birthstone that is natural and is not subjective, Amazonite’s turquoise color is one of the best choices for people who are born between the 20th of March and the 19th of April. The color itself is the bearer of harmonious vibrations and brings in your stability and inner strength.

Amazonite Chakra

What are the uses of Amazonite Chakra?

The amazonite chakra stone is one of the most powerful stones for manifestation. It boosts your courage and pushes you to speak with confidence. Amazonite is a great source for you to release your grief and get rid of any emotional trauma. You can place your amazonite on your throat chakra for helping you through meditation, it will have great effects.

The stone keeps your chakra and keeps your body aligned with its chakras, keeping you in sound health and mind. It is also great for protection from microwaves, electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, and other pollution from the same.  

Below listed are some of the uses of Amazonite: 

  • Amazonite is an amazing and magnificent tool that enhances your mental clarity and keeps you calm and collected. It is very useful for artistic people, even if you are going through creative blocks, this crystal will help you in the process. It can as well help you in finding your muse and inspiration and give you confidence creatively.  
  • Amazonite also known as “the stone of hope”, is a very powerful stone that heals your mind, body, and soul. It is a watery stone that is wanted by all owing to its profound beauty. If you have to concentrate around re-centering yourselves. It helps you collect and consolidate yourself from the whirlwind of chaotic emotions.  
  • Amazonite is a stone known for restoring balance and therefore it calms your inner turbulence and gives you a sense of balance. It realigns all the chakras present in your body, even the masculine and feminine energies present. Not to mention it equalizes the yin-yang energy in your body too.  
  • In recent times, when a majority of the population is crowded by technology and often suffers from over-exposure and depression and crowded thoughts from the same, Amazonite becomes very effective. It helps in clearing the negative energies crowding your thought process and stabilizes your inner turmoil. 
  • Amazonite is one of the most soulful stones that is being used as a talisman that stands for truth and hope forever. The mere presence of the stone is known to guide you in the correct direction with elevating spirits and beautiful calmness in your mind.  
  • This stone has physical healing properties too. The chilling nature of an Amazonite helps in thyroid problems by balancing your chakras.  
  • If you have a problem with calcium deficiency, Amazonite is the stone for you. It can effectively absorb the calcium back into your bones and increase your vitality in the process. Calcium is very important for your bones and even useful for shiny hair and keeping you strong.  
  • Amazonite also helps in the regeneration of your cells, especially after an illness or deep injury and fatigue.  
  • People who struggle with skin problems like acne and others will find Amazonite useful in solving the situation and restoring their original health. Even in cases of rashes, rubbing the Amazonite over your skin will help in soothing sensations and relief.  
  • This crystal has amazing effects on people who suffer from past trauma. Amazonite’s healing powers will help you filter your stress and anxiety and relax and even let go. Past incidents are something we generally keep holding onto, even if we know they take a toll on our mental health. An amazonite chakra healing stone will let you overcome those horrid traumas and move on for good and towards serenity.  

What color is the Amazonite Chakra? 

Amazonite is a stone that is green in color or turquoise even. It is translucent or opaque and has a background color of off-white. Amazonite ranges in color from colorless, to white, yellow, bluish, pink, red, gray, or many different shades of green, from pale-green to bluish aqua-green. The color of the stone ranges from apple green to blue and sometimes even in shades of yellow.

The color of the Amazonite chakra is due to the presence of lead and the color variations are also due to the same reason. It is due to this reason that it is often confused with turquoise and jade. The hues of the stone are largely blue-green, which gives it a standoffish look and makes it desirable. Blue amazonite chakra and green amazonite chakras are the ones most commonly seen, or rather seen together as one color.  

Is amazonite chakra good for sleeping? 

The amazonite chakra is a great source of relieving stress as mentioned above. It can help you sleep. Place the amazonite chakra close to your pillow while sleeping during the night and it will shield you from all the irrational fears and worries. It will collect all your grievances in all places and absorb them for you, leaving you only with sheer joy and calms you down and you would get up feeling fresh as new and ready to face your turbulence with courage.  


Amazonite is a crystal that has been linked to myths surrounding the amazon warriors. It comes off as no surprise that the stone is linked so because of the amount of balancing and duality it carries out. It can be fierce, at the same time also be the collected one. It is the manifestation of magic, beauty, and balance in one.  

Amazonite chakra is most definitely the worthiest amulet in life’s battle. What can be more strengthening than knowing how to balance yourself amidst all the odds, all the while fighting and knowing how to win too. Away from all your worries with a calm mind, away from all the impetuous thoughts of negativity, amazonite opens up a world of serenity for you.