Ametrine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

There are a lot of questions that arise when it comes to the stunning, distinctively colored Ametrine stone. Its official name is bolivianite, however, due to its coloration, it is frequently known as an ametrine. Citrine and amethyst are combined to give this stone its lovely yellow and purple hue. 

Piqued your curiosity? Read on to learn more about this beautiful gemstone.


What is Ametrine?

Ametrine is a naturally occurring type of quartz also called “Trystine” or by its trade name bolivianite. Amethyst and citrine are mixed, having zones of purple and yellow or orange. Ametrine is extracted in Bolivia for the majority of its commercial availability.

Different oxidation levels of iron within the crystal give the zones visible in ametrine their distinct colors. The iron in the amethyst segments is not oxidized, whereas it is in the citrine segments. A temperature difference across the crystal during crystal formation causes the various oxidation states to occur. Through beta radiation, which yields an amethyst component, natural citrine can be converted into synthetic ametrine, or through differential heating, amethyst can be converted into citrine.

How to Identify an Ametrine?

Yellow and purple bands are present in ametrine. Its distinctive coloring makes it simple to recognize. It stands out from other bi-colored stones because of its narrow color spectrum. Ametrine typically has a sharp change in color from purple to yellow without any gradual changes in color banding.

Ametrine Cuts and Ametrine Shapes

Ametrine is a gemstone that can be cut into all shapes and sizes. However, if the gemstone is big, it would mean that it is more valuable that the normal ones.

Where is Ametrine Found?

Southeast Bolivia contains ametrine. The Anahi quarry in southeast Bolivia is the sole commercially viable source of ametrine in the entire world. According to legend, a Spanish conquistador located the mine in the 1600s and popularized the gem to Europeans by giving his queen many examples of it.

Ametrine Stone Meaning

What is the meaning of Ametrine?

The ametrine crystal is thought to represent inner power and harmony. Additionally, it has the power to boost the wearer’s energy.

Ametrine Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

The bicolor quartz crystals were supposedly known to the Ayoreo Indian tribe of eastern Bolivia more than 500 years ago. In a 1925 edition of American Mineralogist, crystalline quartz crystals with the zonal coloration of purple and yellow may have first been formally documented. These were basal quartz crystal pieces with purple and yellow color sectors that alternated.

The first reports of a combined purple and yellow quartz gemstone being found anywhere around the world date back to the 1960s and come from hazy locations in Brazil, Bolivia, and Uruguay. Some individuals assumed the material was made synthetically, treated amethyst, or mined illegally because it was not linked to a certain mine. Read here to know if Yellow Quartz is natural.

The only significant commercial supply of natural ametrine and anahite now is their Anahi Mine. The mine also creates bicolor materials, such as bicolor amethyst or citrine and clear quartz, as well as amethyst, citrine, and other gemstones (bicolor citrine).

How Will Ametrine Help You?

Ametrine is a strong and positive gemstone known for fulfilling wishes. It should be obvious that you can use Ametrine’s abilities in almost every aspect of your life, from your work to your relationships. One of the best uses of Ametrine is to strengthen your bond with your significant other. 

The natural adaptability of the two minerals that combine in this stone will increase your compatibility and serve as a gentle reminder that, despite your differences, you can still work together to create a beautiful whole. Amethyst is a great stone to add to your professional life because of its ability to solve problems, Citrine’s ability to manifest, and its association with money. It’s crucial if you’re starting your own business, but it’s also beneficial if you’re beginning a new job or even just attempting to get better at your current one. 

A wonderful healing stone for unblocking energy is ametrine. It unblocks energy that has been trapped in the Crown, Solar Plexus, and Third Eye chakras, which are connected to Citrine, Amethyst, and Ametrine collectively, respectively. The combo of Citrine and Amethyst encourages lateral thinking and creativity, which can help you come up with original solutions to issues, both your own and those of other people. This gemstone can help you out in fighting a situation that you are stuck in.

This gemstone will enhance your problem-solving abilities which will help you in real-life situations. This stone is excellent for auric cleansing if it is something you are interested in. Your aura can be cleared of negative energy by its uplifting spiritual energy, leaving you vulnerable to all the good the world has to offer. Additionally, it will give you a little more boldness and willingness to seize those opportunities when they present themselves.

Ametrine Crystal Properties

Properties of Ametrine

Actually, ametrine is a combination of two different minerals, not a single one. These two gemstones are Amethyst and Citrine, both varieties of quartz, as you may infer from their portmanteau name. Trystine or Bolivianite are other names for ametrine. The latter name makes reference to the fact that nowadays, practically all ametrine is produced in Bolivia. Ametrine might have made its debut in Europe for the first time when Spanish conquistadors got it back from Bolivia.

However, it’s also possible that it was just not identified as anything more than a mix of Ametrine and citrine in Europe up until particularly spectacular pieces were brought back from the Americas. Tiny iron atoms trapped inside the matrix of Quartz crystals start to oxidize at various speeds, which results in the formation of ametrine. The two separate sections of the stones’ two different temperatures are typically to blame for this. As you may expect, this is a really special and exceptional occurrence in the natural world! As a result, when Ametrine was initially discovered, it was highly valued as a stone that was truly unique. 

Ametrine Healing Properties

The healing Properties of Ametrine

The qualities of amethyst and citrine are considered to be perfectly balanced in ametrine. Ametrine, a gemstone of connection and balance, is thought to ease anxiety, promote calm, inspire creativity, and balance mental fitness and self-confidence.

Ametrine Metaphysical Properties

By releasing tension and stress from the head, ametrine soothes the psyche. reduces depression and harmonizes and calms emotions. By increasing compatibility and tolerance of others, ametrine combats prejudice. It fosters creativity and encourages personal empowerment. enhances focus, brings clarity, and synchronizes perception with action. Ametrine encourages transformation and facilitates change.

Ametrine benefits the autonomic nervous system and the immunological system. Physical, mental, and emotional fatigue are all cured by it. treats stomach problems and allergies.

Ametrine Benefits

The stone’s amethyst and citrine proportions work in harmony to create equilibrium and correct imbalances that could be causing you to feel exhausted in body, mind, and soul. Many people think this stone is very helpful for people who are stressed out or feeling emotional. It gives you support when you need it and aids in your quest for a more fruitful existence.

Concentrating on the stone’s golden hue will help you get into your intuition and creative side. So, seek out an ametrine with more purple if you’re trying to regain equilibrium and concentration. Find an ametrine with more yellow if you want to improve your creative abilities.

Ametrine Benefits Spirituality

  • Ametrine crystals are good crystals to use in meditation since they contain strong spiritual meanings and abilities.
  • It will help you get to the upper realms and then help you get the energy back down to earth.
  • It will help you establish a connection with your higher self and employ the power of your will to put what you have learned from divine sources into practice.
  • It is effective to use this crystal to establish a spiritual connection since once established, it will connect the solar plexus and crown chakras.
  • By doing so, you can improve both your mental and spiritual clarity and make plans to conduct your life in accordance with Divine Will.

Ametrine & Feng Shui

Feng Shui of Ametrine

In Feng Shui, ametrine could be used to create harmony and balance in all aspects of your life. Additionally, you can employ the stone to attract abundance and actualize your desires. Ametrine can be positioned in the middle of your house or workplace to promote harmony and balance. To manifest your goals and generate abundance, it can also be put in the prosperity and happiness area. Ametrine can also be utilized to balance and harmonise your connections in the domain of relationships.

Ametrine Birthstone

Ametrine is the suggested birthstone for Pisces and Sagittarius according to western astrology. Ametrine is yet another potently healing gemstone that is worn to enhance concentration, achieve inner tranquility, inspire creativity, and treat depression. If you are a Pieces or Sagittarius, you must definitely possess this gemstone.

Ametrine Chakras

Ametrine is a kind of quartz crystal, and like all quartz, it is a potent energy amplifier. They contain the Citrine Crystal frequency, which is the will and the power of the solar plexus chakra.

A potent energetic vibration is produced when you mix this vibration with the energy of the amethyst crystals and the “knowledge” that comes from the crown chakra.

However, this crystal’s energy is completely distinct from that of the other gemstones. Ametrine crystals serve as a conduit between the excitation frequencies of the solar plexus chakra and the higher forces of the head.

Your ability to shift your mind from the mundane physical world into the spiritual world will be aided by this connection. As well as bringing together the energies of the masculine and feminine, this will improve mental and spiritual clarity.

Anyone can benefit greatly from having a link to Divine guidance, but healers are particularly so. Professional healers can employ this stone, which is yellow and purple, to their advantage. It helps the healer to make choices in accordance with Divine Will and higher direction.

What are the Uses of Ametrine?

Ametrine can assist you in purging your life of pointless items. According to popular belief, living a more meaningful life can be achieved by simply holding the stone, stating the name of the thing you no longer desire in your life, washing the stone, and holding it in the sun while expressing what you desire.

The gemstone can also help you stay invigorated, promote healing, and decrease stress. This is so that you can maintain your energy and enthusiasm for a longer period of time because the stone pulls energy from the moon and sun. The stone can also provide you with a strong connection to the spiritual world and assist you in discovering your purpose and direction in life.

For instance, when comparing the qualities of Ametrine and citrine, Ametrine is great for lowering stress levels while citrine promotes positivity and pulls wealth. When united, they act as a strong force that can transform your life.

Put the gemstone in your handbag after leaving it under the light of the full moon to activate its ability to attract money. The next time you make an investment or wager, wealth will be influenced and directed toward you. 

Caring for Ametrine

Cleaning ametrine with lukewarm, soapy water is safe. Except in the rare cases where a stone is colored or treated with fracture filling, ultrasonic cleaners are typically safe. Ametrine shouldn’t be cleaned with steam, and it shouldn’t be heated up.

How to Cleanse Ametrine

You can cleanse this gemstone with these:

  • Salt from the Sea

This is the ideal method for purging negative energy from your crystals! Like when you cleanse your ametrine, leave your crystals in a solution of sea salt and water overnight. In this manner, sea salt will be used as a remedy to cleanse negative energy.

  • Running Water

Keep the gemstone submerged in running water and chant prayers to cleanse it of all negativity. You can also immerse the Ametrine gemstone for some time; just remember to drain the water after you’re done.

  • Cleanse with other crystals 

The simplest technique to cleanse Ametrineis to put it among the other gemstones that you have.

How to Recharge Your Ametrine

Any technique can be used to recharge Ametrine. Among the most well-liked techniques are:

  • Sunlight: To recharge your Ametrine, leave it in the sun for a few hours.
  • Moonlight: To recharge your ametrine, leave it exposed to the full moon’s light for 24 hours.
  • Smudging: By circling your Ametrine with smoke from a Palo Santo or sage smudge brush, you can recharge it.
  • Reiki: Using Reiki energy, you can purify and recharge your ametrine.

Ametrine Activation process

To cleanse and activate a gemstone, all you have to do is submerge it for 30 minutes in honey, milk, and pure water. After a gemstone has been cleaned, place it on the right hand’s ring finger.

How much is Ametrine worth?

The cost of an ametrine stone ranges from $150 per carat to $1,000 per carat in the USA on 13th July 2022.

What determines Ametrine’s price and value?

The factors that determine its price and value are:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight

Ametrine Impact

Since it combines the qualities of Amethyst and Citrine, it is referred to be a stone of harmony. Your life will become more balanced with the aid of ametrine. Finding your inner courage and strength, as well as maintaining your composure under pressure, can be aided by it. Ametrine is sometimes referred to as a manifestation stone.

Does Ametrine make a Good Jewelry Stone?

Ametrine as a Jewelry Stone

Because of their lack of fracture and greater hardness of 7, quartz gems make great jewelry stones. Daily ring wear, nevertheless, will gradually wear down the polish.

Ametrine Real vs Fake

Real vs fake Ametrine

There are many shops that sell gemstone jewelry these days, both online and offline. However, more than half of them do not use genuine amethyst or other gemstones in their jewelry production. The basic explanation is that they can make more money since the cost of production is lower. However, uninformed clients are harmed by this approach. You’ll find some tips on avoiding being duped below.

Ametrine is a bicolored quartz type that contains both yellow and purple (or pink). However, because the synthetic ametrine appears so similar, it might occasionally be simple to misidentify it. While purchasing the ametrine stone, there are a few things to keep in mind.

The most significant three factors are size, color, and clarity. The stone is probably fake if it is excessively large and flawless. Natural ametrine stones are not as clear as synthetic ones, thus it is easy to tell whether a stone is real or not in this way. How about the color, then? Natural stones lack the synthetic ones’ bright colors. However, there are various techniques that aid artisans in enhancing the hue of a naturally occurring ametrine stone. Because of this, it’s essential to begin the entire process of using ametrine with a specialist. 

Ask them to determine whether the stone is real or artificial by examining it. It’s best to have specialized equipment because it’s likely that you won’t be able to perceive some of the traits with your unaided eyes. Only then can you be certain that the ametrine jewelry you purchase is 100 percent real and won’t lose its effectiveness and attractiveness with time.


The use of this crystal is incredibly beneficial for individuals who work in the healing arts. The common individual can use their powers to work on oneself at home with great benefit. These crystals will help you if you’re trying to lose weight because they are weight-loss crystals. They are helpful if you have addictions since they will aid in your ability to let go of the compulsive behaviors connected to them, much like amethyst crystals are.

Summary of Ametrine

Name of Crystal Ametrine
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Trystine, Bolivianite
Origin(s) Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Color(s) Purple, Violet, Yellow
Formation Made from natural Citrine via beta irradiation (which produces an amethyst component) or from Amethyst that has been converted to citrine by differential heat treatment
Majorly Found at Anahi Mine: Bolivia
Zodiac Suited for Libra
Chakra Solar Plexus Chkra
Crown hakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning A combination of Amethyst and Citrine, it is all about balance, courage, and strength
Types of Crystal Aventurine, Rock Crystal Quartz, Sardonyx, Onyx, Mystic Quartz, Strawberry Quartz, Blue Quartz, Hawk’s Eye, Prasiolite, Bloodstone, Gem Silica
Healing Properties Soothes the mind by removing stress and tension from the body, balances and calms emotions, alleviates depression
Health Benefits Boosts the immune system and supports the autonomic nerve system, provides relief from physical, mental, and emotional tiredness, relieves allergies and stomach problems
Uses Used as medical tools, and to lose weight
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 7
Real The clear ametrine stone is perfect, while certain defects are normal, the three most significant factors are size, color, and clarity.
Fake If the stone is overly large and more than flawless, it is most likely a fake. Because the purity of a natural ametrine stone is not as good as that of a synthetic one, it is not difficult to determine if the stone is genuine or not.


What is ametrine crystal good for?

Ametrine, a gemstone of connection and balance, is thought to ease anxiety, promote calm, inspire creativity, and balance mental fitness and self-confidence. Amethyst and citrine are both regarded to be detoxifiers, therefore ametrine is thought to provide a twofold boost in this regard.

Is ametrine a real gem?

Ametrine is a natural gem also called trystine or by its generic version bolivianite. Amethyst and citrine are mixed together, having zones of purple and yellow or orange. Ametrine is extracted in Bolivia for the majority of its commercial availability.

Is ametrine valuable?

Amethyst is a beautiful, pricey, and uncommon gemstone. It typically has violet or purple hue, but it also comes in mauve, rose, and lavender tones. The only difference between citrine and amethyst is that citrine has been cooked. It has an orange-yellow hue.

Is ametrine the same as amethyst?

No, they are different.

Can you wear ametrine every day?

Yes, you can wear it every day.

Where should you wear ametrine?

The working hand’s center or ring finger should be adorned with ametrine. Wearing the gemstone between 5 and 7 a.m. on Thursday or Saturday during Shukla Paksha is lucky. Ametrine changes the wearer’s life by attracting luck and good vibes.

How do I know if my ametrine is real?

To identify whether an ametrine is real or not, the gemmologist merely needs to ascertain the direction of the optic axis. A polariscope and, occasionally, a refractometer can be used to find the optic plane in a uniaxial stone.

Can I wear ametrine?

Yes, you can wear it and get a taste of its powers.