11 Best Crystals For Solar Plexus Chakra

Crystal recovery is one of the quality approaches to opening and re-stability the Solar plexus. Crystals assist in clearing out blockages from the Solar plexus and produce energy, dedication, and self-esteem. In this article, we will explore the best Crystals For Solar Plexus Chakra.

Understanding the Solar Plexus Chakra / Manipura

Manipura, meaning “city of jewels,” is the Sanskrit name for the Solar plexus. This Chakra represents our self-belief. It resonates with the coloration of yellow and the detail of the fire. To work at the Solar plexus means to work on the self about others, our self-belief, negotiating and balancing our needs and others’ desires. There is an element of fire in each stone to lead you on the proper path. Take a look at those Solar plexus gemstones that gleam with life.

11 Best Crystals for Solar Plexus Chakra

 1. Citrine

Citrine For Solar plexus

The ultimate summer season mood stone, Citrine, is all luscious light and heartwarming harmony. This success stone makes sure that every horrific vibe is cleared, inviting you to snuggle up with positivity and play. It receives to work at the Solar plexus chakra, clearing out any problems and increasing self-assurance and emotions of personal strength. In addition, Citrine can send that energy upwards from the chest to the crown chakra, giving you everything you need to jump higher in life. Also Read: Citrine Crystal: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

 2. Amber

Amber For Solar plexus

Orange, crimson, brown, and beautifully plucked from the start of time, Amber is a completely shiny natural strength that warms the heart. It’s no wonder that this balancing stone is also related to the Sacral Chakra and the Solar plexus chakra. Amber, which comes from the Earth and the Sun, carries traces of the ancient world into the present. All of this incorporates wonderfully with its power of age-old wisdom, natural purification, patience, clarity, and more vital decision-making.

 3. Calcite

Calcite For Solar plexus

Citrus shades and zesty strength come collectively in the excellent, bright Calcite stone. This glorious gauzy gem likes to strike a chord with the Sacral Chakra and the Solar plexus chakra too. Calcite is a cheerful amplifying stone, which means that it takes a pinch of energy and turns it into a potful of self-belief and attraction. One look at this warm and sparkling gem is sufficient to deliver a bright burst of joy and fill you full of clean strength.  Suggested Reading: Caribbean Calcite: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

4. Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye For Solar plexus

Tigers Eye is an outstanding stone for simmering self-confidence and embracing each inch of your strength; it takes its name from the wild and fantastic Tiger. The Tiger is thought of for its enduring strength and unflinching capacity to pounce when essential. Fearless and fierce when necessary, this is the energy you need to embrace every inch of your own wild and untamed life. Tigers Eye makes you optimistic that your root chakra is strong and that your Solar plexus chakra is strong is cleared, so your self-belief may be unwavering in every way.

5. Pyrite

Pyrite For Solar plexus

It is sporting the nickname of Fools Gold. This sparkly golden Shaded gem is the bliss of the Solar plexus Chakra. Pyrite takes its actual name from the Greek word for fireplace, linking it to wonderful connotations of flame, energy, and lifestyles bringing warm temperatures. Pyrite is a perfect gem for tough instances. It reminds us that challenging moments and pressure can turn coal into diamonds and that challenges can be the correct danger to remind yourself exactly what you can. This echoes what the Solar plexus brings – determination, power, and the bright light of power.

6. Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper For Solar plexus

There will be luminous Sunlight that streams into your life with the help of Yellow Jasper stone. This golden glory gem is related to the Solar plexus chakra and the Sacral Chakra. It brings with it all the Sun’s energy, helping to chase out the darkness and fill you with light and positive play. Yellow Jasper is also known as the stone of protection as it is excellent at soaking up shades of negativity, meaning you can pass about your business without disturbing outside forces bringing you down.

7. Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz For Solar plexus

Get detoxed in the dreamiest manner while you welcome the golden orb of Yellow Topaz into your world. Bringing a dazzling sparkle and a promise of brighter days, Yellow Topaz accepts to work at the Solar plexus and Sacral Chakra also. It is known as a detox stone; it’s fantastic at flushing the system and making sure to clear blocks and residues of negative energy, setting waves of positive energy to flow correctly. Yellow Topaz is your device to cleanse, balance, and set off your confidence-boosting chakras. Also Read: Yellow Topaz: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

8. Agate

Agate For Solar plexus

Agate, being filled with volcanic power and warm colorations, this gemstone is another Solar plexus chakra purifier that still works to clean your sacral Chakra too. This gem loves to spring clean all the emotions you’ve been clinging to, ensuring that you are out of chaos with clarity in thought; however certainly one of clear-headed strength and proactive processes. Agate is especially precise for folks that are brief to anger and need help transferring their passion into other positive places. Suggested Reading: Flower Agate: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

9. Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline- Solar plexus

Say Hello to sunshine vibes with the Solar plexus chakra purifier of Yellow Tourmaline. This gem is right here to cut that poor energy into pieces, an excellent way to scatter with the wind. Yellow Tourmaline has magnetic magic that lets it drag in bad vibes and dissolve them immediately. This is precisely the gem you want handy while you need to bathe in the light of natural protection and excellent strength. It is a stimulating stone, so it will bounce up static energy and get you springing into motion. 

10. Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz- Solar plexus

Experience the powerful vibrations within the energy of the Lemon Quartz stone. This Solar plexus chakra cleanser is a bubbling bounty of goodness that brings sunglasses of happiness, clear wondering, and a lighter touch to the table. Lemon Quartz can be what you need to send a ripple effect of sunny rays right through your life for those who find themselves continuously weighed down by fears and dark energy. Suggested Reading: Smoky Quartz: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

11. Sunstone

Sunstone- Solar plexus

Carrying the strength of the radiant Sun, Fiery and shiny, the Sunstone is here to help you wallow in the warmth of deep healing. The Sunstone has wholesome, balanced power working on the sacral and Solar plexus chakra. It invites positivity and acknowledges that there’s space for a complete spectrum of emotion. It encourages emotional intelligence, self-worth, confidence, and the clarity we want to talk about our wishes and dreams with the world.

Watch the video below to know the top crystals for the Solar Plexus chakra and how to use them:

How to unblock the Solar Plexus Chakra?

  1. Burn Manipura incense and vital oils. Aromatherapy has the energy to evoke our sense of personal power.
  2. Repeat effective affirmations about personal power.
  3. Practice postures that stabilize the Solar plexus chakra.
  4. Heal from the beyond.

The way to protect Solar Plexus Chakra

Some restoration practices for this Chakra involve physical activities like starting a yoga practice or another workout that includes body movement. As the Solar plexus Chakra element is a fireplace, the Sun offers recovery energy. Exercising or walking outdoors for at least 20-30 minutes of Sun  each day

How to Use Healing Stones for Solar Plexus Chakra?

Now you got the list of recovery gemstones for the Solar plexus chakra; it’s time to get oozing up that static energy. Just having these gemstones close by is enough to feel their magnificent vibrations starting to shake your soul wide awake, but If you want a more fabulous energetic technique, here are a few tips to have begun

  • Wear Solar plexus stone jewelry to preserve one’s right vibrations flowing always
  • Place recovery Crystals on your Solar plexus in the course of meditation
  • Hold the stones in hand and repeat effective affirmations about self-belief
  • Practice sun salutations with those gemstones in your yoga mat
  • Drink a crystal elixir


The Solar plexus Chakra is represented with the aid of the yellow stones or yellow Crystals and manages our experience of self and is therefore connected to our emotions of self-confidence, self-image, and self-esteem.  Click here if you are interested in Yellow Crystals to read their meaning, benefits and healing properties.

A Solar plexus Crystal may be a powerful manner to balance and realign our chakras. So when our Solar plexus chakra is balanced, we are imbued with self-worth and can have harmonious interactions with others! It explains the movement of this life force or energy and helps us understand ourselves.

The Chakra is our Body’s strength powerhouse, and the third Chakra is referred to as Manipura, located at the navel. The Solar plexus chakra significantly affects our overall health, inner wealth, and emotional balance, as with all chakras. When our fire center is flickering with flame, we’re full of ripe and passionate energy, we have the perseverance and skill to set out and achieve our goals, we are pumped with vigor, and we have a strong sense of confidence that will carry us.

Solar plexus Chakra imbalance also can cause fatigue, overeating, immoderate weight advantage specifically around the stomach, digestive system issues, hypoglycemia, and diabetes. There are so many unique Solar plexus chakra coloration stones from ancient instances that help with physical healing, emotional stability, and personal growth. The base Chakra is all about survival, instincts, and balance. Use our Guide to activate the Solar Plexus chakra and Share this article with the needy ones.