Andalusite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Andalusite is transparent to a translucent gemstone that is a polymorph of two other gemstones namely Kyanite and Sillimanite. Andalusite has a similar chemical composition as the two gemstones but may vary in structure and form. Andalusite is an aluminium silicate mineral. The chemical formula of this gemstone is Al2SiO5. Andalusite is a gemstone that helps in self-realisation and self-awareness of one’s goals and desires. 

What Is Andalusite?

What Is Andalusite?

Andalusite is a polyamorous gemstone. It has chemical chemistry similar to Sillimanite and Kyanite. But differs in the crystal habits and forms. It is usually found in low-pressure metamorphic rocks. It is well-known for its ability to change colours. The colour-changing phenomena usually take place when the crystal is viewed from different angles and directions. The common colours in which this gemstone can be found are green, white, orange, pink-brown, etc. 

Andalusite is a protective and healing gemstone. It is largely used for its ability to protect the wearer from evil entities and filters negative energies into soothing and calming energies. In the vitality spectrum, these gemstones help in clearing the blockages that may have an ill impact or effect. This gemstone creates a path for the energies to flow freely for the wearer which makes them feel charged, calm and much more energetic than before. 

How To Identify An Andalusite?

For the seamless identification and distinction of Andalusite from other crystals, the trichroic red, brown and green colours can be viewed. Along with that, here are some of the physical properties of Andalusite that will help in better identification of the gemstone. 

Shape:- Andalusite are usually found in huge chunks. The gemstone has a prismatic form with square cross sections. It can sometimes be found in columnar aggregates. 

Transparency:- Transparent to translucent. Sometimes opaque too.

Cleavage:- The cleavage of Andalusite usually ranges from poor to good. It is one-directional most of the time. 

Steak:- Andalusite has a white streak. 

Lustre:- Andalusite is a bright gemstone with a vitreous lustre. 

Colour:- Greenish brown, pinkish brown, orangey brown, grey, white, etc. 

Where Is Andalusite Found?

Andalusite is an aluminium silicate that is usually found in metamorphic rocks. It is also found in altered sediments. The different countries and continents in which this gemstone can be found are as follows:- 

  • Inyo Mountains 
  • South Africa 
  • Virginia 
  • South Dakota 
  • California 
  • France 
  • Russia 
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Sweden 
  • USA

Andalusite Stone Meaning 

Andalusite Stone Meaning 

The meaning of Andalusite gemstone is clear sight. This gemstone provides the ability to the wearer to enhance their judgement. It helps them to see a situation from different perspectives and take into consideration a number of consequences that may result from a single situation. This crystal enables the wearer to think straight and make informed decisions in all kinds of situations. 

This gemstone has a strong meaning in becoming a talisman for the wearer to not lose themselves. It provides the power of clarity. When one is able to gain clarity over their thoughts, ideas and emotions, they are able to enhance their lives in the best way possible. For building and enhancing self-confidence and having a positive self-image, this gemstone works wonders. 

Andalusite Healing Properties

Since Andalusite is a healing and protective gemstone, here are the different healing properties of this gemstone:- 

Andalusite Physical Healing Properties

For mental and spiritual well-being, this gemstone is a wonder. However, when looking at the physical realm, this crystal has many healing powers for the body too. Healers who heal with the help of gemstones strongly believe that this gemstone is a wonderful gemstone for the treatment and healing of different vision-related problems like visual impairment, far-sightedness, cataracts, etc. 

Andalusite is also a well-known gemstone for healing water retention issues. Since these issues may lead to many more problems like discomfort, bloating, stomach heaviness, etc, this gemstone helps in avoiding all these issues in the best way possible. It helps the wearer to feel at ease and comfort beyond these bodily problems. 

Different vitamin and mineral deficiencies are also treated by this gemstone. Since these deficiencies can cause weakness, fatigue, unhealthy growth and low immunity, Andalusite helps the wearer to regain the essential minerals and vitamins by maintaining a healthy diet and keeping the physical body fit at all times. 

Andalusite helps in the eradication of many skin-related problems too like acne, excess oil, acne marks and simple, open pores, hyperpigmentation, etc which will make the wearer look much more younger and youthful. It also promotes the healthy growth of hair and nails. It leads the bones and teeth to be stronger and in the best condition at all times. 

Andalusite Emotional Healing Properties

In today’s world, where society and media are playing a major role in feeding negative emotions and feelings into people’s hearts and minds by constantly showing spine-chilling news, Andalusite helps in making the wearer calm and confident in themselves. When the wearer feels triggered because of certain emotional blockages, this gemstone provides them comfort and soothing effects. 

When negative feelings and emotions make a lot of noise in the soul of the wearer, this gemstone helps in converting that noise into reassuring words. The wearer, when they are able to reduce this noise of uncertain emotions, is able to reach the highest level of self-realisation and self-actualization. They gain clarity over confusion and calmness over the chaos caused by different kinds of unsettling feelings and emotions. 

Andalusite is an excellent gemstone in helping the wearer to reduce their unhealthy codependency in relationships and take responsibility for their actions and reactions to different situations. When the wearer is troubled by the confusion related to their future, this gemstone helps them to create a clear picture of what they want to do in the future and where they wish to see themselves in their coming years of life. 

Andalusite Chakra Healing Properties

When the chakras are in alignment, they play an important role in regulating emotional, mental and physical well-being. They also help in the free-flowing of positive energies into everyday life. Every chakra is associated with different parts of your body. If the wearer feels like they are facing issues with digestion or gurgling. Or if they feel like they are suffering from a negative self-image and unhealthy reliance on others, then they might have faults in their solar plexus. The solar plexus may be blocked. 

In this case of the solar plexus being blocked, Andalusite plays an important role in removing the blockages and balancing the chakra again. When the solar plexus is activated again, the insecurities or discomfort one may be feeling due to different reasons is reduced and the wearer is able to feel great again. It also helps in releasing the tension and blockages that may be blocking the bright yellow chakra of the wearer. 

For removing the blockages on the solar plexus, the wearer must activate their gemstone under the sun and keep it close to their heart while they sleep. They can also chant the mantra about feeling safe all the time and how they will find their path in the next bright day. By doing so, Andalusite will help the wearer to remove every blockage from the solar plexus and they will be able to conquer their true spiritual abilities. 

Andalusite Metaphysical Properties

Andalusite Metaphysical Properties

Andalusite is a well-known healing stone in many metaphysical healing circles. For many years, it has been used to attain mental and spiritual peace. This stone enables the wearer to take important decisions in their life without any arguments or debates with their internal and external self. It enhances the decision-making and problem-solving skills of the wearer. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to see situations and circumstances from a neutral point of view. This neutral point of view will help them make informed decisions according to the needs and requirements of the situation. The wearer will experience feelings of self-sacrifice for the good of others. They will rise above the feeling of being self-centred and selfish. 

This stone is a great stone for sharpening memory and having a great recall. It helps the wearer to keep their mind calm in stressful situations and makes them much more understanding, considerate and passionate than before. This stone is ideal stone for people who are introverted and shy. Andalusite is an incredible stone for getting rid of negativity and fear. And filling the room with positive energies and vibrations which will make the wearer happy and joyful. 

What Are The Andalusite Benefits? 

The benefits of Andalusite are as follows:- 

  • Benefits For The Mind

Andalusite is a powerful stone for gaining a clear image of one’s path without arguments and resistance. Andalusite is also known as the ‘Seeing Stone.’ This name portrays the ability of the stone to help the wearer see their character and personality without judgments and prejudices. It is a great stone to attain good mannerisms and etiquette important to be a desirable social animal. When used in meditation and meditation, this stone makes the mind calm and provides harmony to the different thoughts and ideas running through the head at a certain point. 

Since Andalusite provides clear sight to the wearer, it helps them look at all the sides of the situation and not just the parts that are in favour of them. It helps them to think more rationally and logically. This gemstone works incredibly fast for curing different kinds of mental disorders like depression, anxiety, nervousness, guilt, stress and much more. It helps the mind make peace with the different changes happening in the body and the emotional system. It also helps in speedy recovery from injuries and trauma mentally. 

  • Benefits For The Body

Andalusite is a great gemstone for helping the body be fit and active to fulfil the tiresome works of daily life. It helps the wearer get rid of high fever and other kinds of viral infections. It also plays an important role in the speedy recovery of gout and rheumatism. This gemstone is a helpful stone for reducing the pain and ill impacts of most diseases. It helps in pregnancy and childbirth. When used during labour, this gemstone helps in the smooth and speedy delivery. Recovery is also done effortlessly with this gemstone. 

This gemstone helps mothers in stimulating lactation. Certain types of chromosome damage are also overcome with the help of this gemstone. Andalusite helps the wearer to correct their unhealthy sleeping habits. It regulates their sleep cycle. This gemstone helps in the reduction of joint, muscle and nerve pains and paralysis. The pain of arthritis, inflammation in joints, and tiny deformities in the bones are cured by this gemstone. If the wearer is suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, this gemstone will help them to reduce the deficiency and will promote a diet that will replenish the lost amount.

  • Benefits For Emotional Health

Andalusite is an incredible stone for creating and maintaining balance in life. When the wearer is facing adversity, this gemstone helps them to find their ground and create solutions to survive the adversity. It helps the wearer to avoid conflicts and fights with themselves and with their loved ones too. It helps the wearer to stay in the path that will lead to success, inner fulfilment and harmony. 

When the wearer is able to regulate their emotions in a way that they are able to see all the sides of an issue with the use of this gemstone, they will be able to make decisions that will be suitable for the requirements of the situation. It will help the wearer to diminish the impact of fearful emotions and fill the wearer’s mind with happy and joyful emotions. 

Andalusite gemstone helps the wearer to replenish their emotional body and health by restoring energy and increasing the frequency of vibrations in the mind of the wearer. Andalusite promotes feelings of self-realisation. This self-realisation will lead them to make better judgments and improvements in themselves. Along with that, the wearer will be enabled to remove all the emotional blockages that will activate their heart chakra

  • Andalusite Benefits Spirituality

Going beyond the physical and mental realm, the Andalusite crystal helps the wearer to connect and balance their aura with the earth’s energy. This will create a sacred space. The natural sprites will be evoked. This stone, due to its excellent spiritual healing properties, makes a great stone for protecting the wearer and their homes and offices. This stone plays a vital role in making the wearer understand that sacrificing themselves is okay. But it is not needed most of the time. 

This gemstone has been a helping hand to many psychics and healers in maintaining the reputation of the different vibrational fields that affect people in their daily lives. This stone is great for attracting light and energy into life. But it also makes sure that the wearer is able to protect their physical, mental and spiritual self from all kinds of internal and external damage. It helps in avoiding the situations and possibilities of drain outs and overload. 

This gemstone helps the wearer to get connected with different realms of beings. The connection with different realms of being such as fairies, elves, dryads, etc will help the wearer to stay away from negative and fearful energies. And fill their life with positive and joyful frequencies. Andalusite assists in the communication of the wearer with their spirit guides who will help and guide them to get connected with the deepest level of spirituality and gain spiritual awareness. 

Andalusite Birthstones 

Andalusite is a birthstone for Virgo and Libra. 

Andalusite Chakras

Andalusite is associated with the Solar Plexus, Sacral chakra and Heart chakra. It helps in the balance and alignment of these chakras. 

What Are The Uses Of Andalusite?

What Are The Uses Of Andalusite?

Here are some of the best uses of Andalusite:- 

  • Andalusite is one of the most useful gemstones on the planet. It is not only used for making jewellery but is also used for making moulds for hot metals for industrial purposes. 
  • Andalusite is used for curing and reducing the impacts of many mental disorders like stress, irrational fear, anxiety, nervousness, etc. 
  • Andalusite is used for regulating, controlling and maintaining different kinds of emotions at different points. It helps the wearer to understand their emotional and behavioural patterns in a better way. 
  • When it comes to enhancing one’s love and relationships, this gemstone is used for making improvements in the love pattern and stabilising relationships with different people. 
  • Andalusite is a great gemstone for achieving goals and purposes in life. It helps the wearer to understand their true potential and work on them to make the best of their skills and abilities. 
  • When it comes to the mind and body, this gemstone is used for healing and treatment purposes. These gemstones work wonders in helping the wearer to gain speedy recovery from different kinds of injuries and diseases. The pain and discomfort from these injuries and illnesses are also reduced by this gemstone. 

Caring For Andalusite

The cleansing of Andalusite can be done in many different ways using many different objects and mediums. Here are some of the best ways for cleansing Andalusite:- 

  • For cleaning Andalusite gemstones through different crystals, one can place it on a crystal for some time. And when the gemstone is cleansed enough, it can be removed from the crystal and can be used as usual. 
  • Andalusite can be cleaned with the medium of incense sticks and smudge sticks. The smudge sticks can be used around the crystal in a circular motion for removing all the negative energies surrounding the crystal. 
  • If the wearer wishes to cleanse the programs set by other users on the gemstone, then one can make use of different soothing sounds. Soothing or cleansing sounds made in a singing bowl can help the stone get rid of the past functions or wishes made by their past owners. 
  • If the wearer wishes to clean visible particles of dust and dirt in the gemstone, then they can keep the stoke under running tap water to clean all the dirt away. Mild detergents can be used for washing the gemstone thoroughly. Make sure to not ruin the lustre of the stone while washing it. 
  • For cleansing the energies of the stone, one can place the stone on a charged crystal surface. A quartz crystal surface is one of the most ideal surfaces for this purpose. 

When To Cleanse Andalusite? 

Andalusite gemstones must be cleaned once every one or two months. It must be cleansed when visible particles of household dirt are formed on the stone. 

How To Recharge Your Andalusite?

For recharging the Andalusite gemstone, one can place the crystal under direct sunlight. Direct contact with sunlight will recharge the energies and vibrations of the stone. It will also cleanse the stone from any negative energies around it.  

Does Andalusite Make A Good Jewellery Stone?

Andalusite is a beautiful and elegant gemstone that is known for its colour-changing abilities and unique lustre. It is no surprise that with these supreme qualities and beauty, thus gemstone is highly used for making jewellery and craft pieces. With outstanding looks and a good hardness score on the MOHS scale, these gemstones become a perfect stone for jewellery-making purposes. 

The different kinds of jewellery pieces that can be made from Andalusite gemstones are as follows:-

  • Andalusite Rings

A gemstone looks the best in a ring. Especially when the gemstone is Andalusite, it will look ravishing on a ring. Andalusite rings are one of the most popular and affordable kinds of jewellery that anyone can get. The wearer can always get creative with the gemstone and customise their rings according to their preferences. 

  • Andalusite Necklaces

Another favourite in the Andalusite jewellery category is necklaces. Necklaces with these bright and pretty gemstones are admired by women of all ages. When they are in the right outfits and colours, they look even prettier. 

  • Andalusite Earrings

When there are Andalusite gemstones, necklaces and rings, there must be earrings to match the entire outfit and the hairstyle that one signs going for. When Andalusite earrings are matched in contrast with Andalusite necklaces and rings, it makes the perfect combination for any party or event. 

  • Andalusite Pendants

For making beautiful and gorgeous pendants from Andalusite gemstones, they can be cut into desirable sizes and shapes to fit into the cast of a pendant. The cuts from Andalusite gemstones are sharp and edgy. This makes it an ideal gemstone for pendants. 

Andalusite Real vs Fake

Since Andalusite is a very beautiful and highly demanded gemstone for multiple purposes, it is no surprise that fake pieces of this gemstone are widely sold in the market. For distinguishing expertly between real and fake Andalusite crystals, here are some ways:-

  • Scratch Test

One of the best ways to know if an Andalusite gemstone is real or fake is by applying the scratch test on it. Andalusite is a pretty hard stone. It cannot be scratched or broken easily. When it is scratched by different materials, if the scratch marks are clearly visible on the gemstone, then it means that the stone is probably fake. 

  • Texture Test

Many Andalusite gemstones, that are fake, may have glass pieces in them. These pieces can affect the texture of the stone. When the texture of the stone is felt, and a glassy texture is observed, the stone is probably fake. 

In The Light Of This Information 

Andalusite has been used in healing and spiritual circles for many years for its ability to cure a number of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. For the attainment of self-realisation and a clear vision of where one wants to be in their life, this stone is widely used. It not only provides Light but it dispels all the darkness of uncertainty and fears too. 

Since Andalusite is a master healer and protector from all kinds of evil and negativity, it is a must-have gemstone in homes and offices for keeping negativity at bay and welcoming positive vibrations of peace, harmony, success and prosperity. 


What is Andalusite used for?

Andalusite is used for a number of benefits and uses like reducing stress, protection from negative energies, clear vision and much more. 

How is Andalusite formed?

Andalusite is formed under high and low pressures in metamorphic rocks. 

Where should I put Andalusite?

Andalusite must be placed in a portion of the house or office where it can get direct sunlight from time to time. 

How do you cleanse Andalusite?

Andalusite can be cleansed through different mediums like placing it on other crystals, washing it under running tap water, using mild detergents, etc. 

Is Andalusite Rare?

Yes. Andalusite is a rare and precious gemstone. 

How much is Andalusite worth?

The worth of Andalusite is highly dependent on its cuts, shape and quantity. However, the jewellery may cost around twenty to forty dollars. 

How do you identify Andalusite?

Andalusite can be identified by a scratch test or texture test.