Bloodstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Bloodstone assists you in leading a long and happy life. It’s a stone that aids with rational thinking. It helps in achieving healthy healing thoughts by balancing emotions. Bloodstone can build confidence, restore clarity, and nourish every inch of your soul. 

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What is Bloodstone Crystal?

The Bloodstone crystal has tiny reddish and brownish dots and a dark and light green color. This is because the hidden iron impurities inside the crystal give rise to these reddish and brownish specks on the surface of the crystal. 

What is Bloodstone

In addition, Bloodstone comes from the red spots on the stone, which are very similar to blood spots. Heliotrope is another name for Bloodstone. The stone’s hue is similar to that of heliotrope plants, which explains the reason behind the name, Heliotrope. For photosynthesis, these plants face the sun during the day. 

How to Identify a Bloodstone?

Sun Stone, Christ’s Stone, Martyr’s Stone, and several other names have all been used to describe bloodstones. 

The Bloodstone has a dark green or light green color and appears to be a neatly cut stone. The stone’s green- background is adorned with exquisite reddish designs created by minute specks of red color. 

How to identify a Bloodstone

The stone’s unusual appearance attracts people, and they appreciate its beauty. 

In comparison to other gems, Bloodstone has limited color changes. It has massive formations ranging from dark green to greenish-blue or greenish-black with an opaque, waxy, resinous luster. 

Bloodstone’s crimson streaks represent the blood, and its dark green hue represents life. The greenness of the earth is connected to it. South Africa has opaque green Bloodstones, whereas India has dark green Bloodstones. 

Bloodstone Cuts and Shapes

Round cuts are the most common kind of Bloodstone. Bands and jewelry such as rings and earrings are often made of this exquisite gemstone. It has a strong personality, sustained by its boldness and crimson streaks. 

Cabochons are fashioned from bloodstones, which have several faces. Its toughness makes it a suitable option for a gem, as it is for other quartz types. An eye-catching texture is created by combining dark green and crimson red hues. 

Bloodstones are also etched and carved into religious handicrafts such as sacred figure cameos, sculptures, frames, tiny statues, and other items. Bloodstone became a popular decorative substance because many believed it was a holy stone. 

Bloodstone Types 

1. Raw Bloodstone

The purest form of the crystal is Raw Bloodstone. Raw Bloodstone is the output of the processing of Bloodstone ore. This is because the gemstone does not go through any processing.

2. Tumbled Bloodstone

Many forms and sizes of bloodstones are being discovered. Bloodstone is a rough stone that has been tumbled. It has an uneven physical form. Small-size pieces of bloodstone crystal are formed from the stone, with blunt edges and non-symmetrical patterns. 

3. Polished Bloodstone

The industrial use of crystals introduced the polished form of Bloodstone. After polishing the stone, it has an elegant and sophisticated appearance. To make them more appealing, the stones are colored using a variety of dyes. 

4 Natural Bloodstone

Natural bloodstone crystals are the purest form of Bloodstone. This type of Bloodstone is extracted from the parent ore and is free of other common minerals. As a result, natural Bloodstone is industry-ready and can be used as a raw material for further processing. Natural Bloodstone is extracted from raw Bloodstone in several factories. Unpolished natural Bloodstones are mostly available for purchase. 

Where is Bloodstone Crystal Found?

Bloodstone has been discovered in the mines of India, Australia, Brazil, China, Madagascar, and sections of the United States (California and Nevada), as well as the earthly clean beaches of Oregon and Washington. 

Where is Bloodstone Found

Bloodstone can be found in enormous boulders and rocks in mountains, highlands, and rivers. 

Bloodstone Crystal Meaning

Bloodstone symbolizes vigor and the expulsion of negative energy. Bloodstone is a stabilizing and centering stone, making it an effective teammate in times of difficulty. It promotes persistence in pursuing a purpose even when the going gets tough and challenging. 

Bloodstone Stone Meaning

The stone is thought to absorb blood purity and alludes to birth and life. It’s said to be protective and nurturing at the same time. 

Bloodstone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Bloodstone is a term that has been used to describe the Sunstone. It has a fascinating history. The ancient Greeks regarded Bloodstone as a gem with exceptional properties. Heliotrope, which means Sunstone, was their term for it.

It was thought to have healing abilities granted by the gods and was used especially for healing anything connected with the blood. The Bloodstone takes another mystical tale under its wing even as we advance into the Middle Ages. Christ’s blood was thought to have a connection with it. 

A few crimson patches of his blood were reported to have fallen onto the ground during the Crucifixion and become stone-like. A noble stone delivered to us as a symbol of sacrifice and always ready to offer its strength-giving vibrations to anyone who is having difficulties. 

Bloodstone Crystal Properties

On the Mohs scale, Bloodstone is a very hard stone that ranges from 6.5 to 7. This makes it ideal for jewelry since it isn’t prone to chipping or breaking. Hematite, a sort of iron oxide that causes rust to turn red, is responsible for the stone’s distinctive hue. 

Each Bloodstone has distinctive patterns, making them impossible to compare. Other mineral deposits will influence the color of the stone, and distinct color combinations may occur. 

Bloodstone Healing Properties

No one can deny the power of Bloodstone’s lovely qualities, whether it is a protector, healer, or talisman to cling to throughout life. It allows you to unblock your chakras and achieve a complete and balanced flow, providing you with a dose of bravery and knowledge. 

However, when it comes to Bloodstone’s healing properties, there are several beliefs. Now, let’s look at this crystal’s therapeutic benefits. Physical dangers such as assault, harassment, bodily harm, and so on are thought to be protected by Bloodstone. It also offers effective verbal protection against any kind of abuse. 

Physical Healing Properties

Bloodstones mark health and wellbeing in everything involving the blood and lovely circulation. You feel power flow through your veins when you see the crimson hues mingle with a dark green color. 

Physical Healing

This stone is recognized for its rich relationship to the life energy that flows through every one of us, from blood circulation to the bone marrow and even increasing purification levels in our blood. This gem can support and boost your immune system for anyone with any sort of difficulty or trauma with the blood. 

When it comes to pregnancy, it’s also a stone that’s widely utilized. It can fortify, encourage, and revitalize both mother and child at a crucial moment. Being in touch with everything related to blood allows this stone to help with menstrual issues, get your cycle back on track, and sift through problems caused by hormones and PMS. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

It’s worth noting that this has traditionally been a gift given to warriors and heroes on the battlefield. Strengthening power, bravery, and resilience are the goals of bloodstone healing. 

It makes you feel completely secure and unconcerned in your skin by rooting you in and making you feel safe. We become skilled at making excellent decisions and nurturing those lovely blossoms of self-worth when we stand strong in our power. 

Bloodstone may be the talisman you lean on when getting back to your feet for anybody who feels like they have battled abandonment, loneliness, and trauma caused by bullying in their lives. 

When it comes to building emotional resilience, this iron-rich stone is a supercharger. It will guarantee you get your connection back to the universe beyond your window, putting trust and patience back into a higher cause. 

Bloodstone also boosts your energy, brightens your spirit, and is a stunning mood stabilizer. It feels like an experience where your soul is rejoicing when your heart is pumping stronger, and your emotional value is on the rise. Then, finally, you can channel all of your life-giving energy in the right direction, and fresh energy floods in every form.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

  • This stone is one of the most powerful healing stones, both physically and metaphysically. It may help staunch wounds on the battlefield and restore health. 
  • It acts as a talisman for individuals who require a little extra assistance calming down their lower chakras. The focus of Bloodstone is on those lower chakras at work. 
  • All that vital energy needs to flow from tip to toe, so it wants you thoroughly grounded and secure.  
  • Your root chakra is where Bloodstone connects the strongest. When the winds around us are blowing, it keeps us anchored, grounded, and similar to the root of a tree. 
  • Bloodstone additionally impacts the heart chakra, not only functioning to strengthen that connection with the root chakra. 
  • Our love, trust, compassion, and capacity to open up are the heart chakra’s qualities. Hence, we find ourselves in a region of great healing-open-hearted, swift to happiness.
  • We will be prepared to constantly be willing to stand in the light of what the wider universe has to offer when we deal with these blockages. 
  • Stress and irritability are gone, and a smooth energy flow is saturated in good fortune, according to Bloodstone, which helps you clear out the smog of negative energy. 

Bloodstone Benefits

Carry a Bloodstone if you want to adjust or cope in a new environment. The stone is claimed to enhance its holder’s ability to blend in and stay focused. It helps relieve the mental stress caused by being in a new environment. 

Bloodstone benefits

For those who want to alleviate physical and mental weariness, Bloodstone is a lovely gem. The stone boosts its bearer’s health and intelligence by projecting a vibration. Welcoming balance, healthy perspective, bravery, and full inner power (not to mention a slew of additional health benefits) are all part of bringing Bloodstone into your life. 

You are sure to reap the benefits whether you choose to greet Bloodstone into your life to keep it in your house or alter it or if you choose to honor it with beautiful gemstone bracelets. 

Here’s how to take full advantage of Bloodstone’s supernatural abilities. 

Bloodstone Benefits for Home & Office 

When you decide to integrate Bloodstone into your Feng Shui practice, it can permeate every aspect of your home. A Bloodstone’s capacity to safeguard a location completely is one of its most essential properties. 

The Bloodstone wards off negative energy, much as the powerful protective qualities of stones like Black Tourmaline and Hematite. Bloodstone provides the energy of protection, but it also has a strong energizing effect on the area. 

Bloodstone may boost your productivity and drive you to accomplish more by giving a burst of energy to your creative or work area. In addition, Bloodstone may provide you with a sense of security and comfort in your little kingdom by bringing that grounding energy inside. 

As a result, we are better prepared to explore our senses and access our spiritual side without feeling like we will be dragged from the reality beneath our feet when we feel secure in our surroundings. 

Bloodstone represents a courageous spirit. Throughout the battles, warriors and troops believed it was a magical stone. Protection against excessive blood loss during battle is called “Carrying a Bloodstone.” Many people also believed in the evil eye. 

The evil eye is thought to be nullified by Bloodstone. The stone also enhances the spirit more than anything else by clarifying hazy thoughts. But, most significantly, Bloodstone wards off evil spirits and forces. The Bloodstone is a beautiful gem you can wear daily to improve your health and wellbeing.

Bloodstone Benefits in Jewelry

Wearing Bloodstone can help you through difficult times by providing great relief. When an intense feeling of sadness or sorrow floods its wearer’s bloodstream, for example, Bloodstone transmits calming energy. 

Bloodstone jewels are said to be used as bracelets, rings, earrings, and a hefty locket or necklace. Bloodstone is a vivid hue that stands out and does just that. Any Bloodstone jewelry may shield you from external and internal dangers. It can also give you the energy to address the dangers or difficulties you face. 

Bloodstone Benefits for Meditation 

The Bloodstone gem also aids in knowledge and clarity of the mind. It improves the link between one’s thoughts, body, and soul. It breaks through the mirage’s curtain, forcing us to confront the reality of things. 

First, sit down and keep the Bloodstone in your left hand to meditate. Next, imagine feeling the weight of your body as gravity pulls you towards the earth, giving you a grounded sensation.  

Consider a beam of light before you as you think about great memories. Place the stone with the blood on it over your heart. Focus on your aspirations and wishes, and feel the moment’s tranquility. Take a deep breath in and out with your eyes open. Take pleasure in the heat and beauty. 

Bloodstone Benefits for People and Relationships

If you’re confused and astonished by several expressive problems or the demands of others, it’s also a superb stone to have. We might get so lost in our attempts to manage other people’s feelings that we lose sight of ourselves. 

Surprisingly, this inhibits our ability to cope with others’ issues. Bloodstone, on the other hand, increases the bearer’s connection with others by strengthening and sustaining it. 

It exudes a nice vibe because of the magnificent energy it emits. The Bloodstone may also bridge any gap with a relative or friend. 

Bloodstone Benefits Spirituality

The Bloodstone represents courage, wisdom, noble sacrifice, and philanthropic character. It helps a person’s genuine spirituality enter into daily life in a grounded and actual way by encouraging the drive toward Christ’s awareness within oneself. 

It’s also a mystic stone, giving insight into truths beyond human comprehension by channeling spiritual intuition. 

Bloodstone Benefits Spirituality

Bloodstone grounds exclude negative and harmful entities on many levels, enhancing insight, clearing mental muddles, and repelling them. It is considered a shape-shifting stone that teaches one to travel invisibly between the worlds and negotiate different realms because its colors may change in various lights. 

Its most significant application has been to allow ancestors’ healing through gaining access to their spiritual worlds. Furthermore, it allows one to live in the present without being influenced by the past by dispelling negative patterns. 

Bloodstone & Feng Shui

It’s necessary to remove any blocks and stagnant energy to begin something new in your life to move forward with clarity and purpose. Bloodstone may be helpful when starting a new job or business because it helps you break through any barriers holding you back and boosts your enthusiasm for progress. 

Bloodstone may be placed in the heart of your home. Placing a bloodstone here to support your intentions of grounding, centering, and strength is one way to activate this part of your home. Bloodstone grounds energy, wards off negative spirits and forces, and protects the house from harm. 

Bloodstone Birthstone

The Bloodstone is about nurturing and supporting that fine flush of positive energy that makes Aries who they are, traditionally associated with Aries’s zodiac sign. Those born under the Aries flag can brim with leadership qualities and even have a little extra passion as a fire sign. 

The Aries are kept riding high on that wave of courage without losing their footing, thanks to Bloodstone. Because they favor the direct route in their approach, Aries can be prone to frustration – but Bloodstone keeps them linked to the root and heart, more willing to display compassion and tolerance for those who need a different one.

Aquamarine may be a great option for those who want to commemorate March with a different birthstone but who prefer the planet Mars. Those born under the signs of Libra and Pisces may use the stone of courage as a healthy tool. The spiritual side of life is reflected in Pisces, known for their higher intellectual curiosity. 

Since it keeps a Pisces tethered, grounded, and able to maintain a realistic perspective rather than slipping into abstract ways of thinking, Bloodstone is an exquisite talisman for them to have nearby. 

Bloodstone Chakras

Bloodstone predominantly awakens the Root and Heart Chakras. Many believe that bloodstone crystal supports various chakras in our bodies and is well-known for their amazing spiritual qualities. 

Bloodstone Chakras

These chakras distribute energy to our bodies, allowing for various activities. 

Bloodstone Root Chakra

Bodily feeling and spiritual energy are obtained from it. In addition, the Bloodstone can fortify and cleanse our root chakra, freeing us from any kind of negative influence and allowing us to feel free.  

Clearing this chakra can help you overcome big life challenges and make you optimistic about them. 

Bloodstone Heart Chakra

Bloodstone is a beneficial crystal for heart health. The heart chakra is said to be cleared by the stone, resulting in optimal heart performance. The Heart Chakra has an impact on how we embrace and reject things in our dealings with others. 

The stone is said to have numerous health implications, including a lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and less hypertension. Blood circulation and heart health may both be improved by wearing the stone. 

Bloodstone Uses

uses of Bloodstone

  • Among the gemstone community, Bloodstone crystal is a favorite. Many uses for the stone exist in the jewelry industry among them. 
  • Amazing jewelry pieces are made from Bloodstone crystals. It’s also utilized to embellish homes and structures by manufacturing magnificent artifacts like cut-shaped crystals, attractively fashioned stones, and attractive paperweights. 
  • The stone is also renowned for its mystical and healing properties in the spiritual world. 
  • Bloodstone beads, pendulums, and rock balls are all made using crystal. Courage, drive, and creative energy are all enhanced by the use of Bloodstone. 
  • Endurance and physical strength are also improved by it. Bloodstone may also help revitalize our energy and clear a path forward by removing blocks holding us back. 
  • Individuals who possess or carry them display their best and most selfless traits. 
  • Bloodstone was revered as a talisman of good health and long life, bringing its owner power, wealth, and renown. It protects its holder from deception, assists in combat victories, in court for legal reasons, and ensures safety. 
  • Meanwhile, it was assumed to have magical powers, such as causing rain by stopping lightning, generating storms, etc. Since its inception, Bloodstone has had a diverse range of purposes. 
  • Put a Bloodstone beside your bed if you have trouble sleeping at night. Due to the gem’s calming properties, you will sleep well and have a nice sleep. 
  • Bloodstone, on the other hand, opens a beautiful dream gate. Better yet, have a Bloodstone piece beneath your pillow if you’ve been having awful nightmares lately. 
  • Bloodstone may strengthen your immune system. Since it boosts bravery and vigor, this stone is popular among athletes and players. 
  • In addition, Bloodstone’s rawness represents raw power, which benefits those who do most of their work using muscles. 
  • Several conditions linked to blood are thought to be helped by Bloodstones. Hemorrhages, anemia, blood problems, and blood flow are all said to be helped by it. These stones were used to cure tumors. 
  • In the face of difficulty, it provides open provision. It helps those who have been isolated or abandoned by others reclaim their connection to the Omnipotent, assuring them that solitude is just temporary. 
  • Because of its medicinal properties, the Bloodstone has a lengthy mythology history. 
  • It has a great ability to convert negative energy and purify a region while protecting it; it was believed to be a magical stone. It’s a stone of boldness, honesty, and honor. 
  • The chakras are purified and reconnected with the core using this healing gem. It also relieves any discomfort or anxiety that may develop due to the adjustment of these forces; it is beneficial to harmonizing the mind and body. 
  • From a mystical and magical perspective, the stone will harness the power of the weather. Few people believe it brings about the winds of change or rain to wash away your sorrow.

How do you Care for Bloodstone?

Cleansing and energizing Bloodstones will help them achieve their full potential. Bloodstone is harder than other stones, unlike diamonds. 

This gem is unharmed by scratches and scrapes because it has an average of 6-7 harnesses on the Mohs scale. That doesn’t mean we won’t continue to look after it, though. 

Using a cloth, brush, soap, and water is highly recommended for cleaning the Bloodstone. 

When to Cleanse Bloodstone?

All gemstones will benefit from radiating their full potential by staying cleansed and charged. The Bloodstone is a master at mopping up negative energy and harmful vibrations because it is such a protective stone. 

Because you want to ensure that those strong vibes are washed away, keeping protective stones cleansed is vital. Just running your Bloodstone under tepid water is easy to keep it clean. Spring water is ideal for many crystals because it is as natural as possible. However, any water will do. 

How to Recharge Your Bloodstone?

To recharge your Bloodstone, leave it in the soil to let Mother Nature remove the toxic energies.

Recharge Your Bloodstone

Leaving it on the ground will also give it a second wind of energy. Due to its strong cleansing abilities, it will react well if placed either on or on top of the ground overnight. Set the Moon/Sun energy in a window to utilize it. Many people think having a full moon to clean and charge their crystals is important, even though the moon is always powerful. 

Even while the moon is new and waning, there is tremendous energy to set your desire for what you want the crystal to bring into your existence. It’s also a good technique to clean and recharge Bloodstone by burning it with a green or red candle. 

What is the Bloodstone Activation Process?

Bloodstone Activation process

  1. You’ll need to be able to connect with the Bloodstone if you want it to function as your guiding light and protection against danger.
  2. If possible, look for a quiet location (or one where little activity is taking place) with a Bloodstone on hand. 
  3. Just hold the Bloodstone in your hand, empty your thoughts, and find serenity in your surroundings. It’s just like any other healing gem. 
  4. Simply placing your Bloodstone on a big piece of quartz may charge it from energy accumulation (one of the best and simplest ways). 

How much is Bloodstone worth?

Bloodstone’s price varies from 1000 to over 10,000 dollars right now. 

The cost per carat is determined by the hue rather than the carat weight, and bloodstones come in all sizes. 

Note: The prices are according to the time of writing this article. 

What determines Bloodstone’s price and value?

The stone is more affordable since it is so easy to source. The factors that determine the value of all precious gems and stones are:  

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Clarity
  • Colour
  • Carat weight

The larger the size of the stone, the higher the cost. This is self-evident. The quality of a stone, on the other hand, is critical. It’s possible that a huge, flawed stone won’t cost as much as a better, smaller gem. 

The stone’s design and any significance linked to the design are additional pricing considerations. Many sizes of Bloodstones are available, and they are a very affordable gem. Its color and number of spots primarily determine the value of each species. 

For example, stones with deeper crimson or dark orange dots are typically valued at a premium. 

Bloodstone Impact

A Bloodstone represents a strong spirit. During conflicts, it was considered a magical stone that warriors and soldiers used. Therefore, protection from excessive bleeding during combat is known as Carrying a Bloodstone. 

Several people also believed it protects from the evil eye. Instead, it’s a gem that increases motivation, boosts creativity, and assists the immune system. It’s been shown to reduce misunderstandings and strengthen family relationships. 

Does Bloodstone make a good Jewelry stone?

One of the greatest ways to maximize the benefits of this rich and healing stone is by wearing Bloodstone jewelry. The Bloodstone’s full potential is available to the wearer because it is affixed to their skin. 

The healing vibrations of Bloodstone can be felt right where they are needed the most when it is pressed against the skin. 

Bloodstone bracelets can also transmute all of those healing vibrations from tip to toe, connecting with the chest and heart. Suppose you are looking for stones that work in beautiful harmony with the Bloodstone. 

In that case, Agate or the serene crown chakra abilities of Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli may be paired beautifully with this form of Chalcedony. Since it shares highly protective characteristics, obsidian is a great stone to pair with Bloodstone. 

Amazing jewelry pieces are fashioned from Bloodstone crystals. We can find Bloodstone Jewelry in various forms, hues, designs, and sizes. It’s suitable for everyone. The rings are attractive to wear and protect the bearer from negative energy, which they do in a dual manner. 

The crystal’s alleged healing and metaphysical properties may be improved by wearing a bloodstone necklace. Your look is enhanced with the addition of a bloodstone crystal bracelet. It helps your mental and physical health in numerous ways. 

You may be able to eliminate different bodily problems thanks to your magical healing abilities. 

Bloodstone Real vs Fake

There are many fake bloodstones on the market nowadays, but there is a full-proof way to tell.

It is genuine if one rubs the stone on porcelain and blood-red scars appear. Otherwise, it’s not Bloodstone; rather, it’s a different gemstone. Glass can sometimes appear to be Bloodstone in color. 

Iimori, a Japanese glassmaker, has created a green “maple stone” with crimson “flowers” that looks like Bloodstone, for example. Glass and bloodstones, on the other hand, have distinct qualities that do not appear to be so. 

The “flowers” are distinct from bloodstone spots in microscopic characteristics. The specimens with a solid deep green color with visible spots or veins of vivid red dispersed throughout the surface are considered the highest quality Bloodstone gemstones. 

Buying them from a trustworthy dealer is probably the best strategy when looking for a fantastic gemstone or a bargain. However, this isn’t always feasible! Identifying Bloodstone is fairly simple; a quick examination will suffice if you can access photos on the internet or walk around your local gemstone shop. 

This is a deep green with flecks of red and maybe other colors. Red spots or dots on a gemstone may be present in large numbers or virtually non-existent. The absence of red spots will influence the value, but this does not prove that the Bloodstone is genuine. 

Anybody attempting to pass off a fake gemstone will undoubtedly apply many red colors. Real Bloodstones have a nice shine; look for that; they are opaque, so check for light shining through. It is not especially expensive. 

Therefore, there are not that many fake gemstones out there. However, watch out for stones that seem too flawless, with an even color across the surface, and red spots that are too circular or bright. A steel nail may scratch a genuine Bloodstone or a copper coin. 

Check our detailed Article on Identifying the Real Bloodstone from a Fake one. 

Summary of Bloodstone Crystal

Name of Crystal Bloodstone
Other Names Heliotrope
Origin(s) India, Brazil, and Australia.
Color(s) Dark green to dark bluish-green and red-brown spots
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Cooling of Magma
Majorly Found at India, Brazil, Australia, Germany, the United States, Italy, and South Africa
Zodiac Suited for Aries
Healing Properties Strengthens Immune system
Health Benefits Cures tumors
Treats Sleep problems
Types of Crystal 4; Raw Bloodstone, Tumbled Bloodstone, Polished Bloodstone, Natural Bloodstone
Uses Converts negative energy, Promotes bravery
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5-7
Real Scratch Test
Fake Glass is used sometimes in Fake gemstones


What are Bloodstones used for?

Our energy may be revitalized, and a clear path ahead may be created using Bloodstone. 

Who can wear a Bloodstone?

The birthstone for Aries is Bloodstone. Even Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, and Leo may all wear natural bloodstone jewelry. 

How much is a Bloodstone worth?

It ranges from 1000$ to 10000$ depending on quality and size. 

What is the meaning of Bloodstone?

The spirit of Bloodstone is one of bravery. During conflicts, warriors and troops believed it was a magical stone.  

What is the energy of a Bloodstone?

Green energy is the most common type of energy carried by Bloodstone. It’s the energy of the life force’s birth, growth, and creation.

What does it mean when someone gives you a Bloodstone?

The gift of hope is provided by Bloodstone, which has protective properties.

What Zodiac is a Bloodstone?

Bloodstone is for Aries Zodiac.