Brucite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Brucite is a translucent magnesium hydroxide mineral sometimes used as a semi-precious gemstone. It can be found in a variety of colors, yet the most common ones are colorless, milky blue, or light green. The lemon-yellow stones are precious ones and in high demand as collectibles, recently they were discovered in Pakistan. 

Brucite stone emits uplifting vibrations that encourage wise choices and success in life. In this article, we shall learn more about the properties of this mineral stone. 

What is Brucite?

What is Brucite

Brucite is a mineral compound with magnesium hydroxide as the main component. It typically forms fibrous masses, plate aggregates, or soft, waxy to glassy white, pale-green, grey, or blue crystals in association with other magnesium minerals. Brucite stone has been discovered to change colors on a spectrum,  from milky white to lemon yellow to pale blue.

The primary determinant of its color brightness is the sulphur content. Most brucites exhibit shades of light white, blue, grey, or green. A variation high in manganese might be yellow, reddish brown, or dark brown. Brucite has a stony appearance, yet has a low hardness with only a 2.5 to 3 mark on the Mohs scale of hardness.

How to identify a Brucite?

Brucites display the pyroelectric effect that is when they are heated, they produce an electric charge. Also, atypically biaxial visual characteristics may be seen in brucites. Fluorescence in blue-white or pale green may be present in some brucites. These are basically the identifying properties of Brucite stone.

– Brucite Cuts and Shapes

It is quite challenging to cut or carve Brucite stone. Faceted pieces would be wonderful additions to collections of rare gemstones only, as they are too delicate for use in jewelry. The majority of the few faceted brucites that are known range in size from 0.5 to 1 carat.

Where is Brucite Found?

Brucite stone is a commonly occurring mineral that can be found in several nations across the world, including Russia, Canada, South Africa, Thailand, Spain, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.  Beautiful crystals and occasionally cuttable material can only be found in Pakistan and South Africa. The most well-known supplier in the country is Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Brucite Stone Meaning

Brucite Stone Meaning

Brucite stone is a magnesium-rich compound. It hardly has spiritual significance, Still few astrologers believe that this stand for intelligence, purpose, and willpower. Additionally, it stands for harmony, collaboration, and comprehension.

Brucite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

In honor of American mineralogist and chemist Archibald Bruce, brucite was given its name in 1824. Before its special characteristics were investigated in Maryland, the initial specimens were referred to be a “native magnesia” of Hoboken, New Jersey. 

Brucite Crystal Properties

Brucite has many remarkable properties, its distinctive internal crystal structure is what makes it most well-known. It boils down to the molecular ties that keep it all together. The layers of magnesium hydroxide sheets are only extremely shakily kept together because the atoms lack charge, and thus the stone readily splits. 

Brucite Healing Properties

Brucite has a variety of healing properties. In fact, each variety and color of Brucite can function as a different healer stone.  The common white brucite is utilized for spiritual ascension, cleaning, and purification. Grey brucite, like the other grey crystals, is well known for promoting independence. Like other red gemstones, manganoan brucite has strong grounding properties. Additionally, it is a root chakra stone, bringing emotions of security and warmth.

Physiologically, Brucite stone is thought to cure obstructed arteries or intestines and control body temperature. It eases joint or nerve discomfort and makes muscles more flexible.

Brucite Metaphysical Properties

Brucite Metaphysical Properties

Brucite’s abilities foster harmony. It gives you a feeling of self-assurance so that you are aware of your inner reality. The power of the stone is thought to improve one’s communication abilities. One becomes more receptive to new people entering their life as a result of the stone’s energy, which also helps one get rid of negative views about other people or ideas. The enhanced communication one gets when using Brucite enables one to communicate more effectively and gives one the confidence to speak the truth.

Brucite Benefits

Most people feel that brucite can improve decision-making, build confidence, and motivate people to achieve their goals. These properties are said to provide advantages including lowering anxiety and boosting willpower. Crystal healers utilise the stone to aid in determining your long-term objectives and planning deliberate methods to reach them.

Brucite Benefits Spirituality

For anyone looking to harness the qualities of this stone, brucite offers a number of extremely helpful spiritual applications. It fosters a solid connection with your authentic self. The energies of brucite help you establish a link with the divine realm beyond your immediate physical environment.

Brucite stone is also believed to improve a person’s adaptability, immunity, and suppleness, which will aid in avoiding bruises and enabling speedy recovery from problems. With the aid of brucite, you will develop a certain intuition that will enable you to see things more clearly and with more accuracy.

Brucite & Feng Shui

Brucite & Feng Shui

The significance of yellow brucite is connected to the fire element, like all other yellow gemstones, in the ancient energy-balancing technique of Feng Shui. Yellow brucite is a firestone that rekindles lost passion, stimulates imagination, and warms the environment.

Brucite Birthstone

Although it is not a birthstone, brucite is a stone of the zodiac for Aries and the star stone for Mars.

Brucite Chakras

Brucite Chakras

The crown chakra, which is found in the upper section of your body, is where the energies of the brucite crystal are used. It relieves conditions affecting the upper body, such as headaches and migraines. Brucite will also have a very favorable effect on your mood by focusing on the brain through the crown chakra. Your feelings about yourself and your life are impacted by Brucite.

What are the Uses of Brucite?

The mineral brucite is mostly used in industry, including as a source of magnesium ore. However, it is not practical for use in jewelry and only sometimes appears as cuttable crystals. This mineral is also a fire retardant as it releases water when heated. Some uses of this mineral also include refractory insulators, and as an ingredient in laxatives & antacids like milk of magnesia.

Caring for Brucite

Given that brucite is a soft stone according to the Mohs scale, it is advisable to handle it with care. Only a soft brush, light detergent, and warm water should be used to clean it.

When to Cleanse Brucite?

As already mentioned, the extremely low hardness, excellent cleavage, and weak bonding of brucite make it exceedingly brittle. When handling it, one must be delicate and watchful because even a coin might scratch it.

One thing to keep in mind is that brucite loses some of its shine and occasionally color when exposed to air, so it’s best to store it in an airtight display or container. Avoid using acids with brucite.

How to Recharge Your Brucite?

Smudging is one of the most well-liked techniques for recharging crystals. To do this, ignite a Palo Santo, sage, or smudge stick, and surround the crystal in its smoke.

Brucite’s Price and Value

Brucite’s price and value

Despite its rarity, yellow brucite is the most common color available since it is the best. Their costs, however, range widely. Faceted brucite costs $3 to $190 per carat at wholesale prices for each carat. Rough brucite is substantially less expensive, costing between $0.02 and $0.40 per carat for specimens that are milder in yellow tone and $0.27 to $1 per carat for those that are brighter in tone.

Brucite Impact

The influence of brucite is such that it will direct you in the right direction. Brucite aids with decision-making, whether it is to end a certain chapter in your life or put more effort into an already-existing relationship. The stone’s ability to absorb negativity works best when it is kept close to the individual experiencing depression or poor mood.

A person’s life can alter with the help of brucite in a calm and effective manner. The goal of Brucite is to eliminate all toxins from your body, mind, and life and replace them with uplifting energy that will improve your mood in general. One can only create positive changes in life if one eliminates the toxins and is ready to welcome positive energies.

Does Brucite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Brucite make a good jewelry stone

The hardness of brucite is only 2.5. The fact that Brucite does not make a fine jewelry stone is clearly explained by the fact that even a coin might damage its surface. It might also be sliced with a knife, but only with sectile tenacity. This material is particularly challenging to facet and manufactures jewelry out of due to all of the aforementioned qualities as well as its flawless cleavage. 

Brucite Real vs Fake

In particular, as an eco-friendly flame retardant, brucite has been produced for a wide range of scientific endeavors and industrial uses. There aren’t any phony samples, though.


What is Brucite used for?

Brucite is used as a mineral ore of magnesium. It mainly has industrial uses like fire retardants as it releases water when heated, and refractory insulators too.

How is Brucite formed?

With the chemical formula Mg(OH)2, brucite is the crystalline form of magnesium hydroxide. It frequently results from the modification of periclase (MgO) in dolomites and limestones that contain magnesium.

How do you cleanse Brucite?

Brucite is a highly delicate stone. Use warm water with mild soap to carefully scrub with a gentle toothbrush dipped in the mixture. After cleaning it with warm water, dry the stone delicately with a soft, lint-free towel.

Is Brucite rare?

Brucite minerals are widespread, although excellent crystals or specimens with gem-like qualities are uncommon.

How strong is Brucite?

Brucite has a stony appearance and has a 2.5 to 3 on the Mohs scale. Even a coin might damage its surface due to its extremely low level of toughness.

How much is Brucite worth?

The price of faceted brucite ranges from $3 to $190 per carat. Rough brucite is substantially less expensive with a price tag between $0.02 and $0.40 per carat for stones that are paler in yellow color. For those that are brighter in shade, the cost ranges between $0.27 to $1 per carat.

How do you identify Brucite?

The simplest approach is to use a coin to scratch a discrete region, which should create a mark. Brucite is higly delicate stone with a low hardness score. It is also pyroelectric, thus when heated it will momentarily produce an electrical charge.