Burmese Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Burmese Ruby is the most precious and rarest member of the corundum family. The finest hue for rubies is thought to be a vibrant pigeon blood red, ranging from pink red ruby to that shade.

Rubies are prized for their splendor, tenacity, and rarity, but the quality of the color is what most influences how much they are worth. Pigeon blood red is a brilliant red with a high level of intensity, similar to the color of a red traffic light. 

Gem-quality demand With mining records from Burma dating back approximately 500 years, Burma Ruby has always been robust. Ruby, jade, and other gems are ranked as Burma’s (Myanmar) fifth-largest export, but official data is notoriously faulty.

Burmese Ruby

What is Burmese Ruby?

What is Burmese Ruby

The Moh’s scale rates sapphires and rubies as having a hardness of 9, making them ideal for usage in any jewelry.

The majority of gems are composed of crystals. Seven distinct symmetry systems and planes of symmetry exist in crystals. The system to which a crystal belongs is determined by the quantity, length, and angle of its axes about one.

Due to their shared trigonal crystalline structure of three symmetry planes and four axes, ruby, and sapphire are the same sizes. In the same plane, three axes are at an angle of 60 degrees. Compared to the other three, the fourth axis is perpendicular and of unequal length. The variety and location have an impact on the crystallographic shape of rubies. 

Meaning of Burmese Ruby

Meaning of Burmese Ruby

You can be sure you are receiving the most value for your money if you purchase your gemstone loose rather than a pre-set stone. The value of loose diamonds is greater, they are less expensive, and you can see what you are paying for. 

The most crucial step in getting the finest deal and paying the proper amount is to look at what you’re receiving first. A gem’s inclusions will be concealed by a jewelry setting, which can also deepen or enhance a gem’s color.

With a loose stone, you can much more readily examine the gem and see it for what it is, giving you a greater understanding of its genuine worth and enabling you to be certain that you are paying a reasonable amount.



The ancient Persians, who gave sapphires the nickname “Gem of Heaven,” thought they were a chip from the pedestal that held the world, and that the colors in the sky came from its reflections.

Ruby is considered to be the most sacred gemstone since it is said that Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on Ruby’s tablets. They were kings’ and high priests’ preferred gemstones because they symbolized divine favor. Large rubies, the emblem of virtuous and enlightened kings, are abundant in the British Crown Jewels.

The protectors of innocence are said to grant their owners calm, joy, and wisdom. They represent honesty, sincerity, and faithfulness. In the past, people thought that the power of the gem helped the wearer overcome difficult challenges and discover the right solution.