Pigeon Blood Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

As with diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires, rubies are among the world’s most valuable gemstones.

Certain Ruby variants are more valuable than others, as with other precious gemstones. The most attractive stones would be those with a bright crimson shade.

Pigeon Blood Ruby is the darkest and most sought-after coloring of crimson. Hence Pigeon Blood Rubies are known as unique rubies.

Let us go further in understanding this Vibrant Red gemstone.

Pigeon Blood Ruby

What is Pigeon Blood Ruby?

Each gemstone has its personality and performs a certain purpose. For example, the red Ruby stone indicates fire and warmth. But a Pigeon Blood gemstone is more than just a color stone; it is gorgeous, sensual, and powerful.

What is Pigeon Blood Ruby

The name “pigeon blood” is claimed to have originated in Burma, where the best and most brilliant rubies were known as “ko-twe,” which translates to “Pigeon’s blood.” Others suggest that the hue of the perfect-colored Ruby is the same as the center spot of a pigeon’s eye.

Only Rubies with extraordinary saturation and natural red fluorescence may be classified as pigeon’s blood; it is very distinctive for a Ruby of this grade to weigh more than 5 carats.

How to identify a Pigeon Blood Ruby?

Pigeon Blood Ruby is a dark red gem that is more yellow and dull than cranberry, yellow, lighter, stronger than normal garnet, and more yellow and stronger than ordinary wine color.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Cuts And Shapes

Pigeon Blood Rubies might be found in all shapes and sizes. Round, pearl, heart shape, oval, and more popular forms are available. These stones can also be used as beads or to embellish jewelry. Pigeon blood ruby stone magnifies and improves a person’s appearance.

A distinct form of Pigeon Blood Ruby has a distinct visual impact known as asterism.

When visible beneath a light source, these rubies include tiny silk inclusions that provide a star-like radiant impression on the surface. Pigeon blood red star ruby is generally semi-obvious and cabochon shaped.

Where is Pigeon Blood Ruby Found?

Pigeon Blood Rubies from Burma dominated the gemstone business (mostly from the Mong Hsu and Mogok mine).

Where is Pigeon Blood Ruby Found

However, natural pigeon blood ruby has been discovered in the ruby mines of Madagascar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Tajikistan, and Mozambique in recent years. Nonetheless, Burmese Pigeon Blood rubies are significant due to their high quality, scarcity, and desirability.

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Pigeon Blood Ruby Stone Meaning

The most sought-after color variant of the ruby gemstone is pigeon blood ruby. Pigeon Blood Ruby’s significance is mostly related to its hue, closely resembling the blood extracted from a freshly slaughtered pigeon.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Stone Meaning

It has a strong red hue with a faint purple tinge that appears deep crimson when illuminated. Because of this color effect, the Pigeon Blood Red Ruby gemstone is universally popular and astrologically significant.

Ruby’s ferocious energy is associated with passion, life, and determination. It can be used to form a protective barrier around a building or a person. It is associated with the heart chakra and can bring about tenderness, love, and companionship.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

Pigeon’s blood rubies, with their glorious crimson hue, have represented life, passion, power, and vitality in many cultures throughout the ages.

They have been sought after by royalty, worn by ancient Burmese soldiers, and mentioned in the Bible. Because of their mystical features, incredible rarity, and long-term demand, they are secure, feel-good investments.

Because most gemological labs utilize spectrophotometers to identify the hues of rubies, the name “Pigeon Blood Red” is only used as a generic word by customers.

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Pigeon Blood Ruby Crystal properties

Pigeon ruby is a corundum variation that is red in hue. It has a vivid red hue that mimics blood. Hence it is also known as pigeon blood ruby. The appealing glossy red hue is caused by the presence of chromium as an impurity in the crystal.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Crystal properties

Pigeon ruby has a hexagonal crystal shape and a Mohs hardness rating of 9, making it one of the hardest crystals.

The vitreous shine of pigeon ruby adds to its extraordinary beauty. It is clear to translucent and has a specific gravity of 3.97 to 4.05.

Pigeon ruby is prominent in the jewelry industry. It is often offered in necklaces, rings, and earrings. In addition, it is in high demand since it is a rare and beautiful crystal.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Healing Properties

  • Pigeon Blood ruby is a magnificent stone with several mystical properties. It is a healing stone that will heal your soul from physical and mental pain. Because Pigeon Blood Ruby is related to fire, it is regarded as a stone of vigor. Pigeon Blood ruby is used as an energy source and is worn by many individuals.
  • Pigeon Blood ruby is a gemstone that will bring you pure joy and happiness. It assists you in achieving happiness and attracting things that offer you joy.
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby symbolizes love and is an aphrodisiac stone because of its lovely red hue. This stone can house the seed of love between two souls. It deepens your relationship with your lover and aids in rekindling your desire.
  • This stone is a companion you will require through times of loneliness and grief. It repels tension and anxiety. This stone will elevate your spirits and allow you to see hope and positivity even in the darkest situations.
  • Pigeon Blood ruby emits powerful motivational impulses. It sharpens your intellect, inspires you to take bold decisions, and boosts your chances of success despite any obstacles in your path.
  • If you suffer from nightmares, putting this stone around your chest 24 hours a day is a prescribed treatment. It is claimed that pigeon rubies, particularly blood-red ones, aid in combating dread in the heart. It clears the bad energies surrounding your heart and head, lifting the curtains of unhappiness from your existence.
  • Pigeon Blood ruby is useful in treating fevers and illnesses. It is a stone that detoxifies the blood and lymph and regulates blood flow.
  • This is a beautiful and powerful gemstone. Purchasing it will improve your life in a variety of ways. It is an excellent choice for jewelry because of its stunning physical look. Pigeon ruby is a good investment since it offers various advantages to the wearer.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Metaphysical Properties

It is a blood-red gem with several therapeutic properties.

If you wear it, you will be despised not just for your beauty but also for your great powers. It will cure you and shield you from anything you are afraid of.

It will end the misery and uncertainty. You will no longer question yourself or your strength. You will accomplish whatever your heart wishes and everything your soul deserves. Pigeon Blood Ruby will fill your life with marvels and happiness, which will be seen on your face.

The blood-red pigeon ruby is a unique gemstone that everyone covets. No other crystal can compete with its fascinating appearance and promise.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Benefits

Pigeon Blood Ruby Benefits

The Pigeon Blood ruby is highly valuable given Ruby’s external beauty and underlying magical qualities. Prices might vary based on a variety of factors. When sold as jewelry, pigeon ruby is more expensive than when sold as a stone.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Supports Professional and Career Development

The ruby gemstone is known to aid persons in positions of great power, such as administrative services, diplomacy, and politics. It is also said to be useful for students studying for competitive examinations.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Improves Financial Graph

Wearing this gemstone helps to improve the wearer’s financial situation and social position. It also assists individuals in balancing their finances and opulent lifestyle.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Improves Health

This Ruby gemstone is said to have several therapeutic powers. It is advantageous for patients suffering from circulatory system issues, vision, or bone problems.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Strengthens Paternal Relationships

It is thought that this stone helps the person develop their relationship with their father.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Benefits Spirituality

  • The Pigeon Blood Ruby is a noble stone. This stone’s energy is powerful and vibrant. This stone inspires people to pursue their joy. It also serves as a “plug” for energy field gaps.
  • Nobility favored this gemstone because it is associated with regality, elegance, and power. It also bestows dignity, integrity, and power, making it a gemstone kingmaker.
  • This stone’s attractiveness comes from its ability to channel the Sun’s beneficial life-giving energy to the user. Hence it allows people to grow physically and mentally while also strengthening and spreading their auras.

Pigeon Blood Ruby & Feng Shui

The Pigeon Blood Ruby stone is corundum, the same mineral as sapphire.

It is frequently used for protection and promotes affluence, drive, and enthusiasm.

Place it in the office or work area to activate energy

whether you are working on a project or business that would benefit from increased exposure or if you want more recognition or a promotion at work

At Home

Placing this gemstone in the center of your house can positively affect your life. So try putting this Ruby in the heart of your house or bedroom to bring more vigor and passion to the Health area.

For Wealth 

Pigeon Because Ruby has a strong link to the Spirit of abundance, placing it in the center of your home may be advantageous. You can find the far left corner of your home by standing at the main door. Try adding a ruby to this Ruby in an area of your house to feel more affluent and build riches over time.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Birthstone

Gem experts place a high value on the metaphysical aspects of the Ruby gemstone.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Birthstones

Since Pigeon Blood Rubies have the best color and clarity, they are regarded as the most important astrologically. The ruby gemstone is also recommended as the July birthstone.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Chakras

It is an excellent stone for the first chakra since it promotes our innate survival drive. It is the gemstone of Root chakra or Mooladhara chakra. Read about the best Crystals for Root Chakra here.

It can address Issues related to emotional self, identity, and material world by balancing the Mooladhara chakra with its natural healing energies. This Ruby has intense energy and heat and treats incisively.

It has an immense capacity to strengthen the physical heart as well as the emotional heart. 

Pigeon Blood Ruby represents love, trust, loyalty, and bravery. It provides endurance, vigor, and strength.

Pigeon Blood Ruby jewelry

You may also wear this stone as jewelry where it will come into contact with your skin. This direct contact transfers the gemstone’s energy and powers to your chakras. As a result, you will notice positive changes in your personality and the energies around you.

Summary of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Name of Crystal
Pigeon Blood Ruby
Other Names
Burmese Rubies
Origin(s) Burma
Color(s) Dark Red
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Extreme heat under the Earth
Majorly Found at
Madagascar, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Tajikistan, and Mozambique
Zodiac Suited for
Birthstone of July
Healing Properties
Detoxifies the blood and lymph, regulates blood flow
Health Benefits
Treats fevers and illnesses
Types of Crystal
Supports Professional and Career Development, Abundance
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 9
Clarity and Inclusions
Check For origin for Burmeese Rubies

What are the Uses of Pigeon Blood Ruby?

  • A beneficial stone for unblocking energy in the reproductive system. It re-energizes you after you’ve been exhausted. 
  • Also useful for managing blood sugar levels. It also aids in the reduction of negative mental patterns. This type of Ruby enables you to love both yourself and Spirit. 
  • A good stone of protection. Pigeon Blood Ruby is a stone that should be worn by everyone who serves others. 
  • It makes you feel more inclined to give to others and to do it with love and joy in your heart.
  • There is no space for anger in the heart of someone serving others, and this stone prevents it from becoming a part of your heart. It allows you to relax while caring for others since you know you will not be bound in that job.
  • It benefits everyone to be nice and sympathetic to others and to assist them with their needs. It also aids in one’s dedication to others.
  • When placed beneath the pillow, this gemstone can protect its bearer from evil spirits and terrible dreams. If you have too many nightmares or sense negative energy about you, visit an experienced astrologer online to select the proper ruby stone.
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby is unquestionably the king of jewels. Throughout history, it has been connected with the monarchy. Yet, even in today’s world, few leaders wear a natural ruby stone for kingly rank, authority, and richness.
  • Many gem enthusiasts think this stone improves its user by raising their financial standing, leading to an imperial and opulent lifestyle.
  • This gemstone is recognized for restoring vitality, improving vision, and improving blood circulation in the body. Vitamin D deficiency might benefit from wearing a ruby stone in a copper setting.
  • Pigeon Blood Ruby pushes you to pursue the things that offer you joy and may help you define suitable objectives and make them a reality. This lovely red stone is also said to bring abundance and financial stability. 

Caring for Pigeon Blood Ruby

Caring for Pigeon Blood Ruby

Corundum (Ruby and sapphire) has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. It possesses high hardness and no cleavage, which causes it to break when struck. It is a great choice for rings and other mountings subjected to everyday wear and tear.

Even moderate acids like lemon juice can damage fractured, cavity-filled, or colored stones.

When to Cleanse Pigeon Blood Ruby?

If you want to clean your ruby jewelry, you don’t need expensive tools. 

The best way to clean ruby jewelry is with warm soapy water and a soft towel. However, you don’t need to soak your rubies in soapy water, and you should avoid using strong detergents. A damp cloth is the only way to clean fracture-filled, cavity-filled, or dyed materials.

Never soak Pigeon Blood rubies in harsh solvents like alcohol, acetone, or paint thinner.

How to Recharge Your Pigeon Blood Ruby?

Because Pigeon Blood Ruby is all about warmth and fire, it will charge excellent if exposed to sunlight for a few hours.

Recharge Your Pigeon Blood Ruby

You may also use purifying stones like Clear Quartz or the peaceful dream of Amethyst to help absorb any undesirable vibrations and energies from your Ruby stone.

You can also use the smudging technique and burn the sage herb. 

This process is also an effective recharge of the stone to function at its full capacity. 

Pigeon Blood Ruby Activation process

Pigeon Blood Ruby Activation

  1. Keep your crystal submerged in water to activate it. You may also hold it under running water or tap water. Make a wish for the water to activate your crystal.
  2. Holding the crystal in your right hand, speak to it.
  3. Visualize it getting filled with your positive energy.
  4. Setting goals is a great way to get better at knowing your Pigeon Blood Ruby. You are telling the stone what you want them to assist you with, which may change over time, which is why communication is critical.

How much is Pigeon Blood Ruby worth?

Natural Pigeon Blood Red Ruby is more difficult to find than diamonds. Nevertheless, it continues to command high prices in wholesale and auction markets.

How much is Pigeon Blood Ruby worth

Pigeon Blood Red Ruby’s price is calculated by carefully examining each gemstone due to its international demand and scarcity.

Pigeon Blood Red Ruby prices in India start at Rs 3 Lakh per carat ($4665 approx.) and may reach more crores per carat, depending on quality and weight.

Note: Prices are subject to change. 

What determines Pigeon Blood Ruby’s price and value?

What determines Pigeon Blood Ruby's price and value

A Blood Red Ruby’s value is influenced by its origin, color intensity, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  • Origin

The Pigeon Blood Ruby from Burma is known to be the rarest and fine quality. 

  •  Color

The intensity of color in red ruby stones, as well as their overall brightness, make a significant impact on the Pigeon Blood ruby value. In general, stones with intense fluorescence command a greater price than stones with little or moderate fluorescence.

  • Clarity

Clarity has an impact on Blood red ruby pricing as well. Pigeon Blood rubies with few obvious eye inclusions are highly rare. As a result, very clean stones will command a greater price.

  • Cut

Gem cutters carefully regulate the roughness of high-grade Pigeon Blood Red Ruby stones to conserve as much carat weight as possible.

A Pigeon Blood ruby cabochon (non-faceted, polished stone) is often less expensive than a faceted stone since it maintains the most weight. The value of Blood Red Ruby increases significantly when the gem is sliced symmetrically and proportionately.

According to gem cutters, a well-shaped dome presents a dazzling and clear star effect and commands a high market value.

  • Carat weight

Fine grade rubies weighing more than a couple of carats are extremely rare. As a result, when the weight of a Pigeon Blood Ruby exceeds two carats, the price per carat rises exponentially.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Impact

Pigeon Blood-red Ruby is a highly sought-after gemstone with an equally high price in the worldwide gemstone market.

Pigeon Blood Rubies have excellent metaphysical powers that provide a pleasant effect to the wearer because of their rich color and outstanding clarity. Pigeon Blood Ruby is the birthstone for July.

Does Pigeon Blood Ruby make a good Jewelry stone?

Does Pigeon Blood Ruby make a good jewelry stone

Pigeon blood rubies are among the best stones in the world. Pigeon’s blood is the richest color and natural red glow in a ruby.

Wearing a Pigeon Blood Ruby stone provides mental fortitude. Your self-confidence and enthusiasm for life will increase when you wear this stone. The ruby gemstone is known as the “King of Gems.” This stone brings fame and recognition, as well as authority and luxury.

If you have a deteriorated relationship with your parents, investing in a Pigeon Blood Ruby pendant or bracelet might restore the warmth.

Pigeon Blood Ruby is the ideal stone or piece of jewelry for improving a bond between two individuals. The pigeon blood Ruby stone can bring love and sentiments as a relationship booster. Because of its hue and rarity, it is one of the most expensive gemstones.

If a couple has trouble understanding each other, Pigeon Blood Ruby can help them make good life adjustments. So it’s no surprise it’s been a popular option for engagement and wedding bands. Even today, couples love to wear this gemstone to keep their romance strong in the face of adversity.

Pigeon Blood Ruby Real vs Fake

A carat of pigeon ruby is normally costly because it is a rare gem, especially if you are hunting for an original Burmese stone.

This distinction is mostly discernible only under a microscope. Nevertheless, professionals will notice a distinct structure. Furthermore, whereas genuine rubies often have faults, synthetic stones are virtually always flawless, save for the occasional bubble.

People frequently mix Blood Red Ruby with Burmese Ruby (Burma or Myanmar Ruby). This is because the bulk of Pigeon Blood Red Ruby stones are mined in Burma (now Myanmar) and are referred to as Burmese Pigeon Blood Red Ruby.

As a result, people frequently refer to Pigeon Blood Ruby as Old Burma ruby or vice versa. However, it is critical to recognize that Pigeon Blood Red Ruby is named from its hue rather than its origin.

Pigeon Blood red ruby Burma earns a high price in the worldwide gem market due to its rarity and desirability.

Color has the most influence on the pricing of Burmese Pigeon Blood Ruby. The greatest Burmese rubies have a Pigeon Blood color, remarkable clarity, and a strong fluorescence (brightness). In addition, it excels in color saturation, uniformity, and tone.

Burmese Pigeon Blood Rubies are fairly included with silk inclusions, considered the basic characteristics of the gemstone. As a result, exceptionally clean Burmese Pigeon Blood rubies should see a large increase in value.

A well-polished Pigeon Blood Red Burmese Ruby seems brighter and shinier, commanding a higher price. However, Pigeon Blood Ruby Burma is rarely seen in deep fancy cuts to reduce rough stone waste.

Always purchase from a reputable internet supplier with decades of expertise since they can only give you high-quality gemstones at reasonable costs. You should also request a government lab certificate.


How much is Pigeon Blood Ruby per carat?

$4665 per carat and can go to a high price depending on the quality.

How can you tell if Pigeon Blood Ruby is real?

The provenance of a stone is also important in determining the real one. The authentic Burmese Pigeon Blood Rubies have dazzling saturation and flawless color constancy.

Where is Pigeon Blood Ruby found?

Burma is its origin. However, it is also found in Other prominent Ruby gemstone sources, including Afghanistan, Africa, and Thailand.

What are the properties of the Pigeon Blood Ruby?

Pigeon blood is defined as having a soft, brilliant crimson fluorescence and being red to slightly purple or pinkish red in hue.

Where is the Pigeon Blood Ruby?

Pigeon Blood Rubies are from Burma.

Are Pigeon Blood Rubies rare?

Pigeon Blood Rubies are unique due to their high fluorescence (intense light) and purity.

Why is it called Pigeon Blood Red?

The hue of the Ruby, Pigeon Blood Red, is supposed to be equivalent to the first two droplets of blood from the nostrils of a murdered pigeon.