Can Amazonite Go in the Water? Is Amazonite Water Safe? : Best and Easy Guide

Amazonite belongs to the silicate crystal mineral family. Its name is derived from the river Amazon. Let us discover the relationship of Amazonite with water and various sorts of water like Ordinary water, Bathwater, Saltwater, and Moonwater.

If Amazonite has drawn your interest, then we have a complete Guide for you with all of Amazonite benefits, healing properties and uses.

Can Amazonite go in the Water?  

Can Amazonite go in the water?

As a silicate crystal, Amazonite is tougher than other mineral crystals. For example, the Mohs scale ranges from 6 to 6.5, putting it among hard minerals. Crystals with silicon are typically harder than different kinds of crystals, the Quartz family being an excellent example. 

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The more hard and complex a mineral is, the lesser is its risk of dissolving in water.

Amazonite is a hard mineral and due to this reason, it is safe in the water. Therefore, you can position it in contact with water. 

But it is not always recommended to soak your Amazonite for extended intervals of time.

What happens while Amazonite is in water for a prolonged time? 

  • Upon extended touch with water, Amazonite may also absorb water and release some toxins. 
  • Repeated water baths can harm the exterior end of the stone, making the stone seem complete, lackluster, or maybe a one-of-a-kind coloration.
  • Water can also inspire the increase or enlargement of tiny gaps in the stone, resulting in future change and unexpected breakage.
  • Although the chances of failure because of inner strain are low, it is constantly better to deal with your Amazonite crystal with great care. 

Can Amazonite go in Saltwater?         

Saltwater can cleanse the crystal, recharge it with incredible strength, and remove unwanted energies.

  • Amazonite, being a tough crystal, can certainly go in saltwater. Saltwater is a more efficient cleansing agent while compared to freshwater.
  • For cleansing Amazonite with saltwater, you need to take a bowl full of water and sprinkle a few Sea salt or Himalayan salt in there after the salt gets dissolved in water; place your Amazonite stone inside the bowl for some hours. However, saltwater can exert higher stress on the crystal from outside. Now and then, this may bring about the formation of cracks and changes within the stone’s physical appearance.

Therefore, it is better to avoid bringing the mineral in touch with saltwater for long durations of time. Instead, it is preferred to smooth Amazonite crystal using salt water once or twice a month.

Note: Dry salt is better than salt water for cleansing, and we actually wouldn’t advise using saltwater for crystal cleaning.

Can Amazonite go in Moonwater?

The Full moon is supposed to be the most efficient and natural method to cleanse Amazonite crystals. You can soak your Amazonite crystals in a bowl filled with fresh water and let them remain under the full moon. The moonlight will charge your Amazonite crystals making them vibrant and additionally powerful.

Can Amazonite go in the Bathwater?   

Can Amazonite go in the bath water?

Amazonite is an incredible stone to put in your tub even when taking a bathtub, as doing so will let you have a calm and peaceful bathing experience.

 1.  The crystal water clears harmful elements and poisonous dirt out of your body, soul, and spirit, at the side of activating your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra.

 2.  The presence of Amazonite also can benefit your physical body as it improves your bloodstream and pores, and skin fitness.

 3.  Amazonite is a tetra silicate mineral that carries potassium and aluminum alongside some different impure compounds. Some of these factors can seldom cause allergic reactions as nicely.

 4. However, the probabilities of hypersensitive reactions are limited and arise in some cases, depending on skin type. Therefore, people with susceptible pores and skin should keep away from bathing with Amazonite-infused bathwater.

Likewise, if your Amazonite crystal continues to cause skin irritations even after cleaning, you must keep away from the use of it similarly. You can use other top-notch crystals to install your bathwater, like Lapis lazuli, Rose Quartz, Snow Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Citrine.

Can you drink Amazonite-infused water?       

Amazonite does not dissolve easily on a water boost.

But as a heterogeneous crystal, numerous different compounds can be found in it. These impurities can occasionally turn poisonous while dissolved in water. Therefore, you must keep away from drinking water directly infused with Amazonite. 

Crystals like Tiger’s eye, Fluorite, and Selenite need to be restrained from direct contact with water as they can without difficulty dissolve in it.

Benefits of Amazonite Crystal

  •  It turned into used as a decorative object in homes in Egypt and for funeral textual content or writings.
  •  It is believed to heal wounds and illnesses.
  •  The stone is known to carry peace to jumbled minds and relieve pressure.
  • The stone has been used to assist and improve life and increase your probability of fulfillment.
  •  It is known to promote bodily restoration for athletes with physical accidents and muscle spasms.
  •  It is recognized for curing pain, rashes, and pimples. In addition, it is used to promote hair growth and make wearers look young, in keeping with traditions.
  •  The stone is assumed to convey an emotional response to people who own the crystal or wear any jewelry made of it.  

How to prepare an Amazonite Elixir?         

 Crystal Elixir is renowned for its fantastic potential to energize the body, mind, and spirit. 

 There are two forms method of instruction for gem essence:-

  1. Direct method
  2. Indirect approach

But as discussed earlier, if Amazonite is kept in direct touch with water for a protracted time frame, it can make water poisonous. Therefore, you have to choose the oblique approach to make gemstone essence from Amazonite Elixir.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making Amazonite gemstone essence using the indirect method.

  1. Take finely polished Amazonite stone.
  2. Clean it very well by both soaking it in water or setting it by going for a quick wash under tap water.
  3. Get a jar (big enough to position the crystal in). You can pass for both a ceramic jar or a glass jar
  4. Put the Amazonite stone in the jar and area it in a larger vessel, ideally made of timber.
  5. Add water to the vessel and permit it to sit underneath a whole moon night or a full moon night time. Take the crystal out and pour your magical gem essence into a transportable box. You can also add alcohol to the Amazonite elixir for an extra punch of taste.

Final Thoughts      

Final thoughts on Can Amazonite go in the water?

  • Proper cleansing and recharging are essential to maintaining its look and healing energies. You can clean your Amazonite crystal using water, setting it in the water, and letting it be there for some hours.
  • Water is the usually used cleansing agent in terms of mineral crystals. It is majorly due to support and the ability of water to clean away impurities. 
  • Water will absorb dirt and impurities from the mineral surface and provide your greenstone with a fantastic shine.
  • You can also place it in flowing water or running water for better consequences as it could successfully wash away impurities and bad energy out of your Amazonite crystal.
  • You can wash Amazonite by keeping it in a bowl full of lukewarm water, and after cleaning, it’s far directed to both place the crystal in exposure to daylight or rub it with a dry, gentle fabric.
  • As mentioned above, Amazonite can be placed in water, so long as you recognize the chances of risk with the gemstone.
  • Cleansing and recharging Amazonite stone with salt water for a limited time is a supported practice as well. Water cleansing is the best way to easily purify your Amazonite, and as a result, you could place this stone in water as it is not water-soluble.
  • But as far as infused water is involved, you need to keep away from preparing gem water and gem essence by setting the stone in water.                                                 
  • It should not be used in drinking water, as soaking the stone in water can release some minerals that you should not consume with your water.
  • We do not recommend Long-term contact with water; Amazonite includes fair quantities of copper, which can grow into a toxic stone when dissolved in water.

Amazonite gemstone is famous for its stunning greenish look and remarkable healing properties. Use the guidelines given above to preserve its worth and beauty for a long time.

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