Can Apatite Go in the Water and Is Apatite Water Safe? Interesting Answers

Apatite is a charming stone with plenty of benefits and capabilities. Learn more about the well-defined stone referred to as Apatite and its properties with water and various sorts of water in this article.

Can Apatite Go in the Water?

Can Apatite go in the water?

Apatite is in the middle of the variety on the Mohs scale, with a hardness degree generally at 5, on a scale where 10 is the hardest stone. So Apatite can go in the water, although we do not advise prolonged soaking of any rock, mineral, gem, or crystal.

The Hardness factor alone can give you tremendous confidence while wondering if Apatite can go in the water. This can make Apatite crystal a brittle stone below favorable situations, and it can still face water contact.

Apatite consists of phosphate and calcium, which contribute to its hardness and use. You can also give a quick wash for your Apatite under a fresh stream of water or keep it under running water for a short time. If you are interested in knowing all about Apatite and its healing properties, uses, and benefits, you can read it here. 

Can Apatite Go in Saltwater?

Since salt is corrosive and destroys the stone’s surface, we strongly advocate no longer contacting saltwater directly. So Apatite can not get along with salt water.

Let us see the other motives why you need not soak the stone in salt water. First, because we’re concerned that Saltwater could get the stone to crack, then as the water dissolves, the salt may crystallize in the fracture, exerting strain within the process and breaking the gemstone.

Can Apatite Go in Moon water?

The power of moonlight is solely healing and purifying. You can profit from the stunning moonlight to cleanse your Blue Apatite stone and permit go of all of the inharmonious power that can get connected to your blue crystal.

The moonlight does the first-rate task of releasing any imbalances inside the energy area of the stone; it brings all of the restoration powers of the Apatite stone again into a significant range of equilibrium.

So, to cleanse Apatite with the moonlight power, you can place your crystal earlier than a night on your windowsill (make sure to put it in a secure place to avoid any breakage or damage) and permit it to absorb the natural light of the moon for the whole night.

How do you Care for your Apatite?

How do you care for your Apatite?

Apatite is a clean stone to attend to. If you own a few pieces of this lovely rock, you will even experience its care. Apatite comes in many colors. Only the crimson model of this stoner is said to vanish in sunlight. You would possibly want to be careful and pick another approach for cleansing.

You may want to let it sit in a bowl of brown rice. Cook and do away with the brown rice after. Let the stone sit in the moonlight for numerous hours. After that, you can place it outside in your garden to absorb the moon’s energy, but it could also be on your window sill.

If it is fully loaded with poor vibes, you need to consider putting it in soil from the earth. Then, clean the dirt and keep the gemstone safe to avoid losing the crystal. Though it can cope with dunks in water nicely, you need not risk compromising its integrity if you aren’t a hundred percent sure of the hardness of the stone that you own.

Run water over the stone, spot the negative strength rinsing off the crystal, and go down the drain. It does have a brittle sense of water, so be sure that you are gentle with the stone when it is wet.

Mist the stone with water if you aren’t comfortable washing it or submerging it in water. It will stay beautiful for so long as you own it. Apatite is a profitable stone for its splendor alone.

 Things to keep away from while cleansing Apatite

  1.   Avoid salt water

Cleansing Apatite with salt water may be pretty dangerous, especially towards unpolished, raw gemstones; because the stones are prone to open and noticeable cracks.

Immersing this stone in saltwater will subsequently lessen the overall strength and weaken the stone’s general structure by making it more susceptible to breakage and way more excellent prone.

The salt within the water will get into the stone’s fractures and additionally the invisible ones on the way to ultimately make the gemstone brittle and, without difficulty, breakable.

  1.   Do not use hot water for a long time

Hot water temperature isn’t suitable for Apatite. Always use lukewarm water to preserve your stone safe from any harm or vulnerability resulting from high water temperature.

In some excessive instances, hot water will leave visual marks that indicate vital harm, including a dwindled blue shade or noticeable scratches and distinctive dents all over the stone.

How to Recharge and Cleanse Apatite?

  • Apatite should be cleansed about as soon as a week. The handiest technique is using jogging water. Ensure that it’s not too warm because it’s sensitive to warmth. Cool or tap water is exceptional. Do now not use salt or seawater for Apatite.
  • Another safe technique is to area the crystal in a bowl with herbs like lavender.
  • It is satisfactory NOT to charge it inside the sun; the color may fade while in sunlight. Since this Apatite stone is fragile and very sensitive to chemical compounds, do not use abrasive substances or acid while cleansing. 

What are the Few Benefits of Apatite?

1. It is the beauty in itself. It is helpful to beautify the characteristics of public speaking and members of the family.

2. This gemstone enhances the communication of an individual.

3. It is used in chakra restoration for the throat chakra. Keep all different chakras in balance.

What is the Process to prepare Apatite Elixir?

Apatite can be made into a short and simple elixir via a gemstone or into easy spring or mineral water. Thoroughly accessible, rinse the gemstone first and keep it within the water for an hour.

Put a few Apatite elixirs into a glass bottle and deliver yourself or your room a spritz on every occasion your creative powers need a lift.

Then you can drink the water, make it into tea, and upload it to bathtub water so that you would benefit from its recuperation powers.

Be warned that some gemstones are NOT appropriate for elixirs and may be POISONOUS. Take care.

Few interesting facts about Apatite

  • This mineral is located naturally in multiple places and the human body.
  • It may be discovered in teeth, enamel, and some bone minerals. That could be any other clue to its capacity to take in water.  

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts on Can Apatite go in water?

  • Cleansing Apatite is a smooth undertaking. Feel free to soak Apatite in spring water for some hours. Apatite can move in water and is stunning after it has been submerged.
  • But prolonged soaks can be dangerous, even to rocks and minerals, which can face up to water. It does no longer smash when uncovered to moisture. However, it is a softer stone.
  • Water has this damaging tendency to encourage cracks (and ultimately breakage) and lead to destruction on the surface finish of stones. That is why we don’t recommend extended soaking.
  • You may submerge it in a water bowl for a few hours, wash it under a clean stream of water instantly, or you can use the cleansing energies of sage or moonlight to launch all of the negative and discordant energies saved by your crystal.
  • Just make sure to avoid using saltwater and warm water while cleansing Apatite. When you consider that they may adjust the stone’s energy by making it easily breakable, they could also modify the general look of your Apatite by making it look faded and much less severe.
  • With regards to the light, use daylight or moonlight. Leave the Apatite in moonlight overnight or direct sunlight for a few hours, and it should be clear.
  • While cleaning your crystal, imagine that the water dissolves any terrible or discordant energies connected to your stone. Even though you could submerge it in water, you still want to attend to it nicely. Another particular asset of Apatite is that it becomes fluorescent after being exposed to ultraviolet rays.
  • When to cleanse the stone is an impact of personal choices – take note of how you experience it, in addition to how severe its powers appear to be. If you feel like they’re losing their intensity, it’s time for cleaning manners.

We hope this article has given you clarity regarding the Apatite properties of water.

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