Apatite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Apatite stones Boost Productivity and aids in Clear Thinking because of their vibrant energy and enormous healing Properties. It reduces stress and increases focus; this stone is a great desk accessory. The Stone of Manifestation promotes a humanitarian outlook and service to others.

Let us explore more about the Properties and uses of this stone in this post. 


What is Apatite Crystal?

The positive use of personal power to achieve goals makes Apatite a dual-action stone. First, it clears confusion, lethargy, and negativity before stimulating the intellect to gain more information and truth for personal growth or collective benefit. 

What is Apatite

Since Apatite is made up of the mineral phosphate that makes up all vertebrate animals’ teeth and bones, as well as their horns, antlers, and tusks, it is also known as the stone of animal protection. 

How to Identify an Apatite Crystal?

Apatite crystal generally is in Green, yellow, and even pink colors. It is often confused with other minerals, such as Aquamarine and Flourite, because of its appearance. 

Apatite comes in various forms, each with its properties and abilities, and it’s frequently misidentified and confused. The popularity of blue Apatite has increased recently, while yellow Apatite has declined.

Apatite Cuts

Faceted gemstones are sometimes cut from specimens with superb clarity and color. Likewise, cabochons are cut from stones with excellent color and translucence. However, in museum collections, cut apatites are rare. 

Apatite Shapes

Apatite crystals are typically colorful, dipyramidal, or stubby, forming as well-shaped hexagonal crystals. 

Where is Apatite Found?

This stone has been discovered in Europe, as well as regions of Russia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and a few American states. 

Where is Apatite Found

The raw form of Apatite crystal may be found in igneous and metamorphic deposits in places with abundant iron resources. 

Apatite Crystal Meaning

There are only a few myths or notions associated with Apatite because it is not particularly well-known. 

Apatite Stone Meaning

However, Apatite is sometimes associated with ideas of healing and well-being, especially regarding bones and teeth. This is because it is a mineral that may be found in the human body. 

The power of apatite stone lies in its manifestation. It has the power which connects to your past lives.

It boosts your connection with yourself and others while stimulating attunement to the spiritual realm. Finally, Apatite is a stone that balances the chakras and calms emotions. 

Apatite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Apatite has no historical associations and was only recently discovered. However, Apatite stands out among other crystals due to its origins and uses. Apatite is a type of calcium phosphate mineral that forms hexagons. It’s a mind over matter stone, according to Native American mythology. 

It may help alleviate emotional stress, particularly when death or separation is difficult. The spring and autumn equinoxes are now celebrated with stones. They’re ideal for instilling a feeling of spiritual equilibrium in you and reflecting the harmony of day and night. 

Phosphorous comes from Apatite, which is then utilized as a fertilizer. As a result, this stone spring is seen as symbolic of renewed life. 

Apatite Crystal Properties

Its hardness is five on the Mohs Hardness Scale. The stone apatite has a high energy level. The mind, body, spirit, and heart may heal and strengthen. 

Apatite Crystal properties

Make the most of it and be ready for bigger events in your life.

It has been cut as a gemstone because of the vividness of these colors. It’s a brittle material that breaks easily. 

Apatite Healing Properties

Apatite Healing Properties

You will experience a complete restoration of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. 

Physical Healing 

Apatite crystals may aid in calcium absorption by the body, which can help to strengthen bones and teeth. In addition, it may stimulate the formation of new cells while assisting in the healing of cartilage and bones. 

The glands, organs, and meridians have all been reported to be healed. It may also help with joint discomfort and other symptoms. In addition, Apatite may help to treat hypertension. 

It may also help with digestion and subsequently boost metabolism. This stone suppresses hunger. It may assist with the liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder, and cellulite elimination. Apatite can also help balance the nervous system and improve the body’s coordination.

Emotional Healing 

When you’re tired of obligations and impending deadlines, Apatite may be employed as a fast-acting emotional reboot. When you feel stress interferes with your productivity or happiness, turn to this stone moment of tranquility. 

It will securely ground you when it pulls out negativity and tension while slowing down racing thoughts. Apatite will inspire feelings of creativity and determination, not only to help you in completing all necessary work to your greatest ability but also to help you feel centered and calm. 

Apatite supports us in converting our ideas into reality by prompting us to be more flexible with possibilities for our futures, which is a stone of manifestation. It will enlighten your spirit while clearing your confusion and blues. Quick, effective, and efficient learning will also be easier! 

Apatite Metaphysical Properties

The gemstone is thought to enhance insight, creativity, and learning while reducing appetite (hunger). In addition, focus, clarity for concentration, intellect, acceptance, and unconditional love are all said to be improved by wearing Apatite. 

Apatite Benefits

This stone makes us predict the future and connect to our past lives.

Apatite Benefits

Your talents will be enhanced, and your spiritual attunement will be improved. It will also help you in all aspects of communication, including meditation. This stone brings you closer to a more advanced level of spiritual direction, which is tough to attain. 

Apatite Benefits for Work-Life Balance 

When creating daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, Apatite can be a helpful tool. When making to-do lists or completing calendars, hold a piece of Apatite in your hand or wear it as jewelry. 

You’ll be inspired to organize your days in a way that allows you to complete responsibilities and schedule some enjoyable or stress-free pastimes to keep your spirits high and cared for. 

Apatite Benefits for Astral Travel

It also can give you lucid dreams and assist you in your astral travels. Apatite increases your drive towards motivation to succeed and achieve your goals.

This stone clears negativity about yourself and replaces it with feelings of confidence and optimism. As a result, your creativity, imagination, and intellect will be boosted.

Apatite Benefits for Confidence 

This stone boosts your self-confidence and your strength of will. Moreover, it will make you realize that inner strength not only comes from spiritual avenues but from love as well!

It will reduce irritability and ease your feelings of apathy, sorrow, and anger. It will also open your throat chakra, enhancing your communication with people, especially when you regularly speak in front of them!

Apatite Benefits for Wealth

It’s a great toxin eliminator and can draw out and eliminate any stagnant energy. It’ll help you feel more energetic and work hard for your financial objectives. It’ll also help you concentrate better. It will help you concentrate on the goals you want to accomplish while also completing your responsibilities. This brings abundance and luck into your life. 

It’ll boost your imagination. You’ll also get fresh ideas that will aid you in advancing your projects. The stone enhances your cognitive functions. It’ll work with you to discover answers to your perplexing issues in a meaningful way. 

Apatite Benefits for Love and Relationships

Apatite can heal your heart and emotions. It will allow you to be free of negative emotions that you retain in your heart and ultimately neutralize or eliminate them. 

It will provide you with solace during difficult or lonely times. You will feel reassured that everything will work out even if you are going through challenges in love. 

Apatite Benefits for Better Self Image 

You will be encouraged to accept others’ love and open your heart. It will illustrate how to increase your self-love! This stone boosts your self-image by improving your inner power, beauty, and knowledge. 

It’ll help you bridge the gap between yourself and your partner and alleviate feelings of detachment. It has the potential to generate feelings of affection, peace, and comfort. 

Apatite Benefits for Balancing Emotions 

It will also give you the strength and willingness to let go. 

You’ll be better able to communicate and convey your thoughts. It’ll support you in your relationship by encouraging openness and self-confidence. You’ll see the truth inside you with this technique. 

This stone works to balance your feelings and energies effectively. At emotionally charged times, you can keep control of your feelings. It’ll also help you achieve a state of pure love! 

Apatite Benefits Spirituality

  • Know that your Apatite stone will listen to your needs and wishes and be ready for use at all times.
  • Wear it around your neck as jewelry, keep it in your pocket or handbag, or carry it around. 
  • Keep it in your auric fields, where you can control it. This is a fantastic meditation stone. 
  • Imagine white light filling your body as you sit quietly with this stone in your hands. 
  • Visualize your intentions being fulfilled by your stone.
  • Because of its capacity to access the energy levels where the Akashic records and our soul patterns exist, it is a powerful stone to use in past-life or alternate-life work. 

Apatite & Feng Shui

Apatite is a stone that brings things into focus. It will teach you how to achieve the desired effects by turning your concepts into reality. 

A room with little or no opening stimulates stagnant energy in the corners. Apatite generates motion by adding energy to it. Hang crystals in the corners, dark corners, reduced, and storage rooms. 

Apatite and Feng Shui

Place the crystal in front of a window (hanging from the curtain rod). It brakes the outgoing energy and captures the incoming light. By producing a favorable energy flow, it attracts positive energy inside space and cleanses energy. 

The crystal’s light will be refracted and disseminated throughout the area, attracting energy. Stress, mental fatigue, nervousness, and lassitude are all effects of negative energies. 

Apatite Birthstone

It may share some of those qualities with the Gemini zodiac constellation. This stone also helps you feel more flexible, clever, compassionate, and friendly.

Apatite Chakras

Apatite activates the lower chakras (root chakra, sacral, and solar plexus chakra) to help us feel grounded. Then we can pursue our goals enthusiastically.

Apatite Chakras

Apatite has various unique features. However, certain hues have additional properties in particular. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Blue Apatite: 

It aids with communication and opens the Throat Chakra. It relaxes you and creates a path for you that is closer to a spiritual direction. 

  • Yellow Apatite:

It aids in the elimination of poisons and negative energy from the body by activating your Solar Plexus chakra. It aids individuals who have a hard time focusing and are harboring hostility. Depression and laziness are also treated. 

  • Green Apatite:

This Apatite heals the Heart Chakra. It helps with digestion by lifting sprites. It promotes a sense of safety and well-being. 

  • Red Apatite: 

It is for the Root chakra. 

Apatite comes in various hues, each of which may be utilized in a different chakra. Each chakra’s color may be utilized to open and strengthen it. 

What are the Uses of Apatite?

Uses of Apatite

  • Apatite eliminates the negativity you feel about yourself and others. Autistic adults and hyperactive youngsters will find it useful. 
  • For individuals seeking enlightenment, Apatite encourages calmness and clarity. It also helps you connect with yourself by strengthening your intentions. 
  • Wearing Apatite as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket is the simplest way to allow it to affect your health and consciousness. This is because Apatite’s different colors connect to specific body parts. 
  • Placing gemstones in your purse or pocket may also work for you if you don’t like wearing them. Fear reduction and creativity stimulation are also possible benefits of apatite consumption. 
  • Apatite is said to have a cleansing effect on the body and the mind, especially among women. It is thought to Harmonize the Spirit and Body and stimulate specific Chakras. 
  • Apatite aids calcium absorption, promoting bone development, making it an ideal substance in toothpaste. It is a primary component of bone minerals and tooth enamel. It also produces acids and phosphate compounds in the chemical industry. 
  • While you relax during the bath, you may utilize Apatite in another way, and make sure not to add any bath salts because it might harm the gemstones. 
  • Apatite can be used to keep your surroundings in check and eliminate negative or stagnant energy by decorating your home with it. For pleasant dreams at night, Apatite should be placed under the pillow.

How do you Care for Apatite?

Caring for Apatite

  • Chemicals, abrasives, heat, acids, and ammonia all damage this stone. Steamers, hot water, or ultrasonic devices should never be used to clean this gemstone.
  • To avoid scratching the gemstone’s surface or dulling its luster, use mild soap and room temperature tap water with a soft cloth. 
  • Avoiding acids and heat at high temperatures is another good idea. 
  • Finally, since your jewelry might break, scrape, or chip, be cautious when wearing it. Before placing it in your jewelry box, wrap it in a soft cloth. 
  • Remember while managing your jewelry that it’s a delicate stone and that care and handling should be taken. If you ever need anything corrected or rebuilt, do so immediately. 
  • Apatite is a fragile and soft gemstone. It’s also fragile and can scratch, fracture, and chip easily. While engaging in sports, playing, gardening, cleaning, or washing dishes, always remove apatite jewelry. 
  • Since it cannot endure heat or shocks, keep apatite jewelry away from them. Also, avoid bringing the stone into contact with domestic cleansers and artificial fragrances like hairspray, makeup, or perfume. 
  • Finally, store it in a separate dust-free bag or pouch to avoid scratching other gemstones and metals while storing apatite jewelry. 

When to Cleanse Apatite?

Every week, running water may be used to cleanse Apatite. However, because this gem is sensitive to heat, don’t use hot water and avoid salty water. 

When to Cleanse Apatite

You can also cleanse the energy of Apatite by placing it in a bowl with herbs. Your method is up to you if you take the proper precautions. 

How to Recharge Your Apatite?

There are few Natural methods to Recharge Apatite to maintain its charm and energy. Choose your preferred method and reenergize the crystal.

  1. Sunlight – Cleansing Apatite crystals work best since light is the basic currency of crystal healing. Leave your Apatite crystals in the sun for at least 12 hours to absorb the sun’s healing rays.
  2. Smudging/Use Sage herb – Smudge your Apatite crystals with the purifying smoke of dried herbs or incense. This method suits for cleansing individual Apatite crystals or even a group of crystals.
  3. Running water – Fresh water is the best source to cleanse and recharge your Apatite. Or place your crystal under the tap water for some time and allow it to dry.Smudging
  4. Resonating sound – Purify your crystals with the resonating sound of a bell that you love. You can even use beautiful music; again, your Apatite can be charged this way. Charging crystals this way has an added benefit; the vibration of sound is integrated into the healing energies of your crystal.
  5. Amethyst cluster/ bed – Placing your Apatite gemstones on a cluster will cleanse and remove negative energy from your crystals. This method can be used overnight.
  6. Brown rice – Cover or lay your Apatite crystals on a bed of brown rice for 24 hours after cleansing crystals; this way,
  7. Moonlight – Let the stone be under the moonlight for several hours. Then, preferably have it sit outside, but it can also be on your window sill. You can use your energy to cleanse and recharge Apatite. 

What is the Apatite Activation process?

First, hold the crystal in your left hand where the energy flow goes to your body’s energy field. Then use some visualization and intentional breathing techniques to activate thought energy to cleanse your crystal.

You can try different meditation cleanses to clear the stored energy from the stones allowing positive energy to take over. 

How much is Apatite worth?

Apatite jewelry may be purchased at a price range suitable for everyone. For under $50, you can get a lovely piece of apatite jewelry that will last you a lifetime. 

How much is Apatite worth

Note: This price is according to the Time of writing this article. Prices are subjected to vary. 

What determines Apatite’s price and value?

The intensity of the color determines the price of the stone. It also depends on the quality of the gemstone and the excellence in the piece’s craftsmanship.

Neon greenish-blue Apatite with a crisp clarity is the finest. Stones over one carat are distinctive and will fetch a premium in the market. Most pieces also have some inclusions, which is distinctive for clean Apatite.

What determines Apatite's price and value Since Apatites are relatively soft stones, skilled gem cutter can add a premium to their value with exceptional polishes. As with most gems, color saturation, size, and clarity are the major determiners of value. 

Apatite Impact

As the name suggests, it helps enhance your public speaking and is beneficial for interpersonal skills Groups benefit from this because it boosts productivity. Creativity and intelligence are both boosted by Apatite. Apatite aids in the healing of sadness, indifference, and rage by expanding knowledge and reality. 

Apatite helps cartilage, bones, and teeth absorb calcium, heals bones, and promotes the creation of new cells on a physical level. It improves arthritis and joint problems. Used in chakra healing for the throat chakra. Keep all other chakras in balance.

Does Apatite make a good Jewelry stone?

Although Apatite is not a typical jewelry gemstone, it is a favorite material of many designers. It is a popular stone among jewelry designers because of its varied color range, affordability, and availability. 

Does Apatite make a good jewelry stone

Apatite, on the other hand, is a challenging stone to work with because it is so soft. Therefore, it may be difficult to fashion and cut. 

Nevertheless, Apatite is a lovely stone for the jewelry of all kinds. However, Apatite should be used in safe settings when utilized in high-exposure jewelry. 

Jewelry is most commonly made from blue Apatite, but yellow and green varieties are also available. However, other varieties can prove quite rare and will need some careful searching.

Apatite Real vs Fake

It’s a little tough to tell Real Apatite from Fake, especially regarding a Hard scratch test. However, medical research, agricultural fertilizer, and industrial laser applications have all used synthesized Apatite. 

Apatite Real vs. Fake

Moreover, several of the stones utilized in laser study have ended up in jewelry applications. According to the Gemological Institute of America, these synthetics have a distinctive color-altering property. The color change isn’t seen in natural apatites. 

Check for the below Factors to easily Identify a Fake Apatite from a Real one. 

  1. Hardness 

The hardness of a genuine apatite stone is one indication. The density is lower, and the surface is more easily distorted when inspecting gemstone-quality Apatite. 

  1. Clarity

Apatite is commonly found in transparent varieties but can also be translucent. It is common to find visible flaws in apatite stones, But the gemstones with no visible inclusions are rare and more expensive.

  1. Cut

Apatite is available in a range of forms when utilized in jewelry. The variety of Apatite may influence the cut of the stone. Apatite, for example, is routinely cut in cabochon to emphasize and clearly show its chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect). 

However, faceting apatite is common and easy to find in jewelry. Apatite, in its rough form, is also used to create unique styled jewelry by skilled designers.

  1. Synthetic, Treated, and Imitation Apatite

Apatite is typically untreated, and most Apatite you come across will be in its natural form. However, some varieties tend to be heat treated to enhance their appearance. For example, blue Apatite is also sometimes heat-treated to enhance its color.

Synthetic counterparts are uncommon since Apatite is widely available and cost-effective. However, Apatite may be employed to imitate other more costly gemstones, even when imitation of apatite is difficult. 

Summary of Apatite Crystal

Name of Crystal Apatite
Other Names Fluoroapatite, Chlorapatite, Hydroxylapatite, Pyromorphite, Mimetite, Vanandinite
Color(s) transparent, translucent, yellow, blue, Violet, Pink, Brown, Green
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation found in igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary rocks.
Majorly Found at Brazil, Myanmar, Mexico, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, the United States.
Zodiac Suited for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
Healing Properties appetite suppressor, strengthens people experiencing weakness and fatigue, clear away confusion.
Health Benefits Smoother metabolism process, Release harmful toxins from within.
Types of Crystal 10
Uses Meditation, Healing
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 5
Real The Hardness of the stone,
Fake Absence of shiny and lighting appearance under ultraviolet rays


What is Apatite crystal used for?

Apatite is a great resource for achieving your goals and removing delays. It increases your mental focus and spiritual well-being. 

Is Apatite a precious gem?

No, It comes under the category of Semiprecious stone. 

Is Apatite expensive?

It is an affordable and easily accessible gemstone for everyone. But high-quality Apatite gemstones, when set in well-crafted jewelry, stand out. 

How do we use Apatite in everyday life?

Apatite keeps the ability to heal and communicate. It maintains the harmony of physical, mental, and spiritual powers.

What are Blue Apatite healing properties?

People have used it to suppress hunger and boost their metabolism. It is also useful for promoting the healing of bones, teeth, and cartilage. 

Is Apatite good for luck?

Yes, Apatite is one of the best crystals for good luck. The dense, blue-green stone is a motivational crystal and aids in Manifesting. 

Is Apatite rare or common?

Apatite is a common mineral, but gem-quality Apatite is quite rare.

Is Apatite a stone or Crystal?

Apatite is a type II stone. Apatite occasionally occurs as hexagonal crystals. These are of high clarity and vivid color and have been cut into gems for collectors.