Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun?

Can Smoky Quartz be in the sun is a frequently asked question. Well, to answer that in simple terms; Smoky Quartz can stay in sunlight, but direct exposure to sunlight might be harmful. Smoky Quartz requires frequent cleansing and recharging.

It ensures that bad energies eliminate and positive energies placing back in. As a result, we may utilize the stone without fear of losing its powers.

We must also look at the definition of Smoky quartz before we answer can you keep Smoky Quartz in the sun? Today, we’ll discuss whether it’s safe to keep your Smoky Quartz in the sun and alternative safe ways to charge your crystal.

However, it is not advisable to keep the crystal because sunlight might create a grey/brown discoloration. Burial, moonlight, or selenite are better ways to charge Smoky Quartz. 

What is Smoky Quartz?

Before knowing if you can keep Smoky quartz in the sun, you must know what is Smoky Quartz. Smoky Quartz is the brown-colored variety of macrocrystalline Quartz. It is a widespread mineral and is found in various locations worldwide. Smoky Quartz has to discover for centuries in various forms. Interestingly, about 1000 years ago in China, slices of smoky Quartz were used as sunglasses to offer protection from the sun.

Can Quartz Go In The Sun

It also occurs in dense forms without visible crystals, such as multicolored agate and grey flint. Quartz is an essential rock-forming mineral, a component of many common rocks such as granite.

We eliminate negative energy and ensure that positive energy regains its former position. As a result, we can use the stone without worrying about losing our abilities. Today, we answer questions about whether it’s safe for you to leave your smoky Quartz in the sun. Smoky Quartz can occur in sunlight.

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun? 

Smoky Quartz is sensitive to UV light, but they vary in fading speed for crystals in different regions. A few minutes of sunlight does practically nothing, especially if the sunlight comes from your window panes. It filters out most of the UV.

Smoky Quartz should be cleaned and charged regularly like any other crystal. Our crystals store energy in their environment, and negative energy forms over time. As a result, your crystal may not be as effective as you would like after a few uses.

Charging many crystals is possible by placing them in the sun. However, smoky Quartz can fade or turn grey/brown if exposed to prolonged sunlight.

The color changes due to UV light in the sun, and some (smoky) quartz is sensitive. How quickly your smoky Quartz fades or changes color varies from stone to stone. While a few hours heal when exposed to sunlight, others begin to change color after a long time.

Unfortunately, you only know when it’s already too late. Fortunately, keeping your smoky Quartz in the sun for a few minutes may do nothing for your crystal. I recommend keeping the stone in full sun to be safe, though.

can smoky quartz go in the sun without fading

Leave it behind the window if you choose to charge your smoky Quartz using sunlight. The glass filters a lot of UV light, making it less likely that the stone will change color. Because of that, your smoky Quartz will last as long as you keep it inside.

When wearing a stone, you should wear it on cloudy days. If that is not possible, I will at least stop wearing it during sunbathing.

Can Smoky Quartz be in the Sun: How Safe is it?

Yes, keeping Smoky quartz in the sun is indeed safe. However, this is usually only possible if you use indoor Quartz outdoors or if there is direct exposure of the countertop to sunlight for too long each day. Under normal circumstances, discoloration from sunlight is very rare.

The crystal must have partial shade when leaving it in the sun. Below are some safe crystals in the sun after a few hours of charging and do not fade.

Does Black Obsidian fade in the sun?

 Due to its dark color, the color does not fade, and it is a vitreous volcanic rock.

Does Black Onyx fade in the sun?

 The color is deep and does not fade.

Does Cornelian fade in the sun?

 Orange stones usually work well in the sun.

Does Howlite fade in the sun?

 No pigment fade.

Does Moonstone fade in the sun?

Normally charged under the moon, but can be balanced with male-female energy when charged in the sun

Does Sunstone fade in the sun?

Orange stones usually heal on their own in sunlight.

For example, strawberry quartz does not expose to direct sunlight, so strawberry quartz does not use for cleaning or charging. Instead, rinse the strawberry quartz in lukewarm water. However, you can not immerse the crystal in water.

Can Smoky Quartz be In The Sun: Is it Heat Treated?

Note that natural smoky Quartz has color due to lattice defects. It also fades when heated. It is not a distinctive feature between natural and radiated Quartz.

Some crystalline quartz types have been subjected to heat treatment for a long time to enhance or change the stone’s color. For example, delicate heat-treated light-colored amethyst or smoky Quartz can turn a stone into an attractive golden yellow.

Naturally available citrine is very rare, and most citrine quartz sold these days is heat-treated amethyst. Citrine obtains by heating a suitable brown or smoky quartz material for one hour at 200ºC.

Accurate smoky Quartz loses color when heated to 200 C and regains color when irradiating the crystal with x- or gamma-rays.

smoky quartz in the sun

Can Smoky Quartz be In The Sun: Does the color change?

Smoky Quartz in the sun can cause a slight color change in some crystals. Some (but not all) smoky Quartz is sensitive to ultraviolet light. It can turn yellow if exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight; smoky Quartz changes from yellow-brown to reddish-brown when rotated around the a-axis in dichroic and polarized light.

Can Smoky Quartz be In The Sun: Does it fade with time?

Smoky Quartz in the sun can lead to fading away of the crystal depending on its type. Some (but not all) smoky Quartz is sensitive to ultraviolet light. It can turn yellow if exposed to prolonged exposure to sunlight; smoky Quartz changes from yellow-brown to reddish-brown when rotated around the a-axis in dichroic and polarized light.

Smoky quartz is sensitive to UV light, but its velocity varies over different crystal parts. Quartz is not very good at exposure to UV light. The pigment may change over time after exposure to sunlight to the extent that even direct sunlight from the window can obscure it.

Quartz crystals should almost always be blackened after a long time because they always contain small amounts of aluminum. There is a radioactive source around potassium in most environments, for example. It just takes a long time.

Can Smoky Quartz be In The Sun: How long can it stay in the sun?

If you must charge your smoky Quartz in the sun, never leave it in the sun for more than four hours. It will limit the fading to a bare minimum. There are various ways to charge your smokey Quartz to keep its color intact.

Do you think Smoky Quartz can go in the Sun?

Can Smoky Quartz be In The Sun: What are the alternate charging methods?

Before charging it, make sure to cleanse it. It ensures that you eliminate any terrible vibrations before infusing it with good energy. Unlike many stones, Smoky Quartz does not charge in sunlight. Moonlight, dirt, or selenite are all better possibilities. Other than keeping Smoky Quartz in the sun, here are some options to charge it. 

Charge using Moonlight

Other than charging your Smoky Quartz in the sun, you can opt for moonlight. It is my preferred method of charging crystals in general because it is safe for all of them. When charging your Smoky Quartz during a full moon, leave it immediately on the ground – crystals, after all, want to be grounded. The moon’s energy will be less here, but it will still allow enough light to get through to charge your stone fully. 

The moon shines brightest the day before, during, and after a full moon. You may charge your crystals by leaving them out on these days. It is not necessary to leave them out for all three days. For roughly 7 hours, one night is more than enough to leave them energized.

Charge using Earth

This procedure is especially effective if you have Smoky Quartz that belonged to someone else. The crystal has likely absorbed so much energy that it only needs the soil for a short period. It is the ideal location for recharging – after all, this is where they originate. Thus, charging Smoky Quartz in the sun is not the on;y option, other than the sun, the earth can also do the job. 

Depending on the energy, you can leave the crystal for a few days, weeks, or even months. If you sense a lot of heavy energy when holding the crystal, it may be best to bury it for a bit.

Charge using Selenite

Smoky Quartz in the Sun might not be the preferred method for those crystals that can fade and for that, we have options like Selenite. Speaking of Selenite, you can use it to charge your Smoky Quartz. 

The most straightforward method is to charge your stones with selenite. You do not need to ‘activate’ it before charging your smokey Quartz. Selenite is always on your side!

Selenite slabs are excellent for charging stones. Usually, if your Smoky Quartz comes into touch with the selenite, the faster and more fully it will recharge. Allow your crystal to sit on the slab for around 24 hours.

How Do You Clean Smoky Quartz?

Can smoky quartz go in the sun without damage?

Now that you know if Smoky Quartz in the sun is safe and also how to charge them using alternate methods, it is also important to know how to clean them. To charge your crystal, you must remove the negative energy first. Charging is how you give your crystal fresh, positive energy. It is when cleaning your Smoky Quartz comes in handy.

Whereas I charge my crystals once a month during a full moon, I cleanse the stones I use every week.

In addition to the weekly cleanse, it is a good idea to cleanse your smokey Quartz when you first receive it. It cleanses the energy of all the people who handled the crystal before it found you. After all, you don’t want their energy to mingle with yours.

Cleaning it with flowing Water

Holding your Smoky Quartz under running water is the simplest way to clean it. The water will wash away any negative energy, leaving you with a clean crystal ready to be recharged. This procedure is ideal for polished stones but not rough stones or geodes.

Cleaning it with salt water

You might also immerse your Smoky Quartz in saltwater to thoroughly wash it. Water directly from the sea would be ideal, but if that is not an option, normal water with extra (sea) salt will suffice. Set your smokey Quartz in a bowl of water for 24 hours.

Cleaning it with Smoke

You need the herbs of your choosing for smoke cleaning. Light them and extinguish the flames. Then, exhale deeply and say your intention aloud. 

You must open a window to allow the smoke to exit the room and carry all bad energy.

Now you might also wonder if Smoky Quartz can go in the water? well, you can know it here.


As a general rule, UV radiation is the most hazardous to crystals. Some extremely photosensitive crystals are affected by other particular lightwaves (for example, green light for Realgar), but UV light can be dangerous. 

Sunlight will harm the Smoky Quartz countertop.  When put outside, it can be harmed by extended exposure to intense sunshine and heat, especially if the color is dark. Hence you can choose other options to charge and cleanse your Smoky Quartz and avoid direct sunlight.