Can Sodalite go in the Water? Is Sodalite Water Safe? : Interesting Guide

Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral that is commonly royal blue in the shade. However, it also comes in a broad spectrum of colors, including Blue Sodalite, Purple Sodalite, White Sodalite, or even Fluorescent Sodalite.

Let us explore the relationship between Sodalite and water along with diverse forms of water. 

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Can Sodalite go in the Water?   

Can Sodalite go in the water?

It’s an average stone in hardness as the crystal score is between 5 and 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. It is a mineral that may be dissolved in water. Consequently, we must not soak in water for lengthy periods; however, a quick rinse may not cause any problems.

Take it off immediately if you accidentally leave your stone in a water bowl, and rinse it very well before using it again.

What happens when we soak Sodalite in water for a prolonged time?  

 1. Sodalite can produce poisonous materials when it comes to water, which may be surprisingly dangerous.

 2. When water is in direct touch with the Sodalite stone, it can release Aluminum, which is considered a risky element. Consequently, it is advised not to put Sodalite in water.

 3. When Sodalite is submerged in water for a prolonged duration, it becomes fragile and loses its natural shine, and its vibrant color fades over time.

 4. Water baths cause cracks. The problem with minerals (like Sodalite) is that we don’t regularly see the cracks and fissures inside the material down at the molecular level.

 5. The water molecules also widen the cracks in the gemstone.

 6. Water damages the finish of the gemstone. If you are soaking your beautiful, vibrant Sodalite in water, it destroys your gem’s splendor and brightness.

 7. Many stones are polished with products like oil, so the polish can come off from the stone if left in the water long enough.

 Overall, it is better not to soak Sodalite in water for an extended period to avoid accidental and permanent damage to the stone.

 Cleansing of Sodalite   

  • If your Sodalite gemstone turns cloudy, it is a pure indication that it’s time for cleansing and energy replenishment. While a few varieties of Sodalite don’t dissolve in warm soapy water, others would probably dissolve in it; subsequently, having quick knowledge about your crystals is beneficial.
  • You can also rinse the stone in running water and dry it with a soft fabric. An excellent alternative to water cleaning is wiping the surface of Sodalite with cotton or a gentle brush.
  • Sodalite additionally enjoys being wrapped in silk for a magnificent recharge, and you may keep it safe in sunlight for 10 to 20 minutes to acquire a fantastic rush of energy.

Can Sodalite Go to Saltwater?  

Remember this point not all crystals are water-pleasant. That being the case, Sodalite is a fragile stone and can dissolve in saltwater. Hence we should never place this crystal in salt water. 

When you place Sodalite crystal within the saltwater for a prolonged period, water and salt molecules will try to expand the cracks on the gemstone.

If you want to cleanse in salt, use different ways to put your Sodalite crystals in a glass bowl. Take another big vessel and fill it with dry salt and immerse the glass bowl of crystals in the salt vessel. This way, the crystals are not in direct contact with salt, but salt also works effectively in cleansing the crystal. 

Can Sodalite Go in Moon water?   

Astrologists and mystics have recognized the moon’s power for ages. Moon is one in all our sky’s luminaries, along with the opposite being the sun. 

Moonlight has an excellent capacity for cleansing and charging your crystals. Placing Sodalite below the clean vibrations of the moon will get rid of all of the negative energies, leaving it a fresh-faced crystal equipped for radiating healing power.  

Moonlight is a powerful source of magic and provides soothing energy to refresh the crystals. The evening light is the perfect best cleansing option for Sodalite. The gentle energy from the moon contains incredible latent power. In addition, the moonlight renders soothing light, which is also a fantastic remedy for anxiety and stress. 

Like the yin and the yang forces, the moon and sun counterbalance each other. With its powerful masculine energy, the sun charges Sodalite, while the moon purifies it with its gentle feminine energy.

Can Sodalite Go in the Bathwater?  

Can Sodalite go in the water?

You can place your crystals in your bathtub (for water-secure crystals) or around your tub (for crystals that aren’t water-safe) for making ready crystal-infused water in your bathtub.

Sodalite is a porous crystal that may get submerged in water. However, soaking Sodalite gemstone in bathwater would possibly cause harm to the stone, so we don’t promote doing so for an extended period.

 Rather than submerging Sodalite in your bathtub, passing by putting 2-3 crystals round inside the restrooms can help direct contact with water.

Can you drink Sodalite-infused water?   

Sodalite falls below the category of fragile stones; as a result, getting ready Sodalite-infused water for consumption is poisonous to health. But different valuable crystals can be used to prepare consumable gem water. 

How to prepare Sodalite crystal elixir?    

Crystals immersed in water that has absorbed the healing properties of that particular crystal is called elixir or infused water, and it includes the essence of the crystals. 

It is believed that drinking an elixir carries the energies of the precious stones immersed in the water to the person who drinks it. Therefore, this water is said to develop the health of those who drink it.

Preparing Sodalite Elixir is a bit of a risky process as the crystal would dissolve if kept in water for a long time. Hence you can neither drink Sodalite-infused water nor form a Sodalite crystal-infused water.

But, there is an indirect approach by which you can make Sodalite-infused water. 

Instead of giving your crystal a direct exposure to water, Place Sodalite in an empty jar and then place that jar in a large vessel filled with freshwater. It would help if you had to leave the setup during the early morning. Allow your Sodalite crystal to absorb the rays of the sun or the soft light of the moon overnight.

Let it infuse your crystal with vitality and positive energy. You can later collect this water and sprinkle it around to refresh the surroundings.

What are the Benefits of Sodalite crystal?  

1. Sodalite crystal is packed with a lot of energy and healing powers.

 2. However, this is one stone that we suggest to anyone looking to connect with blue-ray energy.

 3. Many crystal lovers welcome sodalite crystal. It is a stone that has to be added to your crystal collection to serve as an excellent companion to you.

 4. Those who battle with night horrors and common insomnia have found great relief in using the Sodalite gemstones, as they pull even the most relentless individuals into a peaceful and deep sleep within minutes.

 Final Thoughts  

Can Sodalite go in the water?

Sodalite is a porous stone having a hardness between 5 – 6 on the Mohs scale. So there are chances of getting the crystal damaged when kept in water for a long time, especially in saltwater. 

We recommend this approach towards setting it in the bath or tub with you; we do not advise putting it on your water glass before you drink the water. Since the stone is toxic when combined with water for a long time, we do not want you to soak the gemstone to avoid its harmful nature.

You could run this mineral under the tap to rinse it off immediately and allow it to dry completely. Not all varieties of Sodalite are water-soluble, but they’ll dissolve in hydrochloric acid.

You could use alternative water with daylight and moonlight to charge and clean Sodalite away from the negative energies. It is a caution not to consume Sodalite-infused water as it could bring about unsafe health outcomes. Sodalite, in brief, is a stone that has to be prevented from coming in contact with water, and also, you should deal with this crystal very carefully to retain its value and beauty.

Just remember the point to keep your Sodalite safe and avoid water and salt. By being careful with your crystal maintenance, you will extend the life of your precious gem. 

Hence, with these guidelines given, using your Sodalite crystals in water can save you from any potential risks of ruining the crystal. Share this article with your loved ones.