Sodalite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

If you’ve never heard of Sodalite, you should spend some time getting to know this extraordinary gemstone. You can have perfect transactions and fruitful days with the aid of this stone. Because it encourages self-assurance, communication, and creativity, sodalite is most effective for artists, actors, and entertainers.

This unusual gemstone is a superb addition to any gemstone collection and has unique qualities. particularly if you’re trying to find emotional equilibrium and clarity. Read on to learn more about Sodalite.

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What is Sodalite?

What is Sodalite

Due to its tendency to foster comradery and friendship, sodalite is an excellent stone to employ in commerce. This is crucial if you want to collaborate with others who share your vision, purpose, and objectives. Your productivity and efficiency will both improve after using this gemstone.  Furthermore, it will increase your sense of comfort and harmony with the people you work with.

There will be challenges and mistakes. You won’t have any trouble addressing them because you are calm and focused. It will be a great way for you to remember—as well as for the people you are working with—that what you are doing matters. You are working on something that might benefit both you and others. It will inspire you to keep going after your goals and be willing to work hard for your success.

How to Identify a Sodalite?

Both its intense orange fluorescence and deep blue hue help to identify sodalite. It occasionally has a violet hue, and when opaque, it frequently has calcite-based white veins or spots running through it.

– Sodalite  Cuts

This gemstone can be cut into various shapes from hexagonal to oval.

– Sodalite  Shapes

Sodalite has the ability to be used in crystal grids. In order to enhance the energy of the gemstones, crystal grids are made by arranging them in a particular manner. Grids for communication, emotional stability, self-esteem, intuition, psychic ability, success, and abundance can all benefit from the use of sodalite. 

Before arranging the stones on a grid made of sodalite, it is crucial to cleanse and charge the stones. The grid’s center should be filled with sodalite. Any arrangement can be used to arrange the additional stones around the sodalite. It is crucial to concentrate your intention on the grid after it has been established. Imagine the grid amplifying your intention. You are free to leave the grid in place for however long you choose. The stones can be taken out and reused after you’re done building the grid.

Where is Sodalite Found?

Sodalite is found at the Ice River complex, which is close to Golden, British Columbia. Burma, Russia, Portugal, Romania, and South America (Brazil and Bolivia) all have smaller amounts than these. Mostly in Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Greenland are where you may find hackmanite.

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Sodalite Stone Meaning

Sodalite Stone Meaning

The entire splendor of the cosmos is contained in the atoms of the stone sodalite. Wisdom, mental clarity, creativity, and celestial beauty are some of the spiritual meanings associated with sodalite. When you look at its gorgeous dark-blue center, which is dotted with an indefinite number of white lines and freckles, it swiftly takes you to the best of spiritual realms, where confusion and conflict have no effect. The realm to which Sodalite encourages us to trip is the region within us where we dissolve all boundaries and re-enter the condition of universal unity. 

Because it may inspire deep thinking in anybody who sees it, it has earned the nicknames Thinker’s Stone and Poet’s Stone. Simply staring at sodalite for a long period will cause your mind to ascend to higher dimensions, allowing you to grasp the universe on a cosmic level. When observed from light-years away, its exquisite white patterns exactly match the formations of the universe’s galaxies. The Sodalite crystal’s rich blue and indigo hues also stand for sincerity, reflection, and a long, fulfilling life in addition to these connotations. 

The blending of various hues is crucial for exploring our inner selves and learning more about our motivations, obstacles, and circumstances. When undertaking a shamanic or spiritual trip, the sodalite stone becomes the ideal ally and companion. It can provide the visions you might have greater insight and clarity. In the modern world, Sodalite is a fantastic tool for anyone on a quest for knowledge and understanding, especially one that is spiritual in character.

Sodalite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Sodalite’s tale is somewhat tragic. For a long time, this exquisitely cosmic stone was unable to impart its wisdom because it was lost to the general consciousness. In the period between the first and nineteenth centuries AD, it was kept secret from humans for approximately 1,800 years. Despite the fact that humanity did not benefit from this stone’s advantages, it has returned to us at a time when its traits are more crucial than ever. The luxury of rediscovering its potency as if we were old sages ourselves has been afforded to modern humanity. 

According to what archaeologists have discovered, the last time humans and sodalite interacted was during Mount Vesuvius’ explosion, which obliterated the historic city of Pompeii. The ruins of this city include Sodalite evidence, which would have murdered Pliny the Elder, one of the most important early historians and crystallographers. With the destruction of Pompeii, the world also lost all knowledge about this magnificent calming stone and a great sage of gemstones. Until it was rediscovered in a Greenland quarry in 1901.

Sodalite Crystal properties

Properties of Sodalite Crystal

The typical color of sodalite is a stunning royal blue, and it frequently has white flecks and veins running through it. It is an opaque stone that comes in a variety of blue hues, most frequently a blue-gray color with white calcite flecks. It can be polished to a very high sheen, giving it an even richer, more beautiful appearance.

The chemical component sodium is where the name “Sodalite” comes from. Those who embrace it will experience it like they have a companion who helps them feel serene and heals their aching or disturbed hearts. It also derives from the Latin term “sodalitas,” which means comrade. In the nineteenth century, Greenland was where it was first found. These days, Portugal, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Bolivia, Australia, Tanzania, and China are also home to it. Namibia and Vesuvius, Italy both have rare varieties of sodalite.

Sodalite Healing Properties

Sodalite Crystal Healing Properties

Sodalite’s healing energies do more than only purify your aura and eliminate negative emotions from your heart. The organs can be cleansed by sodalite, which also enhances their functionality. Additionally, it can strengthen your immune system and shield you from the most prevalent diseases. You’ll be glad to know that this stone can help speed up your metabolism if you’re a health enthusiast. Additionally lowering high blood pressure, can also help with digestion. It is advantageous to have this stone if you are receiving chemotherapy. It will support you in balancing your energy and coping with the treatment’s side effects. 

These are just a few of the health issues it can help you with: anxiety episodes, water retention, sleep issues, travel sickness, and liver cleansing. For its therapeutic properties in this area, sodalite has been treasured for ages. But don’t forget to take into account how much your mood, mental stability, and attitude can also impact your health.

Today, even the most expert analysts, psychologists, and scientists acknowledge that there is a clear connection between health, depression, stress, anxiety, and a wide range of other factors. Your mind and body are both impacted by everything that happens to you. It can aid in the recovery process or the complete avoidance of illness. You can use it to counteract your negative thoughts with uplifting ones.

Sodalite Physical Properties 

The tectosilicate mineral sodalite has the molecular formula Na4Al3Si3O12Cl. Rock-forming minerals from the sodalite group are relatively uncommon. Most often, igneous rocks like granite and syenite include them. In addition to being present in metamorphic rocks like gneiss and schist, sodalite can be found in igneous rocks like syenite. Some sedimentary rocks, including limestone and dolostone, also contain it. The mineral is translucent to transparent and has a glossy to pearly sheen. It has a relative density of 2.7 to 2.9 and a Mohs hardness of 5.5 to 6.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

According to legend, sodalite is a stone of reason, efficiency, and reasoning. It is beneficial for people who have a tendency to be overly emotional or who struggle to rationally articulate their emotions. Additionally, sodalite is thought to improve psychic abilities including communication and intuition. It is thought to facilitate communication with spiritual realms and open one up to their inner wisdom.

Sodalite Benefits

Sodalite Benefits

It is not only stunning but also extremely potent. In case you didn’t already know, sodalite is referred to as the Poet’s Stone because it can assist you in effectively expressing all of your thoughts. It works well to put an end to disputes or arguments. It is a stone of rationality as well. You can anticipate having more intelligence and reason when you possess a stone like a Sodalite. It will make you think more clearly and stimulate your thinking.

You will be familiar with how it frequently proceeds if you have ever struggled with the age-old conflicts between your intellect and your heart. Your rational mind wishes to do one thing, but your heart is urging you to do another. Finding a balance between these two diametrically opposed sides of ourselves may be difficult. Finding the right stone to support the creation of that unity is frequently just as crucial.

This is also due to the interesting stone’s qualities as a meditation tool. Because it can assist in removing any mental stress and guiding you toward a more coherent understanding of what you experience during these still, meditative times. When the time is right, this gemstone will also help you calm your thoughts, just like lapis lazuli does. 

Sodalite Benefits Spirituality

Sodalite is a stone of peace and harmony. It is believed to support mental, physical, and spiritual harmony. It is believed that sodalite encourages self-acceptance, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

Sodalite & Feng Shui

Sodalite is a versatile material in feng shui. To promote harmony and balance in your connections, you can put a piece of sodalite in the living room or workplace. To encourage successful conversation, you can also use sodalite in your home or workplace’s communication area. To promote prosperity and abundance, sodalite can also be employed in the workspace of your home or place of business.

Sodalite Birthstone

Sodalite is a birthstone for Sagittarius. The stone has been identified by astrologers as one of the crystals associated with the sign. For people who were born under the sign of Sagittarius, its potent and transforming energy is perfect.

Sodalite Chakras

The Throat Chakra is most frequently linked to sodalite. It is believed to make communication easier and more effective. Sodalite is said to foster psychic ability and intuition since it is connected to the Third Eye Chakra.

What are the Uses of Sodalite?

What are the uses of Sodalite

You can wear Sodalite daily. It’s a beautiful stone that will complement any outfit beautifully. Wear your Sodalite accessories however you please! It can be effective in utilizing the energy center in your throat if worn as a necklace. To benefit from the healing energies of these crystals, keep them on you at all times. Alternatively, put it next to your laptop or computer to eliminate electromagnetic pollution! To awaken your third eye chakra and feel good about your ideas, place it on your third eye. Additionally, it might aid in improving your emotional control. 

Your body will remove all negative ideas and feelings when you are using sodalite for meditation. You can use the stone to get rid of all the toxins in your body. When you imagine yourself surrounded by these soothing energies, you’ll begin to perceive things from a different angle. This stone is extremely potent in this regard, but it never comes off as overwhelming. It gives you energy and is distinctive, yet it also can’t help but hold you grounded at the very same time. It has calming energy like a gentle sea wind. Crystals frequently have profoundly impacting energies that give us the impression that we might simply float away into the ether. 

Sodalite, on the other hand, is excellent in fusing that ethereal energy with a sensation of being rooted and secure in your sacred location. In the same way that using this stone while meditating will help you purge your body of toxins and negative energy, it will also help you stay present at the moment. It’s easy to become buried in our thoughts at times so that connection is crucial. However, it can encourage you to maintain your goals in mind and heart while also being aware of the concrete measures you must take to make them a reality.

Caring for Sodalite 

Your Sodalite has to be cleaned and cared for. This will maintain the Sodalite’s power and effectiveness. Here are some cleaning and maintenance hints for your Sodalite: Regularly clean and recharge your Sodalite. Keep your Sodalite out of the heat and sunlight in a secure location. Avoid getting wet with your Sodalite. If your Sodalite does get wet, let it dry entirely in the air. Don’t drop or handle your Sodalite improperly. Because sodalite is a fragile stone, it should be handled carefully.

When to Cleanse Sodalite 

There are numerous ways to cleanse sodalite. Among the most effective techniques are:

  • Running water: Running water can be used to clean sodalite. Just briefly submerge your Sodalite under running water. You might also submerge your Sodalite for a few hours in a bowl of water.
  • Smudging: Smudging can be used to purify sodalite. Simply spend a few minutes holding your sodalite in the smoke of an incense stick or smudged stick.
  • Crystal singing bowl: The vibration of a crystal singing bowl can also be used to cleanse sodalite. Simply keep your sodalite in the bowl’s vibrations for a while.

How to Recharge Your Sodalite 

Sodalite can be charged in a variety of ways. Among the most effective techniques are: 

  • Sunlight: Sunlight can be used to charge sodalite. Just spend a few hours with your Sodalite in the sun.
  • Moonlight: The moonlight can be used to charge sodalite. Place your Sodalite for a few hours in the moon’s direct light.
  • Crystal quartz: This substance can also be used to charge sodalite. Put your sodalite close to or on a piece of crystal quartz and leave it there for a few hours. In addition to these techniques, sodalite can also be charged through Reiki, visualization, and meditation. It’s crucial to routinely clean and charge your Sodalite when charging it. This will maintain the Sodalite’s power and effectiveness.

Sodalite Activation process

The sodalite stone can be activated in a variety of ways that are efficient. Placing the crystal outdoors in a bright area charges it with direct sunshine. By setting the sodalite crystal in the moonlight at night, which will help restore equilibrium and give it amazing strength, cleaning is best accomplished.

How much is Sodalite worth?

Sodalite can go for a price of around $10 per carat at the time of writing on 13th June 2022..

What determines Sodalite’s price and value?

Beauty, color, size, rarity, durability, clarity, and cut are the factors that determine Sodalite’s price and value.

Sodalite Impact

It puts a strong emphasis on reason, emotional harmony, intuition, and clarity. The sodalite stone is used by healers seeking perception and truth; it also sharpens intelligence. Fever can be brought down, and it can help with insomnia.

Does Sodalite make a good Jewelry stone?

No, Sodalite doesn’t make a good jewelry stone. It has a Mohs hardness grade between 5.5 and 6, which makes it lightweight and easily broken. However, people still rock these stones on necklaces and earrings. 

Sodalite Real vs Fake

There are several ways to determine whether sodalite is genuine or not. Look at the hue to determine if the sodalite is real. Though it is typically blue, real sodalite can also be grey or green. 

Examining the surface is another technique to determine whether Sodalite is genuine. The surface of real sodalite is typically smooth, while that of imitation sodalite might be rough or powdery. 

Finally, by examining the cost, you may determine whether Sodalite is genuine. While phony sodalite is frequently significantly less expensive, real sodalite is generally more expensive. Before making a purchase, it is usually preferable to seek professional advice if you have any doubts about whether Sodalite is genuine.


Sodalite promotes clarity of mind and relaxation. It emphasizes the expression of emotions verbally as well as objective thought, truth, and intuition. It also raises one’s sense of worth, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

Sodalite fixes calcium deficits, strengthens the immune system, and regulates metabolism. It absorbs electromagnetic pollution to prevent radiation harm. In addition to treating stomach issues and hoarseness, sodalite also benefits the throat, vocal cords, and larynx. It brings down blood pressure, reduces fevers, and promotes the absorption of bodily fluids. 

Summary of Sodalite Stone

Name of Crystal Sodalite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Princess Blue
Origin(s) Ice River Complex near Golden British Columbia
Color(s) Blue, Violet
Formation Igneous rocks that crystallized from sodium-rich magmas
Majorly Found at Bancroft Ontario, Ice River: British Columbia, Litchfield: Maine USA, Brazil
Zodiac Suited for Sagittarius
Chakra Third Eye Chakra
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning A stone of insight and mental enhancement, it encourages communication, intuition, and truth
Types of Crystal Nepheline, Leucite, Nosean, Hauyne, Lazurite, Cancrinite, Melilite
Healing Properties Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks, boosts the immune system
Health Benefits Reduces inflammation, relieving headaches and muscle strain
Uses Used for emotional balance and to calm panic attacks
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 5.5 – 6
Real Streak Test – Sodalite has a lot of white streaks
Crystal will often splinter and crack when submerged in water
Fake Foul smell, uniform color when dyed


What is sodalite crystal good for?

Sodalite hailed as one of the most effective crystals for purging the body of harmful energies most commonly linked to shame and fear, propels you higher to claim the clarity of mind and emotional intelligence required for boosting self-trust.

What does the sodalite stone symbolize?

Sodalite is a mineral that also forms rocks and has an opaque opacity. It has white calcite with bright blue and purple tones. It symbolizes poetry and communication.

What chakra does sodalite heal?

Third eye chakra

Where should I put sodalite in my home?

The potential of sodalite to lessen sleeplessness may also be useful in this situation. You can anticipate some of your best slumbers ever if you keep a Sodalite crystal on your nightstand or beneath your pillow.

Can sodalite go in the sun?

Since too much sunshine could change sodalite’s color, it is preferable to only expose sodalite to direct sunlight for this little length of time.

How can you tell if sodalite is real?

The stone or crystal is commonly blue, but it can also be found in yellow, white, red, and green. It does exist in this form and is sometimes found alongside white calcite, but rarely being found in crystal form.

Placing it in water is a surefire technique to determine if sodalite is real, even if doing so is not recommended. When immersed in water, the crystal frequently breaks and shatters. So, if at all possible, keep water away from this stone.