Celestite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a mineral that forms blue crystals. Celestite is believed to enhance understanding, higher consciousness, and mindfulness when utilized in meditation and prayer. In addition, it is sometimes connected with divine power. Suppose if you want to feel a deep connection with yourself and others, you need to welcome the uplifting energy of Celestite into your life today! 

If you are curious to know about this Multipurpose Crystal, read on.


What is Celestite Crystal?

Strontium sulfate minerals such as Celestite are often found in geodes.


It may develop into more complicated forms like pyramidal crystals and is typically small and fibrous. Sedimentary rocks are mostly home to this type of crystal. Among the crystal-lover community, Celestite is still a unanimous favorite. Even though its ethereal beauty is exceptional, its medicinal properties are still profound.

How to Identify a Celestite Crystal?

How to identify a Celestite

Celestite is usually light blue or white, although it may also be pink, light green, light brown, grey, or colorless.

Celestite Cuts

Celestite is difficult to cut and facet due to its fragility. Stones of Celestite are rarely bigger than 10 carats, despite being able to be cut. So they’re often seen in tiny jewelry pieces or raw, uncut geode crystal displays.

Celestite Shapes

Celestite appears in orthorhombic structures and forms granular and fibrous masses. It is found in various shapes and sizes, such as tumbled stones, beads, towers, and spires. 

Where is Celestite Found?

Celestite is found mostly among riverbeds, streams, and seabeds. Small amounts of Celestite may be found in Sicily, Italy also. Most people associate Pennsylvania with Celestite.

Where is Celestite Found

However, they produced 15 tons of Blue Celestite per year at the Madagascar deposit by the 1990s!

Celestite stones are widely considered to be of the highest quality in Madagascar. It can also occur as colorless, white, pink, pale green, pale brown, and black. Orange specimens are generally found in Ontario, Canada.  

Coelestine, Eschwegite (of Lévy), and Sicilianite are some other names for the mineral. 

Celestite Crystal Meaning

The crystals’ well-known shades of sky blue inspired the name derived from the Latin word Caelestis, meaning “celestial.” 

Celestite Stone Meaning

Celestite symbolizes mental clarity and higher purpose. Its name takes after its mystical pale-blue quality that seems, in some way, connected to the divine. The color of Celestite represents wisdom, holiness, and good fortune. 

Celestite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Celestial realms, angelic realms, and higher levels of consciousness are frequently connected to Celestite. Moreover, its penetrating blue hue and attractive energy have been linked to the cosmos and universal knowledge. The Blue Celestite meaning represents understanding—on a deeper level—of the universe’s secrets.

Celestite Crystal Properties

Celestite ranks between 3-3.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness. Hence it’s a soft crystal.

Celestite Crystal Properties

Celestite is a very high vibrational stone whose energy can be felt with a touch. This gleaming crystal is imbued with rich mystical qualities. One important aspect of Celestite is that it will ensure that your inner world feels harmonious and balanced. It’s a stone that speaks about a profound link to other worlds. 

Celestite Healing Properties

Meditating, praying, or being mindful around Celestite is favorable. This stone works wonderfully as a visual element in a room dedicated to mindfulness practices. 

Celestite Healing Properties

Regardless of your current condition, a Celestine stone has the magical ability to center and ground your whole being. Your inner world will feel balanced and peaceful when you use Celestine. 

When you heal your heart and mind, your external world will mirror these metamorphic transformations. Growth, wealth, and spiritual enlightenment all have a positive feedback cycle. The third eye chakra, sometimes known as Anja, is the most focused on by Celestite.

Wisdom, knowledge and expanded levels of awareness are all aspects of this chakra. To regulate serotonin, your pituitary gland collaborates closely with it. 

Physical Healing Properties

The healing properties of Celestite go into every cell and cleanse your aura, clear out your clutter, and allow inner peace to flood in. Although its spiritual abilities are well-known, this lovely and magnificent stone strongly affects the physical and heavenly bodies. 

Celestite is particularly effective in treating stress-related illnesses and assisting the body in eliminating toxins. Celestite touches are like an organic balm for the body, whether it is used for digestion problems or acne outbreaks. 

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

This crystal is focused on encouraging you to discover your inner stability and ultimate sense of calm. When you’re having a difficult time with damaged relationships, it’s a bright stone to turn to since it assists in clearing the mind of anger, frustration, and lingering bad moods. 

Celestite helps you escape your emotional turmoil, and you are better equipped to communicate and express compassion. It also awakens your heart. Celestite soothes the storms raging inside those who regularly feel on edge or in a state of overwhelming. 

Instead, it urges you to sit in stillness, acknowledge your higher purpose, and allow your inner power and boundless knowledge to overcome the dark spaces of fear. 

Celestite Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to its fascinating metaphysical features, Celestite is famous. It keeps us open to the angelic realms and allows us to clear out the closet of negative energy.  Celestite may expand our vision to the farthest reaches of the cosmos by stimulating your Crown Chakra- the most important chakra for etheric energy.

Celestite is your ticket to assistance for those who have faith in guardian angels and higher dimensions. Celestite also distinguishes itself from the crowd by accessing those psychic skills, another technique for growing your spiritual growth. 

For those interested in prophecy, the ability to see beyond, beautiful blue Celestite can help you tap into that hidden power, further enhancing your understanding of life and layering up your mental clarity.

Celestite Benefits

Celestite Benefits

  • When Celestite is used in your meditation practice, the healing properties of this crystal are best exploited. Therefore, while meditating, try to utilize it every day.
  • When utilizing a Celestite crystal, experienced meditators describe being washed over by a wave of energy that is both calming and refreshing.
  • You’ll feel more energized, focused, and optimistic in your day-to-day life if you can access its high vibrational energy.
  • In addition, if you continue this activity for a long time, you will reap the benefits of deeper spiritual insight, a stronger sense of presence, enhanced perceptive skills, and an overwhelming feeling of bliss.
  • Keep a piece of Celestite crystal on your bedside table to encourage deep sleep and the development of a regular and comfortable circadian cycle.
  • This crystal will help you remember your dreams because of its presence.
  • You can explore the deeper meaning of your night’s excursion and perhaps discover symbols or messages that will aid you in your quest for self-discovery and growth if you can recall them accurately.
  • A space dedicated to rest and rejuvenation is optimal for Celestite to work its magic. Therefore, we strongly recommend placing your stone in a meditation area or altar in your bedroom if you have one.

 Celestite Benefits for Home & Office 

  • Everyone needs a space to unwind, meditate, and connect with their minds. Everyone deserves one that is calm and clear.
  • Celestite brings these specific hues of ambiance to your home. Celestite encourages you to leap higher, not just as a beautiful communication tool but also as a jumping stone.
  •  The Crown Chakra and the angel realms are connected to this stone. 
  • If you want to expand your intuitive power and connect with your heart, you may use a piece of Celestite crystal in your meditation practice, reiki healing, or chakra cleansing process.

Celestite Benefits Spirituality

Celestite is closely tied to divine energy and cosmic, supernatural powers and is associated with celestial beings. As a consequence, spiritual strength is the optimum use for this gem.

Celestite also aids discernment or higher spiritual awareness. As a result, the stone has qualities that allow it to enhance knowledge and inner peace. Celestine has a very high frequency, allowing it to travel through various levels of awareness considerably quicker than a low vibratory crystal.

The more you are drawn to Celestite, the greater your chances of finding it. It encourages you to investigate the existence of extrasensory perception and psychic abilities. 

Celestite can link you to the Higher realms, one more profound Celestite property. 

It allows you to connect with your guardian angels and open yourself up to receiving information from higher beings. Celestite links you to the divine nature of everything and is regarded as the finest gemstone for developing spiritual strength. 

When this soft blue crystal is with you, it amazes you with the beauty of the universe and everything in it. 

Celestite can transport your awareness to a non-physical plane where everything appears to make sense, despite its complex intricacies, in the same way as entering a vortex of cosmic knowledge does. 

From those who have worked with it, it’s one of the most powerful crystals for creativity, inspiring poetry, prose, and short tales. However, time, effort, and practice are required to advance through these stages of spiritual exploration. 

Meditating with this crystal can be life-altering, yet it may also help if you feel sluggish. You are less likely to recall your more profound encounters with Celestite if your energy centers are unbalanced. It enables you to discover and comprehend your genuine self. It’s the finest stone for anyone who feels lost. 

Celestite & Feng Shui

Celestite is a wonderful energy stone that can help us achieve inner peace and external success. A space designed for relaxation and rejuvenation is optimum for Celestite to work its magic. Therefore, we strongly recommend putting your stone in a meditation area or altar in your bedroom.

Celestite crystals aid in creating clear and compassionate communication, thus assisting in developing healthy and successful connections. Therefore, you can set your Celestite crystal permanently in your shared home space.

Celestite Birthstone

Celestite compliments Libra for improving emotional clarity. However, Libra’s strength is in the heart chakra or sincerity. Celestite and its associated meanings may aid Libra’s understanding of their emotions. 

Celestite is an exceptional match for a handful of star signs, despite not being a conventional birthstone on the calendar. It beautifully harmonizes with the spirit of those born under the Gemini sign. In addition, the Celestite crystal flows with Libra’s nature. It helps Libra people to face challenges. 

For improving self-acceptance, Celestite compliments Gemini. The throat chakra, or for communication, is where Gemini has its strength.

It perfectly matches their attitude of building the Throat Chakra and going deeper levels of self-acceptance. Celestine may help great communicators gain enough knowledge and understanding of themselves to lead others and support meditation practice. 

In addition, Celestite’s gentleness may help calm the fiery astrological sign of Taurus. Celestite can also help Aries recognize when it’s time to take a break and sit in stillness rather than rushing after everything they want, which may provide comfort. 

Celestite Chakras

Wisdom, understanding, mindfulness, and higher consciousness are all linked to Agneya or the third eye chakra. In addition, the pituitary gland, which controls serotonin, is primarily related to the third eye chakra. 

Celestite For Chakras

By aligning the chakras and enhancing your intuition, Celestite helps you connect with cosmic energy.

Celestite begins its divine energy discovery with the Throat Chakra freeing up any blockages and giving you a clear voice and great communication.

It also involves the Third Eye Chakra, where we access our deepest insight and boundless knowledge. 

What are the Uses of Celestite?

You can keep Celestite in the house and restore health and peace, or if you prefer to wear it as jewelry, you can choose to wear it. 

Uses of Celestite

So to take its healing energy with you, Celestite invites you to utilize it. 

Aligns Body and Spirit

Celestite is an excellent crystal for aligning your body and spirit. Even if you aren’t fully aware of its presence, its calming vibrations help to cleanse your energy of unwanted stress or tension. 

You are eased into daily mindfulness practice with Celestite. Instead of reacting to stressful circumstances, it encourages you to remain calm and find your inner peace. 


This crystal may help calm nerves and relax people on the trips for those who get seasick or are particularly anxious. Those who are carsick will find it helps them relax as well. In addition, Celestite aids nausea during travel and keeps health and posture in check while traveling in tight quarters, which is one of the frequently overlooked Celestite advantages. 

Public Speaking 

Celestite gives immense courage to talk in public with no fear. Celestite is the ideal stone for support whether you’re an actor, singer, comedian, or just someone who needs to give a speech effectively in Public. 

Inner Strength

Celestite assists you in accessing your inner strength, giving you the confidence to overcome your fear. If you feel insecure in public spaces, having a cluster of this heavenly blue stone on hand is a surefire way to boost mental health and provide some reassurance. 

Calm Your Energy

Celestite’s fear-preventing qualities also soothe other onslaughts of anxious tension. This crystal can calm your senses 24 hours a day! Celestite helps us relax in today’s frantic environment and teaches us to value the little things.

It directs our attention to aspects of life that we sometimes take for granted, encouraging us to cultivate a healthy habit of appreciation. 

Harmonious Relationships

Celestite brings peace and calms any relationship that is draining your energy. It helps you get into the same phase by increasing communication and harmonizing your relationship. Celestite supports active communication. Celestite crystals, in general, aid in promoting compassion.

How do you care for Celestite?

Celestite Gemstones will benefit greatly from being cleansed and charged so that they may retain their high levels of healing.

Caring For Celestite

It’s not advised to cleanse Celestite with water; it may be damaged if immersed in water. It’s a soft mineral that shouldn’t be cleaned with water. Leave it immersed or put it in a salt bowl if you want to avoid water.

Celestite may chip or scratch the surface of your gentle-natured light blue Celestite if it is kept away from stronger crystals like Hematite and Tourmaline. 

When to Cleanse Celestite?

Although there is a lot of false information online, Celestite should not be cleaned with water because it’s an extremely brittle mineral that may start to degrade, as stated above. 

When to Cleanse Celestite

Celestite can be cleansed best by immersing it in rice for about an hour and then exposing it to the morning light for a short time. However, it may begin to fade in direct sunlight if you leave it there for too long. 

Smudging with Sage

You may utilize multiple purifying energies to cleanse and care for your celestite crystal, each of which has its benefits. For example, many crystal enthusiasts choose sage when clearing away negative energies and welcoming high energies into their crystals. Burning sage is also a good cleansing choice since Celestite is very delicate. 


You’ll need a clutter-free environment with windows to ventilate the smoke this way. Finally, you circle the smoke above the Celestite after the sage has been burnt, envisioning the negative energies being extracted and wafted away with it as it leaves you. When you perform this sacred ceremony, you may also choose to recite a positive affirmation. 

Crystal Geodes

Your Celestite crystal can also be cleansed using large crystal geodes like Selenite or Amethyst. These masses emit a strong cleansing or filtering energy that may revitalize and boost the vibrations of smaller crystals. 

Placing your little Celestite stones inside a bigger geode for twenty-four hours or longer is the most effective way to do this. This is because the geode’s cleansing energies can be fully absorbed by it in this way. 

How to Recharge Your Celestite?

The Moon is a natural charging source that may help you care for your crystals. 

Moon's Energy To Recharge Celestite

It’s quite light, soothes your stone, and allows it to recover, absorbing conflicting vibrations and filling it with peace. Lastly, you might dust your Celestite using a microfibre cloth if you notice it collecting dust.

For cleansing, Selenite plates or slabs work well for smaller pieces. For larger geodes, a little bit of Palo Santo works just fine. 

What is the Celestite Activation process?

  1. You can Meditate with Celestite and Send Positive Affirmations to Activate the stone. 
  2. You can place your crystal in Moonlight or even Sunlight to give it a recharge.
  3. Placing it next to Amethyst is another Best method to Activate Celestite stones.
  4. Always charge Celestite pieces with cosmic energy: the sun or the moon.
  5. The sunlight is proper for encouraging life-affirming energy and mindfulness practices for daily activities.
  6. The Moon for emotional, intuitive power, good for boosting emotional intelligence and reminders of thoughtfulness. 

How much is Celestite worth?

Celestite Worth

Celestite comes from clusters, geodes, and jewelry and can cost anything from $2 to several thousand dollars per piece. 

Note: Prices are according to the time of writing this article. 

What determines Celestite’s Price and Value?

The price of a Celestite is influenced by factors like carat weight, color, and clarity. Celestite gemstones from Madagascar and the Lake Erie region will fetch higher prices for their fine quality and rare colors.

Celestite Impact

Anyone who wishes to add something more divine into their life will need Celestite. It operates by boosting a feeling of self-awareness.

It not only serves as a medium for connecting with your higher purpose and finding your spirit guide, but it also instills a sense of calmness, clarity, and honest, authentic communication with those you love.

In addition, Celestite is thought to have a strong link with heaven and the angelic realm, according to energy healers. 

Does Celestite make a good Jewelry stone?

When a Celestite stone is pressed against your skin, it allows for maximum energy absorption, allowing high vibrations to flow right into your chakras and wherever they are needed. Celestite might Suit best for maintaining touch with the harmonic earth vibrations.

The stone may also be known as Celestine, but it’s still the same heavenly gem. Celestite jewelry is a delight to behold, and it makes a magnificent gift. You may experience a stronger feeling of calm, a gentle feeling of patience, and a link to your higher purpose when you wear a Celestite stone. 

Mindfulness throughout daily life may also be achieved by wearing celestite jewelry. It has an incredibly attractive hue and is very gentle and light. Every crystal lover should have a piece of Celestite in their collection. 

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Celestite Real vs Fake

Celestite has one unusual characteristic when ground into a powder: it’s highly flammable. Consequently, it’s often utilized in fireworks since it produces a powerful and brilliant red color. 

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat weight determine the form of Celestite is natural.

Celestite’s color and clarity stand out with a terrific shimmer. So, make sure to preserve an eye fixed out for step-cut gemstones.

Note: Step cut, also called Trap Cut or Cushion Cut, is a method of faceting colored gemstones in which the stone produced is rather flat with steps, or rows, of four-sided facets parallel to the girdle

Celestite, Emerald, Tourmaline, Topaz, and amethyst are often cut in this fashion. Pure Celestite is colorless. But due to mineral impurities, celestite gemstones can take on the colors of the rainbow. 

Real Celestite has greater sensitivity. The clarity for Real Celestite is free of inclusions. Celestite and Blue calcite appear similar. The easiest way to tell the difference is the weight; Celestite is the heavier one. On average, Celestite weighs 1.5 times more than Blue Calcite.

Large, clean faceted celestites are very rare. These gems are usually colorless or pale blue, but rare orange, green, yellow, and red shades have also been found.

If you want to Know more about Identifying Real Celestite, Please go through this Post.

Summary of Celestite Crystal

Name of Crystal Celestite
Other Names Celestine
Origin(s) Pennsylvania
Color(s) White, Pink, Pale green, Pale brown, Black, Pale blue, Reddish, Greyish, Colourless
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Found in sedimentary rocks, particularly dolomites, dolomitic limestones, marls as a direct precipitate from aqueous solutions or, more usually, by the interaction of gypsum or anhydrite with Sr-rich waters
Majorly Found at China, Spain, Mexico, U.K, USA, Argentina, Morocco,
Zodiac Suited for Aries
Healing Properties Intuitive guide, High vibrations, Chakra healing
Health Benefits Toxin removal, stress reducer, improves digestion, resolves acne
Types of Crystal Geodes, Crystal clusters
Uses Meditation, Prayer, jewelry
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3-3.5
Real Red flame during gas burning
Fake green flame during gas burning


What is Celestite good for?

Celestite is good for activating higher chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye, and Crown chakra. It heals the brain, throat, eyes, ears, and nose disorders.

Where do I put Celestite crystals?

Celestite’s gentle energy can connect you with intuitive dreams. So Keep Celestite on your bedside table all night long.

Is Celestine rare or common?

While celestite clusters are abundant, individual celestite gemstones can be a little tougher to the source. As a result, large, clean-faceted celestites are very rare. 

Where should Celestite be placed in the home?

You can place it in Hall for Energy, in the bedroom For relaxation; or in the office for Focus. 

What happens if I put Celestite in water?

Celestite is a soft mineral; it’s not recommended to cleanse it with water; if immersed in water, it can be damaged.

What chakra is Celestite?

Celestite works closely with the third eye chakra, also known as Agneya. This chakra is connected to wisdom and elevated levels of consciousness.

How do you charge Celestite?

To charge your Celestite, allow it to rest in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours.

How can you tell if Celestite is real?

By scraping the dust of the crystals into a gas flame, the flame’s color will confirm the crystal’s identity. If the flame is a pale green, it is Barite; If it is red, it is Celestite.