Chrysocolla Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Chrysocolla is known popularly throughout human history and legends associated with this go back as long as the reign of Cleopatra who used it for inspiration. 

The history of chrysocolla goes back as long as the oldest possible human civilization and is most popularly associated with the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra. Stories say that she should carry the stone with her as a source of inspiration. The Roman emperor Nero is known to have ground this stone into powder and sprinkled it around the arena of chariot races, for bringing energy into the races. 

Such a crystal attracts attention even in today’s era. Keep reading below to know more about the meanings and properties of this beautiful crystal.


What is Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla, the name, comes from the Greek word “Chrysos” which means gold, and kola which roughly translates to glue. The name was first given by Theophrastus in 315 B.C. and was later revived in 1802 by André-Jean-François-Marie Brochant de Villiers. Chrysocolla, with its regal and rich colors and golden shades, when in contact with Turquoise, Azurite, and Malachite, forms the magical gemstone known as Eilat stone.

Since it was one of the earliest materials used by any goldsmith for welding metals together, chrysocolla earns the ‘kola’ part of its name. This stone was often used by renaissance painters as pigment for their artwork. It is easily associated with elite living and has adorned the crowns and jewelry of Kings and Emperors. Furthermore, this stone, due to its greenish hue, is sometimes used as a substitute for turquoise. 

It is best known among American-Indian cultures, wherein it is used as a healing stone. Its ability to strengthen body resistance and calm turbulent feelings is what makes it ideal as a healing crystal. It is also a traditional stone for musicians who use it as a source of inspiration. Leaders of great nations are also known to use this crystal for encouraging stability and peace. Consequently, chrysocolla can be used to issue a defensive boundary around houses to keep away from evil presences and maintain peace and harmony inside the household. 

How to Identify a Chrysocolla?

How to identify Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a lovely stone that has a sparkling blue color to it that is easily recognizable by the plain eye.

 Below listed are some properties of the stone to help identify and distinguish it:

  • It is cyan, i.e., blue-green, and is an ore of copper. Chrysocolla contains other impurities which cause many vibrant patterns in the stone. These appear as streaks, veins, spots, and other distinguishable patterns. These patterns can be red, yellow, brown, or black.
  • Chrysocolla has a hardness of 2.5 to 7.0.
  • This stone is formed by secondary origin, from the oxidation of copper ore bodies. 
  • Being an opaque stone, the stone chrysocolla’s surface becomes smooth after polishing. Any surface blemishes should be absent thereafter. It takes a glossy luster after being polished. 
  • The chrysocolla is a dense mineral and has some weight but it does not have any visible crystals. 

Chrysocolla Cuts and Shapes

Chrysocolla is a semi-precious stone that can be cut into various cuts and shapes according to carbocation and can be used for various purposes. The following are some of the cuts they can be found in:

  • Round- The round brilliant cut is one of the most classic stone cuts and is used mostly in rings. It has maximum brilliance and looks mesmerizing on the bearer.
  • Oval- A variation of the round brilliant cut. The oval-shaped chrysocolla is the most common form of it. It can be used in your house and for meditation and bearing purposes.
  • Pear- Often used in jewelry pieces and mostly earrings, this pear shape of chrysocolla can be found very easily too. 

Where is Chrysocolla Found?

Where is Chrysocolla found ?

This alluring stone crystal is most commonly found around copper deposits. Copper is the primary ore of this ore and it is formed near it. It can also be spotted amidst blue azurite and malachite formations. 

Chrysocolla is mainly found in the USA, Israel, the UK, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It can be found in places where huge deposits of copper occur like Mexico and Africa, in the USA it occurs in the state of Arizona where it is known as the Apache Chrysocolla.

 When found with quartz, it is known as the Druzy Chrysocolla and it is found in Peru. The purest and rarest form of this crystal is known as Chrysocolla Chalcedony or in local terms, the Gem Silica which is similar to Turquoise. 

Chrysocolla is found in Taiwan, Arizona, Peru, and Mexico. It is also found in Cornwall (England) and different locations in the USA such as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Idaho. 

Chrysocolla Stone Meaning

Chrysocolla is a stone that is considered to be the Stone of Communication. The true essence of the stone is a commitment to empowerment, teaching, and expression. The turquoise-blue color of this crystal is associated with serenity and gets rid of negative energies, allowing inner truth and wisdom to flourish and come to the surface. It also helps in calming the nerves and keeping you better at concentration. It is known to be a very peaceful stone that emphasizes the power of the bearer’s words. It makes you responsible for your actions and imbibes strength and compassion inside you. 

This stone is a copper stone and ranges from light green to deep green. It is generally found together with Azurite and Malachite and some even contain traces of Cuprite. It is hugely known for its business sagaciousness and prosperity which dwells upon intuition and analysis. Acting as a balance scale, this stone effectively relaxes the mind and emotions. 

It is considered a stone of empowerment for that woman and feminine energies. The true power of this stone remains in its gentle nature and is, therefore, a stone of the Goddess. Any bearer who resonates with this stone will most definitely feel a connection with the ancient and feel enduring energy surges within herself. 

Thus, the chrysocolla stone induces peace, forgiveness, and strengthening of your emotional bonds. It helps you culminate your inner compassion and helps you in recovering the natural spontaneity inside yourself. 

Chrysocolla Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Meaning in Ancient Lore and History of Chrysocolla

According to legends, the Eilat stone was originally found in the mines of King Solomon’s in Africa. This partially contributed to the fact that it is the national stone of Israel. The vibrant colors of the stone are a beautiful symbolic representation of what the Earth’s surface looks like when looked at from space.

The Greek philosopher and botanist Theophrastus first used the name to describe the stone around 315 B.C. It was used by goldsmiths for soldering and welding gold pieces together. This gemstone is said to have inspired creativity among various artists including goldsmiths, renaissance painters, and modern-day designer artists. Chrysocolla has been mentioned in many ancient lapidaries (texts describing gemstones and the power associated with them). Its presence has been celebrated through the ages by different civilizations for its power of peace and harmony along with strength and effective communication.

Nero, the Roman Emperor, is well known as the patron of the beautiful green stone faction. The ancient faction was all divided according to colors like blue, green, red, and white. There were even chariot races organized between these factions to ensure their dominance over each other. Whenever Nero had to participate as a charioteer, he would sprinkle the entire racing area with the powdered chrysocolla to bring him victory. 

The most famously known location of the earliest chrysocolla deposit was found in the Levant around 1000 BC during the reign of King Solomon of Israel. King Solomon is famed to have one of the best privately-owned copper mines during those times in areas surrounding southern Israel and Africa. These copper fields produced the in-topic bluish-green stone and were known as the Stone of King Solomon or famously the Eilat Stone. The name Eilat is derived from the southern Israel city of Eilat. This famous stone was a combination of Malachite, Turquoise, and Chrysocolla. 

Chrysocolla Crystal Properties

Chrysocolla is a blue-green crystal that has high copper content and is known for communication. It is opaque and made of Malachite and other minerals. This crystal is characterized by its mesmerizing green and blue colors. It can be found in different shapes and forms, ranging from balls to stalactites, and even in massive forms. It is further amorphous and cannot form clear and visible crystals.   

It has varied and amazing properties, all of which are stated below.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties

Chrysocolla has immense healing properties and below listed are some of them:

Chrysocolla Physical Healing Properties

The physical healing properties of Chrysocolla can be summarized in the following points-  

  • The healing properties of Chrysocolla involve the proper functioning of your internal organs and balancing your hormonal fluctuations. 
  • This blue-green stone helps you support your brain and nervous functions. It is a great stone for repairing your tissue damage, recovering from your illness, and also balancing stress in day-to-day life. 
  • Chrysocolla also boosts your immune system and the reproduction of cells. It also cures your insomnia and any other muscular issue. 
  • This stone relieves you from sore throats, laryngitis, thyroid issues, and other larynx-related problem. 

Chrysocolla is a stone that brims with emotional and spiritual properties. At the same time, it is also immensely helpful in dealing with various physical issues. This bright, luminous bluish-green stone acts as a soul soother and sends healing vibrations throughout your body, even to the nervous system. It is like a cool shower on your soul and therefore is hugely calming. It, thus, helps in reducing blood pressure. Chrysocolla also is helpful in various woman-centric problems like intense cramps-free periods and safe pregnancies. It also regulates your blood sugar, aids the lungs by keeping them clean and healthy, and also helps in digestion. The stone can also be useful during fevers and infections. 

Chrysocolla Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

What are the emotional and mental healing properties of Chrysocolla ?

If you are someone who wants to make a change but cannot find a way to make it into reality, Chrysocolla is the stone for you. It will most definitely help you channel your inner possibilities and ambitions along with your energies. This gives you the needed boost that will help in the transformation and attaining what you most desire. 

Graded as the teaching stone, chrysocolla is a stone that drives you towards higher knowledge. Chrysocolla will wash away any trace of self-doubt and self-deprecating beliefs along with the negative emotions inside your mind. These emotions can hold you back from further improvements in your life and obstruct life achievements. It creates self-awareness and is an exceptional tool for forming a connection with your inner truth and finding healthy ways of communicating with authenticity to the outside world.

If you are suffering from tension in relationships or one where you might feel constricted, chrysocolla can put an end to those. It will stop the flow of heated communication and replace them with softer and more harmonious forms of communication and allow love and affection to flow freely as silk. It is also efficient in helping you overcome heartbreaks or disappointments. This teaching stone will remind you of the importance of moving forward and learning from even your darkest experiences. Chrysocolla will therefore help you in finding true happiness, joy, and confidence in life and push you forward to realize your dreams. 

Chrysocolla Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is known as the stone of dreams and creation and works towards the creation of new opportunities. It makes you more open to reverie, and love for your true self without any fear.

This stone is a powerful purifier of your heart and it unblocks all locked away heartaches. Chrysocolla provides support and assistance to your heart to go through these difficult periods and transitions – allowing your older, toxic energies to be released and you learn lessons from those unfortunate events and move on with a brighter and positive growth.

The stone is a solid anchor between the Earth and the star and therefore is an efficient cleaner of energies and aligner of your body chakras.  Chrysocolla guides your soul’s path and helps you create harmony and synchronicity. It opens the doors to opportunities for enlightenment in your life.

Chrysocolla Spiritual Properties

On another spiritual connectivity level, Chrysocolla enhances your insight into the universe’s energy and utilizes it to your benefit. This stone aligns all your elements with that of the universe and makes a very powerful manifestation tool. It will give you support to attain your full potential and turn your dreams into reality. Chrysocolla facilitates healthy growth and boosts confidence and resilience to achieve what would seem impossible to you in the first place. 

A good level of tranquility is associated with Chrysocolla, which helps in inducing deep insights. This makes the stone an excellent choice for meditation and any spiritual practices. It will boost your healing powers from within and help you generate lighter, positive energy. It is connected to ancient energy and is, therefore, a great source to tap into your ancestral lineage and knowledge and accumulate past powers into your present. Due to its power of unveiling and illusion removal, it can be a good assistant in otherworldly communication and open your psychic vision. This stone neutralizes any negativity around you and protects you in your spiritual endeavors. 

Chrysocolla Benefits

What are the Benefits of Chrysocolla?

The following are the benefits of the Chrysocolla stone:

  • This gemstone is calming in nature and nullifies any emotionally overcharged circumstances. It prevents and protects you from using and receiving harsh words or mockery. You receive new insight regarding your reality and convey it with more authentic words and dialogue.
  • Chrysocolla induces harmony by releasing repressed feelings that obstruct your mind from thinking in the right direction. This stone is also helpful in assisting males in expressing their more vulnerable sentiments and recovering from any form of violence. 
  • This stone encourages the creative vitality in women and offers them the true purpose and meaning of society. It helps in channeling the inner strength and power and aptly delivers them to the outside world.
  • Chrysocolla is also known as the Hermit’s Stone due to its extremely soothing qualities and assistance in keeping calm in times of solitude.
  • This beautiful stone is one of the greatest promoters of self-awareness and healthy environments. It helps you in embracing change in your conditions and follow your objectives regardless of the highs and lows you face. 
  • Chrysocolla is the stone in charge of all your acoustic treatment which includes language and your sound waves. The essence of the stone impacts your physical surroundings and how you can modify your way of living through your speaking skills. 
  • This stone smoothens your transition through various stages in your present and even past life. It helps you retain those experiences—visions attached to your mystic elements like ceremonies, and spiritual earth rites. The divine invocation can be induced with Chrysocolla and help you draw affection and dispel your anxiety – giving you a perfect focal point. 

Chrysocolla Benefits Spirituality

What are the spiritual benefits of Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla has great spiritual benefits because it carries such healing properties. It helps in resolving your sad and negative emotions and gives birth to rejuvenated happier and positive feelings. It also promotes understanding of others around you. This stone makes you accept the integrity of the universe and absorb its energy into your body, emotions, and intellect and gain new insight. This stone balances self-confidence and strengthens you as an individual. You will be able to tune in to the energy of the Earth and communicate freely with the spiritual powers associated with it. 

Chrysocolla & Feng Shui

Chrysocolla is a gentle and healing stone that is full of Feng Shui energy. It brings about cool hues to your house. This stone is connected with the water element of Feng Shui. If you place it in rooms where generally communication happens, it will work its magic by helping the voices to be strong and true and clear without disrupting the harmonical flow of it and keeping out anger and resentment. This blue-green stone will also work great if it is placed in areas where creativity surges. It will bestow its velvety touch on the artist and let the art flow flawlessly. 

 Chrysocolla Birthstone

The regal shades of the blue chrysocolla are soft and shimmering and therefore a great match for the shifting mood nature of Virgo, Taurus, and Gemini. The stoic nature of the Taurus sign sometimes makes it difficult for others because it leads to stubbornness. It helps in easing these emotions and being more compassionate. It also increases creativity in this sign.

For Gemini, their smart and sensitive nature can be made better through this stone which acts as a magical addition to their personality.

Chrysocolla Chakras

Chrysocolla Chakra

Chrysocolla is heavily related to the heart and throat chakras and helps in channeling your love for other people. 

The throat chakra is related to your overall expression and if it gets blocked, there would be a problem with communication. Chrysocolla keeps your throat chakra balanced and helps you in expressing yourself freely.

The chrysocolla stone aiding your heart chakra will help you get over heartaches and bad experiences. It also maximizes your ability to love and keeps you in better condition of controlling your emotions.

What are the Uses of Chrysocolla?

Chrysocolla is an amazing stone that carries loads of benefits for its users. Below listed are some of its major uses:

  • It is a stone that is considered to be the stone of wise women that needs to be worn or carried. Older women bearing this stone will find their expression of knowledge and experience in creativity such as painting, writing, and music.
  • Chrysocolla can also serve to be a great gift for grandmothers or someone in that relation to help them balance their now subsided life and roles.
  • Chrysocolla is a great stone to help a person who is going through the pain of separation or loneliness or who feels nervous by themselves at night.
  • Chrysocolla is often referred to as a teaching stone that encourages you to reach and acknowledge your highest level of knowledge potential and others may even receive benefit from this achievement. This growth can be projected in the form of advice given to friends, giving insights like a teacher, or modeling the execution of emotions through the power of words.
  • This stone has been known as a source of encouragement to people for staying at home. It is immediately helpful for people with wandering temperaments and who have a problem staying in one place. Monks, and prisoners who deal with efforts of diminishing their anxiety find solace through this stone.
  • Chrysocolla links your heart and throat chakras to the base chakras. This allows you to have a new perspective and appreciation of your body and discover the power from within yourself. The stone taps into your physical energies with that of your mental energies.
  • Chrysocolla brings inspiration into your life and makes you more active.  It gives you spontaneity in life that is needed so that you are more encouraged to say yes more often. It can rekindle your aspirations and passions in life and allows you to laugh and enjoy yourself freely.

Does Chrysocolla make a good Jewelry Stone?

Chrysocolla is a soft stone but it is an interesting stone when mixed with silica. It hardens through chalcedony and is a very good jewelry stone. 

How to Care for Chrysocolla?

recharing, activating and Cleansing Chrysocolla

Any stone would need caring and regular cleaning for it to function correctly and as efficiently as it can. Cleaning the stone would keep its luster and its beautiful look of it intact.

How to Recharge Your Chrysocolla?

Keeping your brimming blue-green crystal charged and cleansed will give you the maximized results of its powers. Chrysocolla is a water crystal and can therefore be easily charged by keeping it under any form of running water. If you clean your gemstone regularly, it will wash away any stuck-up negative energy that it might have absorbed for you earlier and be able to clean your surrounding of dark auras more. You can also charge this stone by using the energy of the light by leaving it in the company of other rocks or quartz crystals. In addition to these, you can also recharge your stone by infusing it with spiritual energies from a light sage.

When to Cleanse Chrysocolla?

Like any other gemstone, this blue-green stone should also be cleaned after regular intervals. Because it absorbs the negative energy around you, it is advisable to clean it as often as possible- preferably once or twice every week. 

What is the Chrysocolla Activation process?

Chrysocolla stone is related to the throat stone and is, therefore, the means of communication. It is best effective when worn close to the throat. Any form of necklace or choker with a stone in it would activate its power easily. 

How much is Chrysocolla Worth?

The cost of Chrysocolla varies according to the region it is found in and can be worth as much as $100 per carat. The value of this gem is determined according to various characteristics. The best kind of chrysocolla is the one that has a pure blue body and a very even translucence. The most expensive type is the one that has a deep mix of turquoise in it. These are found in the deposits of Peru, Mexico, and Taiwan. These cost more because of the rich content of minerals like turquoise and malachite. 

It must be noted that the prices might differ according to places, region, and even the time from which this article has been written. 

Chrysocolla Real vs Fake

How do you identify Real vs fake Chrysocolla?

The pure form of chrysocolla is soft and fragile and thus is not suitable for being made into pieces of jewelry. Although this nature of it makes it vulnerable to molding, it is often agatized into chalcedonic quartz. This quartz gives the stone durability and luster which can be used in jewelry.

While buying a chrysocolla stone you can keep the following things in mind to distinguish whether it is a real stone or lab-made. 

  • The most basic way of knowing it is by getting a certified stone from the jeweler itself. It is a bit expensive but the most effective way to weigh your options. 
  • Keep a lookout for the colors of the stone. The blue-green patch of this stone is very vibrant but it also has traces of other colors like red, black, and yellow. It is never just a pure stone of green or blue.
  • The softness of the stone is the main giveaway. If you can scratch the surface of the stone with a copper coin, then you can be assured it is the real deal. 

How to Tell if Chrysocolla is Real or Fake in 7 Easy Ways. Read here.

Summary of Chrysocolla 

Name of Crystal Chrysocolla
Other Names
Eilat Stone, Eilatite, Beaumontite, Bisbeeite, Dillenbergite, Copper Pitchblende, Azurlite, Blue chrysoprase, Chalcedony chrysocolla, Chrysojasper, Demidovite, Druzy chrysocolla, Gem silica chrysocolla, Keystoneite
Origin(s) Africa
Blue, cyan (blue-green), green, blackish blue to black, brown, rarely yellow
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
silicate mineral, hydrated copper silicate
Majorly Found at
Peru, Chile, Mexico, Israel, Africa
Zodiac Suited for
Pisces, Gemini, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer
Healing Properties
cleanses and re-energizes chakras, psychic vision, self-awareness, inner-vision
Health Benefits
Regulate blood sugar, aid digestion, Clean and healthy lungs, and cure infections, and fevers.
Types of Crystal Chrysocolla Malachite, Chrysocolla Chalcedony, Chrysocolla Azurite
Jewelry, Home decoration
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 2.5 to 3.5
The softness of the stone, veins of green, blue
Glassy look, Air bubbles


What is Chrysocolla crystal good for?

Due to its calming colors of blue and green, Chrysocolla carries the serenity of water energy and helps tap into your highest truth and realize your worth. It has a gentle flow and tunes your sense of knowledge and becomes one with you to become your best teacher. It also aids your heart and throat chakras. 

Is Chrysocolla a rare stone?

Chrysocolla has a propensity of mixing with other minerals. It is generally found mixed with other minerals with quartz and silicate. Thus, pure chrysocolla is quite rare to find. 

Is Chrysocolla the same as Turquoise?

Often mistaken as turquoise for its bluish-green colors, chrysocolla is a different stone than that turquoise. Chrysocolla does not form crystals whereas crystalline turquoise is quite common. 

Is Chrysocolla a mineral or rock?

Chrysocolla is a silicate mineral that is a hydrated copper silicate. It is formed due to the decomposition of copper minerals in copper mines.

What healing powers does Chrysocolla have?

Chrysocolla cleanses and calms all your chakras. It even draws out the guilt and heartaches and increases your capacity of loving. This stone also improves communication and opens your psychic vision. It also encourages inner balance and self-awareness. 

How can you tell if Chrysocolla is real?

Real chrysocolla would have secondary colors like red and yellow mixed with the green and blue colors and can be scratched with even a copper coin. It is very soft. 

Is Chrysocolla expensive?

The price of chrysocolla differs from the place it has been extracted from and the size of the stone. If the percentage of pure chrysocolla is more, then the price can go up to more than $100.

Does Chrysocolla dissolve in water?

Chrysocolla can be completely dissolved if the pH value is below 3 and completely insoluble if the pH value is more than 6.