Dumortierite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Dumortierite is thought to be a helpful stone for people who struggle with nervousness and a fear of speaking in front of others. Dumortierite can promote feelings of safety, assurance, tranquility, and certainty. For people who meditate but struggle to clear and relax their minds, the stone may also be helpful. The wearer of dumortierite is also said to have a very light outlook on life. It helps the user remember to laugh and to see circumstances from a humorous perspective. The most common form of dumortierite is massive in the form of fibrous lumps.

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What is Dumortierite?

Dumortierite is a relatively uncommon aluminum borate silicate mineral that can be found in Quartz as fibrous inclusions, tiny prismatic crystals, or as masses. Although dark or navy blue is the most common color, it can also be seen in green, violet, brown, and even pale pink. This stone was named after the well-known French paleontologist E. Dumortier and was found near Chaponost, France, in 1881 by F. Gonnard. Typically, dumortierite is found in a pegmatite that is rich in aluminum, which can be found in nations like Madagascar, Canada, Russia, Namibia, Austria, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and the USA.

How to Identify a Dumortierite?

Dumortierite quartz is among the relatively uncommon gem-quality blue-colored quartz varieties. Transparent materials should be verified before usage because the majority of blue quartz is translucent to solid. On its own, dumortierite is a unique type of mineral. It is easily recognized as an aluminum borosilicate mineral based on its chemical makeup. The color of dumortierite quartz can mimic a few other well-known blue gemstones, including sodalite, azurite, and lapis lazuli. But compared to other blue gemstones of a similar color, dumortierite quartz is much tougher and more resilient.

Dumortierite Cuts

Cuts of Dumortierite

It frequently takes classic oval and round shapes. Both large sizes and calibrated sizes are typical. While uncommon, fancy shapes are not unheard of.

Dumortierite Shapes

The versatile crystal dumortierite can be used to create stunning brooches, collars, earrings, headpieces, and regular crystal rings. It can also be used to carve decorative items like cameos of animals and small figures. Dumortierite is also not usually available at your local gem and mineral shop because it is a rare kind. This gemstone is a good alternative for sodalite or lapis lazuli due to its attractive blue color.

Where is Dumortierite Found?

This gemstone is found in these regions:

  • Austria
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • France
  • Italy
  • Madagascar
  • Namibia
  • Nevada
  • Norway
  • Peru
  • Poland
  • Russia
  • Sri Lanka

Dumortierite Stone Meaning

Dumortierite Meaning

Dumortierite is a gemstone with a very high vibration that opens your third eye chakra and awakens special psychic talents. These skills can be as basic as improving dream recall to more complex ones like lucid dreaming, astral projection, contact with higher dimensions, synchronicities, channeling, and even ESP. The abilities of dumortierite enhance both one’s intellect and intuitive side.

This gemstone will attune one to the greater knowledge they will soon get just by carrying it or wearing it. Your improved memory and mental ability to retain and comprehend the new information you are exposed to daily are two key signs that Dumortierite’s powers have permeated you.

Dumortierite is the best gemstone you can find if you’re looking to improve your memory and mental power. Anyone studying for exams who struggles to retain the material they read is advised to use this stone. We suggest engraving a purpose into your Dumortierite stone and keeping it close by while you study. We also advise carrying a piece with you at all times to act as a constant reminder of your purpose. Let the stone respond to you and help you remember all the concepts you’ve recently learned.

Most importantly, remember to bring it to the test. Put your Dumortierite in front of you at your workstation, and then permit its intuitive energy to fill the space around you. Clearing the stone of your previous intention is extremely important after the test is finished and your intention has been accomplished. Once you’re finished using it, the stone is prepared to support you once more as you continue on your chosen course in life.

Quartz occasionally contains dumortierite as an inclusion. This combination stone is incredibly uncommon and unique. The Quartz crystal substantially increases the dumortierite’s powers, which may even be too strong for some practitioners.

Dumortierite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

It bears the name Eugène Dumortier after the French paleontologist who discovered it in the Rhône-Alps area of France in 1881. High-quality porcelain is made with dumortierite. It can occasionally be confused for lapis lazuli and sodalite.

Dumortierite Crystal Properties

Dumortierite Crystal Properties

Dumortierite draws attention to the patterns that underpin addictions and compulsions to reprogram cellular memory. It ends the vicious cycle of co-dependency by assisting caregivers in realizing that they cannot treat the addict or regulate the addictive behavior of others.

Dumortierite is regarded as beneficial in treating ailments such as headaches, hypersensitivity, nausea, vomiting, epilepsy, diarrhea, cramps, and colic. Sunburn can also be treated by gently placing it on the affected region.

All over the body, inflammations are reduced with dumortierite. If you ever experience any inflammatory reactions to a disease or an allergy, keep this gemstone on hand; focus on calming the inflammation while holding it.

The energy of dumortierite can support people who experience mental haze, have difficulty concentrating, or are energetically obstructed.

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties

All over the body, inflammations are reduced with dumortierite. If you ever experience any inflammatory reactions to a disease or an allergy, keep this gemstone on hand; focus on calming the inflammation while holding it.

The energy of dumortierite can support people who experience mental haze, have difficulty concentrating, or are energetically obstructed.

For people battling addictions, blue Dumortierite has a lot of energizing advantages to offer. It helps in the fundamental detection and removal of harmful patterns.

Dumortierite will help by further boosting calmness and decreasing relaxation, making difficult everyday tasks more manageable. This improvement is attributed to the stone’s ability to balance the throat chakra. Blue Dumortierite will thereby enhance communication between physical and mental energy, or upper and lower chakras, leading to a more structured and balanced life.

Dumortierite Healing Properties

Dumortierite Healing Properties

In addition to activating the brain and improving your cognitive function, dumortierite has important medicinal characteristics that may help with several diseases, ailments, and problems. It can ease stomachaches, migraines, constipation, and other gastrointestinal problems. Additionally, it can help neonates who are ill, uneasy, cramping, or uncomfortable.

Dumortierite is used by therapists to treat skin conditions, hypersensitivity, seizures, and other thyroid-related symptoms, pain, or illnesses. When applied to the affected areas, this gemstone may aid to soothe burns. It’s been demonstrated to help with depression and even pregnancy symptoms. When preparing for a journey, you should bring this gemstone along because it could prevent motion sickness. Like Clear Quartz, Dumortierite is a fantastic stress reliever.

By controlling your digestion and helping with hormonal difficulties, dumortierite may be able to help you achieve your ideal muscle mass if you’re trying to lose weight.

Dumortierite Benefits

Benefits of Dumortierite

Numerous crystals, including this azure one, have been connected to enhanced clairvoyant abilities. The therapeutic benefits of dumortierite are concentrated in several additional crucial areas, such as enhancing cognitive abilities, improving perception and memory, regulating and managing emotions, and helping with physical symptoms. These are the main benefits that Dumortierite may offer to those who use it well.

If you are wild and disorganized, it helps you take control of your life and gets rid of your tension, obsessions, insomnia, panic, dread, despair, performance anxiety, nervousness, or intolerance. It’s also said to increase courage and identification, encouraging you to stand up for yourself if you’re the target of an unfair attack.

Dumortierite promotes openness and linguistic proficiency to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. You may manage your papers, habits, thoughts, and sentiments with the aid of dumortierite, which also fosters leadership abilities and mindfulness. These qualities are a precious gem for people who are starting or running their unique organizations.

The stone blue dumortierite encourages feelings of security, mental peace, and assurance. The chakra system is expanded and controlled by it. Self-abnegation, nervousness, and confidence problems are all helped by it. Your ability to defend what you consider to be sincere and honest is better as a result. 

You can envision, sense, comprehend, and enjoy your brilliance with the aid of dumortierite. You can find your inner delight through it. This gemstone acts as a reminder that all will be alright once you can speak and follow your reality.

The best gemstone to look for when trying to enhance one’s mental well-being and cognitive capacity is dumortierite. 

Interact with the gemstone and let it refresh your memory of all the recent concepts you have acquired. Most importantly, keep it with you when taking the test. Place your Dumortierite next to your desk to let its impulsive strength fill the entire space. It’s crucial to resolve the gemstone of your previous aim as soon as the trial is over and your goal has been accomplished. Once you’re done, this gemstone will be glad to help you once more as you continue on your adventure.

Dumortierite Benefits Spirituality

Dumortierite keeps you especially alert when focusing on celestial or spiritual direction. It symbolizes your spiritually innate, eternally timeless nature in terms of higher consciousness. When worn over the ears, it enables clairvoyance; when worn further back, it awakens memories of prior lives. It takes you back to the beginning of your spiritual journey so you can examine the arrangements that have been made throughout millennia of history.

Dumortierite can assist you in renegotiating your agreements. By identifying and eradicating past life causes of illness, difficult circumstances, or links in your present condition, this stone assists you in breaking old connections and renouncing vows.

Dumortierite can be used by angelic beings, supernatural creatures, and other entities to enable you to hear, perceive, or comprehend heavenly revelation and wisdom. This gemstone is associated with the serene center of the chakra system, which is a source of inner peace. Use it to improve your inner vision as you develop your spiritual awareness and intuitive sense. You can use it to investigate your behaviors, preferences, or challenging puzzles. Making a successful transition to more informed behavioral patterns is the ultimate objective.

What are the uses of Dumortierite?

This blue gem is linked to improved psychic powers, like many other stones. Dumortierite’s therapeutic effects are centered in a few key areas:

  • enhancing mental and intellectual capacity
  • Increasing memory and intuition
  • controlling and balancing your emotions
  • helping to treat bodily illnesses

Your intuition may also be improved by dumortierite. It can strengthen your mind and make it possible for it to be open to link with the larger cosmos and metaphysical realm since it aids in engaging in the environment and your life mindfully.

Dumortierite & Feng Shui

Feng Shui Dumortierite

Dumortierite is the gemstone that represents “tolerance and peace.” The valuable blue stone promotes harmony, success, self-control, orderliness, boldness, trust, success, a positive outlook, patience, and tolerance. Distractions, disordered thinking, and disorganization are all significantly reduced with the help of this gemstone.

Use dumortierite with feng shui in the center for well-being, equilibrium, and centering. Use for spiritual practice in the Helpful People, Traveling area, for the blue component in the Knowledge, Skills region, and the self, developing your business, and achieving your goals in the Work, Lifepath area.

Dumortierite Birthstone

Dumortierite is not a birthstone. It is not popular as other gems like sapphire, topaz, and ruby because of this reason. Additionally, it is less accessible than stones like quartz. Because of this, when you mention “dumortierite,” most people won’t be able to envision what you’re talking about.

Dumortierite Chakras

Chakra Healing using Dumortierite

Both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra are in alignment with this gem. Vishuddha, another name for the throat chakra, is linked to expression and verbalization. The Ajna, or third eye chakra, is located between your eyes and connects to your intuition and creative side. The capability to communicate clearly and simply can be restored by using dumortierite to open these two chakras. It improves your comprehension of the metaphysical world and how it relates to the universe by dealing with the third eye.

Caring for Dumortierite

It takes less care and maintenance because of its durability and toughness. Wearing or keeping Dumortierite jewelry with harder stones like Jasper, Emerald, or Tourmaline should be done with caution. You might use a soft towel or brush and a light detergent to wash it. It simply seeks to thoroughly clean your Dumortierite accessories without leaving a soapy residue that would ruin their appearance.

You shouldn’t clean it with store-bought or homemade products. There are many ways to clean your Dumortierite gemstone. Smudging is one such technique. One of the easiest and simplest ways to release stress from your gemstone is to do this. 

Additionally, avoid exposing it to radiation since this might cause an irreversible change in hue. Use it as you would the majority of items with priceless gemstones and minerals, whether you’re conducting household chores or enjoying leisure activities. Keep it separate from other jewels in a textile box that is preferably lined with a delicate fabric.

When to Cleanse Dumortierite

  • Your dumortierite gemstone can be cared for in a variety of ways. The stone can be first cleaned by pouring lukewarm water over it, but other techniques, like smudging, should be used to make sure it is clean before use. This procedure is ideal for “resetting” your dumortierite and expelling any bad energy it may be harboring.
  • Light some sage and soar your gemstone through the air to haze your dumortierite crystal. The key to using this technique successfully is to get into a meditative state where your attitude matches the energy you want your dumortierite to create.
  • By putting the stone in a vase with quartz or tumbling hematite stones for at least a day, you can also utilize these stones to clean the stone. It is feasible to use petals in place of tumbled gemstones or even a spray made of floral essence and essential oils.

How to Recharge Your Dumortierite

Recharge your Dumortierite

  • Ensure your Dumortierite is completely submerged in the water. Give your Dumortierite one day to take a bath in the water. It works wonders to reenergize the stone’s energy. Your Dumortierite will be cleansed of all the bad energies it accumulated and then refilled with good ones using the saltwater solution.
  • You can also place your Dumortierite on a sacred altar or in an area with other gemstones that have strong healing powers. By removing any leftover negative energies, the stones will operate on your Dumortierite.
  • The time has come, though, to charge or clean your Dumortierite if you haven’t in a while. You can try any of the ways stated above to see which is the most efficient, simple, and quick approach for you.

Dumortierite Activation process

  • You can use incense, cedar, sweetgrass, or sage to perform this. All you have to do is pass your gemstones through the drifting smoke.
  • You can also purify it in a glass bowl containing quartz or hematite stones that have been tumbled.
  • Simply keep your Dumortierite with the other stones for at least a day.

How much is Dumortierite worth?

Dumortierite’s value is mostly influenced by its availability, crystal size, and hue. It is a highly tough crystal that is also very difficult to locate. These reasons mean that it could not be readily available for purchase in crystal shops. The cost of an actual stone depends on how rare it is and how you manage to obtain it. The cost of large crystals will be higher than that of smaller crystals. However, you can purchase it from specific gemstone dealers.

Some vendors will additionally charge a higher premium for it compared to other blue gemstones from the same granular form because of its highly sought-after color. 

Inclusions of dumortierite in quartz are known as dumortierite quartz. The majority of dumortierite quartz stones are transparent and contain some dumortierite. However, because of how uncommon this combination is, it will also be very expensive. Blue Dumortierite is readily available and hence a little less expensive.

What determines Dumortierite’s price and value?

The four criteria used to assess the value of a gemstone are carat, clarity, color, and cut. It is important to comprehend how each of these variables affects your investment, regardless of whether your goal is to start a collection or purchase one diamond.

Dumortierite Impact

Due to the reflection and arrangement of ideas and information it offers, dumortierite stone facilitates improved concentration and more developed, logical thinking. It is especially well adapted to all facets of the brain and learning in this regard. It works especially well for picking up new languages. Additionally, on an emotional level, the organization it gives to your brain and intellect enables you to manage a variety of facets of your life, including shyness, anger, anxiety, and depressive states. An increase in confidence is also to be anticipated, particularly if you have to battle against injustices.

Dumortierite not only assists us in organizing our ideas but also our possessions, including paperwork for the office and to-do lists. It is especially appropriate for fledgling independent contractors. The dumortierite stone immediately affects the capabilities of your brain by enhancing your mental sharpness. You will be able to accomplish your objectives while never losing sight of them, and you will be able to analyze the information about them most effectively. Finally, you can anticipate a tenfold improvement in memory, which will help you learn.

Due to its highly developed psychic abilities, dumortierite is a rare stone that can communicate with the world of spirits and guides. This stone is a gateway to the realm of your inner guide, spiritual guide, or angel, depending on your preference. This link to the spiritual realm can help you to develop your intelligence, clairvoyance, and insight in particular. To inspire you most effectively, let their spiritual wisdom shine upon you.

Does Dumortierite make a good Jewelry stone?

Dumortierite is a stunning and extremely durable mineral that is ideal for jewelry. Since faceted stones are so uncommon, the material in cabochon form is the only one that is widely known. 

Dumortierite Real vs Fake

Dumortierite Real vs Fake

Synthetic gemstones can be grown in a lab, produced through a technique called flux growth, or formed through melting. None of the techniques produce healing qualities. Fake items made of colored, manipulated plastic or glass are extremely widespread. It is always important to check your gemstones and ask for an authenticity certificate before buying. 


The crystal dumortierite is stunning. With this stone in your hands, you will be able to connect to the more powerful cosmic influences and the intricate forms of power that surround you. You will be able to communicate with your past selves and recognize how they affected your present existence.

Summary of Dumortierite

Name of Crystal Dumortierite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Holtite
Origin(s) France
Color(s) Blue, Pink, Purple
Formation Fibrous aggregates of slender prismatic crystals
Majorly Found at Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Madagascar, Namibia, Nevada, Norway, Poland, Russia, and Sri Lanka
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Chakra Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning Also called the “blue denim stone,” Dumortierite is a wonderful stone for life-long learners
Types of Crystal Slender prismatic crystals
Healing Properties Helps to bring calm, relaxation, and harmony
Health Benefits It aids with a variety of diseases, aches, and illnesses in addition to stimulating the brain and enhancing intellectual ability
Uses It teaches you how to fight for yourself. It helps in incredibly brain-stimulating and results in improved intellectual ability
Goes in the Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-1
Real Ask for an authenticity certificate before buying
Fake Made of colored, manipulated plastic or glass


What is Dumortierite crystal good for?

Dumortierite is regarded as a stone symbolizing independence and self-control. It is thought to encourage calmness and organization. The stone is praised for enhancing memory and fostering insight.

What does Dumortierite Quartz do?

Dumortierite is regarded as a stone symbolizing independence and self-control. It is thought to encourage calmness and organization. The stone is praised for enhancing memory and fostering insight.

Is Dumortierite the same as blue Quartz?

Dumortierite quartz is a rare and uncommon blue kind of quartz gemstone. The mixture of quartz aggregates and the mineral dumortierite is of gem quality. Although a vast variety of hues can be found in quartz, blue-colored quartz is relatively rare.

What chakra is associated with Dumortierite?

Both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra are in alignment with this gem. Vishuddha, another name for the throat chakra, is linked to expression and verbalization.

Is Dumortierite the same as Blue Aventurine?

After the French paleontologist Eugène Dumortier, Dumortierite is the mineral that gives blue aventurine its distinctive hue. It has a mottled, silky look. It frequently occurs in beautiful rich colors of blue, red-purple, or green. Because heating makes it perfectly white, it is frequently utilized in high-end ceramics.

Is Dumortierite the same as Sodalite?

Dumortierite can be distinguished from Lapis or sodalite by the presence of pyrite in Lapis and calcite in sodalite, respectively. These metallic flecks of white or gold are not present in dumortierite. Lapis also have a more vivid shade of blue than blue dumortierite, which is denser and has a deeper denim hue.

What does the Dumortierite crystal mean?

Dumortierite is regarded as a stone symbolizing independence and self-control. It is thought to encourage calmness and organization. The stone is praised for enhancing memory and fostering insight.