Green Tiger’s Eye Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

While historians formerly thought Green Tiger Eye was the product of one mineral getting transformed by another while retaining the original mineral’s shape, it is now acknowledged that it is the product of synchronized mineral development via a brittle fracture process.

What is Green Tiger’s Eye?

What is Green Tiger's Eye

Green Tiger’s eye is a mineral that belongs to the Chalcedony family. It is renowned for having an opaque type of transparency with a smooth appearance and feel. The gemstone, Green Tiger eye, sometimes referred to as “The Shapeshifter” in traditional and therapeutic circles, is rich in earthy elements.

How to identify a Green Tiger’s Eye?

It is typically mined in areas with hot and dry air. Because of its scarcity, Green Tiger’s Eye is frequently falsified. Buyers should search for surface flaws such as spotted and asymmetrical patterns and abnormal and mismatched color composition and appearance.

Where is Green Tiger’s Eye Found?

Tiger’s eye is a one-of-a-kind gemstone that will stand out no matter where you wear it or how you wear it. In South Africa, in the Northern Cape region, there is the largest supply of tiger’s eye in the entire world. South African deposits are so extensive that they have almost entirely contributed to the affordability of specific hues such as yellow, red, and brown.

Tiger’s eye has also been found in a large number of other places, including Namibia, India, Thailand, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Nearly all of these places are experts in a certain variety of Tiger’s Eye, usually in one or two hues.

Green Tiger’s Eye Stone Meaning

Green Tigers Eye is cherished by many as a stone that supports and encourages many beneficial results, including warding off evil, sharpening insight, and giving prosperity to the wearer or owner thereof. This is because Green Tigers Eye resembles a tiger’s eye via the reflection of light. As a result of its immense potency as a power stone, it is revered as an “all-eyed eye.”

Green Tiger’s Eye Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Tiger’s Eye, also known as “The Shapeshifter,” is an earthy rich, and intriguing gemstone that encourages its user to appreciate their inner strength, individual resolve, and protective qualities. There is no denying the tremendous intensity and energy contained in this stone, which is adorned with golden bands, sand-like grains, and smudges of inky black and brown.

The Tiger Eye Gemstone was traditionally worn as an amulet to ward off bad energies. It was thought to protect the bearer from curses and evil intentions. Beyond its protective abilities, the Tiger Eye has a wide range of restorative qualities. Tiger’s Eye was so uncommon and prized in the 16th century that its price was substantially greater than that of gold.

According to legend, the Egyptians were enamored by the Tiger Eye Stone’s iridescent rays and used it to symbolize the eyes in their creations of great gods because they thought it reflected heavenly perception. It was also worn by Roman soldiers in combat as a protective amulet on their breastplates.

Green Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Green Tiger's Eye Healing Properties

The Tiger Eye stone is linked to the sacral and root chakras and has a wealth of wonderful therapeutic qualities and advantages that work to harmonize one’s physical and emotional well-being at the same time. Tiger’s Eye focuses on bringing lovely self-confidence to the fore instead of hiding it.

Physical Healing Properties 

Green Tiger’s Eye is a fantastic blood fortifier and great at harmonizing the endocrine system. It may stir things up and inspire motivation for people who frequently feel a little lethargic or covered in lethargy. The hormones fall into balance, restoring one’s biochemistry to its optimal state, with the assistance of more energy, a quicker metabolism, and a gentler sex drive. The warm-blooded stone also traps the heat of the sun, which lessens the burden of gloomy and gloomy days for people who experience seasonal sadness.

Emotional Healing Properties

The wearer of this stone can remain stable, grounded, and connected to their inner selves despite the turmoil around them because of the stone’s powerful emotional healing abilities.

The energy of Tiger’s Eye may also aid when you’re feeling blocked by cutting through your lack of drive and promoting a more active way of living, which can help you change your perspective and alter your emphasis. As part of the healing process, negative energies are expelled, mental obstacles are removed, and the most vivid dreams unexpectedly stop being visions and start to come true. Numerous different relationships might benefit from the healing powers of the tiger eye.

Not only may it help with constructively overcoming low confidence to enhance connections with oneself, but it can also help with complex emotional attachments to cash and money. Tiger’s Eye works to dispel limiting ideas and remove negative energy from the things in life that frequently prevent individuals from feeling comfortable for those who have self-worth issues and who add financial difficulties to it.

Green Tiger’s Eye Benefits

Green Tiger's Eye Benefits

Green Tiger’s Eye has a lot of benefits. Below are some of them:

Enforces mental strength

It has been utilized for things like shielding oneself from pressure and expectations from others. Business leaders and managers strongly favor it. It will provide results consistently and stop the mind from collapsing.

Gives the courage to move forward

The military personnel that serves in combat choose to utilize this gemstone. Additionally, it helps people overcome their fears and anxieties. You’ll receive the fortitude you need to win the conflict. It is often used as a charm to increase business luck.

Avoids evil energy

It has served as a charm for cutting through bad vibes. It is employed to guarantee the owner’s security. This stone is worn by people as a talisman for journeys and business travels. It is also appropriate as a gift for travelers.

Helps you see the truth

Its owner’s eyesight will improve because of the unusual “tiger’s eye pattern.” For instance, it is helpful when you become lost in your life. It is a precious stone that will guide you to the brightest future.

Increases continuity

It is employed to keep motivation and energy levels high. Another use for it is as a talisman against procrastination. Once you have made the decision, you will have the authority to carry it out.

Green Tiger’s Eye Benefits Spirituality

The Green tiger’s eye is a gemstone with symbolism and the ability to recharge energy shortages. It is a gemstone with great energy that symbolizes the tiger as its name suggests. You’ll get the endurance you need to function in society.

It turns success into a quest under the guise of employment, and enormous money is created. It is a treasure that you can count on in every situation. Tiger’s eye comes in many colors. Dyeing is a common method for producing green Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye’s potency is enhanced by the significance and qualities of green. The color green stands for love, acceptance, harmony, fairness, and faith. It will be possible to get elements that are not available while using the regular Yellow Tiger’s Eye.

Green Tiger’s Eye & Feng Shui

If you want to create a harmonious sense of feng shui in your house and business, Green Tiger’s Eye, a stone noted for its total cleaning and defensive properties, makes an incredible amulet.

Green Tiger’s Eye is very helpful for any type of workplace or workstation in Feng Shui since it promotes fine concentration, provides a deeper degree of understanding of difficult circumstances, and helps overcome procrastination to complete the task at hand. The Green Tiger’s Eye gemstone is renowned for grounding emotions in the home and harmonizing Feng Shui vibrations, as well as for luring luck and banishing anxieties, making the house a sanctuary of safety from the outside world.

Using the Green Tiger’s Eye as a protective amulet and putting it close to the front entrance or a window is one of the greatest ways to combine Feng Shui with the Green Tiger’s Eye. Additionally, it makes sense to keep a Tiger’s Eye in the child’s room or nursery for parents who have kids and wish to use it to establish their tigress nature and guard their cubs.

Green Tiger’s Eye Birthstone

The Green Tiger Eye gemstone is an excellent choice for people looking for a touch of midsummer enchantment in their birthstone. It provides tremendous delight to Geminis since they are naturally creative and it can help them break through creative obstacles.

Additionally, it promotes wise decision-making, which is ideal for Geminis who occasionally hesitate before acting in favor of others. Geminis are also noted for their quick wit and readiness to chat, yet they might occasionally feel restless and nervous in a situation. They are in charge but can also let things happen as they may.

The anchoring and stabilizing energies of this stone perfectly balance out its contradictory twin personality side. Tiger’s Eye healing balms are also incredibly beneficial to Capricorns and Leos. Mercury, a planet with a tight astrological alignment to the Green Tiger Eye, brings weight and awe to the constellation since air signs frequently require the stabilizing power of the earth to keep them grounded and prevent them from fluttering away in the changing winds.

Green Tiger’s Eye Chakras

The Tiger’s Eye is a comfortable ally for individuals who require assistance with their lower chakras. With the help of this earthy stone, the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra may all function in balance. These chakras represent security and power, and they are the places where a person feels rooted, linked to the ground beneath their feet, and secure enough to take risks and explore higher planes of spiritual consciousness.

The fact that these chakras actively work to keep individuals bound makes it difficult to feel secure and at ease without a strong foundation for them. These stones are amazing amplifiers, and as a result, they are also renowned for increasing and activating psychic talents.

Although it’s important to keep in mind that the Tiger Eye is more of an earthly root chakra stone, it may be beneficial for people who desire to connect to their third eye on a deeper level to use the gemstone as a spiritual booster to higher realms.

What are the Uses of Green Tiger’s Eyes?

What are the Uses of Green Tiger's Eyes

By enhancing the energy you bring to a situation, crystals may be useful to your spiritual practice. They are only effective when combined with action, so don’t expect these stones to do all of the jobs for you. Here are some ways in which a green tiger’s eye may assist you as you work to overcome your anxieties, build confidence, realize your desires, and more.

  • Overcoming fears is facilitated by using the Green Tiger’s eye during meditation.
  • Since the sacral chakra is intimately related to the green tiger’s eye, it’s a terrific addition to whatever chakra work you’re doing. Placing that stone on top of your sacral chakra is extremely effective when you’re feeling trapped when you feel like your originality is sluggish, or if you want your sexuality to be re-energized.
  • This stone is excellent for protection, so using its energy is as simple as carrying it with you whenever you need a little additional security. Additionally, you may place it in an area of your home where you want greater security, such as next to your entrance or bedroom door.
  • Tiger’s eye can aid with manifestation.
  • Be aware that our goals must be crystal clear, laser-focused, and grounded for the law of attraction to function. In that case, consider holding this stone as you write in your notebook about the objectives you’re pursuing and have a green tiger’s eye nearby when you’re taking concrete actions.
  • Like other crystals, the green tiger’s eye also has more universal applications that you may use in your daily life, such as wearing it as jewelry, using it in meditation, placing it where it makes sense, or simply carrying it with you.

Caring for Green Tiger’s Eye

You may wash and charge the green tiger’s eye using any of your preferred methods because it doesn’t need any specific maintenance. Additionally, as it has fewer pores than other crystals, you can choose to cleanse or charge it with water.

You may also try exposing your tiger’s eye to moonlight or sunshine, immersing it in sound or smoke, or even clearing it with your breath. These are a few other ways to cleanse and charge your crystal. To enable the Earth to purify and re-energize crystals, some healers choose to cleanse crystals by burying them outside in soil for 24 to 48 hours.

When to Cleanse Green Tiger’s Eye?

Since it is quickly contaminated with negative energy and waves, the semi-precious stone green tiger’s eye must be cleansed on a regular basis. Therefore, purifying your stone might help it regain its potency. After being purified of all contaminants, Tiger’s Eye can once more offer its user protection.

How to Recharge Your Green Tiger’s Eye?

You must purify or recharge your Green Tiger’s Eye after cleaning it. You must purify the stone to complete the cleansing once it has been cleared of energy. Simply exposing the Green Tiger Eye to sunlight will purify it. Naturally, a clear sky and summertime sun will quickly replenish your stones, but keep in mind that the cleaning will still take place even in cloudy or wet conditions because the sun is always present.

Put your Green Tiger Eye in bright sunlight for a few hours to fully cleanse it. It is preferable to expose it immediately outside rather than behind glass. Don’t cut corners while activating the Green Tiger Eye. The stone soon wears out since it comes into contact with negative energy while shielding you from them.

Furthermore, if the stone still carries bad energy from earlier applications, you won’t be able to experience its beneficial effects. The moon, which is the quintessential feminine force, assists the tiger’s eye in bringing peace and sweetness into your life. Place the stone during a full moon night in a neutral area, such as the bathroom, kitchen, or workplace, to refresh the tiger’s eye with moonlight.

How much is Green Tiger’s Eye worth?

Tiger’s eye gems are often inexpensive. However, specimens with high chatoyancy or vibrant color might cost a lot of money. The rarest tiger’s eye stone is without a doubt tiger’s eye. Such stones can fetch significantly greater prices if they have exceptionally excellent quality or unique hue.

Green Tiger’s Eye, suitable for museums, might cost as much as $400. The most commonly asked question is how much a green tiger’s eye costs and how valuable it is. In short, the carats, clarity, size, and form of the stone all affect the original green tiger’s eye stone pricing.

Green Tiger’s Eye Impact

In the correct hands, Green Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone that may make a significant difference. They restore confidence, calm the mind, and balance the spirit. To boost riches and vigor, utilize this stone. Green Tiger’s Eye increases self-worth and offers protection against evil energies.

Does Green Tiger’s Eye make a good jewelry stone?

Does Green Tiger's Eye make a good jewelry stone

A semi-precious stone called the Green Tiger Eye is also referred to as the “shapeshifter.” This widely used gemstone is said to have many mystical qualities. People think that having this gem will improve their owner’s life and enable them to achieve their goals.

It is preferable to wear the stone as jewelry as opposed to carrying it with you. The natural beauty of it may make some of you doubt it, but you adore it nonetheless. You’ll like this stone whether you believe in the paranormal or not after you wear it. Additionally, it has a MOH grade of 7, which indicates that it is a fairly durable stone and doesn’t need special maintenance.

Green Tiger’s Eye Real vs Fake

Due to the cut and polish, each tiger’s eye stone is distinct and may occasionally differ slightly from the others. However, a genuine tiger’s eye stone must possess a few specific qualities. The Green Tiger’s Eye is recognized for its shine, like many well-known gemstones.

It is a kind of quartz that, when polished, has a smooth sheen and a shine akin to glass. However, as the majority of imitation tiger’s eyes are constructed of glass fiber, this is not the most accurate method of determining the stone’s genuineness. Testing the stone’s durability based on its hardness is another method of evaluation.

Among all crystals, quartz is said to be one of the toughest. It rates between 6.5 and 7 on the Mohs scale. Due to its substantially greater softness than quartz, glass is utilized for this test. Apatite, which is glass, has a Mohs hardness rating of around 5. The tiger’s eye is a kind of quartz, thus if it can scratch glass, it should be able to do so rather than the reverse.


What is Green Tigers eye good for?

It helps you to be more peaceful and focused and is a powerful stone for anchoring you when you feel disoriented or confused.

What does green tiger eye stone mean?

The Tiger’s Eye Stone is related to morality and the effective use of authority. It is a bearer of luck and good fortune and wards away bad luck. Due to the beneficial qualities it supposedly has, it is thought to increase willpower and lessen anxiety.

What does Tiger Eye attract?

In your life, the tiger’s eye will draw riches, luck, and abundance. Additionally, the stone will boost your self-assurance and draw in money. If you seek success via money flow, possibilities, and business expansion, these stones are fantastic.

Who should not wear green tigers eye?

Green Tiger Eye should not be worn by Zodiac signs with governing planets that are adversaries of the Sun and Mars like Tauraus, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Libra.

How do I activate Tigers Eye?

The optimal times to activate your Tiger’s Eye are in the sunlight and moonlight.