Heliodor Meaning: Healing Properties Benefits and Uses

Heliodor is a unique, semi-precious piece of jewellery belonging to the Beryl family. These gemstones are well-known for their gleaming colours of golden green or bright orange. It was initially founded in 1910 in Western Namibia. Because these diamonds are huge in size, there is no rise in price for each carat to 10 plus carats.

Heliodor is a kind of beryl that gets its yellow colour from Fe3+ ions. It is a desirable gemstone amongst collectors due to its scarcity in the markets. Heliodor is valued by consumers at a minimum as highly as aquamarine. But even though the Roman writer Pliny identified Heliodor as a kind of beryl, it is commonly mistaken with brilliant yellow topaz. 


What is Heliodor?

Heliodor, commonly known as Yellow Diamond, is a popular semi-precious gemstone that absorbs Jupiter’s energies. The name Heliodor is a blend of two Greek words: “Helios” (Sun) and “Doron” (Gift). This gemstone promotes an individual‟s well-being.

How to Identify a Heliodor? 

Golden beryl is another name for heliodor. Some results of laboratory publications, however, differentiate between the words heliodor and golden beryl, referring to “heliodor” for beryls with just a greenish yellow tint and “golden beryl ” for beryls with a clear yellow to gold colour. Other sources, most particularly Walter Schumann, dismiss heliodor as a unique kind of beryl entirely, instead viewing heliodorus as just “weak-colored ” golden beryls.

What are the Shapes and Cuts of Heliodors?

It’s a good choice for rings, necklaces, brooches, studs, hanging earrings, bracelets, and nearly any other type of jewellery. They are available in a variety of sizes, including round, rectangular, almond size, oval, flower cutting, and many more.

Where is Heliodor Found?

Heliodor may be discovered mostly in Ukraine, Namibia in South Africa, Minas Gervais in Southern Brazil, Rangkul in the Mountains of Tian Shan located in Northeast of Tajikistan, Murmansk is located in central Russia, amid the Ural Mountains, and Northern Nigeria’s Nasarawa State. Heliodors might be found in the United States Litchfield County, Connecticut.

The stone’s greatest examples are from Namibia, but some could also be identified in Madagascar and Brazil. Brazilian heliodor is frequently of a delicate yellow hue and is step sliced to give the gem additional colour saturation. Heliodor native Madagascar is smoother and richer in colour.

Heliodor Stone Meaning

Heliodor literally translates to the gift from the sun. This gem’s name can be broken into two words from Greek vocabulary. “Helios” signifies the sun, one of the powerful planets in astrology and “Doron” refers to a gift. 

Heliodor Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

In addition to sculptures, the ancient Greeks utilised beryl to treat kidney problems and urinary ailments. Consuming beryl-soaked water would’ve been recommended by doctors. Experts offered the very same potion to cure asthma as early as 1300 AD. Beryl was one of the first jewels utilised for creature sculptures by the ancient Egyptians. Because crystal was not as transparent at the period, ingenious Italians around 1400 AD utilised beryl to make the very first kind of spectacles

The German mining corporation that produced the Namibian finds commissioned a heliodor-and-diamond jewellery set again for the German Emperor to give to the Queen in 1914. The royal connection enhanced heliodor’s attractiveness till WWI when heliodor lost widespread attention.

Heliodor Crystal Properties

Heliodor has been dubbed the “God’s Stone” and the “Gateway to Light.” The stone’s soft yellow tint is supposed to improve the user’s gut instinct and sensitivity.  This can assist them in discovering their own internal power while also helping them feel accountable for their personal lives by educating them on the principles of life. 

The gemstone may also assist them to mature and reach their true ability, helping them to feel ready for almost anything. nHeliodor can be heated or lubricated, and higher temperatures can remove the yellow tinge from the stone, giving in a transparent or perhaps even azure blue stone. This impact can be reversed by irradiation.

Heliodor Metaphysical Properties

The heliodor stone is supposed to activate greater intelligence and help the brain to work efficiently by summoning the heavenly Golden beams of knowledge and understanding. It is also known as the Gem of Absolute Nobles and Brave and courageous Leadership. Heliodor’s powers are thought to assist you in making judgments primarily on wisdom and experience rather than response or sentiment.

Heliodor originates from a Beryl jewel group and is hence also recognized as Yellow Emerald or Golden Beryl. Heliodor is a rock that belongs to the beryllium aluminium silicate group. Although pristine Beryl is colourless, numerous impurities found in it classify it as other stones, such as Heliodor. Other stones within the Beryl family include Morganite, Goshenite, Red Beryl, Emerald, Aquamarine, and many more.

Other stones within the Beryl family include Morganite, Goshenite, Red Beryl, Emerald, Aquamarine, and many more. Beryl has a firmness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it perfect for crafting into jewellery as well as other items.

Benefits of Heliodor

Benefits of using Heliodor:

  • It infuses the person with elegance, intelligence, and spiritual insight.
  • Heliodor has tremendous protective properties that shield the wearer from jealousy, evil spirit, casting spells, and so on.
  • It assists the individual in being more realistic and also in making judgments focused on facts rather than sentiments.
  • It reduces negative energy, enhances ideas, and bestows superior interaction abilities on the person.
  • The energy of ” MALE YANG ENERGY ” provides the crystal’s bearer with plenty of leadership and self-assertiveness. 
  • It helps in eliminating toxins from the digestive tract and stomach while also providing the person with a healthy life.
  • It aids in the treatment of liver, cardiac, spleen, and pancreatic diseases.
  • The Heliodor gemstone cultivates in its user a pearl of deep wisdom that aids in improved decision-making.
  • As a Stone of Aspiration, it enables its user to concentrate on life’s objectives and dispels feelings of despair.
  • It also helps to improve one’s financial status, because it enhances intelligence, many folks utilise it as a relaxation crystal. 
  • Heliodor is said to provide great fortune and also to improve one’s psychological and physical health. 
  • This stone purifies and infuses the area around its user with incredible good energies.
  • Heliodor improves self-esteem, enthusiasm, emotional stability, and a great vibe.
  • Heliodor is a good stone for individuals who have experienced any form of trauma in their past. It enhances the individual’s positivity and kindness in their approach to life. 
  • Heliodor strives to achieve objectives and ambitions while also promoting transformation in one’s lifestyle. Mostly labelled as “sunshine”, 
  • Heliodor’s good energies unite and harmonise consciousness and spirit. It teaches the user the principles behind the problems one has encountered throughout his life, as well as the rewards he has gained from those. It aids in the spiritual enlightenment growth of the individual stone”,
  •  it serves as a greatest well-being and self-belief crystal.
  • It offers the user the courage to confront and take a stand amid wrongdoing and injustice.

Heliodor Benefits Spirituality

Heliodor’s golden yellow aura unites the intellect’s willpower, aligning human will with Eternal Will. It awakens in the characteristics associated with divine compassion, enlightened consciousness, intuition, the power of transformations, and, eventually, the energetic major shift known as Ascension. 

The surrendering of will results in the greatest personal spirituality and aids in the elimination of purpose misunderstanding.  It helps on one’s journey of serving and grasping the insights and advantages of life’s adversities.

Golden Beryl can be utilised to gain insight into traditional magical procedures. It fosters the will to accomplish and carry ahead, even when bravery fails.

Effect of Heliodor During Usual Handling

Some minerals are safe to handle normally. However, radiation in uranium and thorium-containing materials should be assessed using a Geiger counter before handling. Additionally, water-soluble pearls will need to be taken into account. While certain metals have negative effects wherever they are used, others are unquestionably less dangerous.

The effect of Heliodors should be used with caution whenever working with potentially toxic gems. Your health may be hampered by internal breathing or unintentional swallowing of foreign objects. Additionally, silica and asbestos dust may be extremely deadly when inhaled.

Heliodor & Feng Shui

Heliodor’s Feng Shui

If you adhere to the fundamentals of feng shui, Heliodor will be your strongest companion in achieving happiness and accomplishment. Wood power, which often corresponds with a living area east and southeastern sides, may provide harmony, prosperity, and happiness to a family. 

Heliodor feng shui is suitably appreciated for its abundant wood vitality. It boosts the overall wealth of kin, ancestors, and the neighbourhood. Place these stones in the eastern corner of your room to allow the ubiquitous life energy termed Chi or Qi to enter the atmosphere of the building.

Heliodor Birthstone

Heliodor has never been a recognised contemporary birthstone. This jewel, moreover, is indeed a great replacement for the November birthdate, citrine. Heliodor is an excellent horoscope gemstone for individuals born under the sign of Pisces. The crystal’s yellow to bright forces might aid the frequently uncertain Pisces by channelling their intensity towards the solar plexus chakra. This must aid Pisceans who are constantly questioning themselves and worrying about failure.

Furthermore, this gemstone is considered to boost the imagination of people who were born under this sign, eliminating laziness and creating prosperity as well as the accomplishment of their ambitions and objectives. ​​Taurus is also supposed to benefit from the heliodor crystal’s bright characteristics. Taureans are generally noted for being calm, powerful, and responsible individuals. They are often regarded as hard workers and optimists.

Heliodor powers are supposed to assist in strengthening such attributes by activating the chakra. It provides assurance and happiness while empowering Taureans to take any chances in order to achieve those ambitions and find greatness. The heliodor stone can also provide peace to Leos. The heliodor is a perfect fit for such powers of a heliodor crystal owing to its tremendously strong character and constant belief.

The Leos genuinely distinguish themselves from their peers since they are immersed in pleasure, have cheerful personalities, and are kindest to all the signs. The Heliodor gemstone, with its vivid properties, is supposed to let Leos sparkle even brighter while revealing their attractive characteristics and talents. However, the heliodor stone may indeed assist in regulating Leo’s energy and keeping them from just being overly confident and acting in an unacceptable manner. This stone may also enhance Leo’s leadership capabilities by bringing hope, optimism and drive.

Heliodor Chakras

Heliodor concentrates on the Chakra System, the centre of mass for the celestial and spiritual energy bodies as well as the chakra that permits spiritual power to be channelled into bodily realms. The Chakras is indeed the energy distribution centre and the chakra of relationships. This chakra governs the immunological and gastrointestinal system and is placed between both the ribs and the navel. 

When you are physically balanced, you have the immunity to win over illnesses, are clear of allergic responses, and can utilise the nourishment you consume. Whenever the solar plexus is not in harmony spiritually, they might experience anxiety – the dread of being disappointed or dissatisfied by many others, or worry of submitting one’s existence and happiness to the desires of everyone else.

What are the Uses of Heliodor?

  1. Heliodor is a gemstone of optimism, calming irritation and anxiousness and relieving intensive tasks and great strain. It offers security and hope.
  2. Heliodor has indeed been utilised as a charm to elicit the truth from people and to reclaim what they have sacrificed in terms of work, ambitions, or wealth.
  3.  It’s an ideal gemstone for individuals who work for themselves or strive to manage caretaking with a profession. 
  4. Heliodor increases energy and resolves to achieve success at work when others have snapped their passion.
  5. By wearing or keeping the Heliodor, it can persuade people to lend personal assets or funds.

Caring for Heliodor

Crystals are used by many individuals to calm their thoughts, physique, and spirit. Gems, according to some, function energetically, transmitting natural energies across the universe. Crystals frequently travel great distances from the origin to the buyer before even being purchased. Each transfer introduces the gemstone to energies that may be out of sync with yours.

When Should You Clean the Heliodor?

Certain stones are claimed to soak up or divert the negative energy you’re striving to expel when utilised for therapy. The sole method for restoring your crystals to their original form is to wash and recharge it on a constant schedule. This act of kindness may also revitalise your personal feeling of fulfilment.

How to Clean Your Heliodor?

Heliodor has a firmness rating of 7.5 to 8.0 on the Mohs scale, making it a great option for fashionable jewellery. It’s a sturdy jewel for everyday use or just anytime you like, with an excellent hardness to prevent accidental chipping or breakage! Heliodor is a lovely gemstone for various forms of jewellery that would last for centuries if properly cared for.

To remove any dirt, fingerprinting, and some other filth, rinse the heliodor pieces in some kind of a solution of gentle dishwashing liquid and warm water with a clean cloth or paintbrush. Wash with cold water following cleaning then clean with a soft, dirt-free towel.

When cleaning heliodors, prevent using strong household detergents and extended contact to high temperatures. This gemstone should not be cleaned with mechanical or water vapour cleaners. Gently keep these colourful treasures in a textile container or draped in a clean cloth. To minimise unintentional scrapes or other harm, maintain them individually from the similar gems in your possession.

How to Recharge Your Heliodor?

How to Recharge Your Heliodor:

Messily rubbing the Heliodor crystals with white herb bunches is an option. To purify the crystal, just ignite the smudging sticks and run it over the smoke multiple times. Lay your Heliodor stones near a window during nighttime, facing the moonlight. The moon’s light is remarkably good for purifying crystals. Reiki as well as other energy healing treatments can also be utilised to detoxify the Heliodor stones. Keep the gem in the palm and enable curing and cleaning vibrations to pass through that.

Tibetan chanting bowls can also be used to detoxify heliodor crystals. Whenever these singing bowls are stroked, they generate a peaceful and healing sound. However, do not place the crystals within the bowl. Arrange the jewels surrounding the bowl and hit it lightly on the edge. Stroke the outside border of the song bowl multiple times in a circular movement.  

Cleanse the Heliodor gemstones with pyramidal copper. Start making use of a compass to find the four cardinal directions. Allow the Heliodor crystals to soak in the copper pyramid for just 60 minutes, or further if desired. Mantras could be another method for cleansing your crystals. You can chant or hymn a positive affirmation to them.

Slide the crystal all along the melody a few times after producing it with the vocal notes. These are simply a few excellent methods for cleaning precious crystals. Users may test out a number of these approaches to see which one works best for them.

Purify the Heliodor crystal on a daily basis to restore its energies to pure, vigorous, and effective. Upon cleansing the gemstones, one would discover that the energy has been regenerated, energised, and is functioning at its maximum potential. The magnificent stone’s vibrational frequencies harmonise the mental and psychic planes of the living being. It instils empathy, love, and acceptance in the wearer and removes dualism. 

How to Activate Your Heliodor?

How to Activate Your Heliodor

​​If the stone begins to feel heavier than usual, as if it has lost its lustre, this could benefit from some transmission process. If you’ll be making plans outdoors, think about bringing the stone along with you. Several individuals feel that letting the stone absorb energy at a playground or seashore has a massive impact.

One can also make an activating field by encircling the gemstone with more powerful peers.  Just make absolutely sure they totally surround the primary stone to ensure it can totally be activated.  The only way to return your gemstone to its original form is to cleanse and recharge it on a frequent basis. That kind gesture may also revitalise your internal sense of significance. The more you utilise a stone, the greater energy it accumulates. Clearing the whole of your jewels at a minimum once a month is a reasonable guideline to follow.

What determines Heliodor’s Price and Value? 

Is heliodor worth anything? Coloured gemstones are often valued largely on the basis of their colour, purity, shape, and carat number. It is not unusual when measuring the fair value of a heliodor. 

  • Colour of Heliodor

Heliodor’s very significant qualitative attribute is colour. It really is found in colours: yellowish green, citrus yellow, and bright yellow. 

The worth of this appealing stone has mostly been determined by colour saturation. The hue of Heliodor is due to tiny levels of ferrous ions within the chemical makeup. The more element there is, the more vibrant the colour and price of this diamond. In the current economy, gems with vibrant and dazzling golden yellow colours are regarded as the most desirable and attract a premium cost.

  • Clarity of Heliodor

Heliodor is translucent and exceptionally clear. A heliodor that is clear and immaculate will shine much like sunshine. Heliodor, being a Type II gem, has fewer flaws than some other beryl kinds including such emeralds. Consists of hollow shafts are common features. If these tubings are appropriately orientated when a cut gem has been polished but not sliced, a cat’s eye would appear.

After polishing, Heliodor shimmered with a crystalline, mirror sheen, guaranteeing that it glows in a manner that those other yellow crystals do not.

  • Cut Heliodor

Heliodors can be shaped in a variety of ways. It is frequently shaped into circular, rectangular, cushioned, and teardrop forms. They are usually polished to enhance their brightness. Cutters must delicately arrange the jewels to ensure that once viewed face-up, each stone appears its finest.

  • Heliodor Carat

The greater the value, the finer the cutting, colour, and purity of a gemstone. The ordinary carat weight is a little less than 3.0 carats. For bigger gems, the value per carat is likely to skyrocket.

Heliodor Real vs Fake

 Heliodor Real vs Fake

  1. The lack of greenish and reddish tints significantly elevates the value of heliodors. 
  2. The most valuable minerals are those with vivid lemonish tones, which are seldom found on jewellery shop racks. 
  3. Bronzer stones are not very pricey.
  4. Heliodors in this classification may be purchased for a few dozen of dollars per carat. Internal and exterior flaws are uncommon in gemstones. 
  5. In this way, even little imperfections and fissures can significantly reduce the value of crystals. 
  6. Large gems with the greatest jewellery grade and a golden yellow tint may cost between sixty dollars and two hundred dollars per carat.

Summary of Heliodor

Name of Crystal Heliodor
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names Heliodor
Origin(s) Ukraine, Namibia in South Africa
Color(s) Citrus yellow, bright yellow
Formation Heliodor crystallises in the ideal setting provided by hydrothermal deposits.
Majorly Found at Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Zodiac Suited for ​​Taurus
Chakra Heart and throat
Crystal Meaning Sun’s gift
Types of Crystal Natural Crystal
Healing Properties mental strength, compassion, and power
Health Benefits allergy, stress relief
Uses Provides calmness and strength
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 7.5 to 8.0
Real golden yellow tint
Fake lack of greenish and reddish tints


What is Heliodor used for?

Heliodor is the yellow variant of the Beryl group, which contains all yellow, golden, bluish-green, and brown Beryl as well as the greenish-yellow crystal. These characteristics benefit men and women equally. It may be worn as a necklace pendant, earring, ring, bracelet, hairband pendant, and many other pieces of jewellery.

Does Heliodor make a good jewellery stone?
Heliodorus produces long-lasting jewellery stones, either carved or shaped.

How is Heliodor formed?

Heliodor, like other beryls, originates nearly exclusively in pegmatites. Geothermal layers inside pegmatites provide the ideal setting for heliodor crystallisation.

Where should I put Heliodor? 

Because the power of these stones helps to alleviate anxiety, tension, and concern, using this gemstone may be beneficial when you’re feeling worried. Although it is simple to carry a part of this gemstone in your wallet, putting stone jewellery is a simple method to maintain it in your atmosphere.

How do you cleanse Heliodor? 

A crystal may be cleaned in a variety of methods, including sound healing, moonlight healing, and saltwater healing. Place them nearby sunlight or greenery whenever possible so that they can receive this natural healing power. After cleaning, the gem should seem spiritually and materially light to feel.

Is Heliodor rare?

This exceptional grade heliodor gemstone was specially crafted from a genuine heliodor crystal comprising thin smooth needles found in Minas Gerais, Brazil. 

How strong is Heliodor? 

Heliodor hardness rates 7.5-8 on the Mohs crystal toughness scale, just below the most valuable gemstones.

How much is Heliodor worth?

Large, high-quality stones like these can price $60-$120 per carat, whilst mild yellow-green or heliodors charge roughly $30-$50 per carat.