How to Charge Amazonite?

Amazonite is a spread of potassium feldspar and is the mineral class of Microcline. It is part of the triclinic crystal gadget and has a vitreous luster. Amazonite comes in crimson, grey, green, and blue sun shades. Let us discuss various methods of how to charge Amazonite.

But, most regularly, it’s in a greenish-blue color. The meaning of Amazonite is to appease anxiety and convey clarity.

Keeping your Amazonite crystal cleansed ensures that it lends you the clarity you need to stay in your total reality. So providing you hold your stone cleansed, especially during challenging periods, can preserve your crystal oozing love and ever inside the positive flow. Read here the metaphysical properties of Amazonite.

How to Charge Amazonite?

Amazonite is easy to cleanse, and this needs to be executed each week to preserve it at its maximum ability with the aid of jogging the stone below lukewarm water and drying it within the sun for approximately an hour. 

Keeping some mint near or at the gemstone can even help recharge Amazonite.

There are numerous ways to charge Amazonite crystals with the natural sources of charging with sunlight, moonlight, and smudging with sage.

Can you place Amazonite in the water?

Can you place Amazonite in the water

Yes, Amazonite can pass in water even though it isn’t always advocated that you soak your Amazonite for extended time intervals.

What happens if you place Amazonite in water for a long time?

Lead and water don’t pass thoroughly collectively, and Amazonite contains strains of lead that would make the water poisonous. Never use Amazonite for crystal elixirs.

As it is a variety of Microcline, Amazonite is distinctly smooth, hitting range six on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This way, extended durations in water ought to reason the crystal to degrade. 

A correct rule of thumb while thinking if crystals are secure in water is to test the suffix of the gemstone. For example, crystals finishing in “ite” like Hematite, Fluorite, and Amazonite are usually unsafe in water.

However, to reiterate, you can cleanse Amazonite by going for water for a few minutes. The essential matters are that you don’t devour the water and don’t leave it in there for prolonged periods. Also, keep away from contact with salt water.

How to charge Amazonite in the sun?

How to charge Amazonite in the sun

You can set off Amazonite with the aid of leaving it in the sun for a few hours with an intention. This will supercharge your crystal with your strength in mind. If you need to use Amazonite to experience more comfortable and much less careworn awareness as you lay your crystal down, it will work on this route.

Ensure Amazonite is cleansed so that it can hold its high-quality effects. You can also set off Amazonite via meditation, smudging, or growing a crystal grid.

How to charge Amazonite with moonlight?

1. Place them below the Full moon.

The full moon is a powerful point within the lunar cycle, and it works wonders for clearing and charging your favorite crystals.

To charge it with lunar energy, all you need to do is place the crystal outside on the floor on the floor, in a single day at the night of the full moon. Even a windowsill interior that receives moonlight will do!

 2. Soak them in moon water.

Every other moon-associated crystal charging option is making your moon water. You can place your crystals on this lunar-powered water for around an hour or pour the moon water over your crystal. But, again, make sure to simplest do this with stones that can tolerate getting wet.

How to cleanse and charge Amazonite?

Every crystal lover has their very own favored ritual when it comes to cleaning and being concerned for their precious stones. 

How to cleanse and charge Amazonite

Cleansing and charging Crystals will remove the stagnant energy from the crystals and make them fresh from receiving a pure form of energy. 

Cleansing Amazonite with Luke warm water

There are various manners you could cleanse crystals, but many professionals advise that Amazonite is nicely washed by being held underneath lukewarm walking water for a couple of minutes. 

You can easily clean up Amazonite by dipping it in water or rinsing it with water and buffing it.

Make sure to flip the crystal over after letting it dry in the open air before storing it. After wetting it and rubbing it dry, let it dry in the open air before storing it.

Charging Amazonite in the Sunlight

Allow the crystal to dry naturally in daylight for a few hours. Of course, this will charge your Amazonite, so make sure to set it an intention too!

Charging Amazonite in the Moonlight 

Place your Amazonite crystals under the moonlight to charge them with the moon’s power. Placing your Amazonite stone on your windowsill or outside at some stage in the whole moon is a top-notch way to recharge this effective stone. 

Smudging Amazonite with Sage

The maximum typically adhered to practice is smudging. 

This is a ritual in which a smudge stick or an equal – which includes sage or Palo Santo and the smoke is used to clean away the negative energies of an object or space. 

 If you do not sense called to smudging, you could also utilize the moon’s energy on your crystal as an alternate charging technique. 

 Burying Amazonite in earth 

Burying it within the earth and leaving it there for twenty-four hours or extra is another natural method for cleaning your Amazonite.

Where should I put my Amazonite?

Amazonite is a beneficial gemstone that may be located in a spread of places. You can place this crystal in the bedroom, on a nightstand, or below the pillow, wherein it can give you a restful night time’s sleep, preserve nightmares away and help decipher some of your dreams.

What can you do with Amazonite?

What can you do with Amazonite

For those searching for a little assistance in building their gentle nature or a divine nurturer of self-love and good communication, there are tons of approaches you may use to invite the blue-green crystal into your world. 

Amazonite and wealth

Do you know that Amazonite is also referred to as the Stone of Abundance for a very good reason?

Practically, Amazonite will help you achieve economic achievement by influencing selection making, providing you with a clear mind, and quashing emotions when making tough business calls.

In addition, it’s going to subdue impulse purchases that can cause a large number of money issues.

Less practical but possibly more amusing, it is also the notion of a gambler’s lovely friend and is often taken alongside as a good success allure to the races or casinos of the world.


Whether via lovely Amazonite rings pressed towards the pores and skin or a single stone located in a unique space, here are all the approaches you could use your healing crystals to do suitable to your inner world. 

Amazonite rings are pretty much as fantastic as it gets. Whether the silver and green flash of an Amazonite ring or the simple swirl of an Amazonite bracelet upon the wrist, the green stones are stunningly flexible and keep reminders of Mother Nature’s best tendencies – from ocean to natural land. 

Amazonite jewelry is a joy to behold, and the color scheme goes with pretty much whatever. However, note the handiest is Amazonite jewelry; It is quiet and playful with female energies, but while located at once onto the pores and skin (like in a pendant, ring, or bracelet), its strength turns into all of the stronger.

Home & Office Feng Shui

As sweet flowing water energy, Amazonite is very important to Feng Shui, both in the home and in the office. When placed inside the domestic, it works its magic as a valuable resource for vital healing, creating a point of tender peace and an area where you may genuinely practice being your true self. 

Harmony in Relationships

In relationships, Amazonite can also work to bring harmony between you and you’re beloved, thanks to its luscious potential to help open hearts.

If you battle to ask without delay about your desires when coupled, having the stone close by can encourage you to be extra assertive with conversation.

Promotes good sleep

Place Amazonite close to your mattress, too, mainly if you tend to toss and turn with a limitless mind running rampant all night. As noted, Amazonite is a little like a worry bead in that it collects all your unspent fears and calms calamity thinking, inviting you to snuggle down and sleep in sheer bliss.

Final Thoughts 

If you simply want to shine your Amazonite stone after day-by-day wear, buffing it with a gentle fabric will do the trick. You may need to run it below water first as this will clean its electricity too. If your Amazonite crystal has a stain or a few marks, you could use slight cleaning soap or detergent; however, refrain from using whatever is stronger. Bleach or different harsh chemicals are a no-go, along with Amazonite.

To make sure your stones are not maintaining on to any lingering negativity, clear them as wished. You may additionally thoroughly feel the difference later on.