Jet Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

A kind of lignite, a jet is a velvety-black gemstone. As early as the Neolithic era, this pitch-black diamond was employed in Britain to create beads for personal decoration. Jet was utilized by the Romans to make rings, pendants, hair ornaments, and other types of jewelry.

Although it was still employed sporadically, this stone’s widespread use didn’t end until the Victorian era. Jewelry worn in remembrance of a dearly deceased friend or family member frequently contained jet. When Prince Albert passed away, Queen Victoria’s mourning attire included a special, high-quality jet known as the Whitby jet.


What is Jet?

what is jet

The lignite mineraloid known as jet, which polishes beautifully, is used as a gemstone. Jet is made by subjecting decomposing wood to intense heat and pressure. The wood subsequently turns into a dense, black substance known as fossilization. Jet has also been discovered in Spain, France, Russia, Poland, India, Turkey, China, Germany, Cambodia, and the United States. However, a fine-quality jet was first discovered at Whitby, England.

Meaning of Jet

People who are in grief have long used jets. It effectively draws the harmful elements that surround your aura out. To pull and expel any negative energy while also bringing in good energy, the Jet functions as a purifier. The Romans thought it would safeguard them from bad spirits, particularly the “Evil Eye.” The idea that a Jet is a lucky stone is a part of its mythology. Anyone who carried it was thought to get good fortune for centuries. Jet is easily carvable and has been for countless years.

meaning of jet

Jet is full of Mother Earth’s energy, which is essential for everyone who needs help with grounding. It is a grounding stone that also helps with balancing and protection. Ajoite is a powerful emotional spirit strengthener and works well with Jet. Along with Moldavite, this stone has a high vibration. As Jet serves as a transmuter to help the user reach the highest level in their transformation process, it becomes an enhancer of that process. Jet is renowned for its purity and high vibrations, as was already said. Simply putting other stones in a bowl with it can purify and clean them.

Properties of Jet

The Romans thought of the jet as a miraculous stone that was frequently employed in amulets to stave off harm. It was thought that this dark stone could ward off bad vibes. Pliny the Elder, a Roman author, and naturalist asserted that jets may drive snakes away. Even though the jet is now a birthstone, Capricorn is the astrological sign it belongs to. Jet has an impact on the root chakra, which is related to self-grounding. Metaphysical notions hold that jet can assist the wearer in breaking bad behavioral patterns. Jet has also been seen as a lucky stone and as one that provides insight through difficult times.

properties of jet

Jet has a Mohs hardness range of 2-1/2 to 4, making it fragile but lightweight, perfect for adding to lightweight jewelry. Due to the possibility of the stone being accidentally subjected to regular impact when wearing bracelets, the jet is best suited for jewelry designs like pendants and earrings. Before participating in sports or other physical activities that could cause the stones to be damaged, take off any jewelry that contains a jet. Never use steam or an ultrasonic cleaner to clean jet beads or jewelry. With a soft brush and warm, soapy water, Jet can be cleaned. Mineral oil can be applied sparingly to restore luster.


Jet is a great complement to unisex, gender-neutral, and feminine jewelry. Black has been a mainstay color in fashion for a reason. It matches practically anything and is classy and smart. Jet gives off a seductive vibe when paired with red jewels like coral or ruby. For stylish evening jewelry, combine jet with silver metal tones and gemstones like marcasite. Black jet is versatile and may be used for both dramatic highlights and as a neutral backdrop.

Summary of Jet Stone

Name of Crystal Jet
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Gayet, Jayet, Jett, Pitch Coal, Black Stone, Ambranoir
Origin(s) Germany
Color(s) Brown, Black
Formation Decomposition of wood
Majorly Found at France, Spain, USA, Turkey, China, Germany, India, Poland
Zodiac Suited for Capricorn
Chakra Root Chakra
Crystal Meaning A powerful protection and purification stone, helps to relieve pain and embodies strong magical powers
Types of Crystal Hard Jet, Soft Jet
Healing Properties Benefits spleen, kidney and bladder
Health Benefits Clears hormone imbalances that affect fertility, strengthens skeletal system
Uses Instills honesty, maturity, life force energy, self-love, self-acceptance
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 2.5 – 4
Real Use a red hot needle, coal-burning smell will ensue
Fake Fake Jet will scratch glass while real ones will not