Labradorite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The gemstone labradorite can help you reawaken your innate magical abilities. This stunning stone, known as the Stone of Magic, is known for strengthening deeper connections while focusing on spiritual capacity.

Along with its dazzling display of swirling colours, labradorite is thought to hold magical qualities that can help you reflect your inner light and communicate with hidden realms. Read more about Labradorite below.

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Labradorite Crystal Chart

What is Labradorite?

The plagioclase feldspar family includes the crystal of labradorite. It is prized for the amazing colour play known as labradorescence. The labradorite is made up of aggregate layers that reflect light as peacock blue, iridescent flashes of rose gold, coppery red, or pastel green. It is typically found in dark grey, grey-green, or grey or blackish-white colours. Within the light, the dominating colour of blue shifts, showing hues ranging from the deepest blue to a delicate, almost blue-green hue.

The Moravian missionaries found this stone in Labrador, Canada, from where it gets its name, in 1770. The labradorite gemstone has been a highly sought-after gemstone for use in jewellery ever since it was discovered. Nevertheless, it was also utilised by the Beothuk people of Labrador and Newfoundland and mentioned in mythology by ancient Inuit groups. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it then becomes a well-liked jewel in Europe.

Finland and Canada are where you may find the most expensive labradorite. It can also be found in numerous places in Germany, Russia, Madagascar, Costa Rica, the US, Australia, and Norway. Labradorite has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

How to Identify a Labradorite?

A copper and steel needle cannot damage genuine labradorite gemstone, which makes it easy to identify. Under UV light, genuine labradorite remains inert and does not glow. Authentic labradorite is often cabochon-cut with a tall dome. One sample can have a single colour effect or a rainbow of colours.

– Labradorite Cuts and Labradorite Shapes

Labradorite can be cut into various shapes. The shape is generally rhombic in cross-sectional area, thin, tabular, and striated.

Where is Labradorite Found?

Poland, Norway, Finland, Madagascar, China, Australia, Slovakia, and the United States have the highest distribution of Labradorite.

Labradorite Stone Meaning

Labradorite Stone Meaning

The meaning of the labradorite crystal is derived from its origin in Labrador, Canada, as was previously established. The Inuits, on the other hand, referred to Labradorite as the “fire stone” and used its powdered form to treat illnesses.

The Northern Lights were imprisoned in the rocks, according to an Inuit tradition about a warrior. The crystals of labradorite were created when he pierced them with his spear to release some of the light.

Since this crystal has such a lovely play of colours, it is frequently used in jewellery. In addition to its use in jewellery, labradorite is also utilised in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, and roads.

Labradorite enhances people’s best qualities, making the workplace more pleasant. It promotes complete customer focus and courtesy while assisting temporary and part-time employees in properly integrating into a business.

The stone is also thought to enhance hand sensitivity, making it a valuable tool for physiotherapists and anybody who uses the healing power of touch.

Labradorite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Geologists discovered the gem in Labradore, Newfoundland, in northeastern Canada, in the 1770s, and gave it the name labradorite. The Northern Lights, according to legend, were once imprisoned inside stones on the Canadian shore until a valiant warrior liberated them by striking the stones with a spear.

Labradorite Crystal Properties

Labradorite Crystal properties

In addition to reducing blood pressure and easing gout and rheumatism, labradorite can also lessen your sensitivity to the cold.

New thoughts are given life by the labradorite’s stimulation of the imagination and soothing of the busy mind. This crystal is fantastic for bringing spontaneity and joy back into your life.

Additionally, it aids in removing the emotional drain from your everyday activities and being burdened by worry and obligations. Your sense of novelty and adventure will be reawakened.

Labradorite, can aid in awakening long-buried memories and enhancing their comprehension. Additionally, it promotes reflection and introspection, bringing both intuitive insight and rational understanding into clarity. This should assist in shattering the illusion of life, locating the source of a problem, and providing you with absolute calm.

Labradorite Healing Properties

Labradorite Healing Properties

The stones of Labradorite mostly emit blue energy, which might aid to activate your throat chakra. This chakra serves as a pressure valve through which the energy from other chakras can be expressed. It is the voice of your body. It might impact the condition of your other chakras if it is out of harmony or obstructed.

You can manifest yourself more freely, though, by activating and opening it with the blue powers of labradorite crystal. You have the opportunity to express your thoughts, feelings, and views, which contribute to revealing your unique truth to others.

Additionally, the therapeutic qualities of labradorite enable a simple flow of energy inside your soul and body as it rises from the lower chakras and continues on its way to permitting natural release and unrestricted expression. The power of balance, truth, and relaxation can be encouraged by the labradorite crystals’ darker tones.

Additionally, labradorite can be very valuable in bringing all of your chakras together due to its stunning iridescent bursts of colour. While the spectrolite gemstone works with your “rainbow” body to improve awareness of the upper realms, the yellow labradorite can aid in releasing your low chakras during magical exercises or rituals.

This crystal can offer calming energies to assist you to get over a poor relationship or tragic past if you are presently having trouble moving on from it. Now that you can eventually move on, you can do it with optimism and hope for the future. Additionally, you’ll reclaim your feeling of spontaneity and adventure.

This crystal, which has a strong connection to the throat chakra, can also encourage honest conversation with your loved ones. When you have anything to say, you won’t keep it to yourself, allowing for an authentic and unfiltered expression of who you are.

Additionally, you will benefit from mental clarity and deeper introspection, which will help you be more resilient, composed, and grounded. Additionally, you will be more patient and self-assured, which will alter the nature of your interactions with others.

Labradorite Metaphysical Properties

Carrying or donning a labradorite is thought to allow your innate magical abilities to emerge due to its metaphysical characteristics. It can aid in developing telepathy, coincidence control, clairvoyance, and prophesy as well as other intuitive and mental skills.

Additionally, it is thought that this stone facilitates psychic readings, past-life recall, and contact with higher spirits and guides. Additionally, it facilitates easy transitions between realities, enabling a secure and grounded come back to the present.

You can also break through the veils of the Void, where all options and wisdom are kept, using the energies of labradorite. It is the hub of possibility and the centre of true creation. The labradorite serves as a protective tool for remembering events from other dimensions, other lives, and other periods for magicians, shamans, and lightworkers. It aids in bringing inventions that are for the ultimate good of all beings to our realm.

Additionally, labradorites are effective auric shield defenders. It aids in preventing both energy leakage and the exploitation of your personal energy by others. The best healing stones also make sure that your system is balanced and boosted by all of the elemental energies.

Labradorite Benefits

Labradorite Benefits

Labradorite has several benefits and is a great stone to keep with yourself.

Labradorite is very good for your lungs and can aid with bronchitis, colds, and other respiratory issues. Additionally, it aids in digestion, control, and metabolism.

The crystal is said to be highly beneficial in curing eye and brain ailments because of its stunning hues and lustre. It is claimed to increase mental clarity while lowering stress. In addition to relieving general pain, the crystal is calming for PMS symptoms, periods, and both.

The stone can help you overcome worries and insecurities while also boosting your self-confidence and faith in yourself and your ability to trust the cosmos.

The crystal of Labradorite is regarded as a lucky stone. It is even referred to as the “Good Luck Stone” and can aid in luring prosperity, wealth, and prosperity into your life.

Additionally, its energy can assist in shielding you from all forms of bad luck. It encourages greater connections with rich energies and increases your intelligence and intuition, helping you avoid making poor financial decisions.

In the most positive and beneficial way possible, it aids in your recovery and assists you get back on your feet again. Additionally, this stone helps support you through any transitions and changes that may occur in your financial circumstances.

Relationships can occasionally be difficult. However, you might benefit from the elevating energies of the labradorite gemstone. You’ll feel uneasy, insecure, or that you’re only existing.

When your relationship is changing, the labradorite gemstone is a fantastic choice. No matter how much you and your loving care for one another, it can occasionally be overpowering and frightening, impacting both of you.

With this stone,  along with removing anxieties and concerns and substituting them with something more uplifting and good, you’ll become more tenacious, vigorous, and fearless. This stone can also boost your optimism, sentiments of contentment, and happiness while taming the negative aspects of your personality and emotions.

Labradorite Benefits Spirituality

Labradorite has numerous health advantages. This stone is not just beautiful and elegant; it also has strong healing properties. Stress and anxiety can be relieved with a labradorite. This is so that you can rid your body of pollutants with the energy you receive from this stone.

Additionally, it can eliminate any additional negative vibes that daily interactions with other people may have brought with them. In addition to helping with respiratory issues like colds or bronchitis, labradorite can also help with eye or brain ailments. 

Even hormonal abnormalities can be treated, and the pain associated with your period can be eased. It’s a great digestive aid and it can also help keep your metabolism in check. It will increase mental awareness and strengthen your resistance to despair and hopelessness.

It unifies a disorganised and overthinking mind while igniting the imagination to generate fresh concepts. So it’s a great tool for bringing more spontaneity, optimism, and enjoyment back into your life. Additionally, it aids in promoting deeper comprehension, promoting reflection, and fostering intuitive knowledge to assist dispel illusion and the underlying reason for your anxieties and bring you calm.

You can get help from this powerful stone as you navigate the transitions and changes in your working life. Additionally, its energies might support you in overcoming the difficulties you face on a regular basis at work or in your profession.

It energises you with the mental acuity, intelligence, and intuition that you require to succeed in your chosen field of specialisation. Additionally, this stone can offer you the confidence, courage, and strength to express your thoughts and opinions.

You’ll always be willing to speak out for what you believe in, and you’ll make sure to have an open line of communication with your coworkers. It can also encourage endurance, patience, and inspiration. You’ll feel energised and enthusiastic after it, which is just what you need to generate brilliant breakthroughs and ideas.

This stone can also promote a positive working environment at the office. It encourages a complete focus on the subject at hand while assisting in bringing out the best in everybody it can reach. Both you and your coworkers will be genuinely content and joyful in your work, which will increase your level of engagement and concentration.

Using the stunning energies of labradorite crystals might be advantageous for empaths as well. This stone’s iridescent colour combination can give you the self-assurance and capacity to be who you genuinely are without worrying that other people will feed off your auric energy.

It can aid in protecting your aura from the ill effects of negative ideas and energy, as well as thwarting psychic abilities. This should prevent any negative energies from entering your aura. Additionally, it aids in preventing energy leaks. Additionally, it prevents other individuals from sapping your energy and exhausting you.

Additionally, this stone can prevent empaths from becoming overly emotionally overloaded. It functions as a reflective barrier that can block out bad feelings and keep you grounded.

Labradorite & Feng Shui

Labradorite goes well with Feng Shui. With this combination, you can speed up the healing of your body, mind, and spirit. It’s a wonderful ally crystal that can help you on your path to self-awareness. improving your sense of intuition and turning on your psychic faculties.

Your aura will be balanced and cleared so that you can consistently draw in positive energies. You will get an understanding of what lies ahead of you and clarity. Additionally, it’s the ideal crystal to carry around with you while meditating or communicating with your higher self.

Labradorite Birthstone

Despite not being a traditional birthstone, blue labradorite is a well-known natural birthstone for people born between February 19 and March 19.  To know more about Labradorite birthstones, read here. 

Labradorite Chakras

The throat chakra and the third eye chakra are linked to Labradorite. It is a gemstone that is associated with clear communication, a dedication to clarity, and the use of wisdom and intuition.

What are the Uses of Labradorite?

What are the Uses of Labradorite?

The wonderful thing about labradorite gemstones is that they never fail to appear chic and sophisticated. To receive the most from their energy, you can do them as regular jewellery.

Your psychic ability of clairaudience will be enhanced if you wear earrings made of labradorite gemstones. They will aid in opening your throat or third eye chakra when worn as a pendant. Wearing a Labradorite ring will increase the energy in your hands, encourage healing, and increase productivity. Your hand’s sensitivity will increase as a result, making it a potent tool for healing.

Put the gemstone in your pocket whenever you want to if you don’t enjoy wearing jewellery. Alternatively, you may tuck it away in your bra to keep it near your body. Hang it as high on your torso as you can. In order for its energy to be with your aura the following day, you can also put it under your pillow when you go to bed.

Caring for Labradorite

Caring for Labradorite

To emit the greatest levels of vibrations and energy to share, it is crucial that you preserve your labradorite crystal clear and purified.

When to Cleanse Labradorite

The labradorite gemstone is a water stone and enjoys being near water. The best and easiest method for cleaning labradorite gemstones is this. To thoroughly clean your labradorite gemstone, all you need to do is hold it under water and apply a little soap. Gently rinse the crystal, then pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth.

This should assist in purging quartz of all the built-up negative energy and maintain its brightness and readiness for healing abilities. 

How to Recharge Your Labradorite

When you first acquire your Labradorite gemstone, you can help recharge it and activate it by setting it in the middle of a cluster of other crystals.

Labradorite Activation process

You can activate it by putting it under the sun for 2-3 hours. Put the gemstone in a bowl of water and leave it under the sun for 2-3 hours. Take it out after that and wear it.

How much is Labradorite worth?

At the time of writing, the cost of a good quality Labradorite is $40 per carat.

What determines Labradorite’s price and value?

The value of a labradorite stone is significantly influenced by its origin, colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Labradorite Impact

Labradorite Impact

Considering that Labradorite is a gemstone of transformation, you really need one in your life.

  • This stone will aid you in becoming the person you were meant to be, much like the birthstone for August.
  • It will purify your energy and work with each of your chakras to get rid of negative behaviours, ideas, and emotions that are holding you back from realising your full potential.
  • Additionally, the labradorite crystal helps hone your intuition and enhance your psychic talents.
  • You will have a psychic knowing that will increase your self-assurance in terms of acting, expressing your emotions, and following your inspiration!
  • While keeping you secure and rooted in the present, it can assist you in developing your sixth sense.
  • This stone is an excellent choice if this is your first time looking into gifts like these.
  • You might find it a little intimidating when you learn how far this goes. And how much you can learn if you just let yourself be open to the possibilities.
  • It has a very calming presence and aids with mind expansion.
  • Anyone wishing to enhance their psychic skills must focus on feeling at ease and quieting their mind.

Does Labradorite make a good Jewelry Stone?

Labradorite has been used for generations to make jewellery. As more and more individuals choose stunning natural gemstones for their jewellery, it is gaining popularity.

Labradorite Real vs Fake

Real labradorite exhibits an uneven play of colours. While fake labradorite has a highly distinct colour play that is obvious from all angles, real labradorite can be noticed even when rotated. Real labradorite is also more durable than imitation. Fake typically appears as a thin plate and can be scraped with a knife. It also glows under UV light.

Summary of Labradorite

Name of Crystal Labradorite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Spectrolite, Black Moonstone
Origin(s) Madagascar, Scandinavia, Russia
Color(s) Metallic Blue, Green, Yellow, Red
Formation Through metamorphism of Labradorite-bearing igneous rocks
Majorly Found at North Canada, US, Russia, Mexico
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Chakra Throat Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning A mystical gemstone is known to enhance mental clarity and bring about transformation
Types of Crystal Spectrolite, Rainbow Moonstone, Andesine
Healing Properties Treats disorders of eyes and brain relieves stress
Health Benefits Lowers blood pressure, aids in digestion
Uses Production of glass, road construction and ceramic manufacturing
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water Yes
Moh’s Scale 6 – 6.5
Real Cannot be scratched by a copper or steel needle
Fake Can be scratched easily, soft than the real one


What is labradorite crystal good for?

Labradorite is a very spiritual stone that is especially beneficial to persons who tend to overwork. It helps one regain vitality while encouraging physical and spiritual self-healing. In the metaphysical community, Labradorite is thought to be one of the most effective shields.

What powers does Labradorite have?

Labradorite possesses strong spiritual abilities. This stone has a strong mystical connection and is thought to increase psychic abilities and sharpen intuition.

What Zodiac is labradorite good for?

Labradorite is good for Leo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Why you should wear Labradorite?

Wearing labradorite jewellery can help you stay calm and boost your mood by reducing tension and anxiety. Additionally, labradorite is thought to improve the body’s immune system and increase metabolism. These qualities may be beneficial for burning carbs and lipids, as well as for weight loss.

Where should I put my Labradorite in my house?

Place labradorite on your workstation, in your meditation area, or in your living area.