Purple Labradorite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is purple Labradorite?

Purple Labradorite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses Infographic

Purple Labradorite crystal is one of the most popular crystals that have powerful metaphysical properties as well as healing properties. It is a type of labradorite mineral. The beautiful purple color of this crystal is due to the presence of iron as well as copper iron in the Crystal. This crystal is also known as a stone of transformation. This is because it is known to provide strength and energy in situations of transformation and change. It also helps to release not only tension but also stress in a person’s mind and body. It also promotes spiritual growth in a person by aligning 7 energy from the prism into one energy. 

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How to identify purple Labradorite?

It is very easy to identify this crystal on the basis of its physical appearance and some properties. It is mostly found in purple color. The base of this crystal would appear darker than the whole body when it is observed under the light. It has a smooth as well as shiny surface. Also, it is hard and does not get easily scratched by glass or a knife. 

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Where is purple Labradorite found?

These stones are very rare to find. It can be found only in a few locations in the world. Originally these crystals were found in the Labrador Peninsula in Canada. To be more specific they are found on the Isle of Paul near the settlement of Nain. They are also known to be found in China, Finland, Madagascar, Poland, Norway, the United States, and other locations. 

Purple Labradorite Stone Meaning

Purple Labradorite Stone Meaning

This crystal offers the energy of awakening as well as awareness to the user of this crystal. The Crown Chakra is opened with the help of this crystal which allows spiritual energy to regulate. This also helps a person in dealing with spirituality deeply so that they can understand how to continue living life spiritually. This crystal offers you enough power as well as strength so that a person can face situations by himself and control energy and power levels.

In addition, it also helps a person to not be dependent on other people or other sources of personal strength and energy. A person would be able to look into his past life work with the help of this stone and search for information or memories they are looking for. This way you can also be aware of wisdom that you might have in other lifetimes. A person would be able to make empowered decisions as well as clear judgments with the help of this crystal. It also helps them to see things clearly and truly for what they stand for.

Energy regulation through different levels of Chakra is also done with the help of this crystal. This flow of energy is essential to clear all the blockages that might be present in any level of Chakra so that power and energy regulation can continue to take place. Once all the blockages are cleared from different levels of Chakra a person would feel lighter and free. This crystal also stands for balancing and removing negative vibrations and energy from a person’s mind and body. It maintains various levels of energy.

A person would be able to understand his psychic abilities in a better way and also would be protected from psychic attacks. It also helps a person to turn their desires into reality and to connect deeply with his soul. It also enhances the powers of intuition as well as manifestation. It is greatly effective in meditation and spiritual activities. Read about the various uses of purple Labradorite here.

Purple Labradorite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Purple Labradorite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

This is a crystal of magic as well as a mystery that is used in awakening intuition and psychic powers. This is a stone of change and transformation which helps in removing negative vibrations and energy from a person’s body and environment. Crystal also promotes personal growth and also protects from unwanted energy.

It has the ability to help a person in making better decisions, especially in those situations in which a person is lost or hopeless. This is done with the help of spirituality. This crystal is also known to protect a person from psychic vampires which might be feeding off energy and life from other people. 

Purple Labradorite Crystal Properties

It is known to have healing as well as metaphysical properties. It appears in purple color with a smooth surface. It is also responsible for regulating energy through different levels of Chakras. 

Purple Labradorite Healing Properties

Purple Labradorite Healing Properties

  • This is a crystal of change and transformation which helps to heal the mind and spirit of a person by removing anxiety as well as stress and offering peace and harmony. All the energy levels in and around a person are aligned just like a prism with this crystal. It helps people to deal with those situations that are highly complicated or filled with emotional obstacles.
  • It is also responsible for healing and maintaining all the levels of Chakra. It regulates energy from the higher Chakras (6th-7th-8th-9th) to the lower Chakras (Base/Sacral-Solar Plexus-Heart-Throat) with the help of the crown Chakra. A person would be able to feel full by recovering and healing from a past life and letting things go that might be holding them back from a better future. 
  • This stone also makes a person self-dependent by offering enough energy as well as strength so that a person can deal with hard and complicated situations in life. It stops their dependency on other people and shifts all the focus to their own life and goals. 
  • It also heals the powers of intuition as well as a manifestation in a person’s life. If a person is able to understand psychic powers clearly then he would be able to protect himself from psychic attacks that might take place expectedly or accidentally.

Purple Labradorite Metaphysical Properties

It is responsible to balance as well as protect the aura around a person. It raises the level of consciousness and awareness in a person and grounds high spiritual energy. This stone is excellent in promoting and increasing intuition-powered and psychic abilities. A person would be able to see clearly through illusions and visions to understand the real meaning they contain. It is responsible for finishing insecurities as well as fear in a person and generating trust in the universe and faith in themselves. 

Purple Labradorite Benefits

Purple Labradorite Benefits

  • These crystals are beneficial for spiritual as well as meditation activities. It helps a person to focus more deeply and continuously on their goal and reduces the chance of distraction. 
  • It is beneficial in regulating different levels of chakras with the help of the crown Chakra. The energy is continuously regulated from lower to higher and higher to lower levels of Chakra and blockages are also broken. 
  • It helps a person to deal with his past life and move on to better things. It offers strength as well as support to deal with situations of crisis, grief, sorrow, loss, depression, and others. It helps a person control and balances his emotions. 
  • It also helps a person to increase the levels of intuition powers and manifestation. It is a magic stone that blocks unwanted psychic attacks and negative vibrations that might be reflected in the environment and other people. It is just like a protective layer or Shield that absorbs negative vibrations and reflects positive vibrations.
  • It also helps a person to manage stress and tension levels. It will help to cool your mind and get you into a state of relaxation. Inner peace, as well as harmony, is also promoted by this crystal. 
  • It is also beneficial for people that we wear it as jewelry for aesthetic looks or spiritual reasons. If it is carried anywhere a person has good vibrations and strength is always reflected by this stone. It also clears the mind and helps to understand the true meaning of visions and dreams. A person can also sleep while keeping this under the bed or pillow. 

Purple labradorite Benefits Spirituality

One excellent benefit of this crystal is spirituality and meditation. For a person who is lost or in search of a spiritual path in his life it is highly beneficial if he knows how to use this crystal properly. You can have a deeper sense of understanding when it comes to spirituality and its uses. The levels of chakras are also maintained and energy is regulated through every level with the help of the spiritual realm. It helps a person to connect with the inner self and other people peacefully by staying in harmony. 

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Purple Labradorite Birthstone

Unlike other crystals, this crystal is not a traditional birthstone. It is safe to say that this crystal is beneficial for all astrological symbols as well as months. It is also believed that this crystal offered equal healing and metaphysical properties to every person who knows how to use this but people born in February, March, or august are given extra advantages or benefits by the powers of this crystal. 

Purple Labradorite Chakras

Purple Labradorite Chakras

It is very effective, ending with different levels of Chakra with harmony. It is responsible for connecting higher levels of Chakra to lower levels of Chakra with the help of crown Chakra. It is very useful in grounding as well as expanding the level of consciousness and awareness in a person’s life. It maintains and regulates the flow of energy and vibration through different levels of Chakra. It has the ability to offer high levels of vibration and energy while still being grounded and present in normal form. 

What are the Uses of purple Labradorite?

What are the Uses of purple Labradorite?

There are many uses for this crystal and of which people like to buy it and use it for healing and other purposes. The uses of this crystal are given below. 

  • It is used to improve physical Power and intuition levels. 
  • It is a very beautiful stone or mineral which is used to manufacture Jewellery items. It is used to make pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, rings, and many other such things. 
  • It is used to regulate energy through different levels of Chakras. This is very useful for those people who might have ignored lower or higher levels of Chakra and focused on only one Level. Energy from a higher level to a lower level is regulated continuously and all the blockages in the path are cleared simultaneously. The processes of Regulation and flow of energy are done with the help of the crown Chakra. 
  • It is a stone of transformation so it is highly useful in situations that are complicated or transforming from one condition to another. It helps a person to move on from grief, sorrow, loss, or any other such emotional feeling so that they can concentrate on more important aspects of their life. 
  • It is a highly useful stone in turning negative vibrations into positive vibrations through different spiritual levels. This crystal is just like a shield that would protect you from different negative vibrations that might be coming from the environment or from other people.
  • There are many people who might not be able to concentrate on either home or work equally or balance it properly due to stress and burden. This problem is also solved with the help of this crystal by limiting the amount of stress as well as tension in a person’s life.
  • It is also used to get clarity of life and truly understand what life is meant for. A person would be able to find their dreams as well as passion effectively and would be able to concentrate on them with Full focus if person knows how to use the vibrations and energy that are reflected from this crystal. 

Caring for purple Labradorite

When to Cleanse purple Labradorite?

This crystal can be cleansed any part of the day and even at night. You should be able to do it properly only when you are aware of the process and method to do it. The method of cleansing this crystal is mentioned below. Read in detail Can Purple Labradorite go in water? 

How to Recharge Your purple Labradorite?

How to Recharge Your purple Labradorite?

The first way to recharge this stone is by holding it and doing meditation. You just need to hold this stone in your hand and feel your breath. Energy is regulated and entered through the Crown Chakra. All the block kgs are destroyed with the help of this crystal and positive energy is regulated through the whole body and negative energy and vibrations are removed.

Another way to recharge and activate the powers of this crystal is by putting it near your bed or below your pillow while you are sleeping. These vibrations will protect you when you are asleep and also reduce the chances of nightmares. You will be able to have better clarity about your dreams as well as visions when you have this crystal around you. 

The purple Labradorite Activation Process

The Purple color of this crystal symbolizes its activation processes because the healing processes that take place in this crystal are actually due to the purple color. The color stands for awakening consciousness in which a person would be able to have a greater sense of spirituality by opening the Crown Chakra. It makes you find your inner strength so that you are no more dependent on others for healing and energy. The activation of this crystal is an amazing choice for gaining wisdom as well as knowledge. 

How much is purple Labradorite worth?

This crystal is highly valuable due to its unique size as well as color. Depending on the high quality of this stone it can be worth around $40 a carat. When this crystal is found in red shades it becomes more where and highly desired by mineral collectors. The price of this crystal increases significantly when the quality and color change and enhances. 

What determines purple Labradorite’s price and value?

This is a very rare crystal that is highly valuable and worthy. There are many factors that determine the price as well as the value of this mineral. The quality of this stone plays a key role in determining its value. If the quality is high then the price and value of this crystal would be automatically high.

The color of this stone plays the next important role in determining its price. It is commonly found in purple color but really it is also found in shades of golden color, blue color, red color, and others which makes those pieces highly unique. Purple, as well as blue crystals, has higher prices and value than others. 

Does purple Labradorite make a good jewelry stone?

Does purple Labradorite make a good jewelry stone?

This is a beautiful crystal that is available in a different variety of colors. It is found in shades of Golden purple green blue and many other such Shades that make it ideal for jewelry lovers. This is the perfect gemstone for people because it has a smooth as well as shiny surface. The size of this stone is medium with polish all over its body or surface. The pattern and radiance of the stone are different from others which makes it unique and popular. It is highly used in making pieces of jewelry. It is used to make bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and many other such parts of jewelry. 

Purple Labradorite Real vs Fake

Purple Labradorite Real vs Fake

It is very easy to differentiate between real and fake minerals. But it is only possible when a person is truly aware of its characteristics as well as its physical properties. There are many people that get mistaken for a fake crystal even though the color is slightly different they often think it is the same as the original color. 

There is a special effect that is shown by the real mineral. This effect is known as the inhomogeneous play-of-color effect. This special effect can also be noticed when the real crystal is rotated. But this effect is not shown by the fake crystal. If a fake crystal is rotated different color patterns would be noticed which are obviously fall predictions. 

There are other sectors that can also be helpful in determining the differences between them. For example, a real crystal is harder than a fake crystal. Fake crystals can easily be scratched by a knife but this is not true for a real crystals. A real stone is harder than the fake one and it also has a smoother surface due to which it could not be easily scratched. A fake crystal is as thin as a plate. It also closes under ultraviolet radiation. These were some methods that can be used either scientifically or physically to differentiate between a real as well as fake purple labradorite. 


Is purple Labradorite real?

Yes, this is a real crystal which is found in purple color. It is a rare gemstone that is found only in a few places around the world.

What is the Labradorite stone good for?

This stone is beautiful so it is good for making jewelry and ornaments. It also promotes the overall healing of the body and mind of a person. It increases consciousness, awareness, psychic abilities, and other such things in a person’s life. 

What is the best color of Labradorite?

The best color to find this mineral in is dark to medium Grey. In contrast, other colors such as blue, golden, purple, and red are some of the best colors that can be found in these minerals. 

How can I tell if my Labradorite is real?

By observing the color carefully and judging the physical appearance of this crystal you would be able to know if it is real or not. It is hard and has a smooth surface. 

What is the most expensive Labradorite?

Finish labradorites are considered to be the most expensive crystal in this category. This is because it represents the full spectrum of light if it is observed under a flash. 

How do you make fake Labradorite?

A mineral or substance is used that looks like and feels like a real crystal. They are colored with different colors and patterns so that they look similar to the real ones.