Lava Stone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Black Lava stones are not technically classified as gemstones. In actuality, they are not jewels at all from a geological perspective. Lava Stones is the name given to them most frequently.

Lava stones are among the oldest and most plentiful stones on the planet, and they have been used in jewelry and human history since before written history. When volcanoes erupt, lava stones are produced.

The stones have a porous, honeycomb-like surface and are typically black, but they can also be gray or brown. Lava stone wear comes with a wealth of advantages. People who have allergies, for instance, can benefit from them.

What is Black Lava?

What is Black Lava

The Lava Stone is made from magma that erupts from a volcano. The lava rock is distinctive and hard to come by. It is a type of igneous rock created when lava cools after erupting and cooling down on the earth’s surface finally assuming a solid shape. Later, the cooling volcano takes its final form. Consequently, lava stone has many different shades, forms, and sizes.

How to identify Lava Stone?

Lava stones are typically black but also gray and brown. Lava Stone has a spongy texture with tiny holes. Because lava is a natural substance, these holes should be random and not at all uniform.

Where is Black Lava Found?

Lava Stones can be found all over the world, including hot spots beneath continental or oceanic plates, mid-oceanic spans, and plate subduction zones, as well as areas of active or historical volcanism. 

Large lava stone deposits can be found in several places, including Iceland, Greenland, the Canary Islands, Spain, the Faroe Islands, Ireland, France’s Auvergne, India’s Deccan, South Africa’s Karoo, Cameroon, Montana, Germany, and the USA/Hawaii.

Lava Stone Meaning

Lava Stone Meaning

A lot of symbolism and meaning are associated with lava stones. It is known to inspire creativity and cleanse negative ideas and emotions. Additionally, it is said to have extremely strong dream work powers and even enhance your regular relationships and conversation with others.

It is well known as a “grounding stone,” said to increase the wearer’s bond with Mother Earth and to provide strength and courage during times of change and hardship. It’s also intended to provide folks with the bravery and direction they need when they need it.

Lava Stone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Lava stone is among the ancient and most frequently discovered stones on the planet, and its origin is important for the stone’s healing powers. The stone originates from the earth’s core, as its name implies.

The Lava Stone has been in use since the Roman era. Roman engineers used this stone as one of the building materials for several aqueducts to construct the Pantheon’s enormous dome.

In the 18th century, when Pompeii was discovered in Italy, people wanted the stones as memories, and it was then that they were used as jewelry for the first time. Tourists were offered jewelry manufactured from these common stones, including brooches, earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Lava Stone’s past is rife with legend. The story goes that before Jerusalem was destroyed, God sent Lehi to shepherd his people out of the city. His family trod on a patch of what they thought was dry ground, but it turned out to be scorching lava rock as they traveled.

They struggled mightily to climb over the dangerous ground. Since the term “lava” signifies “to burn,” this legend served as the inspiration for its name.

Lava stone was utilized by prehistoric people to build walls for defense and even rock gardens. Lava stone is used in many of the existing constructions in these places, so keep an eye out for it as you explore.

Although this is a rumor, some people believe Native Americans also employed lava stones in their spiritual rituals. According to folklore, soldiers may have received lava stones to maintain their composure and summon their reserves of strength during combat.

Lava Stone Crystal Properties

Some people wear them to recover from illness or a traumatic life event. And still, others, to calm a rushing mind and reduce tension and worry.

That is the adaptability of lava necklaces and bracelets. As your life changes, you can employ them for a variety of objectives thanks to their many advantages and attributes.

While its permeability has many other advantages, its porous aspect makes it look incredibly distinctive. First of all, they take up bad energy from you and your environment but do not hold it.

They transform the negative energy into neutral energy using their earth and fire powers, and then they release it.

Lava stones can be enhanced with the power of other gemstones and religious symbols using the same absorbent properties. Choosing something else that has meaning for you can enhance the meaning of your lavas stone.

Black Lava Stone Healing Properties

Black Lava Stone Healing Properties

Lava Stone is an excellent grounding and protective stone. As you become closer to yourself and fully unite with the inner strength we all possess, it supports you in that process.

Regardless of the path you choose, lava stones enable you to establish a strong connection with the Earth and its energy, facilitating optimal spiritual development. You can gain spiritual insight and understanding of any internal conflicts you need to resolve by using lava stones.

By assisting you in discovering who you are, Lava Stone makes the environment more understandable. It can be a tool for coping with anxiety by empowering you to face your worries and experience your feelings fully so that you can process and let them out.

Lava Stone is a fantastic stone for those who feel disconnected from themselves and their inner force, encouraging you to realign and revitalize.

Lava stone is a valuable tool for your spiritual path because it can be utilized to direct energy. Lava stones can be worn or carried to keep you grounded and in the present moment when engaging in meditation or manifestation techniques.

Additionally, you’ll start to observe how it enables you to develop an understanding of any internal issues you may be experiencing, helping you to let go and continue living your life.

Lava Stone Metaphysical Properties

It is well known that lava rock has grounding qualities and is excellent for soothing emotions. It is regarded as a stone of rebirth since it is made of pure energy. 

Since it originates from the earth’s core, it is excellent for grounding and strengthening the root chakra. It offers us courage and strength, enabling us to maintain our stability during a period of change. 

In new circumstances and changes, it offers direction and insight. As a result, lava stone jewelry provides the ideal present for a man embarking on a new endeavor, whether it be in the realm of business, love, or another aspect of his life.

Lava stones are easy to wear and lightweight and have an unpolished appearance. They are ideal for men’s jewelry because of their rugged and potent combination, and at Roano we utilize them mostly as beads in our men’s bracelets and necklaces. They are an accessible substitute for more gleaming, polished black gemstones like onyx or agate.

Black Lava Stone Benefits

Black Lava Stone Benefits

Lava stones are excellent for reducing anxiety. The stone signifies rebirth and the shedding of unnecessary layers of emotional attachment because they are made of raw energy. The Lava Stone is the physical manifestation of Fire. 

It is the only stone produced entirely from fire, delivering both strength and power. The Lava Stone gives someone who struggles with decision-making or who may be shy courage and clarity of thought.

Black Lava Stone Benefits Spirituality

Generally speaking, lava stones are similar to other regenerating gemstones. Your lava stone should be worn as close to your skin as feasible. This makes it easier to access and enables better absorption, allowing the flow of energy.

Wearing a bracelet with stones close to your pulse is thought to help you release unpleasant feelings. Or a necklace that keeps the stones near to your heart.

Black Lava & Feng Shui

It’s important to keep lava stones around your house. According to Feng Shui, you can position them in strategic locations like your office space for improved creativity and clearer communication, or by the front door to ward off negativity. These items can even be used as aromatherapy diffusers for essential oils.

Black Lava Birthstone

Black Lava Birthstone

Since this stone contains the components of both fire and earth, it is related to the astrological signs of Taurus and Aries. Taurus in particular as it is a stabilizing stone, one that deepens one’s bond with Mother Earth.

Black Lava Stone Chakras

The root chakra, which is found at the base of the spine, is connected to the lava stone. It’s where the beginning of all energy flow in our bodies, making it a very potent instrument to use in your spiritual life.

Our physical bodies are built on the base chakra, also known as the root chakra. It serves as both the focus for all of our energy and a kind of filter for the other energy centers in our bodies. We may experience fatigue or lose our ability to concentrate when we need it most if this center is obstructed.

Your ties to the soil and your environment are strengthened by the root chakra. It helps to balance our body and improves our sense of smell.

Lava stone encourages spirituality and can aid in opening up inner passageways that may have been blocked off for various reasons. In terms of spirituality, Lava Stone is the ideal stone for establishing a stronger bond with the Earth and grounding yourself, both of which are essential components of any spiritual journey.

What are the uses of Black Lava Stone?

For many ages, people have prepared food on lava stones. The Romans were the first to use lava stones for cooking. Chefs are increasingly putting lava stones in professional ovens to keep the temperature at the ideal level while preparing food. Lava Stone can now be found in your living room and kitchen.

Caring for Black Lava Stone

Caring for Black Lava Stone

Stone surfacing is permeable. Although the stone is partially immune to stains and spots from poor cleaning, deposits of greasy, waxy substances, dietary fats, or coffee, a particular sealant/repellent treatment helps to protect the stone. 

Immediately clean up any spillage of these substances that may occur on the stone. Use a soft cloth that has been dampened with water, wrung out thoroughly, and used to clean stone surfaces regularly. 

Detergents with a pH of neutral, acidic, or highly concentrated yet mild ingredients may leave haloes or harm the stone. Strong products, such as acids or removers of limescale, should never be used. The stone’s surface could sustain irreparable harm.

When to Cleanse Black Lava?

In order to maintain their energy fields, all gemstones must undergo routine cleansing. Negative energy can be absorbed by crystals and stones from their environment. Black lava stone works in a similar way by absorbing all energy and emitting it as good energy into the life of the user. So regular cleansing is required to expel the negative energies absorbed.

Establishing a cleaning schedule based on how frequently a gemstone is used, such as once a week or once a month, is the best method to keep it clean. Lava Stone needs to be cleansed after every usage if it is being used for extensive healing on you or someone else.

How to Recharge Your Black Lava?

There are numerous ways to activate black lava, and the process is straightforward. Here are some of the most effective:

Sunlight and Moonlight 

Both moonlight and solar energy may clean and re-energize lava stone. For a few hours, place it in the sun; for an entire night, place it outside in the moonlight. Since the soil is the source of this stone, it is equally effective. You may bury it and it will start charging right away. If you don’t want it to become dirty, you may even cover it with a cloth.


Your lava stone should be placed in a salt-filled dish. After that, wrap the bowl in foil and let it outside all night. The rock should be taken out of the bowl the following morning and washed in warm water to eliminate any salt residue.

The sun’s rays should then be directed at the stone to imbue it with positive energy. You can proceed to place the stone on your altar after it has had a chance to absorb enough sunlight.


Water is also beneficial, but you should only utilize genuine spring water found in the wild. Lava stone cleaning is more effective.


Although fire is useful as well, you should not throw the stone into it. Alternatively, move the stone around a candle or a small fire as you meditate and give it your full attention.

Other Crystals 

Amethyst and quartz are two other stones that are quite beneficial.

How much is Black Lava worth? What determines its price and value?

The location and hue of the lava rock affect the cost of the stone. The cost per ton per cubic yard is normally between $80 and $240. Lava stones range in price from $20 to $50 for every 10 to 50 pounds. You can get a bag at a home improvement or garden center. Lava stone typically has a gray, black, or red tint.

Black Lava Stone Impact

Black Lava Stone Impact

Any witch’s altar, spiritual attire, or jewelry collection would benefit from having lava stone. For individuals who are dedicated to bettering their lives, this stone has profound symbolism and importance.

Lava Stone is for you if you want to boost your creativity and generate fresh ideas, or if you want to add some enchantment to your day by releasing good energy through meditation.

If you need some extra encouragement during the day, are going through a life shift, or are struggling with poor self-esteem, lava stone can help.

Does Black Lava make a good jewelry stone?

Does Black Lava make a good jewelry stone

Lava Stone is one of the most widely used gemstones in jewelry. Its porousness gives it a distinctive appearance that sets it apart from other jewels. Lava stone beads and jewelry have been discovered during excavations at historic locations, and they are still widely used today.

Additionally, because lava stone jewelry is porous, it can also function as diffuser jewelry. Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the Lava Stone’s pores will allow the oil’s natural fragrance to be released throughout the day, providing wonderful and calming fragrances while you wear a lovely piece of jewelry.

Lava stone beads stand out from other beads. Although they appear smooth, the molten lava bubbles have left innumerable tiny holes on their surface. There are no two identical lava beads, giving each one a distinctive appearance similar to a fingerprint.

Additionally, they are quite light, so when worn on the body, they don’t feel cumbersome or go in the way. They also hold heat, which is an attraction. Lava stone jewelry will retain your body heat longer than some other stones if you take it off, such as a necklace or bracelet.

The warmth in the beads is a result of an energy transfer from your body to the lava rock bracelet or necklace. Your body heat is a symbol of your energy.

Some use lava rock beads just to keep centered, peaceful and grounded in this frequently hectic and ever-changing world. People wear beads for a variety of reasons. Some people wear them to recover from illness or a traumatic life event. And still, others, to calm a rushing mind and reduce tension and worry.

That is the adaptability of lava necklaces and bracelets. As your life changes, you can employ them for a variety of objectives thanks to their many advantages and attributes. Lava stone does not rock with only one skill.

Black Lava Real vs Fake

Black Lava Real vs Fake

True lava stone has an extremely erratic form. Contrary to other gemstones, lava stone is rather inexpensive, but you should make sure you’re receiving what you pay for.

Many businesses manufacture lava stones that, at first glance, seem to be real. It might not be possible to determine the authenticity of the stone by simply looking at it. Because nature isn’t always perfect, natural lava stones will have imperfections. It is also lightweight to use real lava stone. Stones created by humans might be a little heavier.

Additionally, a fake lava stone will have identical holes throughout if you purchase one and observe this upon receipt.


Any witch’s altar, spiritual attire, or jewelry collection would benefit from having lava stone. This rock has profound symbolism and value for people who are dedicated to bettering their life.

Lava Stone is for you if you want to boost your creativity and generate fresh ideas, or if you want to add some enchantment to your day by releasing good energy through meditation. Lava Stone is, all things considered, a magnificent addition to any collection and one which will benefit you greatly.


What volcano has black lava?

The majority of volcanologists believe that the northern Tanzanian volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai is where Black Lava can be found.

How is Black Lava formed?

In practically all forms of lava flows, minerals rich in magnesium and iron are responsible for the black hue. The lava swiftly cooled, as shown by its crystalline sheen. The amount of gas that was trapped and released as the lava flowed is indicated by the spongy look of the rock.

What is Black Lava made of?

A lava rock’s composition is determined by its mineral structure and chemical arrangement. Lava rocks, which are typically dark gray, black, or red in color, are typically created when lava flows quickly and cools quickly, or solidifies quickly.

What is the hardness of Black Lava?

The MOH hardness of Lava Stone is 3-3.5.