Lemon Jade Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Lemon jade is serpentine’s “sister” gem. It also goes by the names “Yellow Jade” and “New Jade.” Although jade is a common crystal, it is rare to see it in yellow-ray energy, and it requires a number of highly particular circumstances for yellow jade stone to appear on Earth. 

Also referred to as “Honey jade”, it is simply the lemon-colored ray variety of the widely distributed jade stone that may be found in deposits all over the world. It is a stunning and welcoming stone.

These are perfect for meditation, crystal healing, and massage. The wearer is believed to experience a new optimism thanks to Lemon Jade’s gentle nurturing. When you need hope and joy the most, this stone’s healing qualities will provide them. It encourages you to keep going and has the capacity to drastically alter your life!

What is Lemon Jade?

What is Lemon Jade

Composed of calcium, magnesium, iron, and silicate, lemon Jade is a smooth, tactile quartz palm stone. Being a palm stone, it fits easily in the palm of one’s hand and is an excellent way to connect to crystal energy. One might simply concentrate on the stone to ease worries if they are tense or anxious.

The stone rates between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness on a purely physical level. This indicates that it is a relatively tough stone with a spectacular dispersion of glittering light that can tolerate most surface damage.

How to identify a Lemon Jade?

How to identify a Lemon Jade

Lemon “jade” is a trading name for hazy quartz with a pale to mid-dark yellow color. The best way to identify it is by its color. Some of these stones have a pale yellow appearance with lemon-like shapes. Others have a dark golden color and may also resemble oranges. This jade may vary in smoothness, as well as hardness, depending on the region from which it was extracted. 

The majority of features differ somewhat. The hue is unique to it. Fundamentally, the yellow stone belongs to the primary chromophore rather than the secondary one, which is another significant characteristic that raises its value.

A variety of inclusions could also be present in this stone. Additionally, it can be identified by performing a scratch test. It is a very durable stone that won’t scratch or shatter easily.

– Lemon Jade Cuts and Shapes

For use in rings, bracelets, and earrings, jade is carved into cabochons. Its cutting provides a sense of its value. The symmetry, proportion, and thickness of the jade cabochons are examined. 

The maximum value is found in a cabochon with smooth surfaces, free of imperfections and spots. Round jadeites that have been carved into beads are matched for strands based on size, cut symmetry, color, and texture. Jade with longer, perfectly matched strands has a higher value.

Where is Lemon Jade Found?

In general, Asia and Central America have more lemon jade than other regions. Additionally, these gems can be discovered in China, Myanmar, Japan, Guatemala, and Alaska. They can be extracted from any of these locations and frequently differ in terms of smoothness and color. This stone can also be harvested from a few locations in the USA.

Lemon Jade Stone Meaning

Lemon Jade Stone Meaning

The terms “golden jade,” “butter quartz,” and “buttercream quartz” can also be used to describe lemon jade. The basic connotation of lemon jade is optimism and light. It resembles the brilliant light at the end of a dark tunnel and a beacon of hope in a thick fog. 

The meaning and energy of Lemon Jade will uplift you and give your soul a feeling of purpose rather than allowing you to continue to wallow in self-pity or misery. The color also represents happiness and friendliness. Additionally, it is thought that this stone raises metabolism and has an impact on the digestive system. Above all, it is a soft yet strong force that promotes harmony in all areas of your life and tranquillity and clarity.

Lemon Jade Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

When used by ancient Chinese civilizations, it was a crucial instrument. Many years ago, ancient Chinese civilizations held it in high regard. They held the stone to be a potent force of attraction for fortune and success. In actuality, one of the Chinese medicine’s meridians has a direct relationship with this lovely sunlight stone. Yellow Jade served as a stone for meridian-focused treatments in addition to its function in energetic healing.

Lemon Jade Crystal Properties

Lemon jade is a symbol of knowledge gained in harmony. It is the ultimate stone for regeneration and peace. Additionally, it represents success and happiness, shielding the bearer. This gem enhances self-love and self-care, which is beneficial for meditation.

Such palm stones are made to fit into the palm of your hand and are an excellent way to connect to crystal energy. These are perfect for meditation, crystal healing, and massage.

Lemon Jade Healing Properties

Lemon Jade Healing Properties

Lemon jade is a great healing stone. Numerous body organs may benefit from it. It is well known to support the thyroid, spleen, and digestive systems. In addition, the larynx, bladder, and kidney can all benefit from it. The power of a lemon jade stone may strengthen even your heart.

For digestive problems, this crystal is a miracle worker. This stone will increase the efficiency of your internal organs if you have digestive issues. Additionally, it helps to avoid a variety of more serious medical issues as well as chronic exhaustion and fatigue. It is regarded for problems of the neurological system and as a blood purifier.

Lemon Jade will also aid in your emotional recovery by assisting you in letting go of old traumas and assisting you in replacing them with fresh, better memories that bring you joy and satisfaction. Removing all of your traumas while you sleep and letting go of all negative feelings and thoughts, will help you recover emotionally. As a result, when you wake up, you’ll not only feel better but also be incredibly relaxed.

Lemon Jade Metaphysical Properties

Lemon Jade Metaphysical Properties

Lemon jade will create a shield around you to protect you from any harm, particularly harm that others intentionally desire to do to you. Additionally, it stabilizes mood fluctuations, improves dream comprehension, and is thought to bring good fortune. At the same time, it is extremely helpful for enhancing creativity and productivity.

Lemon Jade Benefits

Lemon Jade is a gemstone thought to offer many advantages, including boosting luck, grounding, and improving relationship maturity. It can help you control your stress levels and keep you from being overly critical of your significant other. Additionally, it improves your ability to focus and exercise leadership.

It can also assist in developing a positive attitude about money, realizing professional objectives, and utilizing money in innovative ways. Additionally, it supports commercial endeavors.

Lemon Jade Benefits Spirituality

Lemon jade is a truly amazing support system for inspiring you to embody a more self-assured version of yourself on an emotional level. In spirituality, lemon jade is thought to offer steadiness on all levels—emotional, physical, and spiritual. 

Spiritually, it is thought to support you in being more self-reliant and steady in your own life. It is also thought to contribute to the stability of your interpersonal relationships. It’s said to help you feel emotionally solid and more independent, able to stand on your own two feet. You can live a more grounded and calm life because the stone’s silky yellow speaks to your inner understanding and higher truth.

Lemon Jade & Feng Shui

According to feng shui principles, jade should be positioned at the southeast corner of the house or office to bring prosperity and luck to everyone. You can use lemon jade by scattering it throughout the house. Put it in your bedroom to help with conception or to help your body get rid of pollutants.

This quartz palm stone is also comfortable to hold in your hand and is smooth and tactile. Just keep your attention on the stone if you’re feeling stressed or anxious to get rid of your troubles. Wearing it as jewelry is also very beneficial in letting the vibrations reach our pulse. 

Lemon Jade Birthstone

Virgos are related to the lemon jade gemstone. People who were born between August 23 and September 22 are regarded as being dependable, kind, honest, and realistic and they detest asking for assistance and are frequently too harsh on both themselves and other people. Lemon Jade is a stone that Virgos should wear or keep with them at all times as it helps in dealing with these experiences.

Lemon Jade Chakras

Lemon Jade Chakras

Lemon Jade improves emotional stability, moderation, and balance. It is a lovely gemstone to work with the heart chakra and is helpful in treating stress and anxiety. It is also known as the stone of love, power, and excellence.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is also linked with lemon jade. Just below the ribcage, this chakra is the third major one. It is understood to stand for analytical thinking and intellectual endeavor. Our emotions are located in the Solar Plexus Chakra. The “digestion of life” is aided. When this chakra is out of balance, you could experience insecurity, difficulty setting boundaries, and a propensity to constantly seek other people’s acceptance. Additionally controlled by the pancreas, it watches after your stomach, liver, lower back, and digestive tract.

What are the Uses of Lemon Jade?

What are the Uses of Lemon Jade

Lemon jade is used by crystal practitioners for many of the same purposes as other quartz stones because it is a member of the quartz family. It is thought to be a stone of knowledge, assisting users in growing in confidence and learning from their mistakes. It is also used for meditation and acceptance. It is also widely used in the jewelry sector. Jade jewelry, including that lemon jade, is highly sought after in contemporary times.

Caring for Lemon Jade

Using a soft, lint-free cloth that is not abrasive or harsh to gently clean your jewelry is the best method. Also, because lemon jade is fairly hard, an ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean it. To prevent hue shift, don’t expose most types of vivid quartz to heat. To keep its color, keep it away from direct sunlight.

In the case of jewelry, store each item of jewelry separately to prevent scratching and tangling. Avoid applying sunscreen, hairspray, or cleaning agents near your jewelry because these can damage it, and remember to take it off before taking a shower or bath, especially if you plan to swim in the sea or a chlorinated pool.

Caring for Lemon Jade

When to Cleanse Lemon Jade?

It is better to cleanse the stone after every use to get rid of the negative vibrations. It is also advisable to clean it before every use in order to reap the benefits fully. However, if you are keeping the stone somewhere in the house, it is better to keep it covered and clean it about thrice a week. 

How to Recharge Your Lemon Jade?

To recharge your lemon jade, leave crystal outside to enjoy the full moon’s illumination over the course of the night. Alternatively, you might bury the stone in the ground for 48 hours. Any negative or sluggish energy will be automatically absorbed and destroyed by the earth, which will also replenish the healing frequencies of the stones. Smudging is one of the most well-liked techniques for recharging crystals. To do this, ignite a Palo Santo, sage, or smudge stick, and surround the crystal in its smoke.

Lemon Jade Activation Process

You could activate your lemon jade stone in a variety of methods like chanting holy words. The most efficient and reverent method of doing this for your stones is to harness the force of nature. You can run yellow jade beneath a natural stream because it is a water-safe crystal.

How much is Lemon Jade worth?

How much is Lemon Jade worth

A lemon jade stone is extremely valuable because it is thought to be rare. This stone’s cost varies tremendously depending on where it came from and where you live. It is a relatively cheap stone that costs around $10 when it has been made from nephrite. A lemon jade crystal the size of a small coin, however, will cost at least $60 if it is made of jadeite.

What determines Lemon Jade’s price and value?

The value of your lemon jade relies on a number of variables. Here are several to consider:

The jade’s color is the most important consideration when estimating its cost. In general, color is evaluated based on its consistency, intensity, tone, and saturation in the stone. The Imperial Jade, a semi-transparent stone with a hint of emerald green, is the priciest variety of jadeite.

The stone can range in transparency from dark opaque jade to brilliant semi-transparent jade. A completely opaque jade won’t reflect any light and won’t be attractive. Thus, semi-transparent sparkling jade is highly expensive while opaque jade has a lower value.

Lemon jade’s texture ranges from being finely textured to being mediumly textured to having surfaces that are rough. The most costly jade has the best structure. The more transparent a texture is, the finer the texture must be.

Lemon Jade Impact

Lemon Jade radiates a calm, steady energy that promotes understanding, pragmatism, restraint, perspective, and tranquillity.

The healing and soothing energies of this gem are beneficial to the digestive system, and it also helps with dream interpretation, increases sentiments of compassion and empathy, and boosts emotional balance, moderation, and stability.

Does Lemon Jade make a good jewelry stone?

Does Lemon Jade make a good jewelry stone

In China’s Ming Dynasty, lemon jade was employed in a wide variety of jewelry designs. As a result of its distinctive design, it was also utilised to embellish their tombs. Yellow jade jewelry is just as popular today as it was hundreds of years ago. From this gemstone, people enjoy making rings, earrings, and bracelets.

Rose gold and yellow jade blend well together in jewelry. This crystal is so strong that some people even use it as an engagement ring. You will experience the most powerful effects when you wear this stone on your body. When wearing it, one may experience a sense of serenity, concentration, and protection from evil.

Lemon Jade Real vs Fake

To figure out if your stone is real or fake, you must be aware of its physical properties. Lemon jade is a well-known piezoelectric gem, which may conduct electricity when exposed to the applied voltage, under pressure, or in response to mechanical stresses. It is also a pyroelectric gem, meaning it can produce an electric charge when the temperature changes quickly.

Lemon jade is frequently mistaken for citrine and other yellow-colored stones due to their resemblance at first glance. However, Compared to other jades, it has a softer personality and complements the inventiveness of Picasso jasper well.


What is lemon Jade?

Lemon jade, also known as yellow jade, is a quartz palm stone. It is composed of calcium, magnesium, iron, and silicate. Only under a very precise set of conditions, deep under the earth’s surface, does lemon jade form.

Is lemon Jade rare?

It is actually one of the rarest kinds of jade in existence. There aren’t many places where this particular stone may be harvested because, as has been indicated, it has only been discovered in a few countries dispersed throughout the world.

What is lemon Jade stone good for?

The lemon jade crystal can help to relieve the signs of digestive problems, as well as thyroid and spleen-related problems. Along with enhancing overall cognitive abilities and inspiring creative thought, it also helps to treat chronic weariness.

Is yellow Jade a real stone?

Lemon jade is unquestionably a genuine stone. Because colorful variations of jade are relatively simple to imitate and reproduce artificially using glass and dye, there are numerous fakes in circulation today, which is why many people question the authenticity of this crystal.

Which color of Jade is most valuable?

The ‘Imperial jade’ is the highest grade of jade, which is nearly translucent and has a vivid emerald green color. This is one of the most valuable diamonds in the world.

Is yellow Jade lucky?

Very popular among the ancient Chinese civilization, yellow jade was known to bring good fortune to the owner. It surely is a brilliant stone that can infuse your life with a tonne of light.