7 Best Crystals for Full Moon: How to Use them for Full Moon Rituals

The energies and vibrations emitted during the full moon night are extremely powerful. These energies can enable an individual to gain different psychic presents such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. One must make sure that they are completely immersing themselves in the energies during the full moon. 

Full moon energies have the ability to make the individual a magnet of manifestations. And act as a protective shield against potential harm and dangers. For absorbing and amplifying the energies of the full moon, here are the best gemstones and crystals for full moon that must be used during various full moon rituals and other purposes. 

7 Best Crystals for Full Moon

  • Citrine

A full moon is the time of the night when manifestations and visualisations come true. The full moon is the best time to reap the fruits of the seed that you had planted before. This way all your desires will come true and you will be able to manifest abundance in your life even after the full moon night has passed. When Citrine gemstones are used during the full moon night, an individual is able to attract financial prosperity and abundance. 

This gemstone is great for uplifting the mood and increasing energy levels when the wearer is feeling low and drained. This gemstone, with the power of bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual world, helps individuals make all their dreams and wishes a reality in their life. 

  • Fluorite


Full moons are the nights when one may feel confused and lost. But it is absolutely normal and okay to feel that way. One must make sure that they are not overthinking anything. They must try to remove any confusing or foggy thoughts from their heads and focus on manifesting in the full moon night. When the time comes that you are required to make an important decision, use Fluorite crystals for guidance. 

This gemstone has strong powers to help the wearer gain their path. And also make decisions made on logical and rational thoughts. Fluorite is an extremely pure crystal that purifies and balances the different aspects of one’s life. It makes sure that the wearer is not losing any sense of their way and is able to think the best thoughts while making an important decision. 

  • Onyx

Onyx gemstones are one of the best crystals for full moon as they help in introspection and insight. Usually, it is recommended to wear a jewellery piece like a bracelet or pendant made from this crystal. When used on the full moon night, this gemstone protects the wearer from intense feelings of anger and negativity and rage. When the wearer feels like they are not able to control their emotions, or they will burst out of their emotions every soon, this gemstone will help them in balancing and grounding their emotions for reacting in a calm manner to a stressful or frustrating situation. 

Using Onyx gemstones for the full moon night will enable the wearer to get rid of dangerous attachments. And it will let them break out of self-harming patterns and behaviours. If the wearer is in a toxic relationship, this gemstone will help them come out of it. 

  • Aquamarine

As we all know, Aquamarine gemstones are related to the oceans and sea. Basically, it is associated with water and sources or bodies of water. That’s why it creates a bond between the user with water and their abilities. Aquamarine is a gemstone of water that’s why it protects ships, boats and voyages in different small and large water bodies on their journey. 

As everyone knows, the water waves or ocean waves are largely affected by the full moon vibrations and energies. Considering the bond of Aquamarine with water, one must use this crystal at the time of the occurrence of oceanic waves and tides for different purposes. This gemstone plays a vital role in helping the wearer know the true intentions and motives of the people in their surroundings. It also helps the wearer to speak the truth. And always express their real emotions and feelings only. 

  • Moonstone


It is recommended to use a Moonstone during the full moon nights as it enables the wearer to be guided by guardian angels and higher spirits. It also helps the wearer gain messages and support from their guardian angels which will help them greatly in their life. This gemstone enhanced one’s fertility and sensuality. 

It is often used for increasing one’s intuition and sixth sense. This further strengthens the bond of the wearer with their guardian angels and divine beings for their service. If the wearer is suffering from sleepless nights, this gemstone can help them gain calmness and also correct their faulty sleep schedule. 

  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is one of the best crystals for full moon as it has supreme powers for increasing the vibrations and energies of the full moon night. This gemstone also enhances the energies in the surroundings of the wearer. Since this gemstone activates and stimulates all the chakras, it can be used excellently with other crystals and gemstones too. 

When Clear Quartz is used with other crystals, it enhances the collective energies that can help the wearer in many different ways to enhance their overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health. It is also a very useful gemstone for practising the full moon rituals and other spells used for different purposes. 

  • White Opal

White Opal

Widely used for full moon rituals, this gemstone is used especially for full moon nights. This gemstone, during the full moon night, must be predominantly used by different zodiac signs like Capricorn, Virgo, Aries and Cancer. This gemstone has supreme healing powers that can be used in the best and strongest way possible during full moon nights. 

Additionally, this gemstone can help the wearer overcome feelings of excessive anger and rage. When the energies of the wearer have become disordered, this gemstone helps in fixing it. Moreover, White Opal gemstones are used for correcting disorders in one’s emotional cycles and behaviours that may be damaging for them and for the people in their surroundings. 

How To Use Crystals And Gemstones For Full Moon Rituals?

How To Use Crystals And Gemstones For Full Moon RitualsAfter learning about the best gemstones and crystals for full moon, one must learn about how to use them for the full moon rituals so that they are able to amplify the energies and blessings of the full moon nights in the best way possible. Here are the steps for performing the full moon rituals with different crystals and gemstones:-

  • Choose a clean and tidy place in the house for performing the ritual. Make that area sacred and spiritual by keeping the crystals and gemstones of your choice. Make sure that the crystals have been washed in clean water beforehand. 
  • The wearer must sit with the crystals and gemstones by their side. It is recommended to keep a little note of the desires and intentions one wants to manifest in the night with them. The wearer should be clear and precise about what they want to manifest during the ritual. 
  • The wearer must make themselves comfortable in the room and close their eyes. They must keep the gemstones in their hands and slowly rub them. This way, the energies will circulate throughout the room and within the body of the wearer. 
  • One must stay attentive throughout the ritual. During or after the ritual, the wearer will feel light and enlightened. They will be able to let go of everything that has been bothering them. And they will be able to experience uplifting energies. One must know that they may not feel the changes very soon or may not feel an intense shift during the ritual. But the changes and shifts that have happened are symbolic and are registered by the subconscious sense. 
  • Once the wearer ends the ritual, they must keep the crystal or gemstone under the moonlight so that they can recharge and activate overnight. In the morning, store them in a safe place to avoid contact with direct sunlight. 


Using the best crystals for full moon is a practice that everyone should follow who wants to manifest all their desires into reality and see a shift in their mindset and emotions over time. Full moon nights are some of the most energy-packed and sacred nights that must be spent by manifesting and meditating with crystals and gemstones which will help them to amplify the energies and vibrations of the moon. And also gain the blessing of the full moon night into their life. 


What crystals should I put out on a full moon?

The crystals and gemstones that you must put out on a full moon are Moonstones, Amethyst gemstones, Clear Quartz gemstones, etc. 

Is it good to put crystals under a full moon?

Yes. It is good to put crystals under a full moon. This way, the crystals will get recharged overnight. 

Where do you put the crystals on a full moon?

It is advisable that one must place the crystals and gemstones in a sacred and clean space of their house. 

Which stone is best for the moon?

The crystals that are best for the moon are Amethyst and Citrine.