Moldavite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Moldavite is a fascinating crystal that has wonderful healing properties. It is a stone with a destiny of great importance and is sculpted by spiritual fire. The star-born talisman is a mystery green talisman that emerged from Mother Earth’s violent meteoric collision. 

Moldavite is a glassy shiny gem of exquisite delicacy and beauty waiting to aid mankind, etched by force and fire as it fell from the sky. It’s also known as Maldivite or Maldevite. Keep reading to know the Meaning, Healing Properties, and Power of this Cosmic Gem, if you want to add an otherworldly gem to your collection.

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What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a naturally fashioned green glass created in a meteorite explosion. This amazing gemstone is regarded for its specific physical appearance and metaphysical Properties.

What is Moldavite

Moldavite is a natural glass formed through interplanetary collisions that belong to the Tektite family. 

Tektos is a Greek term that means “molten.” Tektites are amorphous crystal formations made up of glassy combinations of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metals. Due to its cosmic connection, it is considered to be extremely powerful since it has a very high vibrational frequency.

How to Identify a Moldavite?

The most striking feature of the Moldavite gem is its surface’s etched or wrinkled style, making it appear like a frozen fern. 

How to identify a Moldavite

Therefore, people usually choose to put on this gemstone inside the Raw form to maximize its benefits.

Moldavite Cuts

Moldavite is among those gems which are liked and cherished in their natural raw form. You can find Moldavite in exceptional exciting shapes with the field, discs, and rods distorted in the marketplace. 

Unfortunately, Moldavite is not often faceted and polished to form shiny gems.

Moldavite Shapes

Sediments from the Middle to Upper Miocene periods now contain Moldavite. 

It can be found as green to brown glass droplets up to a few centimeters in size. Millions of pieces have been gathered, mainly in the Czech Republic. Since it is cut from the natural Moldavite crystal, the shape of the natural Moldavite varies.

Where is Moldavite Found?

Moldavite is thought to have formed from a meteorite that landed 14.8 million years ago. 

It is thought to have crashed within the present-day Czech Republic, especially the Bohemian Plateau. But, as you can believe, pieces are scattered during the region and are discovered nearly at random.

The effect was predicted at six trillion megatons and is assumed to have passed through the Earth’s crust into the planet’s core.

What is the Meaning of Moldavite? 

Moldavite has a divinatory meaning that your life has taken a turn for the better in a dramatic way. Moldavite also symbolizes transformation, fortune, and protection. It is the Gemstone born from the stars. 

Moldavite is a crystal that radiates energy; upon the first touch, you can sense the warmth it gives off. This warmth is so commonplace that it developed “Moldavite flush.” The “flush” sends vibrations via the body and will imbue the user with a mild tingly sensation.

Some new users say it’s a bit overwhelming and will periodically take it off or out of their pocket as they feel “lightheaded.” 

It’s typically encouraged to continually have a grounding stone nearby while you start working with it to get used to the Moldavite, which is too strong. Over time, the energy might be less overwhelming as you get used to the stone.

What is the Meaning of Moldavite in Ancient Lore and History?

Moldavite has a high vibration and strong frequency and is also known as the “Holy Grail Stone.” It’s a fantastic transformation crystal. Hence it’s also known as “The Stone Of Transformation.”

Moldavite Healing Properties

Moldavite Healing properties

  • Rejuvenates Physical Health

In scientific astrology, it’s far relied on that Moldavite stone benefits those stricken by eye-associated ailments, poor reminiscence, infertility, hair loss, and sicknesses associated with the breathing tract. 

  • High Energy Stone

The results of Moldavite’s fantastic energies can also be experienced with the aid of human beings stricken by any allergic reaction, flu, fever, rashes, or anemia.

  • Balances Energy Centre in body

Another interesting issue about Moldavite is that some people agree that it has properly-being traits and is often related to transformation. It can sweep away terrible feelings and minds while promoting balanced chakras and wonderful power.

  • Unique Properties 

Moldavite is an extraordinary precious gemstone to keep its value properly into the destiny. For that reason, several thrilling statistics surround the material rock, starting from its specific formation, constrained distribution, and unique physical characteristics.

  • Repairs Cell damage

Moldavite helps us understand every aspect of our being to heal and elevate ourselves. We can see where we are out of balance and get back on track with the help of this bright green gem. It invites cells to turnover and relocates away from damage, thus promoting rejuvenation and healing.

  •  Heals Chronic Diseases 

Moldavite’s rapid vibrations might aid in shifting weights, resulting in persistent discomfort and chronic diseases. In addition, it is beneficial for the eyes and gastrointestinal issues and is comparable to other green stones. 

Moldavite Metaphysical Properties  

  • Moldavite has several beneficial spiritual and metaphysical attributes. It has a strong energy that may aid in spiritual awakening, metamorphosis, and spiritual healing.
  • Moldavite, on the other hand, isn’t always that simple to utilize. This assists you in ascending to a higher spiritual place.
  • Made of stardust and from places unknown, Moldavite scores big when it comes to metaphysical magic. This gem is said to be an amulet sent to Earth to help us ascend.
  • It’s a stone that serves the spiritual community well, helping to awaken and strengthen psychic abilities, encouraging people to get in touch with their past life lessons, and connecting you to spirit guides and ethereal beings who can show you the way. 
  • Along with opening you up to spiritual forces, this gem can also keep you protected. It shares similar properties to Obsidian with its ability to throw up a forcefield of positive power to stop any bad vibes and harmful entities from getting through.
  • The most prevalent response when someone touches a Moldavite crystal is a tingling in the hand, which eventually spreads throughout the body. The response is frequently felt in your chest, followed by a strong heat flush over your face, in the area of your heart chakra.
  • This crystal’s vibration has a strong impact on your auric field. When someone wears a Moldavite crystal or holds it for the first time, this can cause them to feel intense heat. It’s also typical for you to experience dizziness or a sense of being strange or off-kilter when you initially use it.
  • Moldavite has strong metaphysical features, and using them may be uncomfortable for some people. Now, start slowly. 
  • The Moldavite Flush is a term used to describe this severe response. Moldavite crystals are stones of quick change and transformations with strong energy. It has been shown to assist you in letting go of previous unpleasant and painful thoughts.

Moldavite Benefits

Moldavite Benefits

Since ancient times, Europeans have had fashionable Moldavite gemstones for their mystical powers and metaphysical Properties. 

Moldavite Benefits for Healing Purposes 

Gem Therapist, Chakra healers, or even the Rieke masters (Rieke is a popular Japanese restoration remedy) located deep faith inside the Moldavite restoration Properties. It helps to bring high-quality changes within the wearer’s life to a physical, emotional, and spiritual degree.

Moldavite Benefits for Nurturing Relationships

According to popular Czech folklore, wearing Moldavite gemstone is considered beneficial for people in resolving conflicts in marital relationships.This stone balances heart chakra and helps adopt a loving, concerned, and informative nature towards their dear ones. 

So, Moldavite gemstone can be a significant anniversary present for a couple who needs to enhance happiness and real instances in their married life.

Moldavite Benefits for Financial Insecurities

The green shade of Moldavite indicates prosperity and abundance. Therefore, astrologers discover Moldavite, a powerful gemstone for humans handling long-time period economic troubles.

According to the astrologers, the calming energies of the Moldavite restoration crystal stimulate the Third Eye Chakra and assist the wearer in accumulating wealth and producing good material and spiritual improvement.

Moldavite Benefits in Aromatherapy

Moldavite oil is used in Aromatherapy along with essential oils for treating headaches. Moldavite is also thought to help us look younger and boost our mental clarity.

Read here more about the Uses of Moldavite Oil.

Moldavite Benefits Spirituality

Supports Meditation & Spiritual Activities

In the Chakra Healing Therapies, it’s believed that Moldavite helps meditation and quickens the wearer’s Spiritual boom and awakening process. It is a satisfactory gemstone for individuals who experience burden and find it tough to cognizance.

The spiritual awakening power of moldavites has been praised. It’s an “excessive vibe,” which heightens and raises private vibrations, inactivation, and fast spiritual evolution. It sincerely is a powerful and overwhelming little stone while you maintain it!

Moldavite & Feng Shui

It increases vigor, generates wealth, and keeps us healthy physically. For any eating space in the room of a small kid or at a place at your home where you are starting a new venture, use green crystals to boost it.

Moldavite Birthstone

Moldavite Birthstone

The natural Moldavite stone is not linked to any Zodiac signs, astrologically speaking. It’s a natural birthstone and a universal product (star stone).

Individuals born in the springtime may choose Moldavite as a traditional birthstone. It’ll help you rejuvenate, achieve new business success, and maintain optimum health. 

Moldavite is a zodiac-shaped gemstone formed by all constellations without being tied to any single astrological sign.

Moldavite Chakras  

Moldavite Chakras

  • Many agree that Moldavite came to Earth to help the planet go beyond its modern-day realm, which is why Moldavite is heavily used for recovery rituals of the Earth chakra.
  • Moldavite is a good stone used for those who want to extend the vibrations in their other crystals. 
  • Finally, there are claims that Moldavite has metaphysical properties. Suppose you gaze right into a greater translucent piece of the gemstone simultaneously as meditating. 
  • In that case, you may find it less complicated to hook up with the better powers in the cosmos and inside your better self.
  • Moldavite affects all the chakras (this stone is about balance and transformation). Being a gorgeous green gem shakes any blockages out of the heart chakra and encourages uplifting healing. 
  • The heart chakra sits in the middle of our breastbone and rules how we connect with other people and ourselves. 
  • An open heart chakra is essential for building beautiful levels of compassion, leaning into love and trust, healing old heart wounds, and knowing how to hold our beautiful boundaries. 
  • When we have an open heart chakra, we are more likely to nurture healthy relationships and not waste our precious time on those that don’t spark joy deep within our souls.
  • Moldavite also works in harmony with our third eye chakra. This is our gateway to all that glorious inner wisdom and how we learn to trust in ourselves. 
  • We can be solid and soar by strengthening our sense of self-belief, illuminating our own deepest truths, and keeping us equally earthed and rising to new heights. 
  • When our third eye chakra is open, we can open ourselves to new ideas, visions, dreams, and creative and spiritual practices. 
  • By tapping into that third eye energy, we can also access those psychic gifts and rouse our crown chakra to connect with the cosmos. That beautiful blend of cosmic charm and earthly weight makes Moldavite such a worthy stone to work with.

Moldavite Uses

  • Moldavite helps in your Transformational Journey

Moldavite crystals aid in transformative shifts and offer an entryway into your beyond. It’s frequently used to hook up with your better self. 

Moldavite isn’t for the unclear heart, but it can assist best change and transformation in one’s existence when worked with deliberately and particularly. It has been called “The Stone of Transformation.” 

  • Moldavite helps you find your Purpose in Life

If you’re suffering from forgiving and forgetting the beyond, or experience disconnected from your soul’s purpose, a Moldavite can help you realign.

  • Moldavite brings harmony to relationships

Moldavite can deepen your relationship with yourself with the energies of the stars. 

  • Moldavite Balances Emotions

It is often related to a time journey and can reveal your past lives. If you are operating through freeing deep-seated emotions from past experiences, Moldavite can support you in freeing the emotional and lively cycles.

  • Moldavite Heals Psychological Injuries

This Green gem is used to heal the psychological hurts which are caused due to overwhelming. Because this crystal is pretty extreme compared to crystals like amethyst or rose quartz, it should be used intentionally.

  • Moldavite is a Cosmic Gemstone 

It is also a remarkable stone to assist in channeling, deepening one’s meditation practice, and connection with the cosmos and your ancestors. If you’re searching out an instantaneous line to the cosmos, look to the elusive and celestial Moldavite crystal. 

  • Moldavite has a Connection with Space

It is also called “the space glass,” this lime-green gemstone looks as if the evidence is left in the back of a UFO — and it’s believed to be the right crystal to keep us tapped into all things extraterrestrial.

  • Moldavite helps with Self-Introspection

It is used for Self Reflection and helps in contemplating our life and it also helps us to see the truth of ourselves.

  • Moldavite can be used for Mysticism

Individuals who have a deep love for mysticism, use crystals to faucet into the universe’s energy. Every crystal holds powerful strength and has a concept to have a unique use for all of our human wishes.

  • Moldavite is used for Mindfulness

You can use this crystal to add it to your mindfulness habit. Start with meditating with a Moldavite for 5 to 10 minutes a day, visualizing your manifestations. Make positive affirmations come from a heartfelt space of gratitude.

  • Moldavite can be used for Meditation Practice

Likewise, it is a fantastic stone to assist in channeling, deepening one’s meditation practice, and referencing the cosmos and your ancestors. Using Moldavite is especially beneficial to tap into the prevailing if you do meditation.

For example, to deepen states of meditation. Preserve a chunk of Moldavite for your left hand to acquire its strength, or wear it as a chunk of jewelry. 

  • Moldavite can be used for Dream Work

Add the stone to channel messages through dream work. Place it on your pillowcase before going to bed on the way to discover the astral geographical regions thoroughly. 

  • Moldavite Awakens your Heart

Similar to rose quartz and selenite crystals, Moldavite will let you open your heart and cleanse your space and strength.

  • Positive Vibrations 

Several people think that Moldavite was given to us to assist us in our ascension. However, this gem has tremendous energy, and tremendous shifts are inevitable. Its high frequency, coupled with its cosmic collisions and terrestrial and extraterrestrial vibrations, makes it a powerful stone in reality.

How do you Care for Moldavite?

Moldavites are susceptible to scratching because of their hardness of 5. Therefore, they should be set as rings and only worn occasionally. However, other jewelry, such as pendants and earrings, should not be a problem.

Don’t use steam or ultrasonic techniques to clean Moldavite, as they typically include a lot of inclusions. Instead, use a soft brush and warm water with a mild detergent.  

When to Cleanse Moldavite?

If you need to physically smooth Moldavite with water, there’s no harm in rinsing it in water. But instead of soaking it, rinse it briefly and then buff it dry with a smooth fabric.

When to Cleanse Moldavite

So make sure before you put the stone away or wear it again, let it sit in a warm and dry spot for a while to ensure that all of the water (particularly the water that you may see) has a chance to evaporate dry out. 

Then, flip it over in some instances as it dries. Please rub the piece and permit it to air dry sufficiently. If you place your Moldavite in water, take greater care of it.

How to Recharge Your Moldavite?

Moldavite may be activated by exposing it to direct sunlight or moonlight in your hand. Close your eyes and speak out the goals you want to create for the stone when you want to get the best results.

What is Moldavite Activation Process?

  • Moonlight or sunlight, as well as burying Moldavite in the ground overnight to absorb the energy of the moon or the Earth, are some of the most common ways to charge the stone. 
  • However, a simple activation process can benefit all crystals greatly. This is how we achieve energy sync and transfer intent.
  • This need not be a grand spiritual ritual; it might be as easy as emptying your mind and heart and projecting your requests. Suppose you want to concentrate when setting goals and programming your crystals.
  • Moldavite may bring about a strong response in you, or it may not – either way, this stone will undoubtedly bring about wonderful changes in your life. ‍

How much is Moldavite worth?

The value of gems like Moldavite is continuously on the upward thrust, especially as Moldavite itself is getting extremely rare.

How much is Moldavite worth

Not all jewelry enthusiasts may be capable of seeing the original beauty of Moldavite, an extraordinary gem with extraterrestrial origins. Currently, the green gemstone can simply be legally mined in a single Czech village. 

But, on top of that, its supply is speedy dwindling. Moldavite is a rare gem fashioned 12 to 15 million years ago. It is assessed as a Tektite, an own unique family of gems formed from the debris of a meteor effect.

Compared to other gemstones in its circle of family, it’s far acknowledged for its breathtaking color and perfect clarity. Its hue levels from mild green to dark olive green with brown undertones. It is also the most colorful of all impactites, and there’s no different gem like it.

Well-Cut and polished Moldavites are simply worth the better expenses they could command. However, they may be nonetheless quite a low cost. These pieces are extraordinarily rare and extraordinarily valued, no matter the weight. For example, typical field-picked Moravian Moldavite from 0.5 gr to 19.99 gr lies between 8 USD and 15 USD per gram.

But please remember, if the stone is un-chipped with an ideal surface, the cost can easily soar to 30 USD per gram or more! A 15-gram piece of Moldavite is a fraction form from a commonplace place like Chlum and is a regular color. This piece can also sell for the fee of $15-25 USD, consistent with a gram in a retail store costing $225-$375.

The prices are subject to change, according to the present time of the article written. 

What determines Moldavite’s price and value?

Moldavite’s grade, color, and size influence its value and price. Moldavite comes in three grades with various looks. 

Moldavite's price and value

There are 3 grades of Moldavite.

A Grade, AA or AAA Grade, Premium Grade, Superior Grade, or Museum Grade are some of the common names for high-quality Moldavite. The absence of visible damage (e.g., Moldavite) at this level suggests that none exists. Moldavite has been scratched, nicked, and worn.

Moldavite’s high cost is influenced by several factors. Moldavite extraction is the first problem. Moldavite deposits are mostly underground, and only a few places allow access to the bulk of them. 

Extraction of the glass is a complicated and costly procedure. Just little-sized droplet-shaped pieces at a time may be removed in regions where they’re discovered. They are barely a few millimeters in size, and they have to be carved into jewels stone. The high cost of the gemstone is due in part to its rarity. 

Moldavite Impact

Moldavite is a kind extraterrestrial gem. It was created around 15 million years ago after an asteroid collision.

Does Moldavite make a good jewelry stone?

Whether you’re planning on wearing a Moldavite Ring, Pendant, or Bracelet, Moldavite Jewelry opens a portal to cosmic energies. Moldavite pendant can be used on your chosen chain, choker, or cord at the precise length you want. 

No wearing pattern is set. You can also change your chains at will while wearing pendants.

Typically, Moldavite Pendants are placed near the Solar Plexus Chakra, at the neck’s base, or even lower near the chest’s center point. Moldavite impacts emotions and energy flow. As a result, it is supposed that Moldavite may have diverse effects on the body.

Moldavite Real vs Fake

  • Check for Color

The color of faux Moldavite can range from glassy bottle green to other shades (Yellow, blue, and pink). Moldavite comes in different shades of green Moldavite (In natural light color, thick Moldavite can appear black in coloration.

  • Look for the Visual Clues

True Moldavite is understood for its olive-green color that ranges from faded and translucent to varying shades of deep forest inexperienced with viable streaks of brown. 

Many times, fuel bubbles were trapped when the Moldavite changed into fashion. These bubbles are an excellent indication of proper Moldavite.

  • Size

Consider the Size of the Moldavite because many fake Moldavite pieces are impressively large with good deal charges that are certainly too top to be proper.

Many counterfeit pieces of Moldavite have a glittery glass-like finish, which is appropriate because they, in reality, are masterpieces of molten glass that have been molded with care. 

Once in a while, the seams of the mold are easily visible. Beware of anyone promoting Moldavite that is not from the Czech Republic or even green. 

Many dealers market other stones as Moldavite to capitalize on it is popularity. “White Moldavite” is usually nothing greater than Calcite. “African Moldavite” has greater in common with Sea Glass than a real Tektite.

  • Look for Instinctive Clues

Since the energy emitted from Moldavite is very different, the most surefire way of confirming genuine Moldavite is to examine and hold a stone. 

Because of the unusually high-frequency energy rate, metaphysicians classify Moldavite as an ascension stone. 

When in touch with Moldavite or even in the stone’s environment, many people describe a sensation of heat, tingling sensations, and confusion.

  • Look for Moldavite Sculpting

Fake Moldavite sculpting

Fake Moldavite usually has an extra uniform and consistent base sculpting. However, it can seem too glassy, clean, and uniform.

Real Moldavite sculpting

With actual Moldavite, it isn’t always possible to copy the very difficult, distinctive, and summary sculpting you see in real Moldavite.

  • Check for the Transparency

Fake Moldavite occasionally appears greater transparent like colored glass. While Moldavite is a natural glass, it has many minerals and metals together with iron, which means it is no longer as transparent as colored glass. Observe the Surface for Gloss or Matte.

Fake Moldavite surface gloss

Fake Moldavite could have an excessive gloss or matte surface. Usually, fake Moldavite has a high surface gloss which offers it a wet, bright, and glassy appearance. However, fake Moldavite can have a matte floor and try and imitate real Moldavite.

Real Moldavite surface gloss

Natural Moldavite will have an excessive base gloss, but that is much less commonplace, and seeing this Moldavite with a returned light will assist in confirming if it’s real or fake. When purchasing Moldavite, you need to examine images of the exact piece you will shop for from several angles, at minimal front and back. 

Some dealers also include a lower backlight image, which could be useful when deciding on a Moldavite and identifying if it’s far true. At the same time, a light or torch may be shining from behind the Moldavite, a light back photograph.

Summary of Moldavite Crystal

Name of Crystal Moldavite
Precious No
Semi Precious Yes
Other Names Bouteille Stone, Vtavin
Origin(s) Czech: Vltavín
Color(s) Olive, Yellowish Green, Bottle Green
Formation A meteorite impact in Southern Germany (Nördlinger Ries Crater)
Majorly Found at Vltava River, Czech Republic
Zodiac Suited for Taurus
Chakra Crown Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Heart Chakra
Crystal Meaning Known as a stone of spiritual awakening and an accelerant of personal evolution
Types of Crystal
Healing Properties High vibration stone, helps in spiritual awakening
Health Benefits Balances heart chakra, fitness, shift in energy
Uses Boosts confidence, spiritual awakening, works as a guiding stone
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 5.5 – 7
Real Olive green color, has inclusions and is full of gas bubbles
Fake Color, inclusions, lustre, fewer bubbles than original and only on surface


What does Moldavite do?

Moldavite protects, heals, and even cleanses you. Moldavite is also helpful in cultivating profound, personal, and long-lasting transformation.

Where to buy Moldavite?

You should purchase Moldavite from a dealer who can provide assurance of authenticity and disclose where the stone came from. ‍

What is Moldavite used for?

Moldavite is a beautiful stone that can be used for jewelry, in your own metaphysical life, and as décor. This unique stone is employed for spiritual and healing reasons as well.

How to tell if Moldavite is real?

The most comfortable way is to know the energy given off by Moldavite is quite unusual. First, Moldavite is a glass product, both real and imitated. Real Moldavite’s creation is the reason for its inclusion of inclusions and bubbles.

Where does Moldavite come from?

Moldavite, sometimes known as Vltavin, is found only in the Czech Republic’s Vltava Valley, covering around 40 square miles. Many fake stones come with a false certificate of authenticity, so you might wonder how you can be sure where the stone comes from.

What does Moldavite look like?

Every piece of Moldavite within the world in particular, like a fingerprint or snowflake. So if you notice the same image of Moldavite used for more than one item/list, then honestly it’s fake.