Neptunite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

A silicate mineral with the elements potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese, and titanium, neptunite crystallizes as prismatic and tabular fragments. It is available in dark brown or black, as well as a distinctive red-brown tint that pops out more in light.

Due to its similarity to aegirine, this mineral was given the name Neptune after the Roman deity of the sea.

The Scandinavian sea god Gir inspired the naming of Aegirine. Since its initial discovery in West Greenland in 1893, neptunite has only been found in Russia, California, and Quebec.

What is Neptunite?

What is Neptunite

Chakras that may have been dormant within the body can be reactivated with the use of the chakra-aligning stone neptunite. This crystal’s energies are incredibly special and can support your passive adjustment to life’s inevitable changes. 

The detection of broken relationships is made easier by this stone of compatibility with oneself. It is challenging to comprehend your genuine needs and desires when you are not rooted in your physical self.

Meaning of Neptunite

Meaning of Neptunite

Try placing this object over the area that needs treatment, and you’ll soon experience a mild heating sensation that quickly changes into a vibratory sensation. Your body is responding to the energies of Neptunite as they contact with you.

If you are exposed to outside forces or energy, your body could respond defensively. The crystal neptunite can “surprise your body” more than any other crystal we have ever worked with. Give it a break and begin incorporating this stone more gradually into your meditation regimen if you experience any discomfort when working with it. 

Despite being extremely different from Moldavite, this stone deserves the same respect due to its strong energies. If you feel as though you are unable to connect with this stone, do not give up.


Neptunite dissolves self-criticism and judgments. When things go tough, Neptunite embraces fortitude and cultivates courage. The sacral and base chakras are aligned with neptunite.

Neptunite encourages taking action to accomplish personal objectives and solve issues. Neptunite has been used to treat muscle atrophy, tooth decay, and decay. Neptunite is capable of supporting rigorous training regimens.