Paraiba Tourmaline Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The vibrancy of paraiba tourmaline has been compared to electricity because it inspires awe in people who view it. This type of tourmaline not only has unmatched physical qualities, but also has a meaning that is electrifying in and of itself.

The Paraiba tourmaline has a number of qualities that contribute to its popularity. There are compelling arguments to add this tourmaline to your collection when you take into account its visual qualities, chemical composition, and symbolic significance.

What is Paraiba Tourmaline?

The tourmaline gem has the broadest range of color variations of any gemstone. Tourmaline of the Paraba kind has an interesting past and is a vivid neon blue-green.

You might be interested to know that the neon tourmaline, which resembles the ocean, is very new, despite the fact that this gemstone has had a big impact throughout its history. In 1989, a determined gem prospector found this unusual treasure.

This stone has created waves since then due to its distinct elegance and meaning. The mineral tourmaline is named after the Brazilian state of Paraba. The well-known blue gem was discovered in the 1980s.

Brazil had been mined for tourmaline for many centuries prior to its discovery. It came as a shock but was quite welcome to the neighborhood to discover such incredible diversity. Since then, the significance of Paraiba tourmaline has increased.

It currently refers to any tourmaline that displays a stunning blue hue and/or neon properties. In 2006, gemstone conferences from around the world acknowledged it as a generic tourmaline variety.

There are deposits of paraiba tourmaline in Mozambique and Africa. Mozambique’s are very distinctive since they are pink and purple. They are regarded as Paraba because of the extreme saturation levels they exhibit.

How to identify a Paraiba Tourmaline?

Due to copper-rich rocks, Paraba tourmaline is green-blue in color. The gem is distinguished from its competitors in saturation and color by this special phenomena. A tourmaline’s saturation level is another important indicator of its Paraba status.

Given that color does not always classify a Paraba, this characteristic is actually the most crucial one. The saturation of a stone can be anywhere between 4 and 6. It is perfectly brightened by Paraiba’s adherence to the mark and light tone as opposed to a dark one.

The predominant color range in Paraiba is from green to blue. Mozambique, on the other hand, has produced pinks and purples. But the primary color criterion is the saturation level, which ranges from 4, “Moderately Strong,” to 6, “Vivid.”

Tone values vary from medium bright to medium dark. Only chrome tourmalines are other tourmalines that are close to reaching a similar saturation level (5). These gemstones do, however, have a higher Refractive Index (1.772–1.778) and a much lower Birefringence (0.06). The saturation level of an elbaite tourmaline must be at least 5, thus you most probably have a Paraiba Tourmaline.

Paraiba Tourmaline Cuts and Shapes

There are numerous shapes and forms that tourmaline can take. The most popular Paraiba Tourmaline shapes include circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, ovals, diamonds, and other diagonal shapes. Online stores frequently carry a large selection of tourmaline jewelry.

Tourmaline plates, geodes, spheres, tumbles, and a host of other items are also produced outside of this sector. Due to its effectiveness in recharging things, including other gemstones, tourmaline plates are widely used.

The energy will transfer greatly if you place a piece of furniture or another gemstone on top of the plate. Tourmaline geodes and spheres, on the other hand, function exactly like their gemstone counterparts.

They are frequently used to decorate the interior of homes and offices. The spheres’ roundness and elegance represent the limitless powers that diamonds have. Also in style are tourmaline beads. Beads have been made from fragments ever since the beginning of time. For clothing and jewelry, these beads were employed.

Where is Paraiba Tourmaline Found?

Although mines have been discovered in eastern Africa, the Paraiba region of Brazil is where the majority of the tourmalines are located. Given that the gemstones are not indigenous to that region, this new source has raised some questions over whether they may still be referred to as Paraiba. 

Despite the fact that many in the industry are in favor of using Paraiba for all tourmalines of this hue, many are not. In the realm of jewelry, it has sparked a lot of discussions.

Paraiba Tourmaline Stone Meaning

Paraiba Tourmaline Stone Meaning

The gemstone paraiba tourmaline has the meaning to increase intuition and has the ability to do so. You may be better able to comprehend your long-term goals. Until you achieve your goals, this gemstone will provide assistance.

Additionally, Paraiba Tourmaline can assist you in identifying and bringing to life concepts that the world needs. The future can be created with the help of this gemstone. The owner’s perception would improve because of the Paraiba tourmaline.

It is among the best treasures for in-depth information analysis. The meaning and ability to provide the right response are both present in paraiba tourmaline. In both professional and interpersonal contexts, this trait is helpful.

You’d have a better chance of succeeding if you applied it to your work. If you applied it to relationships or love, you could perceive other people’s emotions. If you have a Paraiba tourmaline, you should use it.

The meaning and ability to improve one’s abilities are associated with paraiba tourmaline. You could awaken your talents with this gemstone. The Paraiba Tourmaline is the ideal choice if you wish to improve yourself.

Your demands and expectations would be made clear by this diamond. By empathizing with the owner’s wishes, Paraiba Tourmaline will bring forth your strong energy.

Paraiba Tourmaline Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

The Paraiba tourmaline contains powerful energy. Due to its ability to hold electricity, tourmaline is frequently referred to as “the electric stone.” It has been said since the beginning of time that it would offer its owner energy and vitality.

Use it when you need greater power or the ability to shape your own future. The owner’s intellect can be stimulated by Paraiba tourmaline’s electric charge. People who work in the arts or design are fond of this gemstone. Additionally useful are firm managers or researchers.

Paraiba Tourmaline Crystal Properties

On the Mohs scale, tourmaline falls anywhere between 7 and 7.5. Since it is relatively firm, it can be worn comfortably in rings or bracelets. It is preferable to stay away from heat and ultrasonic cleaners when wearing tourmaline.

Tourmalines typically have a few tiny crystals. It glows fluorescently and in the UV spectrum. While uncommon, certain tourmalines exhibit chatoyancy, or the cat’s eye effect. Additionally, they may exhibit pleochroism, which causes them to emit various colors based on their orientation or exposure to light.

Paraiba Tourmaline Healing Properties

Get a tourmaline gemstone if you are sick of living your normal existence. It is a special gift from Mother Nature that has innumerable positive effects on a person’s heart, mind, body, and soul. 


Tourmaline is the best gemstone for stress and anxiety reduction. You may conquer the enormous odds of life with the help of the energy that emanates from the many hues.

Tourmaline is a wonderful stone that can help you when you feel like you are carrying the weight of the world. In addition, nobody should feel responsible for everything that occurs in the world.

Tourmaline provides you a relaxed energy that enables your senses to perceive the true substance and significance of life. Additionally, this stone gives one a feeling of emotional control.


Everything follows when the intellect and emotions are in harmony. Tourmaline is excellent at everything, but it excels at mental healing. Expect the enormous mental advantages that a tourmaline amulet will bring you.

When one’s thoughts are filled with uncertainty about what the future may hold, the pink kind of tourmaline emits a calming energy that circulates throughout the wearer’s body and is concentrated around the brain. 

The mind is inspired by this energy stream to focus on the present and stop worrying about the future. The Pink Tourmaline type also drapes a protective mantle over the intellect at the same time. 

This extra layer of protection makes sure that no threatening outside forces or influences may get inside and corrupt the mind of its carrier. For those who have repeatedly dealt with brainwashing, despair, gaslighting, and similar situations, this trait is extremely valuable.


The body serves as the spirit’s temple. The soul is also endangered if the body is. The human body is kept clean and free of contaminants thanks to tourmaline.

Tourmaline relaxes the muscles and nerves, providing relief from a variety of conditions including heartburn, chronic heartburn, headaches, migraines, neck pain, and back pain.


Tourmaline is an unusual spiritual healing stone. Among the different varieties of tourmaline, the blue form of the stone possesses the most obvious spiritual force. Its bearer can obtain a tremendous quantity of spiritual energy, which is beneficial during times of gloom.

Additionally, the Third Eye Chakra is opened by the super-strong spiritual force present in the Blue form of tourmaline. So, you can anticipate experiencing and seeing what the Third Eye perceives and experiences. Particularly for healers, this power is useful.

Paraiba Tourmaline Benefits

Paraiba Tourmaline Benefits

Similar to sapphire gems, Paraiba tourmalines have several advantages that aid with heart, liver, and renal disease as well as improving thinking and self-assurance. Additionally, due to the Tourmaline gems’ diminishing potency, they cannot be used for a prolonged period of time only for medicinal purposes.

Paraiba Tourmaline Health Benefits

One of the strongest healing stones available is contained in this gem. The best way to apply tourmaline gems is directly through skin contact. Additionally, making physical interaction with the body is vital.

Some other healers may even advise using this particular gemstone for the area that is hurt. When the wounds are aggravated, the tourmaline gemstone enlarges the wound in order to eliminate the offer from the mark.

Paraiba Tourmaline Wealth Benefits

The tourmaline gemstones make the misunderstanding apparent and give you a good heart. Making smart and challenging decisions is made feasible by this calming stone, which promotes life experience. After wearing this gemstone for a few days, you will notice how it improves your life. It helps you raise your income and riches.

Paraiba Tourmaline Benefits Spirituality

Different levels are involved in how Paraiba tourmaline performs its amazing transformations. Given its reputation as the stone of the compassionate being, Paraiba tourmaline stimulates the radiant heart, opens the heart seed chakra, and brings unrestricted love to the Earth plane.

It will also establish when you have strayed from your reality, returning you to the path of consciousness and allowing you to communicate your true feelings. The stellar gateway chakra will then be opened, which will inspire spiritual transformation.

The stone will gradually remove any karmic scars, out-of-date beliefs, or mental constructs that are standing in your path and assist you in forgiving others as well as yourself.

Paraiba Tourmaline & Feng Shui

In feng shui, tourmaline is referred to as the “light-bringer” because of the variety of colors it produces. Tourmaline’s brilliance is devoted to brightening the days no matter how dreary they grow.

The dwelling is protected from outside influences by tourmaline’s invisible protective veil. It encourages gender equality. Additionally, it achieves a yin-yang balance. If you and your partner have frequent disagreements, keeping a tourmaline at home will not harm you.

Wearing a tourmaline amulet to work will help your connections with your coworkers. If you notice bullying at work, hold off on reporting it right away. You can stop bullies by getting a tourmaline.

Your bedroom is part of your home that’s most closely connected to you. Tourmaline can be placed around your bed to support, ground, and balance you. 

If you feel like you are especially in need of personal protection, the bedroom might be a good place to locate your tourmaline. Placing Paraiba Tourmaline near your bed can also be helpful if you feel ungrounded, or if you feel that you need protection from bad dreams.

Paraiba Tourmaline Birthstone

Paraiba The birthstone for Virgos and Libras is tourmaline. Libras and Virgos are shielded from society’s distorted notions by tourmaline. Both Libra and Virgo fully utilize the therapeutic properties of real tourmaline. 

Being with Librans is a fantastic act of justice since they can be so delightfully fair, diplomatic, and even slightly idealistic. Tourmaline makes sure kids are safeguarded and are not exploited as they go through life. 

Red tourmaline can be a wonderful tool for encouraging Librans to act and make judgments that are based only on their actual hearts, as they can occasionally be a little hesitant.

Virgos are formidable competitors because they are intelligent, passionate, and appear to glide through life. But if you look past these upbeat people’s outward appearance, you’ll discover a sensitive spirit. 

Since Virgos are so adept at disguising their feelings, the soul may become unbalanced. By focusing on the tones of tourmaline, Virgos can discover how to harmonize their outward and internal communication and how to process their emotions healthily as opposed to trying to bury their emotions deeply.

Paraiba Tourmaline Chakras

The chakras, which are located vertically close to the spine, are the body’s internal energy centers. Both the base and the head serve as entry points for energy. These forces interact at the seven chakras’ vortex points, creating unique energy patterns in each one.

The prana, life force, or chi, which is the body’s intrinsic energy, is absorbed, transformed, and distributed by these chakras. Each chakra has a unique set of bodily organs and parts as well as matching emotional, psychological, and behavioral tendencies. 

The chakras are always interacting and can’t really be divided, which is a crucial point to remember. The chakras of the heart, thymus or higher heart, the third eye, the throat, the heart seed, and the stellar doorway are all impacted by paraiba tourmaline. 

You will be able to lovingly express your sentiments and emotions because it is good for the throat and heart chakras.

What are the Uses of Paraiba Tourmaline?

Due to its scarcity and beauty, Paraiba tourmaline is mostly used in jewelry. Paraiba tourmaline is one of the best possibilities for usage in gemstone jewelry because of its stunning neon hue. Its jewelry is more valuable than diamonds since it is considerably rarer. 

It is preferred for jewelry because of its high Mohs hardness rating. All types of jewelry, including rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces, can be made from paraiba tourmaline. People no longer limit themselves to the standard old transparent white diamonds and red rubies because of the ever-changing fashion trends. 

Everyone has been experimenting with various hues and shades for their appearances, attire, and accessories. Neon hue so draws a lot of fashionistas since it creates a modern, radiant, timeless, and statement-making look. Sometimes, a statement piece that you wear with any of your ensembles takes on a life of its own.

All gemstones have healing properties, and wearing them in various ways can benefit your life. The benefits of paraiba tourmaline are extensive. For you to profit from it, we will explain the various ways you can wear it.

  • It can be worn at work to promote steadiness and optimism during meetings and talks.
  • Using a Paraiba tourmaline wand, trace the meridian lines on your body to aid in a spiritual nature connection.
  • You can use Paraiba Tourmaline to focus when practicing yoga and meditation by holding it in your hand.
  • If you are going through a difficult period, keep your Paraiba tourmalines close to you. Wear its jewelry to assist you to build stronger bonds with others.

Caring for Paraiba Tourmaline

Cleaning the Tourmaline is without a doubt the most effective approach to express your affection for the stone. There is a belief that if you treat a gemstone properly, it will return the favor. Regarding Tourmaline, all it requires from you is unceasing love and attention.

Even though this stone is quite colorful, it can nevertheless be incredibly absorbent. The stones tend to become unclean when they absorb bad energy. They deserve to be cared for just like we do.

No soap is required. Warm water alone is sufficient. Use a delicate piece of cloth to dry it. The stone should then be recharged to restore its power when it has been exhausted. When recharging Tourmaline, the ideal method is to place it beneath the moonlight or on a charging plate composed of various gemstones.

How to Recharge Your Paraiba Tourmaline?

The process for activating this stone is the same regardless of the type of tourmaline. When creating a healing vibration, tourmaline depends on the hues of the stone. Remember that this stone needs to be cleansed and recharged to be correctly programmed. Any other stone would support this statement.

You will feel various things during the Paraiba Tourmaline Activation Process depending on the color energy. First, softly close your eyes and grasp the stone in your right hand. Let your body and mind work as one.

Any crucial point will receive the stone’s energy transmission. Your entire body will then be filled with a stream of energy that moves effortlessly. As tourmaline completes its energy transfer, you will experience a sense of peace and renewal. The pleasant energy you acquired from the stone will also be accompanied by an unexplainable affinity for nice things.

How much is Paraiba Tourmaline worth?

How much is Paraiba Tourmaline worth

Because of its scarcity, color diversity, and high demand, Paraiba tourmaline is among the most expensive kind of Tourmaline. It is regarded as the most expensive semi-precious gemstone because it is more uncommon than diamonds.

On the market, it can go for hundreds of dollars. In areas where its deposits are not present, it is more expensive. Due to the Paraiba Tourmaline’s stunning neon blue hues, jewelry made from this stone has long been in demand. However, due to its scarcity, Paraiba Tourmaline jewelry is far more expensive than jewelry made from other gemstones.

What determines Paraiba Tourmaline’s price and value?

Size and color are the two main characteristics that affect the cost of Paraiba tourmalines. The shades of blue and green with the highest rates are those with a medium tone and a higher saturation. The hues with contrasting high and low tones cost a little less.

Paraiba Tourmaline Impact

Understanding oneself and others is much easier with tourmaline. It improves self-assurance and reduces fear. Inspiration, sympathy, tolerance, and prosperity are attracted by tourmaline. 

The right and left sides of the brain are balanced and it enhances hand-eye coordination, overcomes dyslexia, and aids in the treatment of paranoia. Tourmaline relieves stress, making spinal modifications possible. It harmonizes the body’s male and feminine energy. enhances energy and clears obstructions.

Does the Paraiba Tourmaline make a good jewelry stone?

A highly uncommon and beautiful-looking stone is paraiba tourmaline. It is ideal for jewelry because of its color and the range of shapes it may be cut into. The most popular technique to use such a valuable stone is specifically in jewelry.

The stunning bright blue color of Paraiba tourmalines makes them stand out. The stone comes in a variety of colors, including neon blue, greenish blue, mint green, and even violet and purple. Neon blue Paraiba tourmaline is the most sought-after and well-known color.

The gemstone paraiba tourmaline is good for jewelry making and may be used to create many forms of jewelry. They craft magnificent pendants, stunning rings, and breathtaking stud or dangle earrings. Tourmalines from Paraguay give your outfit that opulent flash of color.

These gemstones look especially lovely in the light because it brings out more of their shine and glows. Because of their transparency, these gemstones may be cut into all common gemstone shapes and, when faceted, look particularly stunning and bright. A cabochon-cut Paraiba tourmaline, which highlights the stone’s hue and interior shine, is also quite beautiful.

Paraiba Tourmaline Real vs Fake

The vivid colors and eye-catching bright hues of real tourmaline are what make it so popular. A magnificent range of colors is produced by the natural traces of elements like iron, titanium, copper, and many others found in tourmaline. 

These hues are the result of amazing chemical processes that alter the gem’s outward appearance. When determining a genuine Paraiba tourmaline, there aren’t many factors to take into account. These are a few:

  • Look for a ray of light coming from within. Paraiba The bright point that tourmalines frequently have reflects a lot of light.
  • Angle-dependent color depths on the stone should be present. Usually, the refracted color looks optically darker than the unrefracted color. When seen lengthwise, tourmaline has great color features, yet many gem-cutters choose to place a fashioned stone according to the depth of its color.
  • A tourmaline’s special growing process involves maturing in a setting replete with liquids. As a result, this type of stone frequently collects these liquids as they are crystallizing. It’s important to note that highly saturated stones conceal the appearance of these flaws, increasing their value while also improving their aesthetic appeal.


What is Paraiba Tourmaline used for?

Paraiba Tourmaline is mainly used for jewelry and healing purposes. It has many benefits as a healing gemstone while it also has magnificent looks which makes it even more precious.

How is Paraiba Tourmaline formed?

The formation of paraiba tourmaline in pegmatite is similar to that of numerous other elbaites. Researchers claim that its crystals developed under extremely uncommon circumstances with high concentrations of the trace elements copper and manganese, which resulted in a bright blue color.

Where should I put the Paraiba Tourmaline?

The best place to put the Paraiba Tourmaline is in your bedroom. It will keep you safe from bad dreams. It will also ground and stabilize your emotions, bettering your entire lifestyle. You should also consider keeping the Paraiba Tourmaline close to yourself. It will protect you from bad energy.

How do you cleanse Paraiba Tourmaline?

Use water, a soft brush, and mild soap. Take a delicate brush and some soap, and gently scrub your tourmaline. Rinse, and then pat dry with a clean cloth. Your paraiba tourmaline should never be cleaned with abrasive cleaners, ultrasonic cleaners, or steam cleaners. The stone can expand and break in the presence of heat and vibration.

Is Paraiba Tourmaline rare?

Tourmaline from Paraiba is quite uncommon. For every 10,000 diamonds, only one Paraiba tourmaline is mined, and it’s practically unheard of to get a Paraiba from Brazil that is of good quality and weighs more than three carats.

How strong is Paraiba Tourmaline?

Paraiba Tourmaline is a powerful protecting and guarding stone. There are many ways to use it for shielding yourself or your belongings from negative energy. It also helps with realigning chakras.

How much is Paraiba Tourmaline worth?

The price per carat for fine Paraiba tourmalines ranges from $2,000 to $50,000. A bigger number of little stones can frequently be purchased than a multi-carat genuine Paraiba due to the value and scarcity of this stone.

How do you identify Paraiba Tourmaline?

When recognizing a paraiba tourmaline stone, check for green flashes within the faceted gemstone; these green flashes, which are commonly seen within a lighter, blue body, are proof of the gemstone’s copper content.