Peridot Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Peridot is an excellent stone that brings abundance, joy, and growth. It also embodies the qualities of a wood element, keeping you positive or bringing luck. The attractiveness of Peridot is also associated with light, happiness, and abundance, and this powerful stone has excellent healing properties and heals you from within. 

It is an alluring yellowish-green gem that comes from the mineral olivine. It concludes with both magnesium and iron which contributes to its magnificent yellowish-green colors. This gem occurs in volcanic basalt rocks and is consequently rich in iron and magnesium. 

This stone can be found in the irregular nodules in lava flows in places like China, Vietnam, and the USA and sometimes as large crystals found in the lining of pockets or veins of solidified molten rocks. This stone can amazingly, sometimes have extraterrestrial sources, from meteorites falling on the earth.  

Keep reading below to know more about the meanings and properties of this amazing crystal. 


What is Peridot?

What is Peridot?

Beautiful and found in shades of olive, Peridot is one of the rare stones which are formed in only one color. It radiates the calmness of late summers and the beginning of fall, as the leaves start morphing from green to yellow and shine like jewels from the trees. This stone offers great inner radiance, helps in sharpening the mind and senses, and makes it aware and developed. It will help you realize your purpose in life and achieve your dreams. 

Also known as Chrysolite, it is a gem of olivine and a silicate mineral. It is only one of the two rare gems on the earth that are formed outside its surface too. This gem is rare to find on the surface of the Earth because of its susceptibility to weathering. Weathering affects the formation of Peridot because of its long movements from the mantle depths to the Earth’s surface. 

This stone is found in many beautiful pieces of jewelry and carries some very unique compositions. It rates 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and is considerably much softer than any other gemstone. The softness of the stone makes it vulnerable to wear and tear. It cannot be worn daily or exposed to damaging acids. It is also advisable to clean the stone in regular intervals and it is also vulnerable to thermal shock.  

It is often worn as a symbol of prolonged security and healing. It brings fortune to the bearer as well as protects and shields them from any evil lurking. 

How to Identify a Peridot?

How do you identify Peridot

Peridot has a lovely green tint that also makes it easily recognizable. Although they cannot be created in labs there are fake ones created from glasses and look like this stone. 

Below listed are some of the unique properties of the lovely stone Peridot:

  • It is not a hard or durable stone and easily bears natural wear and tears with the passage of time due to its soft nature.
  • It has fine cracks and contains fine mist in the stone which is not visible to the naked eye. You can use a magnifying glass to confirm the mist. 
  • The color of a real Peridot stone will never change no matter what lighting condition it has been put under. The yellowish-green color will remain constant. 
  • Fine Peridot is clean even with the most magnification. While magnifying tiny black spots might come into view. 

What are the Cuts and Shapes of Peridot?

Cuts and shapes of Peridot

Peridots are cut into a wide variety of different styles like ovals, cushions, and emerald cuts. Below listed are some of the cuts used for the Peridot stone:

  1. Emerald: This cut is one of the most popular cuts for the Peridot stones and is used for setting in necklaces, earrings, or a cut out in a ring.
  2. Baguette: these cuts are somewhat longer in shape and a bit less popular but they are excellent accent stones that go alongside differently shaped faceted gems. 
  3. Asscher: this can be described as a square emerald, with all the sides being of the same length. The Asscher cut shows off the high clarity of the Peridot stone. 
  4. Round: One of the most popular choices for a Peridot engagement ring, a round brilliant cut is the most sought-after cut for this stone.
  5. Oval: The oval cut is often referred to as the elongated version of the round cut. The two sides in this cut are made longer and the other two shorter. This makes the ring bearer’s finger look slender and is thus in popular demand. 

Where is Peridot Found?

Peridot can be found all over the globe, with major deposits of the gemstones in China, Tanzania, the United States, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Peridot Beach in Hawaii which is known for its shimmering greenish glow on top of the white sand. This effect is created by the ancient lava flows which eventually deposited the gemstones on the sand after eruptions. 

The most predominant source of Peridot in the world is Arizona which is situated in the United States. The deposits are found in the desert of San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Ninety-five percent of the world’s Peridot supplies go from here for the last decades through the Apache families. 

The most original location of Peridot has been found in Myanmar, which is one of the oldest locations in the history of Peridot supplies. Near the mountainous areas of the city Mogok, loose Peridot has been found in the crevices of the mountains. The Peridot stones from Myanmar are highly prized for their rich color and magnificent transparency. 

Historically, the most ancient source of Peridot has been found in Egypt, on the island of Zabargad between the years 340-279 BC. The stones produced here were marked as beautiful on the Island of Death, the remains of which can still be found in museums all around the world. 

Peridot Meaning

What is the meaning of Peridot

Considered one of the most ancient gems to exist on the surface of Earth, Peridot has had deep connections with Egyptian civilization. They were the first to unearth Peridot on the Earth’s surface. The legend goes about the unearthing of the stone on the island of the Rea Sea, then known as the Topazios.

In the stories, the island was overbearing with snakes. So a Pharaoh came to rescue the island and sent away all the snakes and let the miners dig around for substances. This is how the stone of Peridot came into being. 

It has been highly valued since ancient times by medieval cultures. It has been used as a protective talisman for shielding against evil spirits. It was seen in the jewelry of a priest in the earliest of the second century BC and its presence has been found in churches throughout medieval Europe. The historic claim that the emerald collection of Cleopatra could have been Peridot stones places the value of the stone higher. 

This gemstone is known to bring good luck and fortune and derives its name from the Greek word “peridona” which means “giving plenty”. There has been a debate about whether the name can also be derived from the Arabic word “faridat” which implies a gem. 

Peridot Properties

Peridot has several interesting and beneficial properties. Given below is a list of all its properties in detail.

Peridot Healing Properties

Peridot Healing

Peridot is one of the most known for its brightness and playfulness and is called the bringer of light. This stone makes you stand out even in crowds. As stated earlier its connection with the heart chakra heals it and opens it up to the possibilities of love. It makes the person bearing it experience the sublime joys of the world. It heals problems related to anxiety and jealousy and clears the heart of any negative feelings. 

Peridot Physical Healing Properties

Since ancient times, physicians have believed that Peridot is a natural healer for the gallbladder, liver, and problems related to digestion. The green color of the stone perhaps gives the idea of detoxing.

It becomes, therefore, the perfect tonic for good health and is a great healer when it comes to regenerating the cells and tissues and brings about great strength and speeds up the metabolism within the body. 

It also helps in regulating the endocrine and adrenal systems. It is also great for treating skin problems and can easily clear out skin rashes bringing out a natural glow to the skin. This gem can also be efficient in reducing fever and inner pain because it soothes muscle contractions. 

Peridot Emotional and Mental Healing Properties

Peridot shows its brightest performance owing to its nature in matters of emotional and mental properties. Being one of the most potent healing crystals, it stabilizes one’s moods and encourages them to take in the positivity of life and ignore the negative aspects. If you suffer from egocentric problems, Peridot will most definitely help you in this aspect.

peridot emotional and mental healing properties

It helps you get out of jealousy, spite, and resentment. It will help you let go of all the baggage that these negative emotions weigh on you and live a carefree and loving life. It will encourage you and at the same time reduce your burdens that do not help you and rather pull you down. 

As Peridot washes down all the negative emotions out of your body, at the same time it also levels down your stress and anxiety. Emotions such as bitterness, anger, jealousy, and resentment easily weigh down your spirit and make it difficult for you to move forward. This crystal helps you out of it, thus healing you from the inside. It heals your sleep cycle and stabilizes your emotional balance.

Your heart and soul go through purgation and make you into a whole new individual. You will feel the negative emotions go away and can live happily. Also sometimes referred to as The Study Stone, the Peridot helps in concentration and focus too.

If you are someone who easily gets distracted by things while sitting down to work or study, this stone would be the perfect study or focus partner. You can get jobs quickly done with the help of this stone. It gives you the needed focus and energy and quickly solves all your academic and work-related problems. 

Peridot Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical properties of Peridot

The green-hued beautiful stone possesses various detoxifying qualities which stimulate the liver and regulate metabolism. This stone can help in improving the condition of your gallbladder and make the liver function regular. Peridot is said to work very well along with traditional medicines and helps in aiding and speeding up recovery. 

It is known as the stone of compassion and brings about good sleep and peaceful relationships by balancing both the mind and the emotions. It is also known to have uncanny abilities such as inspiring creativity and eloquence. This stone brings the bearer loads of joy and cheer. It also attracts love and attraction and controls and pacifies your anger leading to a calm self and renewal of old things. 

Benefits of Peridot

Benefits of Peridot

Peridot is a stone that greatly benefits spirituality. It is a stone that connects both the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra which gives the bearer a great foundation for balancing and stabilizing the outward problems of the world. The solar plexus chakra forms the core of who we are as human beings which compromises our sense of who we are, pleasure centers, and willpower.

Thus, it is a very important part of being healthy and well-being. Any blockages in this system will lead to a sense of demotivation and slump. This stone can awaken this chakra as well as clear out the functioning of this chakra, giving the bearer huge glorious bright bursts of direction and energy that one is waiting for. 

Being connected to the heart chakra, Peridot finds a place in the trust and love appreciation in your life. If the heart chakra is blocked, a person may struggle with building better relationships. There might be hindrances and problems in opening up your heart and letting love in your life or having destructive emotions like fear and jealousy. This incredible stone further opens up the heart chakra and lets it function in the way it is supposed, letting the heart shine like a light. 

Peridot & Feng Shui

The Zhen or new beginnings in Chinese is heavily affected by the presence of Peridot. One of the prime things about starting new things in life is recognizing the past things that hold you back and sorting them out. Peridot helps you recognize these block marks in your life effectively and therefore contributes to new beginnings.

The Feng Shui Zhen is also connected to the color green and thus the green-colored stone acts as an activating agent for the same. Since Zhen also denotes harmony within the family, this beneficial stone can also be a great addition to the house for maintaining harmony and liveliness within the family. 

Peridot Feng Shui

The back left corner of your house is the wealth corner of your house and you would want to keep your Peridot stone. The wealth corner is one of the most popular areas of the Feng Shui Bagua or Zhen. It is associated with financial wealth and abundance. In addition to these, it can also considerably elevate your spiritual abundance and self-worth. Thus, this is a great stone to fulfill all these aspects if placed in the wealthy corner of your house. 

The green color of this stone is very closely associated with the wood element. It is one of the five elements that are used in Feng Shui. The wood element is welcoming of much positive energy like growth, healing, flexibility, and kindness. Keeping peridot in your home will help you resonate with these feelings and cultivate positivity. Keeping this crystal around your bedroom or in it is the best way to utilize its effect. 

Wearing this stone is one of the uses to activate its effects. It will be very useful for harnessing all of its protective qualities and supporting your physical and energetic fields. The happy energy of the stone also stays with you if you wear it, your daily life will be filled with happy vibes, if you use your peridot crystal as a wearing ornament, make sure to clean it regularly for its longevity. 

Peridot Birthstone

Virgo and Leo are the ones which share the Peridot gemstone. It is the birthstone for August and is a gleaming stone that reminds you of breezy summer nights. Peridot is cool to the touch during the day and burns very brightly as hot as coal during the evening and night.

Peridot Birthstones

Virgos are a symbol that is creatively gifted and full of passion but also possesses a very judgmental personality and also criticize a lot. It also fills in situations like this by enabling them to resolve their discriminatory attitude and helps welcome love and understanding in their hearts. 

Peridot greatly benefits Leo too. Being a sign that is blazing and fierce and warm at the same time, Peridot is the perfect stone to reign in the fierceness and create a light and friendly atmosphere. It is very handy in tempering down the ferocious energy and calming them into a way of trust and understanding. In short, this stone brings about loads of positivity and calmer personalities in both signs. 

Peridot Chakras

Peridot chakra

The peridot stone carries attractive green energy that activates your Heart Chakra, which is located at the center of your breastbone. This regulates your interaction with the outside world that supervises your welcoming and resisting of certain emotions and energies.

Thus, it balances out the emotions and energies within us. If the heart chakra is not balanced, you might often feel repressed in your relationships and even become prone to criticizing people for the smallest inconveniences.

You might feel resolute and not too emotional stimuli. Peridot helps in clearing out these blockades and re-balancing your heart chakra. The green energy of the crystal helps you understand your own emotional needs and deal with the ups and downs of emotional relationships while dealing with changes.

Peridot also carries the essence of the yellow energy which works hand in hand with the Solar Plexus Chakra- the energy distribution center.  The solar chakra is located between the navel and rib cage and is responsible for the immunity and digestive systems.

If the physical balance is perfect, then it gives you the strength to fight off infections and allergies and also makes proper use of the nutrients inside your body. If the Solar Plexus does not function properly then there are chances of instilment of fear and disappointment within you.  If in balance, this chakra helps you navigate your thoughts freely and go on without fear. 

Thus this stone helps you balance out your life on the whole by assisting the heart and the solar chakras. 

What are the Uses of Peridot?

Peridot is a very popular stone that is often used for its protection skills against difficulties and for warding off evil. Below listed are some of its uses:

Uses of Peridot

  1. This stone is used for strengthening and purifying the energy inside our bodies. 
  2. It is considered to be a very joyful, friendly, and warm stone that eases your soul and encourages kindness and open-heartedness. 
  3. It is known as a stone of gratitude and abundance that helps you to welcome abundance in terms of both material and spiritual. 
  4. When it comes to recognizing fault tropes and blockades, this stone is known to be your spirit in guidance. It helps you gain more confidence in yourself and rely less on the decisions of others. 

How do you care for Peridot?

How to care for Peridot

Peridot is a gullible stone and needs proper caring for it to function properly. It is very much advisable to keep your Peridot under well and pristine conditions to keep its energy high and run smoothly.

You should clean the stone at regular intervals in order to cleanse the absorbed toxic energies. Cleaning also ensures that the stone retains its natural luster and therefore the strength remains intact too. This stone is sensitive to outward roughness and while it is not a stone that needs a lot of fussy care, it does not like the bashing and clattering. 

Keeping the stone out of extreme temperatures is heavily advised. While cleaning, using water that is a bit warm and soapy is advised. The soap needs to be rinsed away after cleaning. 

When to Cleanse Peridot?

cleansing Peridot

As mentioned earlier, Peridot is rather softer than other gemstones and thus needs a better amount of care. It should be cleaned after a regular gap of two to three days. It should be taken into account that this stone absorbs a lot of negative energies and therefore needs to be cleared of it so that it can regain its original powers. Cleaning at least twice a week is very much advisable. 

How to Recharge Your Peridot?

Recharging your Peridot

If you want to recharge your peridot separately after cleansing it, there are ways of doing that too. For restoring the burst of energy of the crystal, you can leave it under direct moonlight. Moonlight directly recharges this stone.

Since it is an earth stone it is also open to the energy of the sun, the water, and even the soil. Anything that replenishes and nurtures life will act as a recharger for this stone. These elemental energies will recharge your stone. 

What is Peridot Activation Process?

Activating Peridot

People generally wear peridot jewelry with pieces of this beautiful gem in them to keep it close to the body and help in activating the chakras and assisting them. You can also try meditating with a crystal of this stone cabochon to activate its effect and for using it for protection. 

How much is Peridot worth?

The worth of Perodite

The price associated with Peridot is determined by the color grade and the cut and carat of the stone. It also depends on how well the gem was naturally produced or created. Thus it is important to consider your budget while buying it and also the goal you are trying to achieve with the help of the stone. 

On average, a natural Peridot stone costs between $50 to $80 per carat. It is to note that stones of higher quality will cost higher than the average modulate price. The stones that are created in labs are more affordable and cost about 40% less than other natural ones. But they are not as effective as natural peridot. 

Peridot Impact

Peridot is considered to be a very beautiful stone right next to diamonds to be out in jewelry such as in rings and necklaces. It is the traditional stone that represents the 15th marriage anniversary and is a great gift on any celebratory occasion that hopes for love and prosperity. 

What is Real vs Fake Peridot 

Finding out Peridot that is real

Peridot is a unique stone that does not change color under any kind of lighting. Any real peridot will retain its green color with yellow hues when exposed to any natural or artificial lights. If the stone is fake then it might change colors. 

You can also look for refraction in the stone when exposed to light. It has high double refraction and you can see two of each pavilion’s facets if you look closely. Hold it against light and if you see no double refraction then it is a fake stone. 

Summary of Peridot Crystal

Name of Crystal Peridot
Other Names Chrysolite, Olivine
Origin(s) Ancient Egypt
Color(s) Grass Green, Yellowish Green
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Volcanic Activity
Majorly Found at Burma, Pakistan, USA, China, Vietnam, South Africa
Zodiac Suited for Leo
Healing Properties Reduces Stress, Anger, and Guilt
Health Benefits Activates the Heart Chakra, Restful Sleep
Types of Crystal 3; Changbai Peridot, Pakistani Peridot, Hunan Peridot
Uses Harmony in Relationships, Balances Emotions
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6.5 to 7
Real Real Peridot Attracts to Magnet, Cracks, Imperfections
Fake No imperfections, Eye test, Double refraction


Is Peridot worth anything?

The price of peridot can range from $50 to $80 and can go up to $400-$450 per carat depending upon the size and cut of the stone. It has to be noted that the price mentioned is also dependent on the time of publication of this article and may vary depending on when viewed. 

Is Peridot a real gem?

Yes, peridot is most definitely a real gem that is yellowish-green in color and has been a very treasured gem since ancient times for protection and shielding.

What does a Peridot symbolize?

The green bright color of the stone peridot associates it with good health, well-being, harmony, peace, love, sleep, and good vibes. It also helps with compassion and renewing things. 

Is a Peridot rare?

Peridot is a rare gem, only next to diamonds, due to its susceptibility to weathering and nature. It cannot bear much wear and tear and therefore is very hard to find. 

Is Peridot more expensive than a diamond?

Peridot is more affordable than diamond and not as costly as the glass cutter gem. You can buy this stone as per your needs and budget. 

Is Peridot a lucky stone?

Peridot brings calmness and peace and tranquility and therefore changes your course of life and your outlook on it. It can also bring fortune if used in a certain manner and therefore can be considered a lucky stone.