Petalite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The “Stone of the Angels”, Petalite, is a colorless gem that is rare in nature. It is known to welcome feelings of purity and greater consciousness. Petalite is called the Stone of the Angels because it has a very high level of vibration. Consequently, it helps you to expand your cosmic awareness. It is known to promote communication between the spiritual and the physical realm.   

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What is Petalite Crystal? 

What is Petalite?

The stone of Petalite is a product of lithium aluminum silicate that is a part of the silicate group of minerals. The crystal formed out of this is monoclinic and is relatively rare in origin. The most common occurrence of this stone is in the form of huge, cleavable bulks. The colors of its stone range from white to a diverse spectrum of colorless, pink, yellow, or even gray. Colorless stones are the most in-demand pieces as they can be crafted into amazing sparkling gems.  

Petalite is a stone that is capable of lifting you into the higher realm effortlessly. At the same time, it also keeps you grounded and soothes your emotions. Thus, it is a great stone that is used in Shamanic activities, meditation, and other vision quests. Petalite is a balanced stone itself and does not rush you into things. It will work with you at your own pace and help you enhance your spiritual level. It is known to be a great communicator with angelic beings and allows the assimilation of the divine and cosmic messages into your mind. It will also protect you from negative influences.  

How to Identify a Petalite Crystal? 

Identifying a Petalite

Petalite is often confused with feldspar and it is important to distinguish between the two. Below given are some of the points to help identify a petalite: 

  • Petalite gives off a red flame when put under flame test which is the characteristic of the lithium present in it.  
  • The crystals formed from petalite are glassy in appearance and occur both in tubular and columnar prisms. These have vitreous or pearly luster.  
  • Petalite can be translucent or transparent and they exhibit a fluorescent iridescence. 
  • The hardness of this stone is a 6 on the Mohs scale and is brittle in nature.  

Petalite Cuts and Shapes 

Cuts and Shapes of Petalite

True petalite is very rare and fragile by nature and is, therefore, rarely cut. Petalite is not a very popular mineral but is a great collectible stone. Despite its fragility, this stone can sometimes be found in cushion mixed cuts. This is the type of cut stone that is made exclusively for collectors and is very rare and expensive. It is not cut out for everyday use in rings and other jewelry because of its brittle nature.  

Petalite is used in pieces of jewelry that are less likely to wear out such as earrings and pendants. These are less prone to get scratched or chipped and are generally safe from collision. The smaller petalite crystals are the rarest and more fragile. The larger petalite stones are more common and are cut into cabochon.  

Where is Petalite Found? 

Formed in the granite pegmatites and often associated with minerals that bear lithium, Petalite is found around Kunzite, Spodumene, Amblygonite, and Lepidolite. Petalite is therefore found in Sweden, Brazil, Australis, Afghanistan, and Namibia.  

Thus lithium bearing stone occurs alongside other minerals like lepidolite, tourmaline, feldspar, and spodumene. The most common place of occurrence for this stone is in Uto, Stockholm, Sweden. Other places include Nuristan, located near Afghanistan; Aracuai in Minas Gerais, Brazil, Alto Ligonha in Mozambique. It can also be found in Manitoba and Ontario in Canada and in other locations in Germany, Finland, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mexico, and New Hampshire. 

Petalite Crystal Meaning 

The meaning of Petalite Stone

Petalite crystals are sometimes referred to as “castorites’ ‘ which is named after the mythological Greek player – Castor. Castor was one of the twins of Zeus, with Helen of Troy, the great beauty. Zeus was the God of Sky and petalite’s mythological connections go well with its heavenly symbolism.

Petalite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History 

Petalite was discovered in the 1800s by a Brazilian mineralogist, JB de Andradae Silva. The name petalite is derived from the Greek word “petalon” which means leaf. Objectively the name refers to the distinct leaf-like structure with the perfect basal cleavage of the stone. Lithium was mainly discovered through petalite, when in 1817 Johann Arfvedson, a Swedish druggist was analyzing a petalite ore and discovered the presence of lithium in it.  This stone was used as a talisman in the past for warding off evil and destroying any form of black magic. It would be used to keep away unwanted forces in life.  

What Are Petalite Crystal Healing Properties?

Petalite has diverse healing properties in both the physical and mental spheres. Given below are in detail the various healing properties of this crystal. 

Petalite Physical Healing properties 

petalite physical properties

Petalite is a stone that is used to relieve a person of stress and worry. It is also useful for patients who are suffering from ADHD, or ADD and also in controlling the instances of hyper-activeness problems. As a result of this, the stone offers great help in regulating your blood pressure and fighting your anxiety problems.  

This stone aids in healing your endocrine system and is very useful for treating cancer and AIDS. This hugely benefits the functioning of cells, lungs, intestines, muscular spasms, and eyes. Petalite also helps you control your brain functions and lose control altogether. If you possess this stone, you will naturally be able to balance the physiology of the brain. 

Petalite Mental Healing properties 

This colorless and pink stone is soothing in nature and heals your emotional health. Petalite is great for any form of emotional trauma and is very valuable in overcoming past traumas as victims or something related to abuse.

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Petalite is the ideal stone for the protection of children who have to deal with bullying and a rough environment growing up. It brings the calmness needed for self-acceptance and self-love. The calming qualities are associated with the lithium element present in the stone. Petalite, therefore, gives you a balance of emotions. 

This stone is especially useful in romantic relationships because it keeps your mood swings at bay. It invites angelic assistance for your happiness and assistance to help you feel safe.  

What are the Uses and Benefits of Petalite? 

Uses and Benefits of Petalite

The stone petalite is quite useful as a collectible in your house as well as for other purposes. Here are some of its uses of it: 

  • Any color crystal of petalite has a high level of energy associated with it and carries a gentle but intense vibration with it. These vibrations elevate you to a better and more special place that helps you enjoy. 
  • Petalite allows your worries and concerns to go away and helps you to heighten and increase your awareness. 
  • Colorless petalite is also known as Castorite. It is a lovely crystal that brings clarity to your thoughts. The pink crystal is a stone collected from the heart chakra and brings about shades of pink and love in your life.  

Petalite Benefits Spirituality 

Spiritual beenfits of Petalite

The petalite stone is a great meditation tool and assists in an easier transition from the ego-centric mind to centered consciousness. It is used for enhancing your sense of connection and embodying the consciousness associated with it. The connection is generally with your understanding of the world and how and what it is. Thus, it lets your level of meditation increase and opens up your third eye. It also assists your crown chakras and stimulates higher perceptions.

Petalite acts as an activator of your higher mind, balancing your energies in a way that you can be elevated and reach higher realms of awareness. This is a continuous process that is done during your meditation by the stone or even during daily activities.

This stone is sometimes referred to as the “Angel Stone” because of its enhancing capabilities of communication on the angelic level. It opens your cosmic consciousness door and purifies your spiritual front. It acts like a protective stone and enhances your meditation level and attunement to the cosmic.

Petalite is a stimulative of the communication between ascended masters and you, along with other spiritual guides. It is said that with this stone in your hand, you can feel the messages of the angels directly in your heart. Thus, this stone acts as the guide for aligning your heart with your emotions. The stone is said to have powerful qualities that can lead to the development of clairaudience and help you hear the spirit guides better.

Petalite & Feng Shui 

Petalite is the perfect stone for meditation and is therefore a caller of harmony and calmness. If you keep this stone in the center area of your house the above-stated factors will find aid. If you want to use this stone for enlightenment, then keep it in the North. In other cases like for personal journeys and self-cultivation keep it in the northeast corner of your house or office. 

Petalite Chakras 

Petalite is a wonderful stone that balances, awakens, and aligns your chakras. It is connected to the throat chakra and crown chakra. 

For the throat chakra, petalite stimulates proper communication and removes any kind of blockage associated with it. With the help of this stone, you can communicate with better clarity, expression, and precision.  

Petalite’s association with the crown chakra opens your mind to cosmic vibrations. It helps you activate all the other higher chakras and stimulates clairaudience, clairvoyance, greater intuition, and even telepathic abilities. The cosmic radiation coming in direct contact with your soul pushes you towards higher elevations. 

Summary of Petalite

Name of Crystal Petalite
Other Names
Stone of the Angels
Stockholm, Sweden
Colorless, pink, yellow, to grey
Precious Yes
Semi-Precious No
Majorly Found at
Sweden, Brazil, Australis, Afghanistan, and Namibia
Zodiac Suited for
Not recommended for a particular one. Can be used in general.
Healing Properties
Useful for ADHD, ADD, control hyper-activeness problems, regulates blood pressure and fights anxiety, brings the calmness needed for self-acceptance and self-love, gives you a balance of emotions
Health Benefits Aids in healing endocrine system, useful for treating cancer and AIDS, benefits the functioning of cells, lungs, intestines, muscular spasms and eyes
Types of Crystal Monoclinic
Uses Used to ease away worries and concerns, to heighten and increase awareness, to bring clarity to thoughts
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-6.5

Caring for Petalite 

Caring for petalite Stone

Since petalite can be brittle in nature, it is best to keep it away from other gems so that scratching or clashing can be avoided. For cleaning the crystal, using a soft brush is recommended. You can use any mild detergent mixed in warm water for cleaning.  

How much is Petalite worth? 

The price of petalite is dependent on the following factors: 

  1. Color: Petalite is a stone that has many different colors, ranging from red to greenish-white and even blue, pink, and yellow. The rarest of these is the colorless petalite that is faceted into gemstones. The commonly found ones are pastel shades of gray and pink. The price of the petalite thus depends on the color of the petalite you are buying. 
  2. Cut: As stated above, the rare colorless petalite is mostly faceted given its perfect cleavage. It results in a striking clear gemstone that reflects light and displays a flawless shine. Colored petalites are found in cabochons and are much cheaper than faceted ones. 
  3. Clarity: The presence of foreign materials in a gemstone diminishes its value. Thus, the transparent variety of petalites is the most valuable one. There might be noticeable black matrixes in the colored petalites and therefore they come at a lower cost. 

The highest valued petalite stones are transparent, faceted, and colorless ones. Most colorless petalites range between $4 to $500 per carat.  For the pink cabochon stones and other colored petalites, the price is much more affordable. The price ranges from $2.50 to $5.00 per carat.  

Does Petalite make a good Jewelry Stone? 

Petalite has perfect cleavage and is below quartz on the hardness scale. It is suited for earrings and pendants that have minimum physical impact or chances of collision. If you opt for a petalite ring, then it must be made sure that the ring that a very strong protective setting guarding the stone.  Even though petalites can be colorless, they make stunning jewelry pieces that are faceted. The pink, greenish, yellow, and pale gray stones found are also amazing in look.  


Is Petalite a rare stone? 

The colorless faceted petalites are rare in occurrence and therefore more in demand. They are valuable collectibles and can help you in the cultivation of self-care. The colored petalites like pink, yellow, and blue are more common in occurrence.  

How can you tell if Petalite is real? 

The colorless petalite reflects light in all directions and gives off a red flame when subjected to a flame test. This is because of the lithium present in it.  

Where is Petalite found? 

Petalite can be found in small deposits in the USA, Canada, Italy, Brazil, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Burma, Australia and Russia. 

What are the properties of the Petalite? 

Petalite is known to be a stone of compassion and promotion of flexibility. It maintains your general aura, strength, and pace and keeps your body energized. It is largely beneficial for calming down stress and anxiety issues and helps the lungs, eyes, and cell regeneration. 

Is Petalite natural? 

Yes, petalite is a naturally occurring mineral. The crystal form of this mineral is rare and cannot be found everywhere but the mineral is found all over the world. 

Is Petalite ore of iron? 

No, petalite is a stone composed of lithium aluminum silicate. It falls under the silicate group of minerals. 

What color is Petalite? 

The colors of petalite can range from colorless to grey and pink, yellow, green, and even blue.