Seraphinite Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The highest order of angels who serve God’s throne, the Seraphim, is represented by the six-winged spirits of Light Seraphinite is named for. Like the Seraphim, Seraphinite’s beauty and energy rise via the body’s Chakras. Their wings, which are caught in iridescent silver, imply the motion of flight within this deep forest-green crystal.


What is Seraphinite?

What is Seraphinite

Seraphinite clears and awakens each Chakra along the route and is renowned for its strong spiritual energy that rises throughout the body and encourages the Kundalini to rise through the spine. It connects the physical and ethereal realms, is effective at establishing contact with the angelic and Devic realms, and generally has a significant impact when employed in nature.

Seraphinite has a stunning deep green backdrop with feather-like inclusions that are silver or white iridescent. Mica, which aligns in intricate formations in the stone, is what gives the silver “feather” inclusions their shape. Seraphinite is typically opaque, although certain specimens may contain translucent regions that let additional light refraction through the stone.

How to identify a Seraphinite?

Seraphinite Cuts and Shapes

Seraphinite can also be found in smooth beads and carvings, but it is most frequently cut into cabochons to highlight the feathery inclusions.

Where is Seraphinite Found?

Where is Seraphinite Found

Although there are also deposits in Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States, this stone was initially mined in a fairly small area in Russia.

Seraphinite Stone Meaning

Clinochlore is a special type of silicate mineral that goes by the commercial name Seraphinite. About their primary coloration rather than their chemical composition, clinochlore is named after the Greek word chloros, which means “green.” Serafina is a different brand name for this stone.

The stones’ appearance—which includes chatoyant inclusions that resemble feathers—is the source of the two trade names (specifically, the feathers of the seraphim, a class of biblical angels). The strength with which each stone displays the chatoyant inclusions varies.

Nickolay Koksharov, a Russian mineralogist, is commonly credited with its discovery and identification. This fine-grained stone is frequently carved and utilized as a design feature in upscale offices.

Seraphinite Crystal Properties

Seraphinite Crystal Properties

Seraphinite is a favorite among crystal healers because it has the power to infuse Light energy into the DNA and speed up healing, particularly in the head and heart regions. We can learn more about our role in the cosmos by working with this stone while in a state of meditation.

Seraphinite is a fantastic healing gem that provides harmony and fortitude. For those of us who struggle with depression or PTSD, it is encouraging. It is a great crystal to keep in the house, office, or car so that it can spread its kind, protecting energies throughout the space.

Old emotions are removed with Seraphinite. Identifying the root cause of the emotional imbalance and releasing, aids in purging away emotions that are no longer beneficial to you. Utilize this stone to sever emotional ties from previous relationships that are keeping you bound. Seraphinite can disconnect your emotional buttons when utilized with purpose, making it impossible for someone else to irritate you.

Seraphinite Healing Properties

You can release emotional energies that are no longer useful with the help of Seraphinite. As a result, you can respond emotionally in a way that is both balanced and harmonic since it infuses the emotional body with enlightenment, and joyous energy, and increases the flow and suppleness of your energy.

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties

All varieties of malignant cells can be controlled in their growth and reproduction with the aid of Seraphinite. It is fantastic for overall systemic sickness or imbalance repair. It can help with cellular respiration and the transport of nutrients to the cells. It also strengthens the blood. It releases muscle tension and activates and strengthens the spinal cord. Seraphinite helps people lose weight and treats chills.

Seraphinite Benefits

Seraphinite aids in the release of ingrained patterns or belief systems that cause you and your family members to experience the same physical illnesses or diseases. With the aid of this stone, you have the option to focus on changing the result and breaking the pattern. Seraphinite serves as a gentle reminder to take preventative measures against illnesses that are typically seen as inherited.

Seraphinite opens and aligns the Light Body to the astral body vibration while aligning the soul bodies. It balances the body’ and chakras’ energy vibration rates. Your astral twin self is brought into the physical realm via Seraphinite, which also cleanses your aura. Seraphinite invokes love, healing, protection, and assistance. 

It facilitates psychic vision, a spiritual understanding of the world, and knowledge of your place in the larger scheme of things. This stone encourages inner and external peace.

Seraphinite Benefits Spirituality

Seraphinite Benefits Spirituality

Seraphinite, like all stones with angelic names, has a reputation to uphold. The “angel wing stone” is said to promote spiritual connection, bodily and mental purification, positive energy, and, more practically, snakebite prevention.

By connecting you to the higher realms, Seraphinite makes it easier to communicate with the angelic realm. It will assist you in maintaining a connection with both the internal divine spark and the external manifestations of God. Working with this stone can help you maintain your sense of reality as you strive for enlightenment. As your kundalini energy ascends from the base chakra through each chakra to the crown chakra, this stone will help you to open it.

Seraphinite is connected to the Sagittarius zodiac sign even though it is not a recognized birthstone. It is said to be connected to the heart chakra.

Seraphinite & Feng Shui

Seraphinite is thought to bring wood energy according to feng shui (associated with growth, new developments, health, and vitality). 

Seraphinite uses wood energy, which is the energy of development, growth, beginnings, sustenance, and health. It increases vigor, brings abundance, and keeps us physically expanding. Green gemstones can be utilized to improve any area used for eating, a child’s room, or a location in your home where you are starting a new project. 

Traditionally, the east and southeast corners of a house or room are where wood energy is found. It is related to both the Prosperity and Abundance region and the Family and Health area.

Seraphinite Birthstone

Seraphinite Birthstone

It is a very beneficial stone for Taurus. Tauruses are usually artistic, determined, and persistent, however, Seraphinite helps them to recognize when something becomes an obsession. By using Seraphinite, They can learn to recognize when negative traits in others and themselves start to influence their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Seraphinite Chakra

Seraphinite Chakra

The chakras, which are located vertically close to the spine, are the body’s internal energy centers. Through the head (heaven) and the base, energy enters the body (earth). 

These forces combine at the vortex points of the seven chakras, each of which creates a unique energy pattern. These chakras are responsible for absorbing, transforming, and distributing the body’s internal energy, sometimes referred to as prana, life force, or chi.

Each chakra has linked bodily organs and parts, as well as behavioral, emotional, and personality tendencies. The chakras constantly interact with one another and cannot be divided, it is vital to remember.

What are the uses of Seraphinite?

What are the uses of Seraphinite

Seraphinite is a stone of Light energy that attracts higher vibrations into the subtle bodies, making it a significant stone for those of us pursuing ascension. The feminine-tonal vibrations of seraphinite may help one become more conscious of the Divine Feminine.

Seraphinite helps you understand complex higher intellectual issues and energetically integrate them into your body of knowledge. Use this stone to help you as you work to develop stronger academic qualities. Seraphinite aids in the integration of your capacity for telepathy so that you can improve communication and mental clarity. It gets rid of habitual negative beliefs that you had when you were a child or a young adult.

Seraphinite is a stone of enlightenment and self-healing; use it when practicing meditation. All the chakras are opened, stimulated, and balanced. Additionally, it purifies the heart chakra, making you more susceptible to love. Seraphinite helps you evaluate how your life is going and figure out what adjustments are necessary to put you on the path to fulfillment and tranquility.

  • To benefit from its energies on your heart chakra and to keep this stone close to your heart, wear it in your bra.
  • To maintain this stone’s energies inside your auric field, you might also carry it about in your pocket.
  • It can be set into metals such as gold, silver, and others. It is advised to use protective settings so that the stone won’t be harmed by jarring impacts or scuffs.

Caring for Seraphinite

Seraphinite should only be cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water because it is sensitive to heat, pressure, and chemicals. You can use a light detergent but stay away from citrus-scented ones. After thoroughly rinsing out any leftovers, pat it dry.

Seraphinite should be kept away from other, harder materials by being placed in a soft bag or lined box while not in use. Seraphinite is vulnerable to acids, including ones found in certain sweat. Before swimming, playing sports, or performing strenuous activities that could scratch Seraphinite jewelry, such as gardening or maintenance work, remove it.

How to Cleanse and charge Seraphinite?

Make sure to frequently cleanse and charge your Seraphinite if you want to get the most use out of it. However, Seraphinite can be quite sensitive to excessive pressure when cleaning it because it is softer than other stones.

Having said that, you shouldn’t use a lot of pressure, a harsh cleaning agent, or expose it to extreme heat. In actuality, washing it in warm, soapy water is sufficient. Additionally, be sure to give it a thorough and meticulous rinse to remove any residue that can degrade the stone’s beauty.

Seraphinite Impact

One of the best crystals in meditation for connecting with angels is Seraphinite, a stone of enlightenment. Additionally, it works wonders for triggering self-healing.

A female figure covered in blooming plants and flowers thought to be Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, and the promise of the future may appear when holding or meditating with a piece of Seraphinite. Her presence frequently elicits an immediate response of devoted love and the recognition that having her in our world is a huge blessing. Seraphinite, especially when utilized outside, aids in connecting with this being.

Sophia, the Goddess of Wisdom and embodiment of paradox, is revered by Seraphinite. She embodies the wisdom of comprehension, uncertainty, and dogmatically free spiritual inquiry. She is the tale of being lost and then finding oneself. She evokes respect for the natural environment since she is the Divine Feminine. The Greek Goddess of Spring, Persephone, is likewise honored by the color green. She stands for joy and a planet bursting with new life.

Does Seraphinite make a good jewelry stone?

Does Seraphinite make a good jewelry stone

Use this delicate stone to make earrings and necklaces. As it can cut cleanly when struck, avoid using it in bracelets and rings. Seraphinite looks stunning when combined with silver, but the feathery inclusions contrast gracefully with warm yellow golds. Color combinations with high contrast, such as those with carnelian or rose gold, are also striking.

Seraphinite should be protected from hitting other beads or components when strung by using bead caps or knotting between beads.

Seraphinite Real vs Fake

Checking a piece of Seraphinite’s look is the best way to determine whether it is genuine. It should resemble a feather and appear just as much like the angel stone that it is said to be. It should be a natural shade of marine green with bursts of dazzling white. These glistening sparks are seen to be highly feminine and lovely. Additionally, you ought to look into Seraphinite’s origin. Seraphinites are primarily found in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia.

Try to avoid buying from sellers who are selling large quantities of Seraphinites because there are so few pieces accessible on the market. Seraphinite is an excellent stone for avid gem collectors. Because of its metaphysical properties, it’s also a sought-after stone among crystal healers.


What is Seraphinite stone good for?

It is the ideal crystal for meditation and will support the most exquisite spiritual development.

It is a grounding stone with revitalizing properties that helps balance your heart’s emotions. It will make it easier for you to handle the responsibilities of being in a committed relationship and it will make you grateful for all the benefits you will experience.

What type of rock is Seraphinite?

It is a type of Clinochlore.

Where is Seraphinite found?

In parts of Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, and the United States.

Why is Seraphinite important?

You will be able to accept the changes that will take place in your life with the aid of the seraphinite’s energy. It’s a stone that will remove anything impeding your ability to live your best life. It will assist in bringing the heart chakra into harmony and teach you how to love without conditions. It is a stone that will support you while you travel the road to recovery and enlightenment.

What is golden Seraphinite?

This is a rare variation of the more typical green Seraphinite. Although it has a golden or silvery “feathering” on top of a backdrop that ranges in color from chocolate brown to almost black, it is known as Golden Seraphinite.