Shungite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

The Shungite crystal, also known as the Miracle Stone of the 21st Century, is not only used for general emotional well-being but also for detoxification, physical healing, and purifying of the body.

It is a well-liked mineral that might be included in meditations, crystal body layouts, and crystal elixirs. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful stone.

Shungite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is Shungite?

Shungite is an extremely rare, completely black stone that contains 99 percent carbon. The name comes from the fact that it is primarily found in the Russian town of Shunga in Karelia.

Shungite has a special composition that includes fullerenes. This 60-hollow unsaturated carbon molecule sometimes referred to as the buckyballs, has a three-dimensional spherical shape. The Shungite stone contains nearly every other mineral on the periodic table outside fullerenes.

The Shungite stone’s genesis is still a mystery. Generally speaking, degraded organic things like old forests are where carbon is found. Shungite, on the other hand, is estimated to be at least two billion years old—far older than any biological life that has ever existed on Earth.

Shungite origin theories include the following:

  • The sedimentary tocks’ organic matter’s makeup evolved over time.
  • Water nearby contained bacteria that helped Shungite develop.
  • Shungite was dropped to the ground when a big meteorite struck the planet.

Shungite is gaining popularity due to its metaphysical and healing capabilities, despite the fact that scientists are still uncertain of how it was created or even where it comes from.

How to Identify a Shungite?

What is Shungite?

The first identifying characteristic of genuine Shungite is its intense black hue. It frequently has flecks of brown, grey, or golden color. These are minor amounts of additional minerals, such as pyrite, which are also present in the same stratum as Shungite.

– Shungite Cuts and Shungite Shapes

Shungite is cut into 4 shapes:

  • Tumbled
  • Sphere
  • Cube
  • Pyramid

Where is Shungite Found?

Shungite is mainly found in Shunga, Russia.

Shungite Stone Meaning

Protection and purification on both a bodily and a spiritual level are part of the Shungite meaning. As a result, it is among the most potent and versatile stones used in crystal therapy.

Shungite stone has been there for 2 billion years, but its therapeutic powers weren’t understood until a 1996 Nobel Prize-winning study that found fullerenes in the stone.

Shungite is the only rock known to have fullerenes, which function as potent and long-lasting antioxidants. It is primarily composed of carbon.

Austria, India, and central Africa have also reported finding it, though none of these mines have been as productive as those in Russia.

Shungite is still discovered and mined in different regions of Russia. Near Onega Lake, the locations of the two volcanic eruptions, and an abandoned coal mine. These locations’ extreme heat appears to be a factor in the Shungite’s purity.

It has a little number of fullerenes in its pure form by nature. These are hollow carbon formations that are a part of the metaphysical mythology surrounding Shungite. Some researchers speculate that Shungite might have come through biological processes that destroyed microscopic life in ancient oceans because of its high carbon content.

Its function as a healing gemstone in magical and scientific traditions stems from its link to us as carbon-based life forms. Shungite is thought to have advantageous benefits on health. It is also currently of great interest to the scientific community for this reason.

It has undergone substantial research and classification since being named and classed scientifically in 1879. Shungite was also known as black ochre when it was initially discovered. But it came out that there is no chemical connection between it and the components of yellow or red ochre. Geologists have determined that the origins of this relatively soft stone go back about two billion years.

Shungite Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Shungite is thought to have been utilized as medical treatment from the early 18th century. Peter the Great established the first spa in Russia in the hamlet of Karelia. Shungite, which has water-purifying characteristics, is reported to have been used in this spa by Peter the Great.

The effectiveness of Shungite stone in combination with water has been known since then and is still current. He encouraged its application for water purification and proposed it to the Russian Army. Modern testing has validated the stone’s antimicrobial potential.

Shungite has been utilized as a paint pigment since the middle of the 18th century. Currently, it is marketed as “carbon black” or “Shungite natural black.”

The Shungite stone was used in the 1970s to create the insulating substance known as “shungisite.” To make this, heat rocks that contain small amounts of Shungite to a temperature between 1090 and 1120 degrees Celsius. Then, low-density fillers are made using it.

The ideal application for Shungite in the contemporary environment is as an EMF shield. You may protect yourself with Shungite crystals against magnetic pollution and smog brought on by computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and other electronic gadgets.

Shungite Crystal Properties

Shungite Crystal Properties

Shungite is a dark stone primarily composed of carbon. the same substance that creates diamonds and graphite. Its characteristic, dark-black color is a result of the high carbon concentration. However, it is lustrous as opposed to graphite, the type of carbon you are probably most familiar with. And some excellent specimens even have a silvery reflection of some type!

Shungite has a lengthy history in Russia. Rumor has it that Czar Peter the Great, who controlled Russia at the time, preferred water filled with Shungite minerals. As a result, he visited Shunga frequently, which is in the Russian Karelia region. Since then, Shungite’s therapeutic qualities have gained notoriety and favor both among commoners and Czars!

Shungite Healing Properties

Shungite Healing Properties

Shungite has been utilized for health and healing since Czar Peter. He was supposed to use Shungite-infused water to enhance his health. And people continue to utilize it in elixirs and potions today.

It is commonly known that some types of carbon can have advantageous benefits. The ideal example is activated charcoal, which is currently quite popular in health and cosmetic goods.

Shungite, which is primarily composed of carbon and has an atomic structure extremely similar to charcoal’s, can provide mental benefits comparable to those of charcoal. Impurities are thoroughly cleansed by it!

You can employ it to get rid of unfavorable characters or bad luck in your life. Or, to be more specific, it can aid in reducing stress, sleeplessness, inflammation, and even acne! This does not imply, however, that you should run out and purchase some Shungite to treat your health issues!

It might reduce inflammation, but if you have an infection, medications will be far more effective. Never use any kind of crystal in place of medical care; always discuss medical issues with your doctor. The energy of Shungite is particularly relaxing and steadying, and it can be useful for people from many walks of life.

Shungite Metaphysical Properties

Shungite is most recognized for its metaphysical abilities as a potent cleanser, detoxifier, and guardian of the body, mind, and soul. Its protecting frequency and energy can aid in releasing energy held in the bodily and spiritual bodies.

Its high level of carbon and antioxidant-like properties serve as a detoxifier for your mental and emotional body. This enables you to purge all negative energy from within and feel your best at all times, especially in trying circumstances.

It will assist you in letting go of any dense and stale energy that may be impeding your progress.

The Shungite gemstone is also renowned for being a potent grounding crystal. Your spiritual and etheric body might become firmly rooted in the physical realm thanks to its high frequency. You can better integrate cosmic knowledge and karmic lessons in this way without feeling overburdened or confused.

Shungite Benefits

Shungite Benefits

  • The metaphysical qualities of Shungite make it effective for both healing and EMF defense.
  • The target of the charm is stated to be shrouded in shadows so that bad luck cannot discover them.
  • Shungite is the appropriate stone for rituals involving hiding from ill luck due to its unusually dark color.
  • It is excellent as a booster in magic and meditation as well as for raising the strength of electromagnetic fields because of its electricity-conducting qualities. Interestingly, it has also been claimed to support boosting weak wi-fi signals.
  • Shungite can operate as a conductor of your energy if you’re trying to concentrate your mental energy on a particular objective.
  • And it can push it harder in the direction of your goal.
  • It can help you center your energy and keep it directed on your purpose, preventing it from becoming “astray.”
  • You can concentrate on your goals with the aid of Shungite. While ensuring that you are grounded enough to carry out your plans. After all, those are what will open the door to your success!

Shungite Benefits Spirituality

When used properly, it can help people with anxiety and depression reduce stress, control blood pressure, and promote happy thoughts. Additionally, this stone will assist you in comprehending the reasons behind your unfulfilled objectives and in coming up with workable remedies.

The stone has numerous connections to life itself. And that can help you gain a better understanding of where you fit into it and where you want to go in life.

Shungite & Feng Shui

You can combine Shungite and Feng Shui to get the most out of the gemstone. You will have a better understanding of whether to act quickly and when to take your time and think things over.

It can help you rely on if you have trouble saying no or if you experience other people’s emotions as if they were your own. It might inspire you to have the self-assurance and bravery to be unique and authentic. without absorbing their energies and enabling them to sway your judgment!

Shungite Birthstone

Shungite Birthstones

There is no birthstone for Shungite. It also has no connections to any stones of the zodiac. Shungite, on the other hand, is thought to help Geminis maintain their sense of reality while also calming their worried and nervous thoughts.

Shungite Chakras

The Root Chakra, also called the Muladhara Chakra, is connected to the Shungite. This energy serves as the fundamental building block of both physical and spiritual progress and is the energy we identify with tying ourselves to Mother Earth.

What are the Uses of Shungite?

What are the Uses of Shungite?

In terms of purification, healing, grounding, and protection, Shungite is incredibly helpful. Depending on your specific requirements, you can utilize it for any of these things either separately or together.

Shungite can also generally increase your psychic power. In other words, you can combine it with other gemstones or magical items to strengthen them.

Shungite is thought to “suck up” unfavorable energies because of its dark tint. Additionally, it can shield you from negative energy finding you by “cloaking” you.

If there are toxic or negative people in your life, this is really helpful. Sometimes it just seems like folks are trying to make you feel bad. Shungite will redirect their harmful energy away from you, protecting you and preserving your positive energy.

It’s not always a stone that promotes more peace and love. However, Shungite has the rare capacity to “cut the BS” in interpersonal interactions and address the root causes of any issues.

There can be a few initial conflicts, the same with hematite. But over time, it will greatly increase your level of overall satisfaction and success in your interpersonal relationships.

These qualities might not be as prevalent as the typical vibrations of love and peace seen in other stones. The energy of this stone is perhaps one of its biggest advantages because of this.

Sometimes you simply have to adhere to your ideals and say and mean what you mean. The good news is that Shungite doesn’t always encourage an aggressive or confrontational attitude. Instead, you’ll experience more assertiveness and confidence, which are traits we could all use occasionally.

This stone may provide you the self-respect and determination to insist on the value of your own plans to take you through if you’ve had it with people ignoring your ideas or opinion as soon as you try to voice them.

People will grow to respect your candor and “tell it like it is” attitude as well as your ability to work honestly and constructively to find solutions to issues rather than trying to ignore them. It doesn’t affect you because the stone is reflecting or absorbing all that negative energy. If you put your mind to anything, you’ll soon discover that you’re luckier and more successful in almost every area of your life.

Regardless of whether you are concerned about enhancing your profession, financial situation, love life, or general happiness. You can direct your positive energy toward those objectives with the aid of Shungite.

Shungite is renowned for its capacity to physically heal. It can help you feel better overall, but you should never take it as a substitute for medical attention from a professional.

The unfavorable energies that go along with many ailments might be “sucked out” by it. Additionally, it can lift your spirits and give you more energy, which will help you start the healing process. Shungite is excellent for assisting you in developing the attitude your body needs to grow and recover from disease and injury since it supports a beautiful way of viewing things from a positive point of view.

Caring for Shungite

Shungite is a wonderful crystal that typically doesn’t require cleaning.

Maintaining its alignment with your chakras will protect it from having that potent anchoring effect on your body, mind, and soul.

It has a remarkable capacity to harmonize with the energies that are present around it or those that it takes in.

When to Cleanse Shungite? 

When to Cleanse Shungite? 

You only need to wash your Shungite stone with water to clean it. After that, you can allow it to dry for at least two hours in the moonlight or sun. You can clean your Shungite gemstone either once every month or once per week.

Smudging your Shungite gemstone with white sage is an additional method of purification. To gain from the smoke cleansing, hold the crystal extremely near the sage leaf smoke.

Shungite gemstones can also be cleaned by immersing them in sea salt-infused water. You can just use table salt if you cannot find any sea salt. Simply add some sea salt and water to a glass bowl.

The Shungite crystal should be fully submerged and left to soak for a day. You can immerse your Shungite gemstone for up to a week if you want a more complete washing and charging. Keep in mind to always discard the saltwater after immersing in your Shungite crystal. Never use it again to avoid recycling undesirable and bad energies.

How to Recharge Your Shungite?

By putting your Shungite gemstone in crystal singing bowls, you can recharge it. Crystals can be cleansed by crystal bowl music, and they can also resonate in any environment. The smaller pieces can be placed within, and the larger ones can be positioned close to the bowl.

All the bad energy that is contained in your Shungite gemstone can be driven out by the vibrations of sound. Additionally, the singing bowl has the added advantage of raising the vibrations in the space so you can be surrounded by positive vibrations as well.

Shungite Activation process

To activate Shungite, fill a bowl with water and salt. Soak the gemstone for 24 hours. You can also keep it for 48 hours for better activation.

How much is Shungite worth?

At the time of writing, the cost of Shungite is $55-$65 per carat

What determines Shungite’s price and value?

The factors that determine Shungite’s price and value are:

  • Colour
  • Uniformity
  • Origin

Shungite Impact

Shungite has the connotation of a “Neutralizer” in terms of spirituality. It helps in achieving an equal balance between your left and right, or yin and yang, sides of your body.

So, if one is trying to overcompensate for the other, this stone is for you if you want to feel more balanced in your masculine and feminine energies. There is a lot of healing work that must be performed in the physical realm with our root chakra in order to truly awaken to new consciousness levels and rise to the higher chakras.

You can start your journey to self-discovery by separating from the ego. Shungite is a great stone to interact with as part of your spiritual practice. Before wearing a Shungite as a necklace, I would advise you to practice the following meditation practices because the energy of a Shungite may be too strong for some people to handle. This is a result of its extremely magnetically pulling density.

The best method to work with Shungite is to adapt to its energy slowly because it can be very overwhelming at first. Shungite is a stone that retains a lot of powerful energy and resonates at a low vibrational level.

Most gemstones need to be progressively tuned. You may then comprehend the unique nature of the crystal and allow your energies to align.

Does Shungite make a good Jewelry Stone?

Does Shungite make a good Jewelry Stone?

Wearing Shungite on a regular basis is the only effective way to use it. It doesn’t really matter how you do it. Pendants are a timeless choice, but you can also wear earrings, bracelets, pendants, or even rings.

However, if you plan to wear your Shungite as a ring, you should take extra care because of how delicate it is due to its relative softness. The most important aspect of Shungite is that you should constantly keep it close by. Shungite jewelry can “clean the air” by scavenging unfavorable energies. But if it’s not close enough to that negativity to absorb it, it doesn’t actually work!

Shungite Real vs Fake

Genuine Shungite is a highly delicate substance. You can tell if a stone is genuine Shungite if it splits into little fragments in your hands. But keep in mind that typical Shungite has a fairly robust structure, thus this is only true for raw, top Shungite stones.


What is Shungite rock used for?

Shungite filters out organic matter and other pollutants from water. Shungite is hence useful for treating sewage and water, as well as for treating water in heat-generating plants. usage of antimicrobials. It appears that Shungite can also eliminate bacteria and other pathogens.

What are the benefits of drinking Shungite water?

The benefits of Shungite water for the body include regulating cellular metabolism and elevating enzyme activity.

Which type of Shungite is best?

Elite or Noble

Is Shungite similar to coal?

Shungite resembles particularly hard asphalt (bitumen), but because it does not melt, it is categorized as pyrobitumen. It also has anthracite coal similarities.

Is Shungite good for pain?

Yes, it can help you relieve pain

What’s another name for Shungite?

Shungite natural black, shungisite

Where should Shungite be placed in the house?

You can put this gemstone near your bed to get better sleep.