7 Most Common Side Effects of Hematite

Hematite is a mineral stone that offers many emotional and spiritual benefits. It purifies the blood, balances the source cycle, removes negative energy from the body, and brings harmonious energy.

Consuming Hematite can cause cramps and severe conditions in your body. However, the smoke of Hematite is not healthy as well. Work thoroughly before handling hematite stone to avoid adverse effects on the body and mind. It can cause a tingling sensation, skin irritation, and dizziness if you wear it every day. 

Let us understand in detail the side effects of Hematite.

Is Hematite Safe to Wear?

Hematite is known for its ability to increase metabolism and other bodily functions. Therefore, it is always best to wear or keep in touch with your body as it is entirely safe to wear hematite jewelry.

Hematite jewelry, such as bracelets, chains, necklaces, rings, or rings, can help protect you from toxic invaders by protecting your arcane area and power centers. Jewelry can be made entirely of ore or mixed with other metals such as gold and platinum. Thanks to its luxurious metallic look, Hematite gives the jewelry aesthetic. Apart from this aesthetic appearance, Hematite provides positive energy to the wearer.

Wearing Hematite is especially useful when you are engaged in certain activities that require effort and attention, as it not only protects you from negative energies but also promotes subtle healing powers.

Athletes, public speakers, and adventurers generally prefer to wear Hematite. It gives them energy, courage, and focus on achieving their goals. Starting with crystal jewelry, jewelry made with quartz crystals such as rose quartz and clear quartz is a great choice.

Can You Wear Hematite Every Day?

Hematite stone provides continuous positive energy to the wearer. Therefore, you can wear it every day if your body is not allergic to it. Hematite improves your root cycle, so it can help you focus more on your daily activities.

Can you wear Hematite every day

However, if you wear Hematite daily, the vibrations emanating from this crystal can be so powerful that they can cause an adverse reaction to your mental health. Some physical and emotional side effects can occur if you wear Hematite for a long time. But they happen very rarely, and their probability varies from person to person. Therefore, you should select crystals depending on their ability to consume high energy.

Side Effects of Hematite: Tingling sensation

Although it rarely overstimulates the circulatory system, Hematite increases blood circulation in the human body. As a result, you may experience tingling, characterized by a loss of sensation in your arms and legs. It usually happens when you go to areas with high atmospheric pressure.

Side Effects of Hematite: Dizziness

 Prolonged wearing of Hematite can cause dizziness or restlessness in the mind. In such cases, you may experience epilepsy or imbalance. But as mentioned before, this rarely happens.

Side Effects of Hematite: Skin Irritation

 Hematite is a mineral that contains many chemicals and compounds. When it comes in contact with the skin, it can cause an adverse reaction to your skin, leading to skin irritation. Additionally, Hematite can absorb negative energy when saturated with it. It would help replace it as soon as possible in such situations.

Emotional Side Effects Of Hematite

Hematite is a mineral with positive energy, which has interesting spiritual properties. It makes you mentally strong and stable due to its exceptional healing properties.

Emotional Side Effects Of Hematite

But the amount of energy produced by this crystal causes variations in your vibration and the crystal’s vibration, and you may start to experience mental discomfort and imbalance. Sudden changes in your energy centers can lead to extreme mood swings and increased blood pressure, making you anxious and angry.

Suppose your Hematite continues to affect your mental and emotional health adversely. In that case, you should consider replacing or recharging it, as the crystal loses its healing properties when worked continuously for long periods. And may eventually work inefficiently.

Side Effects of Hematite: Toxicity

Generally, we acknowledge here that any substance, element, compound, or substance ingested into your body or ingested is toxic, causing severe physical harm or even death.

The iron in Hematite makes it toxic. If humans consume or consume too much iron, severe physical symptoms can occur. An individual who consumes too much iron may experience pain damage to their limbs and even die. Hematite can be toxic if it contains too much iron.

Hematite's Toxicity

In general, like most rocks and minerals that contain highly toxic substances (metals, asbestos, arsenic, etc.), the iron in Hematite is tough to get out of and into your body.

And even if you absorb small amounts of iron from handling the stone through your skin, it is unlikely that you will take as much iron as we did, causing severe physical injury or death. 

Iron is an essential substance for human life. We need to take or eat at least some amount of iron regularly for our body to function. We get in trouble when we take too little or too much.

The iron in Hematite needs to find a way to bother you in your body and be present in large amounts that can cause toxic symptoms. In most cases, regular maintenance, wearing Hematite as jewelry, or placing the entire stone in the water you plan to drink will result in an iron intake that will likely cause injury.

Side Effects of Hematite when Consumed Internally

We see on the internet some dangerous methods like grinding minerals and dipping them in the food or water we eat. If you take a piece-sized piece of hematite stone and swallow it, you may experience some stomach cramps as it moves through your system, and at a reasonable time, the stone will come back to you.

Your body absorbs very little iron from the stone. It’s different if you grind the stone finely, put it in water, and drink it. Tiny particles of the stone may be able to find a way around your body with folds or creases in the twisted and twisted tubes of your intestines.

It gives your stomach acid more time to work on the surface area of ​​the stone, which is absorbed into the body/bloodstream as the material tries to dissolve. If you do this regularly, you may start consuming a lot of iron and experience the symptoms of iron toxicity.

Side Effects of Hematite: Respiratory Issues

Failure to take care not to inhale hematite dust can make Hematite dangerous. Hematite dust particles usually form when someone digs, cuts, grinds or polishes Hematite. When a person inhales this iron dust continuously and repeatedly, iron consumed causes iron poisoning. It is in addition to the respiratory problems caused by prolonged dust inhalation.

How do I protect myself from Hematite?

The following are the basic things we need to do when working with Hematite: Defense gear. If you are working with raw Hematite, it is usually best to wear gloves and shoes to avoid physical harm.

How do I protect myself from Hematite

If you are doing work that creates hematite dust, wear a mask and goggles to keep the cells out of your body. Do not eat intentionally. Taking Hematite in any conch or nectar can cause discomfort. You can not measure how much iron you consume, nor do you know how much iron your body absorbs.

If you go to the doctor with symptoms of iron poisoning, you will have no way to find out how much you took or explain it to the doctor. If you need extra iron in your diet, we recommend sticking to iron supplements or foods so you can more easily track the amount of iron you add to your diet.

How To Deal With Hematite Side Effects?

The best way to combat the side effects of hematite stone is to meditate on it. Meditating balances your mind and body due to the high levels of activity caused by the mineral. You can also practice yoga asanas to deal with the side effects.

Yoga and other sports activities can help manage various physical side effects. For example, you can get relief from the tingling sensation caused by over-stimulation of the root cycle.

Regular cleaning of the Hematite can help prevent the possibility of side effects. Hematite can be polished, rinsed with water, or put in the moonlight to restore its strength and magnetic properties.

Is Hematite Water Safe?

Whenever Hematite provides positive energy, it simultaneously expels negative energy from you. Over time, negative energy accumulates in the mineral, causing the precious stone to lose its healing and magnetic properties.

To solve this problem, you can consider cleansing the Hematite by keeping it in direct contact with water. With a Mohs hardness ranging from 5.5 to 6.5, Hematite is a mineral with a moderately complex structure easily cleaned by water.

However, please do not keep the crystal in water for too long, as doing so may weaken it. In addition, Hematite is an iron mineral (chemically named iron oxide) that reacts with water, eventually corroding your crystals.


Hematite is a fantastic mineral stone with exceptional healing properties, and by wearing it, you will become stronger, more confident, and more energetic. It will improve the base cycle (some of the chakra stones you use to activate your chakras are citrine, calcite, black obsidian, and halite). But, like any other mineral stone, Hematite can be a nuisance to some.

Energy depletion also causes Hematite to become inactive. In such cases, you will need to charge or replace it. The best way to recharge Hematite is to expose the moon to water or sacred shrubs.

The side effects of Hematite eventually come down to your body and the soul’s ability to utilize the vibrations. Therefore, you need to have a deep connection with the stone before working with it.