5 Types Of Jasper You Should Know

Jasper is primarily red, green, yellow, brown, and rarely blue. Different names of Jasper have various colors, mineral compositions, and the area where they are present. For example, manganese produces a blue color. There are many types. Jasper can be found worldwide on all seven continents. Some forms derive their names from their colors: red Jasper, green Jasper, and yellow Jasper.

More of them have names according to their designs: Portrait, Zebra, Leopard, Picasso. Some names are of their origin: Big Jasper from Oregon, Bruno Jasper from Bruno Canyon, Idaho, Mookaite Jasper from Australia.

Though there are several varieties of Jasper, In this article, we will learn about the 5 types of Jasper in detail.

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What is Jasper?

What is Jasper

Jasper stone is Chalcedony with impurities, including iron oxide and clay. It is opaque and mainly red, green, yellow, brown, and rarely blue. Jasper is considered a stone of grinding and stability. 

Different types of Chalcedony have a hardness of 6.5 to 7.0 on the Jasper Mohs scale. It means it improves wonderfully and maintains its luster regardless of use.

The stone is impure quartz containing microcrystals of silicon dioxide (SiO2). The rock contains up to 20% impurities. Iron oxides cause a standard red color. Except for a few rare types, the stones are relatively inexpensive because of their wide variety of colors and patterns.

Jasper comes in numerous colors, designs, and shades

Varieties of Jasper 

Red Jasper

Red Jasper, the most common color, can be found virtually everywhere. This hardstone has been used not only for jewelry but also for accessories and decoration for millennia.

The red color of the stone responds to the root chakra cycle, which is the stabilizing force in the body.

Red Jasper

The source is your earth’s energy. This energy brings you peace, significantly if red Jasper reinforces it. Bringing peace and removing anxiety are only two benefits of stone. The bladder problems, lower back pain, and pain in the legs may indicate an imbalance of the root cycle.

If this area shows signs of dysfunction, wearing a red jasper can help restore your composure.

Red Jasper offers physical and spiritual protection with many meanings and historical connections. Legend has it that Jasper repels evil spirits, protects from snake and spider bites, and even brings rain! 

Today, it is a lucky attraction for actors and is famous for its beautiful red color and spiritual properties.

Red Jasper is a microcrystalline type of quartz. It contains large, granular crystals instead of the fibrous layers exhibited by agate or Chalcedony. It is opaque, occurs in fillers in fissures or nodules, and is present worldwide. It has pigmentation iron oxide, which gives it its rich red color.

Red jasper rocks are igneous rocks that fill cracks that often form during tectonic activity. As these movements continue for a long time, the cracks reopen, rupturing the Jasper and filling the veins further. Embedded hematite and iron oxide cause the deep red color of the stone.

Red Jasper is popular for its healing properties.

Green Jasper

Green Jasper, another type well known to the ancients, retains its green color due to iron silicate. The green Jasper attached to the heart cycle enhances the balance and serenity provided by the heart cycle. The stone offers energy to ward off and recover from chronic diseases.

Green Jasper

Famous for its ability to bring rain to indigenous tribes in America, this stone strengthens our connection to the earth and the waters of the planet. It brings optimism and a positive outlook on life.

Green jasper stone is a green gemstone of the oxide mineral group quartz. It gets its green color from the iron silicate compounds present in the stone. The stone occurs when it turns into pyroclastic or volcanic ash solid.

This stone brings rain and protects the wearer from evil spirits, venom, and poison. German folklore believes that snake venom is expelled from snake bites, has powerful healing properties, and can benefit those who wear it.

In terms of all the different types of jasper stones, green Jasper is considered the most stable and balanced. This gem is handy for you, for which you should wear it. Many people like to wear beaded green jasper bracelets and necklaces.

This beautiful green gem is present globally, but there are also rich deposits in Uruguay, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, Russia, Venezuela, the United States, Madagascar, and India.

When looking for balance in your life, believe that cool green jasper crystals have that energy. It promotes positivity and harmony and seeks to restore any imbalances. Different shades of green are associated with the wearer’s ability to connect with nature, land, and water. Hence the name “Peace Love Crystal.”Green Jasper can provide healing for health problems.

Yellow Jasper

Yellow Jasper varies from sunny yellow to mustard. The production of Turmeric is possible by adding goethite, Fe2O3, or iron oxide (III). The primary purpose of Yellow Jasper is jewelry. 

It will protect you from overcoming depression. Hence it is called a protective stone. It strengthens self-confidence in you and strengthens clear energy; Embellishes feelings of well-being. It provides a protective shield for travelers and protects a person from travel-related illness. It also protects those who work with spirits, energizes you, and balances the solar plexus chakra. The balance of this cycle frees you from unnecessary stress and anxiety that can lead to mental illness. It activates the endocrine system, releases toxins from the stomach, and strengthens the digestive process. 

Yellow Jasper

It can help you heal yourself from inappropriate situations. Pure and divine beats indicate that choice is one’s responsibility. It has the skill of eliminating all the obstacles to the progress of your life and eliminating the elements that inspire you to move forward to raise the banner of progress and success in your life. It helps you capture and maintain a proper perspective at any transition stage. It increases and enhances your energy.

This bright color Jasper is beautiful and 

Picasso Jasper

Based on its expressive name, I’m sure you can imagine the appearance of Picasso Jasper. Its deep scratches and glossy gray surface indeed resemble a world-class masterpiece.

Although it still has some external features of Jasper, Picasso Jasper is a false name because it is not Jasper. It is metamorphic limestone with line patterns formed by iron oxide.

Picasso Jasper is a very social stone, so if you have difficulties with friendships or need a little extra support, it is a good choice.

Picasso Jasper is very much in all its colors and patterns, so it is not surprising that it is a versatile stone with many spiritual qualities. Picasso Jasper makes an excellent meditative stone. Some value Picasso Jasper for its ability to help restore lost friendships or guide them through relationship changes. 

This stone promotes inner clarity and interpretation of one’s thoughts. Picasso has a close relationship with the jasper base, sacral and solar plexus cycles. A creative stone, Picasso Jasper is believed to help break down blocks and help a person express their imaginative ideas.

Picasso Jasper, sometimes called Picasso stone, is metamorphic limestone and not Jasper. The beautiful layers and colors of Picasso Jasper result from heat and pressure within the earth. Iron oxides from the scratches on this rock.

The best way to clean Picasso Jasper is to wash it with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth or brush. Remove this gem before playing sports or doing other activities that make you sweat. Avoid extreme heat for too long as well. When storing Picasso Jasper jewelry, wrap it in a cloth or cloth bag to not scratch soft materials or scratch through metals or hard gems.

Fancy Jasper

Fancy Jasper has teal blue and red greens, rust reds, beige and old roses. This gem helps in vision, creativity, and grinding. It can focus on you and increase your concentration when so many things are going on in your life.

It helps calm your hyperactive emotions, so that clear and rational thoughts and ideas come to the fore.

The calming and relaxing shades of green, cream, mauve and fancy Jasper give you powerful soothing energy that helps keep your heart and mind calm.

Fancy Jasper motivates you to focus on the present without constantly worrying about the future or chasing after the past. It encourages you to enjoy life, and you can still enjoy it, mainly if you use it with pectolite. Fancy Jasper is a loving, nourishing, and protective stone that can change the opposing forces in your life. It is a stone often used to align your chakras and balance your astrological body.

It is a tremendous help, especially if you want to bring more practicality into your life. It promotes level thinking, simplicity, and creativity. It will motivate you to be more assertive and energetic in your endeavors, especially when you combine it with Blue Dumorite Quartz.

Fancy Jasper brings you a sense of completeness and provides healing to your condition or environment. It intensifies all the positive emotions and allows you to relax, slow down and enjoy every moment.

This gem removes your fear and frustration and removes your guilt. It boosts your confidence and personal strength. Fancy Jasper is an outstanding breeder who supports you during the most stressful times and keeps you going when you feel like you’re about to crash.

It will give you satisfaction and serenity. It is the stone that will help you in your humiliating journey and strengthen the memory of your dreams. Fancy Jasper also protects you from all kinds of negativity in your heart, mind, and soul.

Fancy Jasper stimulates your imagination and creativity, and it helps you to turn your ideas into action. It enhances your motivation and organizational capabilities and keeps you safe from harm and adversity.

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Most Expensive Jasper Stone

The scarcity of something, like most things, increases its monetary value. Therefore the Jasper, which is rarest, is the most expensive. Madagascar jasper and Imperial Jasper are two extremely uncommon jasper variants. These two forms of Jasper are often the most costly due to their rarity and difficulty in finding them in nature.

What is the color of Jasper?

Jasper is usually typically multicolored, with a distinct and recurring pattern habit. The color pallet is often around the earth color spectrum, with the most popular colors being red, brown, yellow, or green. On rare occasions, you’ll come upon a blue jasper stone, which is a fantastic pleasure. It derives its name from the Latin and Old French terms meaning dotted or speckled stone.

How many Types of Jasper are there in the World?

There are approximately 18 types of Jasper present all over the globe. Following are the names of those 18 Jasper types.

  1. Red Jasper
  2. Yellow Jasper
  3. Blue Jasper
  4. Green Jasper
  5. Picasso Jasper
  6. Fancy Jasper
  7. Madagascar Jasper
  8. Imperial Jasper
  9. Turquoise Jasper
  10. Bruneau Jasper
  11. Biggs Jasper
  12. Leopard Jasper
  13. Rainforest Jasper
  14. Impression Jasper
  15. Mookaite Jasper
  16. Dalmatian Jasper
  17. Ocean Jasper
  18. Heliotrope


Jasper has various colors and numerous types. We listed the most common types of Jasper. Depending on their classes, color and shades, they have different properties. It is a semiprecious stone, and the prominent use of Jasper is jewelry.

Read on if you want to know how to Identify Real Jasper from a Fake one. 

People make beads and pendants. Jasper has significant spiritual properties, and individuals frequently wear different sorts of Jasper depending on what they’re going through at the moment. Which Jasper is your favorite? Check out the jewelry of these Jaspers online.