White Coral Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

What is White Coral?

White Coral

White coral is a sacred stone that stands apart from all the other gemstones. It is not a traditional mineral or crystalline. White coral is embedded in deep oceans and has been around for centuries, making it an ancient gem. Its stark difference from other gemstones makes it one of the oldest and most unique stones.

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How to identify a White Coral?

There are ways in which we can identify the authenticity of stones and their shapes and forms. Learning about the details and the parts that are not very popular can help identify them better. As you gather information about the stones, you must remember that stones have sub-categories, meaning they have different versions while being part of the same family tree, the same descriptions might apply to them and be just as accurate. 

  • It’s easy to follow with this information in mind to avoid any confusion.
  • Now, coming back to identifying white coral is easy. You have to understand where they originate and hibernate.
  • White coral is not a typical crystalline built under pressure or extreme temperatures to gain its colors or shapes.
  • White coral is made of calcium carbonate and has a specific gravity density. White corals or even red corals have a density of  2.60 to 2.70.
  • Though white corals are uniquely opaque, they do appear in different colors. Rustic Red and Orange Red are the most common contrasts.
  • Coral is not exactly a traditional gemstone as mentioned, and it won’t be difficult to identify them based on their hardness and durability – it has a rating of 3-4 on the Mohs scale.

White corals may appear dull and not reflect much shine due to their underwater habitat, so naturally, they lose the appeal of a shiny gemstone,  but it is possible to make it look like one. White corals can be polished and carved and mended in ways that can make them look more pristine and more appealing for the newer generation of stone collectors who usually opt for visual appeal.

White Coral Cuts and White Coral Shapes

Gemstones are impressively versatile. They can be carved and melted into numerous shapes according to one’s liking. There’s a big market for those who love to customize their choice of stones and wear them as necklaces, earrings, and rings.

  • White coral stone is often given a cut that can enhance its softness. This opaque stone will often be seen in cuts that complement its color.
  • White coral is often seen in the form of beads, bracelets, and rings. It’s a lot easier to maintain it in these forms.
  • White coral has some of the most beautiful marble-like designs, making it the stone to work with while making sculptures. 
  • White coral can be carved and customized in any desired shape and form, it’s not a difficult stone to cut through.

Gemstones of all kinds take up different shapes and forms, best to their abilities. They are given a particular look and feel that later go on to tell our stories and pave the way for us to walk around and take in our history. Whether it is centuries-old houses in small towns of Italy, or the beautiful limestones still standing strong across Europe. Every stone tells a tale from history.

Where is White Coral Found?

The documentation on white coral is limited, but there are several small stories about its origin and its connection to the water element that makes it special in its way. This stunning stone can be found all over the world, or at least in the parts with the most active and healthy production of coral leaves. 

  • These are some of the places where the white coral stone can be found –
  • You can expect to see some of the purest white coral stones in Naples, Italy- more specifically in this prime place called – Torre Del Greco.
  • And since Italy has the perfect environment to harbor these stones, it comes as no surprise that it has been one of the biggest traders of Coral stones and White Corals in general.
  • Italy has had an impressive history of trading coral stones for over 200 years, they supply almost 75% of the coral stones all over the world.
  • Italian coral stones have been popular for centuries now, but other regions also harvest white coral and coral stones. 
  • Other places besides Italy where you can find the white coral stones are – The Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia, The Bay of Biscay, Japan, Australia, and the Hawaiian Islands. 

White Coral Stone Meaning

White Coral Stone Meaning

Every stone carries insightful stories and meanings that can help stone collectors and users to better understand what they are choosing and bringing home with them. It’s important to do your homework before you select a stone whether to incorporate it into your daily practices or simply use as a decorative object in your office. Gemstones carry transferable energies and they vary from stone to stone.

Coral stones and white coral stones aren’t your run-of-the-mill gemstones, they are more like a mineral crystalline that’s perfect to use for carved sculptures. 

  • White corals are known to be very powerful when it comes to molding your emotional characteristics. Known to be an important talisman for those who set out to protect their loved ones. 
  • It’s known to have healing properties that help protect family members and against any evil eye that may be directed toward your home. 
  • According to legend, ancient Egyptians placed white coral either on the side or on top of tombstones in order to ward away negative energies. 

White coral can be used in many ways to create a layer of protection surrounding your family and loved ones. It’s a great way to create an illusionary boundary that can keep negative energies at bay and build a more secure and protected atmosphere. 

White Coral Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

White coral has had a mysterious history surrounding it for the most part. Besides the information on its availability, the folklore about white coral remains to be a legend of its own. Nonetheless, there are a few anecdotes left for us to grasp onto and learn more about this translucent gem.

  • White coral has been around for a very long time, we mean, centuries. It’s a stone that has seen our civilization go through all the changes and played a crucial part in building it too.
  • It is believed that white coral has been a prized gem ever since the 1st millennium and is dotted on for its versatility and adaptability.
  • White coral was used for important assets and needs of that time. It was used to make helmets, shields, and weapons. It was an incredibly useful stone that protected its user against all harm.
  • Italians are proud of having some of the purest and most beautiful white coral stones in the world and used to use them for protection, and sometimes to treat infertility.
  • According to legend, after Zeus killed Medusa, it was believed that Medusa’s tears became white coral stones. This is not a proven fact but it surely makes for a great tale. 

Folklore takes us on a journey that gives us an insight into how things used to be once upon a time. It shows us the importance of a time that many of our ancestors lived through and makes us feel grateful to have monumental sights and places as a reminder of our roots.  Historical places and sculptures built with remarkable stones will always remain a beautiful part of history.

White Coral Crystal Properties

White Coral Crystal properties

White coral stone is a protective stone. It’s for those who are seeking safety and security and wish to bring peace to their family and loved ones. With any stone, it’s important to understand whether the stone is compatible with your stars and journey and whether it is the right stone for you or not. Using the wrong stone even with good intentions can result in unlikely results due to incompatibility.

  • White coral stone is known to bring peace and comfort to family life and ward away bad energies.
  • White coral is associated with Mars and Mars is known to be a dominant planet that can influence different areas of our lives with passion and intensity.
  • Aligning those energies while using white coral can bring a great push to self-confidence and stamina and overall perspective. It can help you feel more aligned with your vision and guide you to feel more at peace with white coral acting as your safety net.

White coral is known to be a stone that paves the way for comfort and security, and that type of assurance can make someone feel immensely at peace and give them the confidence to live their life happily and fearlessly.

White Coral Healing Properties

White Coral Healing Properties

The healing properties of coral stones and white coral are synonyms. Both of them share similar characteristics and help treat issues surrounding uncertainty and security.

White coral helps you build immunity, which could be a direct effect of feeling less stressed and more at ease by using the stone on a daily basis and feeling safe and sound. 

White coral creates layered and protected boundaries, and as a result that boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. It is truly wonderful to see how our behaviors and perspectives can change once we start to feel secure and safe with headspace and trust our intuitions.

White Coral Metaphysical Properties

The metaphysical properties of the white coral stone are known to have numerous healing properties within itself. The metaphysical properties of a stone can determine its compatibility with specific zodiac signs and align with your spiritual goals. It’s important to learn about a stone’s metaphysical properties before you actively start using them, as it can avoid any problems that could arise from using the wrong stone.

  • The ruling planet of white coral stone is Mars. Mars is known to be a strong force of energy that guides your immunity, passion, and self-confidence and helps you reach a desired level of self-contentment.
  • White coral stone can guide you through contemplative phases, and help you seek clarity by strengthening your intuitive side.
  • White coral stone is good for those dealing with a bad temper. It can align good energies and encourage you to stay calm during turbulent situations. 

The metaphysical properties of a stone are what gives them the mystic aura and invites people to use the stone to help themselves and lead them to spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment. It’s not always a tale from the legends, but there’s always a hint of truth in all of them. Believing in something gives things power to work in your favour. 

White Coral Benefits

White coral stone is a thing of wonder. Its water element origin, its availability in different parts of the world, its versatility gives the stone a great boost of character and encourages people in its powers even more so. 

White coral brings with it healing properties that tend to both mental and physical health. Users of the stone incorporated the stone in different ways. Some use it simply as a decorative stone, while others use it as a talisman for their family and loved ones.

White Coral & Feng Shui

White Coral & Feng Shui

Feng shui is becoming increasingly popular among young people who love to design their spaces thoughtfully and with the intention to make them peaceful and inviting for everyone. Feng shui is a practice long used in Chinese culture. There is no need to overcomplicate the process, as it simply means to organize with intention.

  • White gemstones are known to bring peace, protection, and good health to the family. The practice of using white colors in feng shui is highly regarded and often recommended. 
  • White coral stone can bring a sense of strong femininity to those seeking to enhance their self-confidence and femininity.
  • White coral stones can be a great addition in the kitchen as a countertop or just placed as decorative stones in the corner of bedroom or living room spaces.

Gemstones and Feng shui are interconnected in a way that allows the practice of feng shui to invite good healing energies of the stone and create a safe and sound ambiance. 

White Coral Birthstone

Defining which coral stone works best for you can have a lot to do with the color of the stone. Red coral stone is linked with mars as well, but it solely focuses on Fire signs such as Aries. White coral is more centered around – Pisces, Taurus, and Capricorn.

Astrologers are great at guiding you with choosing the right stone for yourself and picking a stone that aligns with your astrological chart and also let you know why you need to wear a certain stone and for how long. 

Gemstones can come with a time limit and have a window of wearing them for 3 months or 6 months, or 4 months. Astrologers can guide you by reading your horoscope chart.

White Coral Chakras

White Coral Chakras

Gemstones have helped with aligning chakras for centuries now. It’s a celebrated ancient practice that seems to be going strong even in today’s day and age. People of all age groups and from different walks of life believe in the power of chakra healing and alignment and go to great lengths to learn more about it.

  • The red coral stone works best for the heart chakra and for the zodiac sign Aries.
  • The white coral stone works best for the base chakra and works best for the zodiac signs – Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus.
  • Wearing the white coral stone has a ring that works best, especially when you incorporate it with your practices.

What are the Uses of White Coral?

White coral stone has been used as a foundational stone for many holistic places and relaxation spots. The white coral is known to bring a sense of peace and calmness in enclosed spaces where people come to seek a moment of stillness.

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Caring for White Coral

Caring for any type of stone requires a bit of homework before putting it under water for a quick wash or using other ways that might not be very helpful. Here are a few things to remember when you’re caring for a white coral stone.

  • If you’re using the stone in a ring form, then make sure to remove it before bath, playing sports, or coloring your hair. Always put the stone away before indulging in any activity that can damage the stone. 
  • Make sure to avoid using any harsh cleaning cloth. White coral stone is a delicate stone, to steer clear of scratches and losing polish. 
  • It’s possible for the white coral stone to catch on to the colors of other stones, it’s best to keep it away in a cloth bag or separate jewelry box. 

When to Cleanse White Coral 

As for cleaning the stone, it can be wiped down with a room-temperature soft cloth, or a warm cloth. 

  • Use a warm cloth that’s slightly soaked in detergent water and clean it again with a clean warm cloth for a final cleanse.
  • Avoid directly using water against the stone as it can create scratches and lines and overall dull the stone.
  • Try not to wear other jewelry items in close contact with the white coral stone to avoid causing inclusions.

How to Recharge Your White Coral

Recharging gemstones is the most important process. Without recharging the gemstone, it’s as good as a plain rock. The recharging process takes away the bad energies that the stone might have picked up as well. Cleansing the stone and recharging allows it to work in a much better condition than overusing it and draining it.

White Coral Activation process

There are various ways in which a stone can be activated and ready to use.

  • White coral stone can be activated by wearing the stone either on a Tuesday or Sunday. 
  • It’s not the most complex process unlike other stones and pretty easy to remember. White coral stones don’t require any tedious process to go through in order to work in their prime condition.

How Much is White Coral worth?

  • White coral stones worth is moderate and affordable in the gemstone market. They are not the most expensive lot out of the many pricy options that are out there. It truly is one of the most accessible and decently priced stones. The price range differs on the quantity in which the stone is bought or needed.

What determines White Coral’s price and value?

  • White coral stones’ price ranges widely upon their usage. It depends on whether the stone is being used as a decorative stone or if it is being used as a gemstone in a ring or bracelet form. 
  • Customising gemstones can sometimes be a pricey endeavor, but it’s something that can also last a long time.
  • White coral stones’ price can range between $10 to $25. White coral stones compared to other prized gemstones are more affordable. They are easy to use and available mostly everywhere. 

White Coral Impact

  • White coral stones are very impactful when you wear them right and use them as guided by astrologers. 
  • The uses of white coral stone can differ from those who are actively using it for spiritual purposes and those who are using it solely as a decorative stone. White coral stone’s impact can be very fulfilling.
  • White coral can be activated and used as a protective stone and either be given as a souvenir or a pendant as a gift. 

Gemstones are immensely impactful when used in the right manner. Collecting stones can be a really good hobby, as long as the collector doesn’t misuse the stone in any shape or form. Gemstones can be highly intuitive and bring both positive and negative energies to our surroundings.

Does White Coral make a Good Jewelry Stone?

Does White Coral make a Good Jewelry Stone?

Gemstones are versatile and there are always so many options to choose from. Gemstones are amazing as jewelry and last decades on and are passed down to generations as heirlooms. 

  • White coral stone can be a subtle yet elegant choice for jewelry, and there are multiple design options to pick and choose from.
  • White coral can be worn as a beady bracelet, a necklace, or a ring. All of these designs will work the same way regardless of their shape and design.
  • The shape and design of a gemstone don’t increase or decrease its healing properties in any way. It will still possess the same qualities and properties in all shapes and forms.

White Coral Real vs Fake

  • The gemstone market is populated with fake stones all over the world. Gemstones can be presented in the form of a glass stone that is smartly carved, heated, and polished in order to look as real as possible, but is certainly not.
  • White coral stone is hard to imitate, considering the stone is not very expensive and not even that hard to replicate. 
  • Dishonest sellers will try to replicate stones that are not easily accessible by a new buyer or stone collector and sell a fake stone at a questionable price


Is white coral valuable

White Coral is a very valuable stone that can be given any desired shape and is versatile to use.

What is the difference between white coral and red coral? 

White corals are mostly found in Italy and Japan, while the first red corals were found in Switzerland. 

Is white coral for Venus? 

White coral is linked to Mars and Venus. It is more heavily influenced by Mars.

What is the benefit of white coral? 

White Coral is known to bring security and safety up to the family and close ones.

How can you tell if white coral is natural? 

An original white coral won’t be intensely polished.

Why does coral turn white?

When coral reefs are stressed, they release a particular bacteria that makes them turn white and in turn makes the stone turn white.

What is white coral called? 

White coral is called White coral.

What does white coral mean? 

White coral is meant to bring immense and immortal fortune.