Andesine Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Andesine is a relatively recent gemstone that is surrounded by mystery. It is thought to have been found in the Congo in 2003, close to the Nyaragongo Volcano. The Andes in South America is where the gemstone’s name originates. When andesine was first traded, color enhancements were not disclosed.

A large portion of the andesine that was first offered to the gemstone market is really improved labradorite, a different plagioclase feldspar. Andesine displays a spectrum of colors known as pleochroism as well as a subtle metallic schiller known as labradorescence.

What is Andesine?

What is Andesine

Because andesine and labradorite are so similar, they both possess similar metaphysical properties. Andesine is thought to have properties that are similar to those of sunstone. Andesine is used to clear the mind and banish negativity because it is connected to the heart chakra

Andesine is also said to be a grounding stone that can assist reduce stress. Andesine is not associated with any zodiac sign.

Meaning of Andesine

Meaning of Andesine

Keep andesine away from intense or continuous heat. Boiling and cleaning techniques are strongly discouraged because of this. It is advisable to take off any andesine jewelry before participating in any contact sport because pressure can also cause the material to shatter. Additionally, it is advisable to remove any andesine jewelry before using harsh household cleaners and detergents. 

Using a soft, clean cloth and mild soapy water to clean andesine is the most efficient method. Before storing the jewelry, completely dry the andesine and any other settings or beads. Keep andesine away from objects that are tougher since they could scratch the gemstone’s surface.


Andesine is a fantastic substitute for more expensive red gemstones, or it can be combined with other stones for a monochromatic appearance, like garnet and ruby. Andesine is a flexible gemstone to have in your design inventory due to the wide range of colors that are accessible. 

To avoid appearing overly holiday-themed, pair the pinkish-hued red stone with green gemstones on the opposite side of the color wheel. Andesine works well in jewelry designs for both men and women.