9 Best Crystals For Lucid Dreaming (And How To Use Them)

Dreams are typically an unconscious reveal. We are not aware of what is happening in the process while we dream. But throughout a Lucid dream, you’re completely aware of being asleep. It is a deep state of awareness where you can explore your inner consciousness or even control your dreams. Read this to know about the best Crystals for Lucid Dreaming.

More about Lucid Dream

Lucid Dream is with practice, dreams occur through the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep. Entering a conscious dream takes practice. However, crystal restoration is a high-quality manner of relaxing into the selected cognitive state. Lucid dreams can open up several experiences and insights.

Best Crystals for Lucid Dreams

1. Moonstone (Stone of New Beginnings)


The quiet strength of the Moonstone encourages deep sleep. In addition, it has a solid lunar connection and, as a Sleep Promoter stone, is helpful in re-setting up a good sleep pattern.

It’s a soothing stone that releases calm and enjoyable energy. It helps maintain focus and clarity and offers you a stable mind essential for Lucid dreams. Moonstone additionally teaches you to be aware of your unconscious mind. This is critical for lucid dreaming.

Use Moonstone to promote conscious Lucid dreams during the full moon or new moon.

2. Amethyst (Stone of Spirituality, Contentment & Meditation)


For lucid dreaming, Amethyst is a strong crystal. It stimulates the Third Eye Chakra and allows you to focus better; it makes for a brilliant medium for vivid dreams.

Amethyst being a Stone of Contentment and a Sleep Stone will also put you in a relaxed state and provide you with a sense of bliss.

For this purpose, Amethyst makes a fantastic addition to our list of crystals for lucid dreaming. Undoubtedly, it’s a natural reliever for strain, mood swings, anger, anxiety, discomfort, disappointment, and grief. But, in addition, it alleviates negativity and ignites positivity.

Use Amethyst to meditate before bedtime. This gemstone will assist you in relaxing and promoting Lucid dreams.

3. Moldavite (Extra-Terrestrial Stone)


Moldavite is the shape of tektite and has more-terrestrial origins. Its lovely olive-inexperienced color of receptiveness may be beneficial for lucid dreaming.

By raising your thoughts, moldavite takes you beyond limitations and supports your purpose of Lucid dreams.

It’s additionally a power amplifier. Use it to enhance the effects of different dream crystals. It radiates strength, and even upon your first touch, you may without delay feel the warmth by sending vibration in the course of the frame to permeate a slight prickling sensation. This permits the blood to run efficiently inside the veins that reach the brain to clean the thoughts.

Note: Moldavite has powerful energy, so we wouldn’t endorse the usage of this crystal for beginners. However, this crystal will also enhance intuition and astral travel.

4. Blue Calcite (Stone of Inspiration)


This stone’s vibration is not as high as the other crystals referred to. However, it’s still excellent for enabling conscious dreams.

It’s crucial to live calmly while Lucid dreaming to avoid waking up. Blue Calcite has comforting energy that wraps you in a metaphysical blanket. As a result, you are protected from negativity, and you are in a relaxed state.

Blue Calcite also smooths the transition into a dream state; Blue Calcite is considered one of the top hints for most crystal experts. other than its properties that assist in lucid dreaming, if you want to know more about Blue Calcite properties, read here. 

5. Herkimer Diamond (Stone of Joy & Attunement)


Known as the Herkimer diamond, it is a double-terminated quartz crystal that awakens the Third Eye. Furthermore, this crystal is a potent record keeper, making it ideal for recalling and recording lucid dreams.

The gemstone also removes blockages in your aura that may prevent Lucid dreams. Removing blockages allows your creativity to drift so that you can create pleasant and exciting dreams.

This Stone of Joy and Attunement will beautify your creative skills and heighten your capacity to lucid dreams.

6. Phenacite (Phenakite)PHENAKITE-LUCID DREAMS


Phenacite is one of the maximum vibration crystals and is ideal for lucid dreaming. It focuses your thoughts and promotes the vital experience of awareness you need to remain conscious during the dream.

Besides being a crystal for the thoughts, Phenacite facilitates you to cross more profoundly into the lucid dream enjoy. This lets you gain a lucid state more often.

Everything we do has an ever-lasting impression. This is because all of our life events are recorded in a ‘Spiritual library’ called the Akashic Records. Phenacite will assist you in accessing these data when Lucid dreaming so you can discover your soul’s purpose and answer life’s questions.

When using phenacite to achieve greater attention, find stones from Zimbabwe or Brazil.

7. Fluorite (Stone of Discernment and Aptitude)


Lucid Dreams can certainly occur for some people; however, it takes exercise for others. This is where Fluorite excels.

As one of the high-quality crystals for focus and attention, Fluorite will help to improve your concentration. Deep focus is essential when learning any new ability – such as Lucid dreaming.

Also, if you’re stressed or over-tired, it can be hard to lucid dream and take in new data. Fluorite obtains an order to a cluttered mind and releases mental or creative blocks to generate this interference. Then you’ll be able to concentrate on your intention to experience conscious dreams.

8. Clear Quartz (The Master Healer, Stone of Power)


One of the mainstays of any crystal collection is Clear Quartz, also known as the Stone of Power. It’s additionally a top-notch crystal for lucid dreaming.

This crystal works via the Crown Chakra and opens up higher energies. Clear Quartz clears your mind, so you can focus on your choice to consciously dream.

It’s also easy to apply and is an energy amplifier. This means a Clear Quartz crystal will enlarge the consequences of different lucid dreaming crystals while increasing the range of Lucid dreams you enjoy.



Danburite receives its name from Danbury, Connecticut where it became first located. It has the purest of vibrations and connects with better cognizance. This makes it an excellent crystal for inducing lucid goals.

If you sense trauma, you’re much less probably to gain lucid dreaming. Danburite will relieve the negative emotions and encourage lucid dreams by beginning the Heart Chakra.

This crystal is likewise precise for remembering your dream and dream interpretation.

Cleanse Danburite within the full or new moon day to energize it with the moon’s radiant energy. This will maintain it activated and prepared to use for the practice of Lucid Dream.

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How to use Crystals for Lucid Dreams?

Lucid dreaming is simple to attain with crystal healing. With any dream work, it’s critical to optimize your environment for exact sleep. While crystals can assist you in achieving lucid dreaming, they can position you into a deep sleep if your setting is complete with harsh sounds and shiny lights.

So first, allow yourself to get your sleep surroundings suitable for Lucid dreaming:

  1. Make your room dark and eliminate any shiny lighting fixtures. Next, get blackout curtains or add window coverings (cardboard, window film) to darken your room.
  2. Make sure the entirety is as quiet as viable. For example, you can get earplugs to restrict needless noise pollutants.
  3. Get a comfy pillow and blankets that maintain your body temperature which you want it to be. If you favor being more relaxed when you sleep, get lighter blankets. If you enjoy being toasty, get thick comforters.

Other Tips for Using Crystals for Lucid Dreams

The healing crystals above can align with your intention to lucid dream and enhance the experience.

Here are a few methods to use the above Crystals for experiencing Conscious dreams:

  • For satisfactory effects, place a crystal for Lucid dreaming under your pillow. If you discover the strength is just too strong, or the crystal is massive or fragile, then position it close to your mattress or on a nightstand.
  • Meditation is a fantastic way to teach your mind to be calm and aware of your surroundings in practice for Lucid dreaming. With a Lucid dreaming crystal in your hand or positioned for your Third Eye, focus on your goal to consciously dream.
  • Wear the necklaces or bracelets of the above crystals at night to enhance your Lucid Dream experience.
  • Use a Dreamcatcher stone, like Danburite, to help you not forget your lucid dream when you wake. You can both hold it in your hand or keep it on your forehead for excellent outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Lucid dreaming is when you’re consciously aware that you’re dreaming. It’s a fun and profound experience, as you could take control of dreams and change them at will.

So, the primary factor you can do to increase your lucid dreaming is by making sure your surroundings to sleep are quiet and dark. Crystals allow you to enter the precise state of lucid dreaming. They promote awareness and rest.

Crystals are known for encouraging a relaxing and peaceful sleep and letting you get and even remember calm and insightful dreams. Furthermore, Crystals are used to awaken and refresh after a deep and relaxing sleep.

You can use Our guide for fine crystals for Lucid dreaming and relaxation. So share this article and spread your love.