Black Moonstone Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Black Moonstone is a fascinating crystal in the Moonstone family because of its Unique Characteristics. It’s a wonderful stone for encouraging self-discovery and positive transformation. A fantastic stone for new beginnings and also recognized for instilling emotional equilibrium and love by being linked to the Divine Feminine. However, this lovely stone has more to it.

The purpose and healing properties of Black Moonstone and how you can use this powerful crystal are discussed in this article.

Black Moonstone

What is Black Moonstone?

What is Black Moonstone

Black Moonstone is a kind of Moonstone with an emphasis on New Moon energy. The Black Moonstone has all of the qualities of the White Moonstone. It is a powerful stone for initiating new projects, forming new relationships, and expecting a child.

Black Moonstone being a feldspar mineral in the silicates family is a stone with flawless cleavage that is difficult to polish. You’ll notice a black gemstone with creamy-colored bands when you gaze at a raw black moonstone. It has a hardness of 6.5 on the MOH’S scale and does not emit light.

Magic and mysteries are represented by the color black. Moonstone can be transparent or opaque, with a vitreous luster, and it comes in both black and white. It’s a blue-shaded yin and yang balancing stone.

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How to identify a Black Moonstone?

How to identify a Black Moonstone

The Black Moonstone is not really black, despite its name. Instead, swirls and lines of tan, gray, or peach are seen in most black moonstones. This stone is extremely powerful because of its connections with various chakras in your body.

At first, it will seem black, particularly in low-light environments. However, it will take on a beautiful silvery green shimmer when exposed to light and its reflection.

 – Black Moonstone Cuts 

Many meditation tools, spheres, palm stones, tumbled pieces, pendulums, raw chunks, and other objects are often shaped and cut from Black Moonstone.

 – Black Moonstone Shapes

Black Moonstone is used as a Meditation tool and therefore cut and shaped to fit on the palm.

Where is Black Moonstone Found?

This newest variety of Moonstone was just recently Discovered in Madagascar and is now known as Black Moonstone. The white, grey, brown, and tan hues throughout virtually every piece may be seen.

Where is Black Moonstone Found

Black Moonstone, like other gemstones, is most often found in Sri Lanka. The specimens discovered here have high transparency and, in some cases, a milky white tint.

On the other hand, Stones from India are generally duller in tone and may include varying dark tones or a slight orange tint in their base hue.

Black Moonstone Meaning

The meaning and characteristics of Black Moonstone are inextricably linked to the moon and its lunar cycles, as the name suggests. As a result, it has unique healing properties for women and feminine concerns. 

Black Moonstone is also a powerful gem for empowering women to achieve their full potential. The primary purpose of Black Moonstone is to encourage growth, regeneration, and the desire to pursue ambitions and missions. 

Black Moonstone Stone Meaning

This is the finest stone to choose when you’re looking for a change. Anyone with the ambition and bravery to peer beneath the surface should consider this stone. When you incorporate the significance of Black Moonstone into your daily healing practice, you may experience self-discovery, creative motivation, inner growth, and peace.

Black Moonstone is a good option if you require a little assistance fighting off any negative energies and emotions that are holding you back from natural development. The stones are thought to ward off others’ negative energy and protect your aura.

Black Moonstone Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

  • People have been using Black Moonstone for its healing properties for centuries. The Moonstone has always piqued people’s interest.
  • The Moonstone was thought to be made up of moonlight droplets by the ancient Romans. It is considered a sign of affection in several other civilizations. Two people who wear moonstones are said to fall in love during the full moon, according to tradition.
  • The Greeks connected the moon’s rays to black Moonstone, whereas the Romans linked it to their gods. Because of its tight relationship to the sea’s tides, the Moonstone was also credited with its closeness to the water.
  • While traveling, the gemstone was worn on board ships as a talisman and a lucky charm.

Black Moonstone Crystal Properties

We all encounter negativity on a regular basis, whether it be from a coworker, spouse, family member, or ourselves. Unfortunately, we do allow other people’s poisonous feelings to dictate how we feel. It’s exceedingly difficult to get positive energy inside and make a change when one is down on themselves. 

In such conditions, Black Moonstone comes into play. Thanks to this wonderful stone, our emotional body is protected and stable, so we are the only ones who can influence it. The hardness of Black Moonstone is 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Black Moonstone Healing Properties

The healing properties of Black Moonstone are relatively new in the world of crystal healing, but they are already well known to many.

Black Moonstone Healing Properties

Haling is common among Black Moonstone users and affects their emotional, spiritual, physical, and metaphysical dimensions.

Therefore, the stone will benefit you whether you carry it with you, put it in your living space, or rock it as jewelry.

Black Moonstone Physical Healing Properties

Metaphysical healers have traditionally used Moonstone to soothe hormonal fluctuations and ease all aspects of menstruation, fertility, and childbirth. It may help regulate hormones and other chemicals produced in the body and is believed to be closely related to the Pineal Gland.

It’s also used to treat gastrointestinal problems and reproductive organs. Depression or anxiety linked to infertility or impotence are reportedly especially effectively treated with Black Moonstone.

Black Moonstone Emotional Healing Properties

Our emotions and deeply ingrained ideas may be better understood with the help of Black Moonstone. It allows us to evaluate and look at difficult circumstances without being influenced by our emotions.

It may be utilized to examine whether or not our routines and patterns really benefit us by analyzing our habits and trends. Black Moonstone encourages us to pause before acting and think about new ideas before making a decision.

It shows us the importance of patience and the need for good timing if we want to succeed. Black Moonstone helps us be comfortable with vulnerability and allows our hearts to rest and heal.

Black Moonstone Mental Healing Properties

The stone of wild inspiration and intuitive knowledge is Black Moonstone. It encourages us to believe that everything is happening according to a greater Divine plan. Nonetheless, it gives us the authority to control our destinies and create a destiny that we may be proud of.

Black Moonstone encourages us to choose thoughts that bless our lives with joy and peace, which invites us to examine our thoughts and how they affect the world around us. Black Moonstone helps us to think rationally and intuitively and explore emotional triggers and other erratic energies by assisting us to calm overreactions.

Black Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Black moonstone is beneficial when it comes to calming the mind, assisting in grounding oneself and allowing oneself to trust one’s gut feeling when making difficult choices without worry or fear. Black Moonstone is very beneficial during meditation and healing sessions.

Black Moonstone Benefits

Black Moonstone Benefits

Black Moonstone Benefits for Love and Relationships

The Moonstone was sometimes referred to as a love and romance stone. You need to carry this stone close to you whenever you want to improve your love life. You may also enhance your connection by giving this lovely stone to your partner.

Black Moonstone Health Benefits

Moonstone is similar to the enchanting radiance of moonlight reflected in the water. The Moonstone’s distinctive sparkle makes it stand out. As a healing stone, black Moonstone is claimed to have various effects.   

Black Moonstone Benefits for Wealth 

When you are attending important meetings, carry this stone with you and luck will come to you. It will help you to increase your financial situation.

Black Moonstone Benefits for fulfilling Desires

It encourages hope and inspiration, allowing us to wish, aspire, and flow in harmony with our dreams. It opens us to chance and synchronicity.

Black Moonstone Benefits for Lucid Dreams

The stone moonstone is thought to help with lucid dreaming and lull you to sleep. Women and children, especially pregnant women and infants, are protected by stones of this nature.

Black Moonstone Benefits As a Calming Stone

It is a calming stone with feminine energy and cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and feelings. Moonstone also represents fertility and sensuality. Black Moonstone is among the fascinating stones that make the world a gorgeous place. Infuse the energy of the stone into its various uses.

Black Moonstone Benefits Spirituality

Consider Black Moonstone if you want to improve your spiritual connections. Do not forget to strengthen your spirit, even if having a healthy body and sound mind is all you want.

Black Moonstone Benefits Spirituality

  • Your spirit may be connected to greater entities with this beautiful gemstone. Your secret talents, such as mindreading, astral projection, intuition, and telepathy, may all be revealed with this crystal.
  • Moonstone is connected with the moon, tides, feminity, and the subconscious. It is considered a stone of the goddess. It synchronizes a woman’s biological rhythms with the lunar energy rhythms.
  • Moonstone enhances men’s awareness of their feminine characteristics. 
  • It promotes nonlinear thinking and emotional balance by stimulating the right side of the brain. It offers the opportunity to have a personal meditation and strengthens psychic abilities.
  • The black stones urge us to explore our shadow side and the darker aspects of our lives and psyches, for Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings.
  • By showing us the way forward, out of Darkness and into the light, Black Moonstone encourages us to sit with ourselves in non-judgment and acknowledge “what is.” Whether that be in the past or present, it does so.
  • Black Moonstone, a warrior stone with strong empathic energy, demands that we face the world honestly and courageously. Everyone who works with Black Moonstone will be pushed to confront and change their lives forever.
  • Black Moonstone teaches emotional equilibrium, awakens intuition, and enlivens spells by activating the Kundalini Serpent.
  • The astrological signs of Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio are linked to Black Moonstone, which is tuned to the Root, Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. In addition, it is associated with the element of Wind and vibrates to the number 4.

Black Moonstone & Feng Shui

Place a Black Moonstone under your pillow. In certain situations, you may also position it under your belly, which is technically under your mattress.

Black Moonstone For Feng Shui

According to Chinese practitioners, this Feng shui technique will rejuvenate the reproductive system, correct any hormone imbalance, and eliminate fertility concerns (if present).

Black Moonstone Birthstone

Certain zodiac signs, like other crystals, have a stronger relationship with Black Moonstone. If you don’t fall under one of these zodiac signs, that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from the stone’s properties.

Black Moonstone Birthstones

This stone will provide greater healing energies to individuals who have Cancer, Libra, or Scorpio as their zodiacs because Black Moonstone has a special affinity for these signs.

  • This gemstone aids in personal development, grounding, intuition, and stress management and can greatly benefit Cancerians.
  • The use of the stone to increase psychic abilities is well-known. As a result, this gem can be effectively used by Cancerians with a physical inclination and a high intuition.
  •  Cancer is a moon sign that signifies that people from this zodiac are softer, and Black Moonstone helps them to enhance their nursing skills. Cancerians are prevented from becoming overbearing or too bossy by the stone, which provides grounding and empathy.
  • For Libras, Black Moonstone is a healing gem. Since it has the capacity to shield them from harmful vibrations and ideas, it is able to do so. The stone stimulates new beginnings and creates a sense of empathy.
  • Scorpios have a reputation for having strong intuitive abilities. So the intuitive vibrations and qualities of Black Moonstone may help them a lot.
  • The stone may counteract Scorpios’ jealous, hostile, and wicked nature, given its feminine aspect. 
  • The Moonstone plays a significant role in the zodiac signs Cancer and Pisces. It widens the viewpoint and exposes them to the truth. This stone helps in making them vulnerable.
  • The Moonstone is a significant secondary stone for Aquarians and Sagittarius.
  • In Aquarius, it strengthens the bond with nature and improves the connection with other people through proper communication; It gives Sagittarius a balanced feeling, constancy, and imagination.

 Black Moonstone Chakras

  • The beautiful peach-toned veins that run through each stone are an interesting physical trademark of black Moonstone.
  • From the throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra, these peach lines are linked to numerous chakra sites throughout the physical body. It will supply its energy to you by syncing with the correct chakras for grounding.
  • Strengthen your throat chakra by wearing Black Moonstone as a necklace.
  • Meditation sessions are also held by using this stone. It offers the user much-needed tranquility for meditation by working on various chakras in their bodies.
  • Use Black Moonstone if you want to accomplish new goals in your life.
  • The navel chakra, which is linked to the digestive system and the female reproductive system and has a connotation with birth and feminism, is the essential chakra that Black Moonstone is associated with.

Black Moonstone Uses

uses of Black Moonstone

  •    Black Moonstone Aids Decision making

All kinds of Moonstone will help you maintain a clear head when making rational choices in times of difficulty, thanks to their calming energies. This stone has strong feminine energy.

  •    Black Moonstone helps in Letting go of past  

It develops insight and inner knowing. Black Moonstone assists one in opening blockages and enabling focused emotional healing from past emotional trauma by assisting one to connect with their feelings and emotions on a deep level.

  •    Black Moonstone is a stone of Intuition

Rather than using intellectual reasoning, Black Moonstone is a stone that intensifies and understands via intuitive feelings and emotional thinking.

  •    Black Moonstone as jewelry

Black Moonstones are popular among jewelry collectors. It’s a stunning crystal that may be utilized as a bracelet, ring, necklace, or earring. The stone has captivating aesthetics that will enhance your style and emit energy to you. Carry the stone as a bracelet if you lose your balance and need more grounding.

  •    Black Moonstone blesses relationships and purifies thoughts.  

Black Moonstone guards against dark energy and transforms it back to light, which is also very protective. In addition, it has milder energy than other Root Chakra crystals, such as Black Tourmaline, and is more grounded than other Moonstones. Therefore, black Moonstone is especially suitable for New Moon Rituals.

  •   Black Moonstone treats Disorders

When utilized properly, Black Moonstone has been recognized to provide physical advantages such as assisting in the healing of mental diseases like depression and anxiety disorders.

Similarly, when grounding oneself physically and mentally, the Black Moonstone is also known to be a valuable aid. As a result of this, the stone has become a tool for assisting coordination and stability.

  •  Black Moonstone helps in Meditation

Black Moonstone is a Dream Manifesting Generator, especially if you meditate under a new moon or anytime you wish to set powerful intentions. You can place it on your altar or desk to raise your vibe. However you choose to work with yours, may it help you envision your dreams and make them come true.

  •  Black Moonstone is useful for Women

Because of its relationship with the peach veins and the navel chakra point, the Black Moonstone has been associated with new life, birth, and female power. 

In addition, this crystal’s effectiveness in aiding childbirth, healing infertility, and curing digestive problems, both minor and major, such as acid reflux and period pains, stems from this relationship.

How do you Care for Black Moonstone?

The hardness value is greater than 5, But it’s not advised to leave the black moonstone in water for long. The stone can be permanently damaged by water. Even so, there is no need to worry if you missed removing the stone before washing your hands. The mineral will not be harmed by a brief exposure.

Moonstones, regularly worn on the skin, come naturally with contamination by skin fat, dirt particles and cream, and cosmetic residues in touch. Therefore, if possible, it should be cleaned periodically with lukewarm water and no soap or detergent. Limescale buildups can be avoided by using lime-free water (e.g., very clean rainwater).

The moonlight is used to recharge this beautiful gem overnight. The Moonstone is transferred to a dry bowl containing hematite tumbled stones once every month.

When to Cleanse Black Moonstone?

It’s important to remember that Black Moonstone must be cleansed meticulously in order to retain its magical properties, just like any gemstone. But, first, you’ll need to choose an appropriate time.

Because of its connection to the moon, cleansing your black Moonstone at night is the ideal time. Normal Fresh water can be used to clean the stone of any impurities. Of course, finding clean water to clean the stone is preferable since tap water might include numerous chemical elements that would harm your stone.

To enable the crystal’s strength to match its most powerful day in the lunar cycle, if it is feasible, you should also cleanse your stone when the moon is in the phase of becoming a new moon. A Black Moonstone should be kept in a felt-lined container until it is used.

How to Recharge Your Black Moonstone?

The best way to recharge your Moonstones’ energy is by the light of the moon after they’ve been freshly cleaned.

Recharge Your Black Moonstone

Leave your jewels by the window overnight, allowing the moon to recharge them with fresh energy (a full moon is optimum). Charging Moonstone on a full moon or new moon is particularly effective.

What is Black Moonstone Activation Process?

Let the moon fill your gems with fresh energy by placing them near the window overnight (a full moon is ideal). Of course, you can always burn sage or incense to smoke away from any negative energies if you’re worried about removing the negative energy that the Moonstone has absorbed.

How much is Black Moonstone worth?

At the time of writing this article, Black Moonstone is found to be anywhere from $5 to $50 per carat depending on its Size, Quality, and Origin.

How much is Black Moonstone worth

The border between gemstone quality material and lower-quality material is a little fuzzy. Hence there might be a few occasional mix-ups on the lower end of the scale.

What determines Black Moonstone’s price and value?

A Black Moonstone’s value is determined by its transparency, colorlessness, and blue adularescence. The market offers a variety of translucent cabochons, either white or pleasing body colors.

Large quantities of near-opaque material are available with various body colors that can be easily carved and shaped into simple moon faces and other figures. On rare occasions, some transparent stones are faceted.

Another factor for why this gemstone is not widely accessible in the market is the extraction procedure, which is also costly and long. As a result, the bigger deposits are more costly and uncommon, just as with most gemstones.

Black Moonstone Impact

Black Moonstone can easily help us heal from inner conflict and anxiety and helps our well-being in all aspects.

Black Moonstone Impact

The calming energies of all types of Moonstone will help one maintain a clear head that can make rational decisions in times of difficulty.

It is a perfect stone for people who want to improve their new ideas, intuition, and imagination and who are trying to challenge new things.

Does Black Moonstone make a good jewelry stone?

The alluring stone has lately experienced a resurgence in popularity, just as it was widely employed to craft jewelry in the 1960s hippie culture.

Does Black Moonstone make a good jewelry stone

Jewelry lovers, particularly royalty, have long prized these gems. They were most popular in Germany and other Scandinavian countries, where they were embraced.

Black Moonstone Real vs Fake

  1. In general, Moonstone has a white hue, a bluish hue, an orange hue, and brownish or rainbow hues. It can be seen through in different ways. Adularescence is the term for this occurrence. The adularescence of moonstones is a unique optical trick that gives the gem a milky, blue luster or sheen on its surface.
  2. Place the gem in bright artificial light and view it from above to test this feature of the gem. Your Moonstone is most likely genuine if you see the blue/white glow.
  3. A Moonstone with no inclusions is considered to be of exceptional quality. The only way to really showcase the shimmer is with a translucent and transparent stone, which is why this is the most common.
  4. Moonstones with a cat’s eye effect are also available, but star-shaped light phenomena are extremely rare.
  5. Natural imperfections can be used to identify genuine Moonstone. Real moonstone identification will be aided by layers of oligoclase and albite minerals that alternate repeatedly and two fracture systems that intersect at the right angle. There are no circular air bubbles in Real Moonstone.
  6. Fake Moonstone appears to be too flawless. It’s sterile and homogeneous, with no inclusions or fractures. Fake Moonstones with air bubbles around them are sometimes seen in the glass but not in genuine gemstones.
  7. Fake Moonstone is milky and appears to be semi-transparent. Fake products have been known to be warm to the touch.
  8. The layered structure inside the Moonstone may be seen in light. Inhomogeneous and blurring Synthetic Moonstone, there are no microscopic layers to be seen.
  9. The original Black Moonstone was found in Madagascar, and it’s the only location where it exists.
  10. Black Moonstone is likely fake if the seller claims it came from a different source than Madagascar. Black Moonstone emits a sense of mystery because it glows from within, like other Moonstones.

Summary of Black Moonstone Crystal

Name of Crystal Black Moonstone
Other Names Larvikite
Origin(s) Madagascar
Color(s) White, Grey, Brown, and Tan
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Formation Magma cooling
Majorly Found at Madagascar
Zodiac Suited for Cancer, Scorpio, Libra
Healing Properties Releases toxic emotions
Health Benefits Promotes restful sleep
Types of Crystal
Uses Soothing emotional stress and anxiety
Goes in Water? Yes
Goes in Salt Water? Yes
Goes in Rain Water? Yes
Goes in Moon Water? Yes
Moh’s Scale 6-6.5
Real Blue/white glow under the light
Fake Shines at different angles


What is the Meaning of Black Moonstone?

The Meaning of Black Moonstone is Hope which symbolizes the energies of the New Moon and fresh starts.

What is the Spiritual Meaning behind Moonstone?

Everything in life constantly changes, like the moon waxes and wanes. Moonstone is an exquisite stone that channels the cycles of the moon.

How do I know if my Black Moonstone is real?

Adularescence, a distinctive optical illusion, is what makes moonstones so special. View it from above while keeping it in bright artificial light. Your Moonstone is probably genuine if you see the blue/white shine.

What is the rarest Moonstone color?

Colorless moonstones with a floating blue color or a schiller that seems to hover above the stone are the rarest and most expensive.

When should I use Black Moonstone?

For easing mental anxiety and stress, use this stone. It allows one to stay calm and grounded regardless of circumstances and emotions.

How much is Black Moonstone worth?

A Black Moonstone may command a price of $5 to $50 per carat (in 2022) depending on a number of factors, including its size and quality.

What does Moonstone protect against?

It has been utilized as a stone of protection for traveling at night, sailing at sea, giving birth, and pregnancy. In addition, focus, awareness, and even psychic abilities have all been aided by this stone.