Top 6 Powerful Healing Properties of Bloodstone

No one can deny the power of the beautiful properties of Bloodstone – a savior, healer, and amulet that will hold on for a lifetime. You can stay in a complete and harmonious flow from a heartfelt dose of courage and wisdom to unblocking the chakras.

All the protective powers of this unique healing and spiritually comforting stone are here. Let us understand the healing properties Of Bloodstone.

What are the Healing Properties of Bloodstone?

Healing Properties of Bloodstone for Chakra Healing

Rich in iron oxide, powerful protective forces, and always ready to give excitement to the party, Bloodstone is a potent tonic for your lower back. The deep floral combination of dark green chalcedony and Red Jasper became to known as Bloodstone.

As soon as you see the red and green flicker, your whole soul suddenly heals, and you immediately feel like your heart is pumping blood.

Sometimes called Sunstone, the meaning of Bloodstone is shrouded in fascinating history. The ancient Greeks placed Bloodstone as a gem with miraculous powers. They called it the Heliotrope, which translates directly into sunlight. 

Healing Properties of Bloodstone

It is believed to have heavenly healing powers gifted by the gods and certainly when it comes to healing all things blood-related. Although if we go back to the Middle Ages, Bloodstone takes on a more mysterious story under its wing.

People believe in the formation of the Bloodstone with the blood of Christ. Some scarlet patches in his blood dropped to the ground and solidified like a stone during his crucifixion. Thus a great stone was sent to remind all those facing their worst days of the power of sacrifice and healing.

This stone is one of the most fantastic healing crystals – in the physical body and the spiritual sense. It is used for stiff wounds on the battlefield, stimulating healthy circulation and a strong heart like a bull.

People use it as an amulet for courage and protection and for those who need a little extra help to root their lower chakras. For those ready to reconnect with their inner safety net, Bloodstone will support you to strengthen your intuition and instill courage.

Healing Properties Of Bloodstone for Physical Healing

It is not surprising to see that Bloodstone leaves its mark in terms of health and well-being with all things related to blood and its beautiful circulation. Take a look at the blood-red hues mixed with the dark green, and you will feel the energy running through your veins. 

This stone has iron-rich vitality that permeates all of us from the bloodstream to the bone marrow and increases the level of purification in our blood. For those who have any trouble or injury with blood, this gem can help boost your immunity.

Physical Healing properties of Bloodstone

It is a stone commonly used to face childbirth due to its ability to bring strength, courage, and energy to both mother and baby during a significant event. Being in touch with blood-related issues means that this stone is excellent in balancing menstrual problems, re-tracking your cycle, and avoiding problems caused by hormones and PMS.

Bloodstone is a nurturing goddess stone that can help reduce misunderstandings or problems with mothers or maternal problems. It helps in bonding between human and animal mothers after a tragic birth or after the mother and baby have been separated for some time.

Bloodstone is a Hematopoietic healing crystal. Wear or carry Bloodstone as a shield for protection from threats or intimidation, whether verbal or physical, with the guidance to withdraw at the appropriate time and the courage to face it when needed.

Use Bloodstone as an excellent immune system stimulator, preventing colds, flu, infections, and inflammation. It is an excellent help for regenerating and re-energizing the body after illness, injury, or physical fatigue.

The magical properties of Bloodstone allow a person to gain atmospheric energy for personal healing, such as blowing winds to bring about change or rain for relief from suffering.

Working with Bloodstone strengthens the system, increases energy levels, and increases endurance in physical activity. It is advantageous for athletes and the disabled for constant vibrations of refinement and well-being. Use it as a lucky attraction for sports competitions or matches.

Healing Properties Of Bloodstone for Psychological and Emotional Healing

Psychological and emotional healing properties of Bloodstone

Remember that this stone has long been given as a gift to warriors on the battlefield. Bloodstone healing is about increasing strength, courage, and resilience. It helps to exfoliate you from the root and makes you feel completely safe and unstoppable.

When we are firm in our power, we become proficient in making excellent decisions and blossoming beautiful self-worth buds. For someone who thinks they have struggled in life with a background of abandonment, loneliness, and threats, Bloodstone can be an amulet to bring you to your feet. 

This iron-rich stone is a supercharger for enhancing emotional resilience and seeing you regain your connection with the world outside your window and once again keep confidence and patience at the highest goal. 

In addition to being an invigorating mood stabilizer, Bloodstone also works by boosting your energy and bringing back the radiance of your soul. When our hearts are physically strong and our emotional value is high, it is as if someone has burned caffeine into our souls. A new life force fills every corner of your being, and you can change the energy that gets your life in the right direction.

Wear or carry a bloodstone to increase mental clarity and help make decisions. It gives mental encouragement when there is no motivation and rejuvenates the mind and body when you are tired.

Bloodstone Dreams inspire dreams and enhance intuition. It boosts creativity and elevates a project from the thought stage to reality. It promotes blessings and prosperity.

Healing Properties Of Bloodstone for Spiritual Healing

Bloodstone should work on those bottom wheels. It wants you to be thoroughly grounded and safe so that all vital energy flows from top to toe. Where Bloodstone has a solid connection to your root chakra, the source chakra is our safety net. 

Healing Properties of Bloodstoine in a spiritual sense

How we catch ourselves when the wind blows around us – attracts us to the ground like the root of the same tree. It beautifully strengthens that connection with the root chakra; it does wonders when it comes to the heart cycle. 

The heart chakra means we can discover our love, faith, compassion, and ability to open ourselves up. When we face these obstacles, we suddenly find ourselves in a place where we do great healing — with an open-hearted, quick to enjoy, and always ready to stand in the light of whatever desert world has to offer. 

Bloodstone helps you dispel the smog of negative energy, which relieves stress and irritability and brings a gentle energy flow that fills with good luck.

Healing Properties of Bloodstone as a Birthstone

Bloodstone is traditionally associated with Aries and nourishes and supports the subtle flow of positive energy that makes up Aries. As a symbol of fire, those born under the banner of Aries have leadership qualities and can also be seen with a burning passion.

Bloodstone works on Aries by making sure they move forward with courage without losing their feet. Since Aries likes to take the most straightforward approach to their outlook, they are more likely to be depressed — but Bloodstone keeps them rooted, preferring to show compassion and patience towards those who love them. 

For those who want an alternative birthstone to this Mars-ruled Zodiac, Aquamarine is a great choice.

Bloodstone is a crystal of courage and is a healthy tool for those born under the signs of Libra and Pisces. Pisces has high respect for thought and sparks interest in the spiritual side of life. Bloodstone is a beautiful amulet for Pisces because it captures and grinds realistic angles without falling into abstract thinking.

If you are interested in knowing which birthstone complements your zodiac, see our guide to finding the right gemstone for your astrology.

Healing Properties of Bloodstone based on Color Energy

Bloodstone mainly carries Green Energy. It is a “growth crystal,” a powerful conduit of the earth’s Life Force of birth, development, and creation and the force of nature’s perpetual regeneration. It is a powerful tool for nurturing, whether new family bonds or a new commercial enterprise. 

Chakra healing properties of bloodstone

Bloodstone is ideal for keeping a venture on track, a project, and life on track. It is a symbol of physical growth and strength, and travel safety.

Bloodstone’s large Red Energy foci convey self-assurance, courage, a call to action, and exhilaration. It boosts energy and accelerates metabolism. Red is a hue that represents passion, energy, and vitality.


The Bloodstone is here to bring your courage to the surface, assist you in living a long and healthy life, and keep your feet on the ground even while your mind is racing. It’s a stone that straddles the border between mythology, mysticism, and rational thought.

To reach personal greatness, balance and good healing thoughts are essential. Here is where the Bloodstone comes into play, bringing clarity and nourishing every inch of your soul in confidence and tranquility. Hence it would help if you considered Bloodstone in your healing routine.