Do You Know Can Azurite Go in the Water? Is Azurite Water Safe?

Azurite is loved as the stone of heaven due to its blue shade and glowing texture.  Here in this article, We will concentrate on the qualities of Azurite when mixed in with water alongside different types of water like saltwater and moon water.

Before we move on, let us learn about the formation of Azurite in brief.

Azurite is a copper carbonate mineral and happens when water containing carbon dioxide responds with copper metal, which breaks down in tiny amounts. These copper-loaded waters may eventually disappear and form into Azurite, contingent upon states of the climate.

Presently let us proceed on to the connection between Azurite and water.

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Can Azurite Go in the Water?

Can Azurite go in the water?

Not all precious stones are protected from being washed in water.

Understand that gems that are not water-accommodating may make gemstones lose sparkle, thickness, or even totally break down with delayed contact in water.

Knowing what sort of stones are water dangerous will be of extraordinary assistance in ensuring you don’t hurt your valuable gemstones in any way. Coming down to Azurite, it needs to stay away from water. Mohs size of hardness 2.5-4. This precious stone contains copper, so it gives out sulfur when mixed with water. Just like Azurite, several people also ask if Bloodstone can go in the water, you can know about it by clicking here. 

 Of course, you may put it under running water and wipe it with a soft cloth immediately and ensure it is totally dried out.

 What happens to Azurite in Water?

  • While it will probably not have an immediate impact, Azurite is a delicate stone, and water atoms can break the gemstone and damage it.
  • After some time, these can develop breaks and even break the stone. So don’t cleanse Azurite for broadened timeframes.

Can Azurite Go to Saltwater?

Salt is known for its decontaminating properties and thus is an exceptionally well-known technique for gem purifying. Yet, utilizing salt for purifying is somewhat dangerous, and you should be cautious about how you use it.

Saltwater may be unsafe to gem gems and cleaned stones, making them lose their sparkle and clean over a long time.

 A more secure method for utilizing salt is to take a couple of granules of Himalayan salt or plain ocean salt in a bowl, spot your Azurite stones on it for 10-20 mins, and afterward purge it with normal water.

Can Azurite Go in Moonwater?

Can Azurite go in the Moon water?

Moonlight has been viewed as the standard method for purifying precious stones for a long time.

Since Azurite can’t directly contact water, you can utilize the below indirect technique to make precious stone water for water unsafe and harmful gems like Azurite.

In this technique, we don’t contact the precious stone with the water as the gem would disintegrate in water and cause harm to you if you drink the water.

We utilize two separate vessels (One big and one small size), so the big vessel can be loaded up with water and put the gem in the small vessel. This method avoids water from contacting the gem in the small vessel to prevent the danger of the precious stone keeping the water untouched from any poisonous mineral that the gemstone may deliver.

1. Leave this arrangement short-term, especially under the full moon.

2. Utilize this water in your regular drinking bottle or as a remedy to drink or splash as you want.

3. You can even place your Azurite precious stone on the windowsill cautiously and pass on it to ingest the moon’s energy on a full moon day.

Can Azurite Go in the Bathwater?

It is wiser to keep away from contact with water for long-lasting. Subsequently, we don’t prescribe keeping Azurite in bathwater since it can harm the stone, and the water may also become poisonous.

 You can put the stone in a box and place it in the restroom to provide you with a sort of reward; however, stay away from contact with water.

Is Azurite-infused water toxic to drink?

Azurite is one poisonous stone that should never be utilized to make Gem remedies or any Gem water ingested.

 We should practice special consideration in working with Azurite, as it tends to be harmful in its raw state.

How to Charge Azurite Crystal?

 Assuming you need to energize your Azurite, then, at that point, leave it under starlight. Just spot it on the windowsill or in the light of the vast sky on a starry evening and let the sky go on filling your Azurite with a wide range of appeal.

Can Azurite be exposed to Sunlight? 

Notwithstanding its excellence, azurite stones are not regularly utilized in gems. As well as delicate gemstones, they rapidly blur in daylight, and openness to warmth turns them irreversibly dark as it consumes and is changed over to copper oxide.

Cleaning and Caring of Azurite

Azurite in water

  • As a dedicated stone known for its capacity to move enthusiastic and actual squares, dim blue Azurite is a reliable stone and advantages from a decent purge and re-energize every so often.
  •  You can clean Azurite under running water or flowing water using a gentle cleanser. Wipe the surface with a delicate fabric, as even a soft toothbrush can scratch this stone.
  • Please keep away from steam or ultrasonic cleaners as they can destroy the shadings and harm the outer layer of azurite-malachite. Also, avoid boiling water and other hot surfaces like ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Azurite is a delicate stone and can effortlessly harm its surface. Moreover, this copper carbonate mix is very touchy to warmth, just like sun-fading. Hence we advise storing it in a dull spot in a different holder from other gems pieces.
  • Even though it’s a highly excellent gemstone, Azurite tends to look drained, utilized or destroyed when it becomes presented to air. Ensure that Azurite doesn’t come into contact with chemical cleansers and synthetics, including hairspray, beauty care products, or aromas.
  • When presented to heat and light, Azurite is known to blur, so get it far from light sources, particularly direct daylight. Whenever warmed, Azurite can change the tone from blue to green or even become dark.
  •  Remember to take azurite adornments off while participating in exercises like swimming, playing sports, cultivating, cleaning, or washing dishes, as the chances of harm through effect and synthetic substances are high.

Healing properties of Azurite 

Healing properties of Azurite

Azurite has been utilized for millennia, and like every old gemstone, it has gained different magical abilities and implications throughout the long term.

 1. It is accepted to hold mending properties and is supposed to be especially compelling in treating issues identified with joints, the spine, throat, and joint inflammation.

 2. Azurite is accepted to help mend mental pressure and injury, recuperating the past and permitting you to live totally in the present. It relieves bitterness and distress, fears, and stresses just as apprehension.

 3. Azurite is likewise an optimal stone for use while ruminating as it gives harmony and mental lucidity. With a connection to the chakras, Azurite is accepted to open the third eye chakra.

Final Thoughts

Even though Azurite isn’t a standard gemstone for use in ornaments, it has been a top pick of gemstone gatherers for quite a while. For those fortunate enough to possess azurite jewelry, you’ll realize that this is a stone, not at all like others. 

Its clear blue shades are clear and easy to differentiate from various gemstones. Since azurite gems are uncommon, observing the ideal piece can be difficult and can be challenging. 

Azurite is a delicate gemstone. Hence it is not a water-friendly crystal. It is exceptionally soft, weak relentless, and has a propensity to break whenever hit with any hard substance. Azurite gems can be hard to spot and should be treated carefully.

Keeping our stones spotless and clear is a fundamental piece of respecting their preparation and can likewise guarantee they are radiating sparkling in their appearance at any point prepared to get out the negative vibrations. Use a gentle fluid cleanser and warm water when cleaning azurite gems, and in case there is dirt or soil that should be brushed out, tenderly do so with a delicate brush or material. 

Finally, while putting away azurite gems, keep them in a different texture lined adornment box or spot in a textured pocket, away from other metals and gemstones. It will hold it back from being scratched by more complex items, including dust.

 In this article, we cover all that you want to know about the consideration of azurite gems and particularly in touch with water, also, to why this should be a gemstone that you add to your assortment.

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