Azurite Crystal Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Usually, Azurite forms either tabular or prismatic crystals. Tabular crystals commonly have wedge-shaped terminations. Sometimes it forms rosette-shaped crystalline. Since ancient days, this mineral has been used as an ore of copper, as a pigment, as a gemstone, and as an ornamental stone.

What is Azurite Crystal

What is Azurite Crystal?

Azurite is now quite famous for being the copper ore deposit. It is a soft and deep-blue copper mineral. It was created by weathering of copper ore deposits. Azurite is also known as chessylite. According to the historical documents, it came to be known that this mineral has been used since the ancient period. It is also mentioned in Pliny the Elder’s Natural History. In this well-known book, the Azurite is mentioned by the Greek name kuanos and the Latin name caeruleum. Due to the deep blue color, this precious mineral is associated with skies.

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How to identify an Azurite Crystal?

How to identify an Azurite_

It is very easy to identify this Azurite crystal on the basis of its physical appearance and some other chemical properties. This crystal is found in Azure-blue or dark to pale blue. The color can be sometimes pale blue in transmitted light. 

Another thing is the crystal shape. This Azurite comes in massive, prismatic, stalactitic, and tabular forms. It also has a smooth as well as shiny surface. 

Usually, a light blue streak is visible which may consist of Azure blue, blue, light blue, dark blue, or light blue colors. All of these bands appear crossed so it is easy to find out the real one. 

The Azurite crystal is quite soft. In the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the point comes between only 3.5 to 4. 

  • Azurite Shapes

The Azurite crystal is available in various shapes. The most commonly found shapes are massive, prismatic, stalactitic, and tabular forms. The Azurite crystal ranges from being transparent and translucent. The crystal is overall quite brittle. 

The density is only 3.77 g/cm3. 

Where is Azurite Found?

Where is Azurite Found

Azurite is a very common crystal that can be found in various places across the globe. Here is the list of places where the crystals are found.

  • In France, Azurite is found in Chessy, near Lyon, Rhone.
  • At Alghero and elsewhere in Sardinia, Italy, it is found in deep blue color.
  • In Russia, the crystal is found in the Zmeinogorsk (Schlangenberg) and Zolotuskinskii mines near the Altai Mountains.
  • In Morocco, large crystals are available in the Touissit mine, near Oujda.
  • The ore can be found at the Chingola mine, in Nchanga, Zambia.
  • In some mines near Tsumeb, Namibia, this is found in a crystalline form.
  • In the United States, lots of places supply Azurite crystals. Those are Arizona(the Copper Queen and other mines in the Warren district, Bisbee, Cochise Co), Morenci, Greenlee Co, and Mammoth-St. Anthony mine, Pinal Co, the New Cornelia mine, Ajo, Pima Co, the Kelly and Graphic mines, Magdalena, Socorro Co., New Mexico, etc. Apart from these main regions, Azurite is also found in Utah, in the Apex mine, St. George, Washington Co., and at the Big Indian mine, near La Sal, San Juan Co.
  • The best quality finest crystal is found in the El Cobre mine, Concepcion del Oro, and at the San Carlos mine, Mazapil, Zacatecas, Mexico.
  • In Australia, little fine crystals are found. The places are New South Wales, at Broken Hill, and the Girilambone mine, north of Nyngan.
  • From the Yang Cheng mine, Shilu, Guangdong Province, China, Azurite is collected.

Azurite Crystal Meaning

Azurite Stone Meaning

Azurite crystal is the only crystal that embodies the pure Blue Ray. Azure means blue. From this word, the name was derived in the ancient age. The Azurite has a rich vibrancy which indicates the resonating energy exactly like the same frequency of the third eye Chakra. Azurite has a super healing power that enlights the soul from the first day of its use.

People who lived in Atlantis and Egypt considered that Azurite was the most potent psychic stone. Not only that but also, this stone is shrouded in mystery. Local people used to believe that the secrets of Azurites are known only to the highest priests and priestesses. 

Ancient Chinese people used to call it the Stone of Heaven. They also considered that this deep blue stone is able to open the celestial gateways. Greek and Romans often uses this crystal for its visionary insights and healing powers.

For the Mayans, the Azurites inspired the mystical self and facilitated the transfer of wisdom and knowledge via thought. The native Americans used this stone as a sacred stone to contact their spiritual guides. 

Even nowadays, Azurite is also showing its legacy power through its metaphysical properties. People can feel that Azurite is the best option to clear away tension and confusion. It has the power to open up the mind to various new perspectives. According to people, Azurite crystal stimulates the intellect and develops psychic and intuitive abilities. It also brings the inner vision into alignment with spiritual guidance. People make use of this crystal for the enhancement of dreams, entering a meditative or channeling state, and enabling out-of-body journeys to take place safely. 

Some believe that Azurite is good to explore our past. It is also good for our Throat Chakra. Throat Chakra is associated with precise verbalization.

Azurite Crystal properties

Azurite Crystal properties

Azurite is a soft stone, and it is named for its deep “azure blue” shade. Along with another copper carbonate mineral named Malachite, Azurite takes the color of mother nature which symbolizes that nature is present everywhere. 

The Azurite-Malachite combination is a great solution for physical disease. The blue ray penetrates and moves energy. It also stables the stress level. The green ray encourages a deep healing force. Together they work for the Third Eye Chakra. 

Here are some properties of the Azurite crystal. 

Azurite Healing Properties

Azurite Healing Properties

Azurite is useful for various physical healing processes. It is used in treatments for spinal alignment and disorders of the vertebrae, rib cage, and small bones. Azurite is also beneficial for arthritis and joint problems. Disorders of the kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, and liver can be cured with the help of Azurite. 

Azurite is good for keeping healthy skin and good white teeth. It is also considered that Azurite is good for the formation of an embryo in the womb. 

This deep blue crystal is also known for its power of circulation and oxygenating the blood. It directly works at the cellular level to fix any blockage or damage to the brain. It is proven that Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other degenerative brain-related disorders can be removed with Azurite. 

Those who have migraines, lessen tinnitus, and balance vertigo can put on this stone to soothe the issue. Azurite is also used to improve reflex actions.

Not only physical but also mental health can be strengthened with the help of Azurite. Azurite cleans and strengthens the emotional body, releasing stress, and worry. Those who are suffering from grief and sadness can put on this stone to get rid of those disturbing facts. It is said that Azurite brings a healing light that enhances the quality of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. 

Fears and phobias can be overcome with the help of Azurite. It is true that Azurite removed all the negative energy and it fills the human mind with a positive attitude.

This precious stone is also good for those who are deceptive. It can help them to be truthful and clear in every aspect. The problem of nervousness can be reduced and self-confidence can be grown with the Azurite. Inferiority complex can be reduced with Azurite and children who are fearful of any family issue can stay calm always. Azurite reduces tensions between different generations when sharing a home.

Azurite Metaphysical Properties

Azurite Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to the metaphysical property of the Azurite, it shines like a star. This stone is connected to the inner vision of human beings. Azurite is also helpful to be connected with the spirit guide. Azurite is known as the aura cleanser and a chakra healer which provides endless energy to the wearer. The Heart Chakra is also connected with Azurite which helps to keep in a good state. The deep blue color of Azurite crystal helps to radiate health and wealth. The crown chakra can be in a good state with the Azurite crystal. 

Azurite Benefits

Azurite Benefits

There are lots of benefits when it comes to Azurite crystal. Here is the list of benefits of Azurite.

  • Azurite helps to keep the crown chakra in a good state which helps to connect to higher messages from the universe.
  • It is also good for Throat Chakra. The stable Throat Chakra is helpful for keeping a good level of communication always.
  • Azurite can be used for removing fears and phobias from the mind. 
  • Azurite helps to remove blockages from endless energy points.
  • Azurite helps to provide inner strength to people. 
  • Azurite is beneficial for staying away from anxiety, worry, and scattered thoughts.
  • Azurite helps people get rid of various health-related issues like migraines, headaches, arthritis, gout, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and disorders of the kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, liver, etc. 
  • Depression can be reduced with the help of Azurite stone.

Azurite Benefits Spirituality

Azurite inspires the search for truth in one’s personal reality by challenging the examination of previous beliefs. It opens up a deeper understanding of life. The vibrant blue energy is good to move subconscious thoughts into the conscious mind. It also allows us to sense truthfulness and reliability. 

Azurite and Feng Shui

In Feng Shui practice the Azurite stone is considered as the mood of a human being and the stone works as a mode shifter. This royal blue stone is an extremely innovative tool that brings it into your aura. Whether you will keep this deep blue stone in your home or office, it will bring the feeling of heaven. Also, it will bring a creative heart and bring you divine inspiration. It is also good in dynamic relationships. This beautiful stone is also good for encouraging connection and truth-telling.

Azurite Birthstone

Azurite Birthstone

Azurite is directly connected to Sagittarius. It is an amazing stone for Sagittarius because this deep blue crystal helps to strengthen the mind and fine-tune the memory. It also creates a good time and space for calm reflection. It is also a good tool to heal psychic powers. As Sagittarians can not stay stable in one thought and they lose patience with the task at hand, Azurites can solve this problem easily. This stone is also helpful for aligning the soul with the universe. 

Apart from Sagittarius, Azurite is also well connected to Aquarius. Azurite always lends a hand to Aquarians because they are sometimes tricky. Azurite helps to keep the mental state at a balanced level. It also brings stable emotional thought and fabulous mental composure.

Azurite Chakras

Azurite’s deep blue energy promotes the Third Eye Chakra in raising

 the psychic and instinctive. It opens up the mind to detailed spiritual guidance. Also, insight into every stage of life can be achieved with Azurite. It is possible to align with the chakras and attunes the physical body. The continuous and strong flow of energy allows for increased communication and verbalization through the Throat Chakra. 

The Brow Chakra, also known as the Third Eye, is the center of our perception and control. It operates and handles our sight and everyday awareness of the world. Our main conscious and subconscious minds are treated here. We can relate ourselves through this Brow Chakra or Third Eye Chakra. If this chakra is in a balanced state, then our thoughts and communication can be the best, most vibrant, and healthy. Azurite is used to treat this Brow Chakra with stability. The blue ray helps to enhance stability. It also helps to enhance the wisdom and knowledgeable approach of mind.

When the throat chakra is in a good state, it allows for the expression of what we think and what we feel. With the whole world, we can communicate our ideas, beliefs, and emotions, bringing our personal truth. We can also have a good flow of energy within the body and spirit. The blue crystal Azurite unblocks and balances the Throat Chakra. If the Blue color is darker, then it will encourage truthfulness. The light shade of blue helps to increase flexibility and relaxation.

What are the uses of Azurite?

What are the uses of Azurite_

If you want to bring the deep blue hues of Azurite into your life, you can use them in different ways. It will nurture your body, mind, and soul. Whenever you will use this stone, it will bring a sense of spiritual wonder.

You can choose this gemstone jewelry to adore yourself. The center of the ornament will be the amazing Azurite crystal. For your meditation space, you can use this crystal to get connected with mental, physical, and spiritual guides together. 

Various stunning Azurite jewelry is available. The vibrant blue color makes the stone a good choice to make you feel that you are carrying heaven with you. You can personalize the Azurite crystal as an Azurite Bracelet, a ring on your finger, or just a beautiful pendant. Whatever you will choose, the benefits will be the same because it will be in direct touch with your skin. Also, you can create a combination of Azurite and Lapis Lazuli to make your soul as clean as possible.

Caring for Azurite

Caring for Azurite

As the Azurite stone is giving so many benefits, it is necessary to take care of the stone in every possible way. Keeping it clean is also a vital part of acknowledging its power and benefits. When you will clean your Azurite, it will ensure your glowing life always. 

What you need to have is a little mild soapy water and a soft cloth or cotton pad. Just soak the stone in the water for a few minutes and then wipe up the water with the help of a cotton pad or soft cloth.

How to Recharge Your Azurite?

If you want to recharge your stone, you need to put it under starlight. Simply put it on the windowsill or in the light of the big sky or on the roof on a clear night. Now, let the heavens do their work and it will fill your Azurite with all kinds of cosmic and spiritual charm.

Azurite Activation process

To activate your spiritual stone of Azurite, you can simply hold it in your hand and start meditation. Meditation is the one and only way to activate your stone with all kinds of power and spirituality. When you will meditate and relax, you can easily enter the void of the “no-mind” state. It will help you to travel deep within the inner being. 

Positivity will be filled in the stone and the stone will start glowing to the fullest. After activation, you can feel that you are also getting positive energy. It will make you feel quite calm and stable. Your mental state will be strengthened by the power of the deep blue stone. 

How much is Azurite worth?

How much is Azurite worth_

Azurite is a very precious stone or crystal which makes people strong physically as well as mentally. It can also increase the spiritual wonder of any human being. As the crystal is very precious, tiny specimens of pure azurite, whether raw or tumbled, will usually be at $20 to $50 at least. In some cases, the purest form of big Azurite crystal can cost upwards of $10,000.

What determines Azurite’s price and value?

Though the Azurite is not rare, it is unique in its own way. It has various benefits that are not available in other stones. In case the quality is too good, the price will definitely be higher. Another factor is the color and shape. 

Azurite Impact

Azurite Impact

The impact of Azurite is too good across our lives. It has its own way of healing physical, mental, and spiritual states that enhance the overall lifestyle of any human. Anyone can put this stone to get a strong, calm, stable, and peaceful life. As the Azurite comes with a rich hue and wealth of healing properties, the stone is called the “Stone of Heaven”. Heavenly feelings can enhance mental stability with a positive vibe. It will also keep our Crown Chakra, Brow Chakra, and Throat Chakra in a well-balanced state so that we can be ourselves. It will help us to explore our inner vision and strength. We can also be passionate and dedicated to our work. The concentration level will be higher.

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Does Azurite make a good jewelry stone?

Yes of course Azurite is a good jewelry stone that can be put on as a bracelet, pendant, or even a ring on the finger. Whatever the ornament is, it can enhance our overall lifestyle and mindset of us.

Azurite Real vs Fake

Azurite Real vs Fake

It is important to know if your charm is real or fake. Before getting the Azurite stone, you have to check whether it is real or fake. Azurite is usually available in opaque although translucent varieties. The luster is not so vibrant but it can be translucent. The real Azurite will not glow too much. If you can understand that the stone is glowing too much, it is possible to get the fake stone. 

Summary of Azurite Crystal

Name of Crystal Azurite
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Chessylite, Lapis Armenius, Mountain Blue, Azurium Citramarinum
Origin(s) Egypt
Color(s) Dark, Pale Blue
Formation Formed when water laden with carbon dioxide seeps into the earth and reacts with subsurface copper ores
Majorly Found at France, Greece, Germany, Australia, Mexico
Zodiac Suited for Aquarius
Chakra Third Eye Chakra
Crystal Meaning An azure-blue mineral associated with copper deposits, Azurite is considered an ethereal purifier
Types of Crystal Flower Azurite, Sparkling Azurite, Australian Azurite, Botryoidal Azurite, Cinnabar Azurite, Azurite Granite, Azurite Eyes, Baryte Azurite, Azurite Rose, Shattuckite Azurite, Chrysocolla Azurite, Zinc Azurite, Kupferblau Azurite, Azurite Malachite
Healing Properties Love relations, health benefits, mental stability, increase in focus
Health Benefits Removes blockages, excessive oxygen flow
Uses Used in home decoration and jewelry
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 3.5 – 4
Real Opaque, rarely translucent distinctive deep blue color


What is Azurite used for?

Azurite is used for nurturing your body, mind, and soul. It helps to reduce stress and depression. It can stabilize the mind with calmness and inner peace.

How is Azurite formed?

Azurite is formed when water containing carbon dioxide descends to the Earth and reacts with underground copper ores.

Where should I put Azurite?

You can put Azurite in any corner of your home. It is also good to put in a meditation place.

How do you cleanse Azurite?

To cleanse Azurite, soak the stone in the water for a few minutes and then wipe up the water with the help of a cotton pad or soft cloth.

Is Azurite rare?

Yes, it is kind of a rare gemstone that is made up of copper carbonate hydroxide.

How strong is Azurite?

Azurite has a strong power of divinity and stability. It clears our thoughts and helps us to understand the right way in life.

How much is Azurite worth?

As the crystal is very precious, tiny specimens of pure azurite, whether raw or tumbled, will usually be $20 to $50 at least. In some cases, the purest form of big Azurite crystal can cost upwards of $10,000.

How do you identify Azurite?

Azurite crystal is found in Azure-blue or dark to pale blue. The color can sometimes be pale blue in transmitted light. Another thing is the crystal shape. This Azurite comes in massive, prismatic, stalactitic, and tabular forms. It also has a smooth as well as shiny surface. These are the identifying points of Azurite.