Chrysoberyl Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Is Chrysoberyl the right gemstone for you? Find it out in this post. Chrysoberyl crystal is among the most underappreciated gemstones with some truly exceptional properties. Chrysoberyl is a crucial stone for making crucial life decisions. It bestows upon the bearer extraordinary clarity, acute perception, and strength above everything else. The stone has the capability to give its wearer a level of assurance in decision-making that is unmatched by any other gem.

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What is Chrysoberyl

What is Chrysoberyl?

With a Mohs hardness rating of 8.5, Chrysoberyl is a very durable gemstone. Additionally, it has a high refractive index, resulting in very exceptional brilliance. It shines vitreously, and is made up of several clear, translucent bits.

Chrysoberyl is never treated, although it can be bought for a very low cost. Despite having a fantastic aesthetic, it is incredibly affordable due to its modest profile. Abraham Gottlob Werner, a well-known German geologist, gave this crystal its name after its initial discovery in 1789. It is either yellow, yellow-green, or reddish. Iron is present in the crystals, which is what gives the hues.

How to Identify a Chrysoberyl?

Chrysoberyl specimens typically range in color from almost colorless to brown to yellow to green. Sometimes, red specimens are discovered. The crystals of Chrysoberyl are frequently tabular or prismatic and have prominent striations. It can also be seen in crystals with twins that have a distinct star and rosette shapes.

Chrysoberyl Cuts and Chrysoberyl Shapes

The various cuts and shapes of Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl comes in a variety of shapes, including ovals, cushions, rounds, and emerald cuts. You might be reminded of citrine, topaz, or yellow sapphire by it.

Where is Chrysoberyl Found?

The deposits of Chrysoberyl can be found in USA, Madagascar, Russia,  Zimbabwe, Brazil, Myanmar,  and Pakistan.

Chrysoberyl Stone Meaning

Greek terms chrysos, which signifies “golden,” and beryllos, which refers to the crystal’s beryllium concentration, were combined to create the English name “Chrysoberyl.” Chrysoberyl, which has some truly amazing qualities, is one of the most underappreciated gemstones. Although you might believe it to be a member of the beryl family, it is actually not. Chrysoberyl is also a kind of beryllium aluminum oxide. The cat’s eye and alexandrite are two of the Chrysoberyl family’s rarest crystals.

Physically, Chrysoberyl is a powerful stone for healing. Cat’s eye has long been believed to provide protection from the evil eye and prolong life for those who wear it. However, it was traditionally thought that anyone who had a cat’s eye dream was somehow connected to betrayal.

Chrysoberyl Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

For centuries, Chrysoberyl has been a valued gemstone in Asia because it is thought to protect a person from the evil eye. Chrysoberyl comes in three main gem types. Each of these stones has a distinctive and lovely aspect of its own, but they are all chemically similar but optically quite different. Chrysolite is the name for the Brazillian form of Chrysoberyl which is a light yellow-green in color. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was widely used in Spanish and Portuguese jewelry. This stone shines with extraordinary brilliance.

Nowadays, cat’s eye and alexandrite are the most widely used types. The extremely tough and uncommon stone alexandrite exhibits a lovely color variation. It is green in the daytime, but under incandescent light, it turns reddish, mauve, or brown. As it was found in the Ural Mountains on the czar’s birthday in 1830, alexandrite is thought to have been named after him. 

Cymophane, also called cat’s eye, has numerous parallel fluid inclusions that resemble feathers or needle-like rutile inclusions. When these inclusions are cabochon-cut, the stone’s yellowish-grey color shows a white line. A beryllium aluminum oxide is Chrysoberyl. It is an 8.5 on the hardness meter, making it an extremely strong and durable stone. In actuality, only diamonds and corundum are harder than Chrysoberyl. Chrysoberyl comes in a variety of hues, ranging from green through yellow, greenish-yellow, and brown, and has a vitreous shine. Gems lack fire yet are incredibly bright when cut skillfully.

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Chrysoberyl Crystal properties

Chrysoberyl Properties

  • The gemstone Chrysoberyl is incredibly powerful and encouraging, and it will boost your self-esteem and love for yourself.
  • In order to establish peace and harmony in your relationship, it will assist you in maintaining a balanced and fair perspective.
  • Your heart’s coldness will be able to dissolve thanks to Chrysoberyl, making a place for love and forgiveness.
  • You will be able to clearly understand the elements of your relationship that need improvement thanks to this crystal.
  • It will eliminate your propensity to downplay or mislead about what’s wrong and will motivate you to address the problem squarely.
  • Chrysoberyl will alert you to any problematic patterns or habits in your relationship that need to end and will assist you in doing so.
  • The healing qualities of Chrysoberyl will promote empathy, kindness, generosity, and forgiveness.
  • It’s the ideal crystal to carry about if you struggle to express your true feelings or let go of what hurts.
  • The destructive or negative emotions will be replaced by sentiments of joy, hope, courage, and love thanks to this gem.
  • Chrysoberyl will also help you release anything holding you back from experiencing true love by opening, activating, balancing, and aligning your heart chakra.
  • If you need to start over, this gemstone will be very beneficial to you. You’ll be able to let the past go, focus on the here and now, and look forward with optimism.
  • Your self-worth will rise and your resolve will be strengthened by Chrysoberyl.
  • It will restore your faith in your ability to discover love at the ideal moment and in yourself.
  • It will demonstrate to you how to let go of all the bad patterns that you have outgrown.
  • When you’re struggling with difficult relationship circumstances, Chrysoberyl will provide you with emotional support.
  • Chrysoberyl will cure your obstinacy and help you see the other person’s point of view if you’re having trouble believing them.
  • You will genuinely experience contentment and tranquility after wearing Chrysoberyl. It will inspire you to provide forgiveness to everyone who has wounded you or mistreated you.

Chrysoberyl Healing Properties

Healing with Chrysoberyl

  • To begin with, it can aid in shedding light on the root of a specific condition or disease. It also possesses strong energies that can aid in your recuperation and self-healing.
  • This gem strengthens your liver and chest while balancing your levels of cholesterol and adrenaline.
  • Additionally, it is known to provide comfort for female discomforts and digestive issues. This gemstone can also help treat problems with the pancreas, liver, and kidneys.
  • It will assist you in maintaining your attention on your financial objectives and removing roadblocks.
    Chrysoberyl will help you every step of the way, whether your goal is to pay off debt, build savings, or find new sources of income.
  • You won’t lose yourself in the process of generating money plenty thanks to this stone.
  • Your belief that you can improve your financial situation whenever you choose will grow as a result of realizing how many opportunities there are in life.
  • Additionally, this crystal will direct and assist you in overcoming your current challenges. It will sharpen your inner personal energies and clarify your mind.
  • You will receive the knowledge necessary to overcome all of your professional or business-related obstacles with ease and effectiveness.

Chrysoberyl Metaphysical Properties

Chrysoberyl is a powerful talisman that has been utilized to ward off misfortune since the dawn of humanity. Negative ideas are changed into positive energy by Chrysoberyl. It builds self-worth and boosts self-confidence. Chrysoberyl aids in allowing you to view a scenario or problem from all angles. It promotes charity and compassion and fosters forgiveness. The virtues of self-control and discipline are brought by Chrysoberyl. It encourages focus and learning, allowing the wearer to think clearly and strategically. The solar plexus and crown chakras are balanced by Chrysoberyl. It enhances personal and spiritual power and opens the head chakra. Richness and creativity are both connected to Chrysoberyl, additionally, it fosters peace and harmony.

Types of Chrysoberyl with Properties

Green Chrysoberyl

Green Chrysoberyl promotes physical heart mending. It can be beneficial for people with heart problems, particularly when the imbalance is brought on by stress. It can help you recover from exposure to radiation, including radiotherapy for cancer and sunburn.

When confronted with intense emotions, green chrysoberyl helps the wearer see things from a higher perspective. You can use your energy field to create peace by being kind to yourself and other people. It permits you to become receptive to abundance and divine gifts. You are reminded that the heart is the core of creation by green chrysoberyl. It helps you establish a connection to divine energy and adopt the proper hierarchy of the heart over the brain. It can help you get rid of egoic ideas, convictions, and drives so you can be mindful and at the moment with Divine energy.

Golden Chrysoberyl

The liver, kidneys, and gallbladder are cleaned and balanced by golden chrysoberyl. It aids in your body’s detoxification and removal of harmful substances and energies. Exhaustion will be relieved by golden chrysoberyl. Additionally, it works well for digestive diseases like diarrhea and stomach ulcers. It will support a gradual weight-loss plan.

This stone helps you feel boosted and energized by boosting your emotional body. It might help you identify the areas where you relinquish control. It helps break the habit of using the victim card to manipulate other people. It promotes personal accountability and is a superb tool for overcoming uncertainty and procrastination.

Golden Chrysoberyl shields you from psychological and physical manipulation by others. It promotes a strong work ethic at the office and is beneficial to place close to a coworker who is idle or chatters nonstop. Golden Chrysoberyl helps improve memory in older kids and adults.

With the help of golden chrysoberyl, you can unite your will with your heart and make sure that your actions are motivated by the force of love. It helps you take personal control and accountability for your experiences in this way. It works wonders for manifestation and is also psychologically beneficial for people who are motivated by a fear of scarcity or who mistakenly associate their value with their stuff. Golden Chrysoberyl can enhance the effectiveness of divination or mirror rituals.


Problems with the head are relieved with alexandrite. Additionally, it helps with tinnitus, inner ear issues, seasickness, and other types of motion sickness. The pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated by alexandrite, which also opens the chakras from the crown to the heart. It stimulates the mind and helps maintain mental equilibrium. The major benefits of alexandrite are spiritual, although it can also be used to induce relaxation to aid with physical recovery. It is a great gemstone to use with those who are afraid of getting healed since it helps them unwind and open up to the experience. When someone is getting ready for surgery or other invasive procedures, this stone is a smart choice.

Alexandrite is useful for reviving energy and will provide protection if you are traveling through a mountainous or hilly area. It will be beneficial for healers to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the problems or bad energies of others. Alexandrite attracts the frequency of happiness. You learn to appreciate the delight in having an embodied spirit. You can find it easier to deal with concerns of not being able to obtain love or energy from others if you resonate with this stone. It can help you open up to becoming a channel for Divine wisdom and love and teach you to trust your instincts and direction.

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Chrysoberyl Benefits

  • When making key financial decisions, Chrysoberyl is crucial.
  • You’ll gain strength, sharp perception, and mental clarity as a result. Your confidence in your capacity for making decisions will increase, which will be to your long-term advantage.
  • However, this crystal won’t bring you any money. Your diligence and effort are necessary for it to succeed.
  • Chrysoberyl can be strategically used to assist you in manifesting the energies required for financial success.

Chrysoberyl Benefits Spirituality

The forces of self-control and discipline are carried by Chrysoberyl. Additionally, it is believed to increase one’s ability to focus and learn new or different topics. If you possess Chrysoberyl, you will be motivated to strive for distinction. More importantly, though, it will improve your mental clarity, self-assurance, and peace of mind.

Additionally, this will help you recognize that you already possess all of the qualities necessary for success in life. Chrysoberyl is a very protective crystal, much like chlorite, and may aid in preventing disasters and mishaps.

Furthermore, this gemstone is associated with riches and abundance, particularly when combined with Caribbean blue chalcedony. The empowering energy it possesses also helps you succeed. Along with the financial compensations that frequently follow it. Its powers may help you thrive through the most honorable means possible, which may boost your self-esteem and pride.

Chrysoberyl & Feng Shui

Feng Shui of Chrysoberyl

Chrysoberyl makes a great Feng Shui gemstone. With the help of Feng Shui, this gemstone can also change the negative spirits in your own thoughts into uplifting and good ones. You’ll gain a lot more self-respect and understanding of your worth as a result of this. Additionally, Chrysoberyl is renowned for its own ability to boost one’s personal power and spirituality.

Chrysoberyl Birthstone

People born under the signs of Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn are particularly affected by Chrysoberyl. It is a purity stone. It can be mistaken for other minerals with comparable properties or synthetic counterparts.

Although the industry is able to mimic it, they have not yet been able to completely replicate the optical illusion created by natural rock.

Chrysoberyl Chakras

Chrysoberyl stimulates the heart and solar plexus chakras. It enhances how well the kidneys, pancreas, and liver work.

It gives the body a place to reflect, refuel, and pursue excellence while enhancing the therapeutic effects of other rocks. It spreads self-control, hope, goodness, optimism, and mercy.

What are the Uses of Chrysoberyl?

Chrysoberyl conveys forces of discipline and self-control. Additionally, it is proven to improve memory and learning capacity. Owning a piece of this crystal will motivate you to strive for excellence. But more importantly, it will bring you mental clarity, self-assurance, and peace of mind.

You’ll come to understand that you already possess everything required for success in life. Chrysoberyl is an extremely protective crystal that can aid in preventing mishaps and tragedies, just like chlorite crystal does. Your negative ideas will likewise be changed by this crystal into uplifting and empowering energy.

You will respect yourself more and realize your true value if you do this. Chrysoberyl is renowned for its capacity to boost your inner strength and spirituality. Additionally, this gem will heighten your sense of kindness, compassion, and giving.

This crystal will encourage serenity and forgiveness if you’re overcome by unfavorable emotions and ideas. Your chakras will be cleansed and aligned with Chrysoberyl, allowing you to access your inner strength. Particularly when coupled with Caribbean Blue Chalcedony, this crystal is also linked to riches and abundance. You will be propelled to achievement and the financial advantages that typically come with it by its empowering powers. Its powers will assist you in achieving prosperity via the most moral means possible, which will increase your self-assurance and pride.

Caring for Chrysoberyl

They are relatively simple to take care of because of their hardness. Although it is delicate to blows and intense heat, it can be machine cleaned by following the equipment’s directions. Like other gemstones, it can be cleaned with just warm, soapy water.

When to Cleanse Chrysoberyl

Simply place this lovely stone under flowing lukewarm water to clean it, allowing the water to remove all dirt from the surface. To keep the stone properly charged, try to avoid doing this too frequently.

How to Recharge Your Chrysoberyl

You can recharge your Chrysoberyl with the following methods:

  1. Keep it under the full moon
  2. Soak it in moon water
  3. Give it a sound bath

Chrysoberyl Activation process

You can activate your stone by singing to it, chanting to it, or providing vital life-stream energy to it through your breathing.

How much is Chrysoberyl worth?

At the time of writing, Chrysoberyl is worth $96-$137.

What determines Chrysoberyl’s price and value?

The factors that determine its price and value are rarity, durability, carat weight, clarity, and hardness.

Chrysoberyl Impact

  • Chrysoberyl is a well-known talisman and protective crystal.
  • It has the power to reveal your more honest side. It will also improve your discipline and self-control.
  • The healing powers of Chrysoberyl will help increase your focus and comprehension of new information.
  • This stone will help you develop clear ideas and broaden your vision if you use it frequently.
  • Your damaging or negative ideas will be banished and changed into positivity by the capabilities of this crystal.
  • Chrysoberyl will also increase your tolerance for others and your capacity for giving generously.
  • The crystal Chrysoberyl has extraordinary energy. It will envelop you in strong energies that will protect you from the black magic or evil eye.
  • It is strongly advised that you wear this gemstone close to your body or look at it for many minutes each day in order to fully benefit from its properties.
  • They can be left in a place where you spend the majority of your time or carried about in your pocket or purse.

Does Chrysoberyl make a good Jewelry stone?

Chrysoberyl Jewelry

Chrysoberyl is a beautiful stone with a hardness only equaled by diamonds and corundum. This makes it one of the best stones for jewelry

Chrysoberyl Real vs Fake

Real vs Fake Chrysoberyl

Genuine one-carat Chrysoberyl occasionally (rarely) has inclusions that are noticeable to the naked eye, so just because you can’t see anything in the gemstone doesn’t imply it isn’t real. A 10X or greater close-up examination can help determine its genuineness.


To improve your relationships, put this gemstone in the southwest corner of your house. It is advised that you combine the use of two pieces of this stone.

To draw luck, wealth, and abundance, you can also place this gemstone in the northeast corner of your home or workplace. If you need safety, take it with you or use it as jewelry. The most beautiful cut for Chrysoberyl is cabochon. To call in energies of tranquility, harmony, joy, and love, scatter a few bits of it in tumbling form.


What is the Price of Chrysoberyl?

At the time of writing, Chrysoberyl is worth $96-$137.

What is the Rarest Chrysoberyl?

The rarest kind of Chrysoberyl is alexandrite, a gem with an exceptional reaction to light. Alexandrite appears red in incandescent light. However, it turns bright green when exposed to sunshine. No other gemstone in existence has such striking color-changing characteristics.

What is the difference between Chrysoberyl and Alexandrite?

Chrysoberyl which changes color is called alexandrite, and it is extremely rare and valuable. However, not all color-changing Chrysoberyls exhibit the same standard palette of hues as alexandrites. These diamonds are rare and expensive on their own, but they are occasionally misrepresented as alexandrites in marketing.

What is Chrysoberyl used for?

Chrysoberyl is most importantly used as a gemstone. Due to its hardness similar to a Diamond, it makes a great stone for jewelry.

Why is Chrysoberyl so expensive?

It’s one of the less popular gemstones because of its rarity, and many gem dealers don’t have it. The cost of Chrysoberyl will vary depending on its variety (alexandrite is typically highly expensive), as well as other elements like carat weight and clarity.

Where is Chrysoberyl found in the US?

Chrysoberyl can be found in Nevada and Northwestern Arizona in the US.