Dioptase Meaning: Healing Properties, Benefits and Uses

Dioptase is a stone that has been referred to as a heart healer that has a joyous and playful vibe. One’s inner child can be healed by this joyful energy, allowing suppressed pain that they may have been carrying around for years to be released. It also takes one closer to their inner self and fills any emotional void that may be needy for affection. 

Dioptase stone is believed to aid in liver regeneration on a physical level. It boosts the body’s energy and may also aid in clearing obstructions and promoting blood flow.

Dioptase is a vivacious heart talisman that can assist one in letting go of incredibly delicate emotions including loss, trauma, melancholy, anxiety, and self-hatred. Through the energy of the green ray, which is embodied inside this green crystal, those things that have been keeping you from living a full life are free.

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What is Dioptase?

What is Dioptase?

Dioptase is a very rare copper cyclosilicate mineral that forms as Quartz inclusions and tiny prismatic shards as it crystallises. It develops on copper veins that have undergone significant oxidation. It is translucent to transparent and exhibits a dazzling vitreous sheen that reflects light more intensely than glass. Dioptase rarely has facets since it is too soft to be worn frequently and is brittle and fragile with a rating of 5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

It frequently grows next to Malachite, and its hues range from deep turquoise, and blue-green, to emerald green which may include a hint of blue. The stone’s colour is prized by collectors, and it is occasionally mistaken for emerald. Although it has a very high fire, the fire is concealed by its vibrant colour, which gives the stones a translucent rather than transparent appearance.

How to Identify a Dioptase?

Identifying a Dioptase

Due to reflection from its tiny internal cleavage flaws, cut dioptase stones frequently have a pearly aspect. So one can look for this in order to distinguish. 

Despite having similar colours, dioptase and emeralds have sufficiently different optical and physical characteristics that gemologists can easily tell them apart. So in case of any confusion, it is advised to consult an expert. On the other hand, dioptase and peridots also have unique absorption spectra and unique optical characteristics.

There is a faint blue-green streak on the dioptase. Remember that streak testing is an unfavourable test. Never use it on a finished gem and only use it as a last resort for identification. Dioptase produces an electric charge when heated due to a property called Pyroelectricity. There may be a birefringent doubling effect in faceted dioptase.

Dioptase: Cuts and Shapes

Dioptase Cuts and Shapes

Typically, dioptase is found as tiny crystals. Even though much larger crystals are sometimes found, they seldom ever have substantial clear surfaces, therefore faceted gems rarely exceed 1 or 2 carats in weight. These diamonds may be challenging to facet due to their perfect cleavage. When dioptase is cut, cabochon or brilliant cuts are frequently used. Only the clear ends of big crystals are used when faceting them. Lapidaries may, however, carve substantial cabochons from transparent dioptase masses. Rarely is it faceted or cut into cabochons; instead, it is kept unprocessed and safe in a gold or precious metal frame.

Where is Dioptase Found?

Where is Dioptase Found?

One of the most uncommon stones on the market, dioptase has only a handful of known localities worldwide. It is a rare mineral that is primarily found in desert areas. Tsumeb, Namibia, has produced the highest-quality dioptase yet discovered. The Karaganda Region in Kazakhstan, where the ore was first discovered, is considered to be the second-most significant area after Tsumeb. The best quality is produced in the US, Namibia, Chile, Zaire, and Russia.

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Dioptase Stone Meaning

In 1797, a French mineralogist Rene Just Huey chose the names “dio” and “optos,” which are Greek terms that signify “through” and “visible,” respectively and imply “to see through,” because it is possible to tell the cleavage orientations just by looking into the crystals. This was a reference to the mineral cleavage that can be noticed when examining a complete and nearly flawless Dioptase crystal.

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Dioptase Meaning in Ancient Lore and History

Dioptase Meanings in Ancient Lore and History

By Kazakhstani copper miners in the late 1700s, dioptase was first identified. They discovered amazing caverns in limestone’s quartz veins that were crammed with thousands of gleaming, translucent crystals of emerald green. For analysis, the crystals were sent to Moscow, Russia. 

However, the emerald’s superior hardness of 8 could easily be recognised from the mineral’s lower hardness of 5. It turned out to be an unidentified mineral that was highly valued. That all changed in 1797 when renowned French mineralogist René Just Haüy acquired this mineral and formally included it in the kingdom of minerals.

Dioptase Crystal properties

Dioptase’s energy will help you with your spiritual visionary abilities and balance your yin-yang energy. If you have unresolved traumas from this period of your life, they can help. Their energy may be helpful to women who are experiencing heart issues, particularly high blood pressure.

Additionally, this stone aids others in comprehending their place in their own life and aids them in overcoming traumatic experiences. It encourages forgiveness in others and aids in the process of mending emotional wounds. It manages all cycles’ energy. It strengthens one’s spirit and inner fortitude. It facilitates heart opening during meditation.

You might be able to glimpse the reality of these relationships and alter their dynamics thanks to the energy of this green crystal. You will fill the gap left by letting go of these feelings with love and compassion for people who were the targets of the negativity.

Dioptase Healing Properties

Dioptase Physical Healing Properties

Physical Healing Properties

In addition to helping you heal emotionally, Dioptase can be used to cure a wide range of illnesses affecting many body systems, including those that affect your stomach, ulcer, respiratory system, reproductive system, etc. 

Additionally, it aids in the treatment of central nervous system diseases and the physical strengthening of your heart. They support the immune system, may aid with lung diseases and are potent stones for aligning your chakras with your etheric body. 

Dioptase may also help with general pain relief and other problems that make you feel uncomfortable and in discomfort. They also aid in the treatment of lung diseases, respiratory issues, premenstrual syndrome, bronchitis, headaches and migraines. They can strengthen the female reproductive system. Your bones and teeth are strengthened as a result as well.

For those who frequently get headaches and migraines, this gemstone is highly helpful. It prevents the body from going without and regulates cell growth, and blood flow. Additionally, it regulates blood pressure and treats stress and addiction. Even if it is worn as jewellery, it is auspicious. keeps one healthy and makes them more interested in creativity. The central nervous system is motivated to operate efficiently.

Dioptase Emotional Healing Properties

It is advised for anyone who is experiencing emotional agony to use this gem. Sometimes, one needs to realise that the solution isn’t tangible and that change doesn’t happen right away. You will learn that critical lesson from dioptase, coupled with patience which is the key to success in life.

It is a stone of forgiveness and letting go of the past. It embodies the proverbial saying that being angry is like poisoning yourself while praying the other person dies. Dioptase will assist you in accepting the idea that any anger you are harbouring as a result of past wrongs will ultimately harm you rather than the targets of your rage. When its energies are touched, a cold, relaxing sensation progressively spreads throughout the body.

Dioptase Metaphysical Properties

Dioptase Metaphysical Properties

Both being irritated with other people and the anger and resentment caused by those situations can be relieved with dioptase. Additionally, it can help you recognise heightened perceptions of certain incidents that may have contributed to these emotions and prevent you from needlessly dwelling on situations that are out of your control. The qualities of dioptase help you let go of any concerns that may be preventing you from moving forward, providing peace and well-being.

This unique mineral reveals the heart and generates calming life force energy waves that assist in “resetting” the emotional body. This stone will gradually awaken strength in a person’s body that may have lain dormant. 

This power will eventually become so overwhelming that it will automatically boost your courage and self-confidence, compelling you to act and bring about a change. This adjustment could be as simple as giving up a poor habit or starting a new activity that will advance your development down the route you so much want.

Dioptase Benefits

Benefits of Dioptase

This stone might help you rediscover the joy in things if you’ve grown a little jaded. Its benefits include your healing and the restoration of your relationships. Dioptase is frequently used as a stone for previous life regression and easing troubles from a prior life, following the logical flow of this argument. 

Even if you don’t personally believe in reincarnation, you may still appreciate how dioptase can help us deal with events that occurred before we took on our physical form and that will always have an impact on us.

The benefits of dioptase are also related to its ability to help you forgive thanks to a potent higher heart chakra energy that this crystal represents. You might be able to make significant changes in your life if you let its energy fill you with compassion for both yourself and other people.

Dioptase Benefits Spirituality

Dioptase is a stone that can facilitate communication with your soul and true self. It will assist you in releasing the self-imposed shackles that so many of us carry around with us, usually due to fear or resentment over past events.

These ties and burdens are deeply subconscious, and it’s unlikely that you’ll even be aware of them until they’re gone and you’re able to live without them for the first time. When you use this stone, you will feel its energy of compassion and forgiveness, which is related to the spiritual meaning of dioptase.

Dioptase & Feng Shui

The most effective approach to use this crystal is during meditation, which, when practised frequently, can accelerate spiritual development. This stone will purge any unfavourable feelings from your aura when used in a crystal-based meditation.

To avail of its benefits, put the stone in a light source and settle down somewhere peaceful and comfy where you won’t be disturbed. The next step is to focus on the stone for a while emptying your mind and paying close attention to how the light affects it. Take a few deep breaths and allow the dioptase’s power to flood you with the green light.

Dioptase Birthstone

Dioptase is associated with a lot of zodiac signs. Keep the stone close to you because it is the birthstone for Sagittarians, Scorpios, Capricorns, Leo, and Pisces.

Dioptase Chakras

Dioptase is associated mainly with the heart chakra. The third eye chakra is also stimulated by the frequency of this stone. This enables you to use your third eye to see the root of your issues and release any internalised suffering.

In addition to it, dioptase stones are also associated with the “thymus” or “upper heart chakra,” which is a less-powerful but no less important wheel of energy in our chakric body. According to legend, the thymus chakra houses the soul and, when combined with the crown and heart chakras, raises consciousness. 

What are the Uses of Dioptase?

Uses of Dioptase

Dioptase is a pigment that is also utilized in painting because of how intense its colour is. It has been utilised for its lovely colour since antiquity; the earliest recorded application of dioptase for a decorative pattern in plaster statues from a Neolithic settlement near Amman, Jordan, dating from 7200 B.C. There, plaster was moulded around a core of wrapped sticks to produce a collection of anthropomorphic half-size human figurines. Cowrie shells were used to create the eyes, which had a dioptase outline to draw attention to them. Dioptase has some intriguing optical characteristics as well.

Caring for Dioptase

Uses of Dioptase

Given their brittle nature, the stones should be handled carefully to avoid breaking. Dioptase should only be cleaned with a gentle brush, a light detergent, and warm water because of cleavage and potential fractures. To preserve its colour, keep it shaded. Similar to how you would use Iron Out to clean iron stains from Quartz, you may use it to remove iron stains/limonite from dioptase.

Using this stone in direct-infusion elixirs is safe. Ultrasonic cleaning should never be used on a dioptase gemstone since it could cause the stone to break. One should be gentle as this stone is brittle and prone to chipping.

When to Cleanse Dioptase?

Dioptase stones are easily startled or sensitive to household goods, wash as quickly as possible using only soapy water, rinse, and dry right away. In stone treatment, the energy of the stones must also be replenished after they have been used to heal.

How to Recharge Your Dioptase?

You can put your Dioptase amid Hematite stones to recharge it. When not in use or charging, store among clear quartz crystals.

How much is Dioptase worth?

Dioptase is often offered as a stunning specimen, therefore you should anticipate paying more than $100 for a superb palm-sized specimen with medium-sized crystals. The price will increase to $300 if the palm-sized specimen has a larger cluster of crystals on it, even though those crystals may be much smaller. This is because there are more crystals in the specimen overall.

What determines Dioptase’s Price and Value?

Dioptase is reasonably priced because it is not frequently available, and finding larger crystal specimens is even more difficult. For specimens with more crystals and larger crystals, Dioptase’s value will rise.

When pricing dioptase, it should be noted that some specimens lack the wonderful translucent gemmy look in the crystals, and those tended to be less expensive. Additionally, those with smaller budgets who desire to purchase a specimen may be able to do so by purchasing a single loose crystal of dioptase.

The only reason they haven’t taken over the market is because of how closely their colour resembles that of emeralds. If only they were a bit more durable, they would make fantastic replacements.

Dioptase Impact

Dioptase can eliminates the discomfort caused by harmful chemicals. Additionally, it guards against lung cancer and AIDS. It maintains healthy blood circulation and keeps muscles robust. It reduces the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and smoothes and firms the reproductive system. Aventurine, when worn with it, helps to reduce the risk of cancer while also preventing illnesses since it raises body temperature.

It is advantageous for elderly persons. Their hormones either do not function properly as a result of ageing or are not formed as needed. This gemstone helps to improve hormone formation and functionality. It purifies bodily tissues and keeps them from going bad.

The anguish brought on by hurt, treachery, etc. is eliminated. Stress is lessened, and feelings of love and affection are strengthened. It allows a person to have a carefree life and contributes to keeping up a good outlook. Enables people to communicate their emotions. The holder is urged to live in the present and preserve memories of the past.

Does Dioptase make a Good Jewellery Stone?

Is Dioptase a Good Jewellery Stone

Dioptase is not always the most straightforward stone to find jewellery fashioned of because it is so delicate. The ideal shape is a little pendant that you may place just above or over your heart chakra to activate the higher heart chakra. 

Since it is a popular mineral among collectors, it is occasionally made into tiny jewels that resemble emeralds. Despite the rarity of huge crystals of the stone, dioptase pendants are beautiful. The majority of jewellery is composed of a collection of small crystals arranged on a matrix and put into a gold or silver setting.

They also produce well-known raw and freeform jewellery stones. Dioptase, whether faceted, cabbed, or raw, require protective settings due to its flawless cleavage and hardness of 5. Compared to other, more well-known jewellery stones like tourmalines, peridots, and even emeralds, these gems are more prone to scratches. However, dioptase is a fantastic material for jewellery like earrings or brooches.

Dioptase Real vs Fake

Dioptase: Real vs Fake

Dioptases may mimic more well-known gems like peridots and emeralds. Despite having similar colours, dioptases and emeralds have sufficiently different optical and physical characteristics that gemologists can easily tell them apart. 

On the other hand, dioptases and peridots might share characteristics with each other in terms of specific gravity (SG), pleochroic hues, and refractive indices (RI). They do, however, have unique absorption spectra and unique optical characteristics. 

Dioptases and green tourmalines can have a lot in common. Dioptase, however, has a unique absorption spectrum.

Summary of Dioptase Crystal

Name of Crystal Dioptase
Precious No
Semi-Precious Yes
Other Names Emerald copper or emerald malachite
Origin(s) Kazakhstan in the central Asian steppes
Color(s) Deep turquoise to blue-green or emerald green
Formation Weathering and oxidation of fundamental minerals in limestone or calcite deposits.
Majorly Found at Tsumeb, Namibia, US, Namibia, Chile, Zaire, and Russia
Zodiac Suited for Sagittarians, Scorpios, Capricorn, Leo, and Pisces
Chakra Heart Chakra and the Third eye chakra
Crystal Meaning “To see through”
Types of Crystal Copper Cyclosilicate mineral
Healing Properties assist one in letting go of delicate emotions like loss, trauma, melancholy, anxiety, and self-hatred.
Health Benefits Liver regeneration, boosts body’s energy levels, and promotes blood flow.
Uses Utilized in paintings, Emotional healing, treatment of many stomach and digestion related issues.
Goes in Water? No
Goes in Salt Water? No
Goes in Rain Water? No
Goes in Moon Water? No
Moh’s Scale 4-1
Real Unique absorption spectra and unique optical characteristics
Fake Dioptases may mimic more well-known gems like peridots and emeralds


What is Dioptase used for?

Dioptase is a vivacious heart talisman that can assist one in letting go of incredibly delicate emotions including loss, trauma, melancholy, anxiety, and self-hatred. 

Is Dioptase rare or common?

One of the most uncommon stones on the market, dioptase has only a handful of known localities worldwide. Large crystals are even more uncommon. The more typical form of crystal is a cluster of tiny crystals.

What type of the gem is Dioptase?

Dioptase is a copper cyclosilicate mineral that is intensely emerald to bluish-green in colour. It might be translucent or transparent. Vitreous to sub-adamantine describes its brilliance.

What is Dioptase made of? 

Dioptase, a copper-coloured mineral in its own right, is categorised as a copper cyclosilicate with a chemical formula of CuSiO2(OH)2 and a trigonal crystal structure.

Where is Dioptase found?

Dioptase is a mineral that is rather rare and can be found in places, including Namibia, Angola, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, Romania, Argentina, Chile, the Congo Republic etc.

How do you clean Dioptase crystals?

Dioptase should only be cleaned with a gentle brush, a light detergent, and warm water or room-temperature water.

Can Dioptase go in the water?

Dioptase shouldn’t be immersed in water. This is because of its copper concentration which can cause damage to the gemstone when immersed.

Is Dioptase the same as Emeralds?

No, dioptase and emeralds are different from each other. The confusion arises from the similar colour but the hardness of both the stones makes them different along with other properties.