Does Selenite Charge other Crystals?

Selenite is a fine, pearly-white form of gypsum that has crystallized. This potent, high-vibration crystal is best known for clearing negative energy, increasing focus and clarity, and accelerating manifestations.

One of the unique things about Selenite is its self-cleansing properties. Because Selenite is constantly cleansing itself, it can also cleanse and charge the other crystals in your kit.

Selenite is self cleansing

Cleaning and charging crystals are critical for removing stagnant energy and restoring them to its original state.

Selenite is an excellent mineral for cleansing crystals, amplifying their energy, and reaping their benefits. Continue reading to learn how to use Selenite to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Selenite has the energy to absorb negativity and throw it out of the environment.

Does Selenite Charge Crystals?

Crystals absorb energy from the environment, and you do not need the unwanted vibrations that come with your stone. Selenite is well-known for its cleaning properties and is one of the few crystals that do not require cleaning.

Crystals that you often use, once a week if necessary. Otherwise, it is sufficient to clean and recharge the used stone once a month. Using Selenite is one of the easiest ways to clean your crystals. You can clean and recharge your crystal jewelry overnight in a selenite bowl.

Selenite is often used to charge crystals. 

Why should you cleanse crystals with Selenite?

If you wish to eliminate stagnant or deficient energy from your crystals, you should clean them regularly. When we utilize our crystals daily, they can collect bad energy and become “blocked,” especially when it comes to defensive stones like black tourmaline. Obstruction dramatically diminishes the power of crystals.

Why Should You Clean Crystals With Selenite

It would also be beneficial to cleanse any new crystals before utilizing them for the first time since they may have absorbed unwanted energy on their way to you.

Cleaning Selenite is as effective as any other way.

Cleaning and charging the crystals is essential to remove stagnant energy and keep them fresh. After using the crystals for some time, especially those that absorb allergens such as black tourmaline, their energy may be inhibited. If the protective stones accumulate too much external force, their strength will decrease. 

It is also essential to clean the crystals immediately after purchase. Release them from the energy they gained in your journey. It is worth remembering that crystals are millions of years old and can be dug up, exported, taken to the store, and then viewed in tens, if not hundreds before they reach you.

Using crystals to clean other crystals is one of many methods. Due to the self-cleaning properties of Selenite, it is qualified to recharge other natural stones. Although only a few crystals are capable of this, and most people choose clear quartz, most experts agree that Selenite is well suited for the job.

Cleaning crystals with Selenite is beneficial as Selenite has a purifying tendency.

How to use Selenite to charge your crystals?

Selenite plates, bowls, and dishes are easy to use. Leave your choice crystals on the Selenite for 24 hours.

You may also charge your crystals using selenite towers. Locate a suitable location for your selenite tower, then arrange the stones to be cleansed in a circle around the tower, preferably touching the base. Again, for the most remarkable effects, leave them for 24 hours.

It is simple to clean your crystals with selenite by just keeping them in a Selenite bowl or plate.

Selenite Bowl to Clean and Charge Crystals

One of the properties of Selenite is that it enhances and purifies other crystals. Selenite naturally emits negative energy and does not keep anything harmful to itself. Hence, it is so helpful for cleaning and charging.

Place your crystals in a selenite bowl for a few hours. Leave your stones on Selenite for as long as you want; the crystals like the power of Selenite.

Selenite bowl

Never use your new crystals before cleaning them. The magical selenite bowls make an aesthetic appearance in your home. You can put your crystal jewelry or other tiny rolled crystals in them. Due to its high vibration, selenite bowls can clean your favorite stones while bringing harmony to your home.

Selenite can immediately replenish your favorite stones. Please place them in a Selenite dish. Moreover, it infuses high vibrational energy into your crystals and crystal jewelry.

Crystal healers and feng shui consultants recommend that homeowners display Selenite bowls in their bedrooms to create a peaceful atmosphere. Selenite bowls are an inspiring gift for various occasions, and they are the perfect gift for anyone who specializes in crystal or crystal jewelry.

Cleaning crystals with Selenite is not that easy. Selenite is the king of crystal chargers. Additionally, it enhances energy or cleans itself. Thus, you do not need to learn how to activate Selenite before recharging crystals. Its power works forever.

Selenite bowls to specifically clean your crystals.

Selenite Plate for Cleaning and Charging Crystals

The Selenite Charging Plate has powerful healing and purifying properties with its shimmering, pearl-like sheen. It has the power to protect a person or area from bad energy while also restoring mental clarity through the smooth flow of positive energies. 

Crystals and gemstone jewelry on the Selenite Charging Plate are naturally cleansed, charged, reactivated, and amplified. Selenite’s high vibration awakens all Chakras, particularly the Crown Chakra. 

Selenite plate

The characteristics of the plate, together with the aligned Chakras, provide quiet and serenity, making it perfect for meditation, healing activities, and spiritual growth. 

The Selenite Plate is an essential energy instrument for profoundly cleansing the mind, body, and soul.

Selenite plates for cleaning and charging can be fruitful as well.

Is Selenite suitable for expressing?

Selenite’s purifying characteristics are ideal for eliminating bad or sluggish energy from your room or even yourself, but this stone shines in another area as well. It is a gift to improve your intentions and your expressions.

One of the main reasons people clean their crystals is to reprogram them with new intentions and clean up old energy. They mature to realize new targets when their energy is newly charged. Selenite is undoubtedly the best stone to increase this power.

This crystal helps bring clarity to your mind and encourages you to find deep peace. It is a beautiful stone for spiritual work, especially meditation, Reiki healing, and other energy works. It clears the mind and helps you achieve your goals with precision.

 It is as effective as other methods in cleaning and charging crystals. In addition, stone also offers fantastic benefits of having an Intent Supercharger.

Also, do not forget that some stones corrode when exposed to water – Selenite is also present. Selenite charging is the safest way to ensure your crystals are not damaged.

Selenite promotes you to clear your intentions and expressions

What kind of Selenite should I use to prevent negative energy?

Cleaning plates made of Selenite are suitable for this purpose. The more the crystal comes into contact with Selenite, the quicker and more thoroughly it cleans. Therefore, it is best to avoid using small or circular brushes since it is difficult to achieve adequate surface-to-surface contact.

On the other hand, the selenite cleansing plate is a flat platform on which you can rest your other crystals. For proper purification, keep the crystals for 24 hours. Smaller fallen stones are more likely to take less time, but it is better to be safe. If you are trying to charge a large crystal, use the same Selenite; otherwise, huge.

Choose the area you do not mind being covered with crystals the next day and place your selenite tower in the center. Once you find the right place, place the stones you want to clear in a circle around the tower. If they could touch the tower, it would be even better.

Some people use one selenite stone for cleaning and another for personal use. If you want to put anything on your person, it is a great idea, but do not mix it with unwanted energy in your other stones. A selenite bracelet is a great choice to keep your cleansing effects unchanged.

Most types of Selenite are beneficial for removing negativity.

Is it necessary to charge Selenite Healing Crystals?

The only disadvantage of utilizing your Selenite for many uses is that you may need to recharge it from time to time. Although Selenite is naturally self-cleaning, it might be challenging to satisfy the needs of conducting numerous tasks simultaneously.

Cleaning the crystals with Selenite is one way to recharge your gems, and when you need to clean the Selenite yourself, you can use one of the other methods.

However, like every other crystal, Selenite shall be charged as well.

How do you charge your Selenite stone?

If you need to clean your overworked Selenite, try one of the methods below. These are quality ways to absorb negative energy from your crystal without the need for other stones:

  • Moonlight
  • Sunlight
  • Nature
  • Salt
  • Brown rice
  • The fiery sage
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls

There are several ways to clean and charge Selenite.


If you want to charge your crystals with Selenite, the best time is roughly 24 hours. Place your Selenite plate on top of the crystals you want to charge. It will thoroughly clean the stones and allow you to redirect your energy elsewhere.

You may have noticed that this is a little lengthier than the majority of the other selections. It is because some elements, such as moonlight, are only accessible for specific periods, and it is not feasible to leave your crystals for longer than that. 

Selenite is the stone for purification and charging. It has immense purifying energy to provide pure and healthy vibes. Buy a Selenite bowl or plate for your crystals to cleanse them effortlessly.